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  1. Jonas yet again let yous down yet it was him last week at Ipswich that kept the team in it and helped you get a point away from home at a tricky track but nobody mentions that, yes he had a poor night, but doesn’t warrant him being slagged off, funny how the new averages that come out starting 1st of August, jonas and Mikkel are the only riders in the team to increase their average, the rest have dropped so who in the team needs looking at??
  2. BenR195

    Redcar 2018

    Fans refuse to go when they’ve had to use a NL guest in place of a heatleader and now you’re refusing coz they’ve found a like for like replacement, can’t please everyone, if I were a fan, Id rather turn up and see 2 suitable guests in place of the heatleaders than a NL replacement meaning they are a lot weaker
  3. BenR195

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Hey I wasn’t going to bring it up because I know that’s speedway and that stuff happens from time to time but some people seem fixated on TJ and Proctor incidents, so it’s only fair to prove it wasn’t all redcar riders pulling off bad moves, as for someone saying summers wiped out the bears riders, that is wrong, it was a hard call, but Aaron was not at fault and TJ done really well to lay the bike down, it is out of order that Aaron was getting abused by some redcar fans, especially after what he has done for our club in the past
  4. BenR195

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    How about Theo wiping Mikkel out going into 3rd bend? Funny how nobody has mentioned that yet
  5. Exactly so you can’t really say they should of flew in on Saturday if you don’t know what commitments they have, sunday was the only option they had and they had to fly into stansted because their van was parked in the airport from when they flew out on the Friday morning and when they flew out, stansted was the best airport to fly from, they got the earliest flight they could on Sunday, no point in flying into Newcastle when their van and bikes are at stansted is it, like I say its not ideal but you don’t know what they had on behind the scenes and the flight options they had to choose from
  6. How do you know they never had prior family commitments on the Saturday?, why should they cancel a family commitment if they aren’t due to ride till the following day, they are always flying in and out and usually gets flights on same day as the meeting and this is the first time they have missed a meeting because of a flight delay, so it clearly doesn’t affect them that often, yeah the time of the flight wasnt ideal but van and bikes were already at the airport and that was the first flight in from Denmark that morning so not much they could do about it, so it was a matter of driving straight to Newcastle, if they were to arrive at 5, that’s 90 minutes spare to get ready for the meeting, that’s plenty of time, unfortunate that the flight got delayed but nobody could do anything about that
  7. Didn’t Robert lambert miss a meeting for Kings Lynn a couple of weeks ago because his flight got delayed even though other riders in same meeting managed to get back? It does happen, nobody can help if a flight gets delayed, the Brothers had the flight arranged so they done all they can, a flight that was due to land at 11:30am ended up landing just after 2pm, and on a busy bank holiday weekend with delays/traffic there was no way they’d of made the meeting in time, it’s not ideal but its not exactly the Brothers fault, people seem to forget that missing meetings means they don’t get a wage, plus the fact that they have lost money on plane tickets, they are already out of pocket
  8. BenR195

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    My so called allegation is based on a post Laura Morgan put on Facebook saying that if crowd levels didn’t increase then Workington Speedways future could be in doubt, I don’t know what you are making out I’m saying, I’ve not said anything about them doing anything wrong, I’m just saying that paying for decent riders wont be helping their situation, redcar haven’t got a lot of money as the promotion have said quite clearly on multiple occasions and our team this year shows that as they have stated we were on a budget, my point is I don’t know how Workington can afford the teams that they put out, when they were soo close to closing according to their promoter, if they weren’t struggling to afford wages, they wouldnt threaten to close, maybe they have decent sponsors subsiding it, who knows, I’m not accusing them of anything, I think people have misunderstood what I was trying to say
  9. BenR195

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    It’s public knowledge that every season they threaten to close if the crowds don’t increase, I’ve not said anything that is a secret, if they could afford the riders they have, they wouldn’t threaten to close due to lack of money
  10. BenR195

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    Scunthorpe got a big payoff from their team sponsor to help build their side this year and as for Workington, they can’t afford to pay riders what they agreed on, it’s only a matter of time till Workington close
  11. Here is the rule I’m taking about: 15.2.6 Only if a rider is at the Starting Gate with sufficient time remaining of the 2-minute allowance, be permitted to prepare their Start area, provided they remain in full, personal control of their motorcycle, have the Cut-Out Lanyard attached, and remain astride their motorcycle facing the direction of racing the way i read that is during the 2 minutes the bike must face the tapes, I know they have altered the rule slightly so now riders can get off the bike but I’m sure the bike still has to face the tapes
  12. Bike has to face forwards at all times, can’t turn back around
  13. It was redcars problem but the ref not releasing the tapes so the riders could come to the pit gate didn’t help the situation and to make matters worse, the pit marshal took ages to open the pit gate so the mechanics couldn’t get down to the tapes in time, by the time they did, the ref excluded them, but ultimately it was redcars own fault and the riders should of been in the correct helmet colours to begin with, but the ref excluded the 2 redcar riders for delaying the start and that exclusion actually delayed the start even longer
  14. BenR195

    Redcar 2018

    Still had an advantage on a track not many people like riding, he’s not gonna have that advantage at redcar since it’s a track most riders ride well, 6.5-7 point man by the time the season finishes in my opinion

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