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  1. stewmac

    Edinburgh 2018

    Of course not. But these are the ridiculous rules that speedway runs to.
  2. All sorted for me. Within 15 mins of emailing the club the other night at 9.45pm, along with a photo of the three seats I was trying to reserve, I had an email back confirming they had reserved these seats for me and I simply have to turn up and pay for them on the day. Can you possibly imagine that level of service if the roles were reversed and a Pole was emailing a UK club?
  3. stewmac

    Glasgow 2018

    No doubt he's still a squad member but I doubt they will call on him again.
  4. stewmac

    Edinburgh 2018

    The yellow and green ones are his Rawicz ones.
  5. stewmac

    Glasgow 2018

    I would imagine that move spells the end of his Polish career.
  6. While other tracks in Poland have accepted my own name and details for each of the three tickets I'm buying, the ZG website seems not to accept these details, demanding individual names and passport numbers, but the problem is the others aren't registered. I may have to email the club directly. Thanks for your reply though!
  7. I'm off to Polska in a couple of weeks for my annual weekend and 3 matches - Gorzów v Leszno, Rawicz v Rzeszów and finally Zielona Góra v Leszno. I already have tickets bought and printed from the Gorzow website, but I wonder if anyone has experience of using the Zielona Góra website? Despite the prices having been announced and the option to buy tickets being available, whenever I click on the red button to buy, the website simply sticks. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?
  8. stewmac

    Glasgow 2018

    Interesting to hear from a home fan that time taken to run meetings is an annoyance. When I mentioned this as a reason not to go a couple of years back I was roundly criticised by Tiggers fans.
  9. They tried to sign Aaron Summers for the number 1 slot but were refused. And Swede Victor Palovaara crashed his van on the way to the meeting and couldn't get there. That left no number 1 or 2 rider.
  10. stewmac

    Rye House 2018

    Spot on Philip.
  11. No. It's been like that for several years now.
  12. stewmac

    Rye House 2018

    Probably because they have not got any money available to pay their riders.
  13. stewmac

    Edinburgh 2018

    This is an interesting question for me too. A local rider would give the crowd someone to focus on - and if Lawson could get a bit fitter and return to anything of his known form, then he could prove very popular for Monarchs fans.
  14. stewmac

    Rye House 2018

    And yet, much lower crowds...

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