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  1. Here is the rule I’m taking about: 15.2.6 Only if a rider is at the Starting Gate with sufficient time remaining of the 2-minute allowance, be permitted to prepare their Start area, provided they remain in full, personal control of their motorcycle, have the Cut-Out Lanyard attached, and remain astride their motorcycle facing the direction of racing the way i read that is during the 2 minutes the bike must face the tapes, I know they have altered the rule slightly so now riders can get off the bike but I’m sure the bike still has to face the tapes
  2. Bike has to face forwards at all times, can’t turn back around
  3. It was redcars problem but the ref not releasing the tapes so the riders could come to the pit gate didn’t help the situation and to make matters worse, the pit marshal took ages to open the pit gate so the mechanics couldn’t get down to the tapes in time, by the time they did, the ref excluded them, but ultimately it was redcars own fault and the riders should of been in the correct helmet colours to begin with, but the ref excluded the 2 redcar riders for delaying the start and that exclusion actually delayed the start even longer
  4. Redcar 2018

    Still had an advantage on a track not many people like riding, he’s not gonna have that advantage at redcar since it’s a track most riders ride well, 6.5-7 point man by the time the season finishes in my opinion
  5. Newcastle 2018

    10/15p per mile, think the minimum has to be 10p but some clubs will offer 15 maybe 20p per mile
  6. Newcastle 2018

    I’d have him back, rather him than Kus, who only tries if he gates and pulls out of a race if he isn’t infront and blames his bike, I worked for Dimitri when he was at redcar, and found he was a quiet lad, always smiling and just got on with his riding, didn’t moan about anything, Glasgow put too much pressure on him to score big which he wasn’t comfortable with, Sheffield seemed happy with him and only released him when it came down to numbers and as for Berwick I don’t know what happened there, so as far as I’m concerned Dimitri is fine if he has the right backing, just let him do his thing and don’t put to much pressure on him
  7. Newcastle 2018

    What is the grudge over berge about? he was fine at redcar, but I don’t think he will go to Newcastle, he doesn’t like the track
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    Then you get the likes of ellis perks, has his best year yet, goes from a 2.3 average to a 5.08, most improved rider of the year yet doesn’t get the chance to improve further in 2018, doesnt always help to be successful in this sport
  9. Redcar 2018

    His average is high because Ludvig used to protect him at Newcastle and they got a lot of 5-1’s against opposition riders who struggled to ride the track, he will do a good jump for us at Newcastle and maybe the odd meeting here and there but can’t see him producing the goods and supporting barker, I expect his average to drop to about 6.5 by the end of the season
  10. Redcar 2018

    Andersens* and that was a joke that people took way too far barker puts a red herring on Facebook and everyone finds it funny, I put a red herring on here and everyone takes offence, i don’t know the team for certain so can’t give anymore details, I’m just going by the rumours that are on here now, I have my opinions like everyone else on here has theirs
  11. Redcar 2018

    Could of went with Ellis and the unknown, they just dropped him saying they couldn’t fit him in when they could of, my review on the rumoured team: Barker (Good Signing) Jordy (Good Signing, should be at reserve) Jonas (Good Signing, not a Heat Leader) Mikkel (Good Signing) Kus (Poor Signing, not a Number 5 and asked for a transfer away, why bring him back) Tobi (Would rather had Ellis back or BWD) Theo (Good Signing, should do good at 7) hopefully the last 3 riders aren’t the ones that are rumoured and we are in for a good surprise
  12. Redcar 2018

    If Kus and Jordy are 2 of the 3 remaining that would leave us with around 5.80, why go with Tobi on 4.66 and waste over a point when we could have someone like BWD, could of had Ellis back aswell, british lad, most improved rider in 2017, and now ditched, looks like we got what we needed from him last year and then tossed him aside 1 british lad in the team this season compared to last seasons 5, what happened to bringing the young brits through?
  13. Workington 2018 .

    Rene Bach and Rasmus Jensen I reckon