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  1. stewmac

    ICE 2021

    Meeting video from Lukhovitsy, Russian Team Championship Major League stage 1, 23.01.21
  2. stewmac

    ICE 2021

    LIVE BROADCAST - Saturday and Sunday Russian Team Championship Superleague from Ufa stadium 23/01/2021 - 24/01/2021 1000 CET / 9.00am UK time Links below: And here: Additionally, from this channel here, there will be a link to the 1st/2nd rounds of the Russian Team Championship Major League from Lukhovitsy, same start times, both Saturday and Sunday again: https://youtube.com/channel/UCEgGuVZtDznF_Vp3SJkMoyQ
  3. 179 days after the event's original date though would take us to the end of January?
  4. Thanks. Yes, I've had this automated response previously too. Fingers crossed...
  5. I bought a block booking of 44 tickets. Two people can't make the return date and I have emailed the Wrocław club repeatedly with no response. After their genuine helpfulness all the way through the booking process, it has left me feeling pretty frustrated, as even an acknowledgement of my emails would confirm to me they are moving forward in some way. What's your situation?
  6. stewmac

    ICE 2021

    Cancel the request. I've found one.
  7. stewmac

    ICE 2021

    So are the meetings this weekend going ahead? And if so, has anyone got a link to a racecard please?
  8. stewmac

    ICE 2021

    The meeting from Shadrinsk was incorrectly billed as a 12.00 Moscow time start (9.00am UK time) R&R. It appears it started at 8.00am UK time so it's already underway.
  9. Nice day forecast for Ostrow, so should be weather problem free.
  10. stewmac

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    After the disappointing meeting from ZG, this was a meeting full of drama and great heats. Gorzów's track has been slated a good few times this season but it was pretty damn good last night. Some wonderful performances from Kołodziej, Woźniak, Holder, Thomsen and Zmarzlik. The scenes of celebration were also great to see. When the underdog comes back it's always entertaining. Yes, it'll be an easy overall win for Leszno tomorrow no doubt, but fair play to Gorzów, and their fans, for making the 1st leg a pretty outstanding meeting under the circumstances.
  11. stewmac

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    R&R is correct. Playoffs this year are Ekstraliga only.
  12. stewmac

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    Yes, they are connected to the Varkaus club in Finland. 919km away!
  13. stewmac

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    I very much doubt they'll be able to do it. They are a long way from Dougavpils Rob.
  14. stewmac

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    Great racing so far. The Lodz track surface is way better this season, it's really developing into a super racetrack.
  15. stewmac

    Polish and other Speedway videos 2020

    Rob, that's a match featuring the now retired Greg Hancock from two years ago...

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