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  1. I'm like you, I go to watch racing and not processions. But I disagree re the track in the first 10 heats. Bandits wanted to race, Monarchs seemed less keen to. We saw a sublime pass by Jakobsen on Wells in heat 6 which proved it was perfectly raceable for those who wished to race. The reasons the heats before were one sided was due to the pathetic gating of the home team. I would say last night's track was definitely more raceable than last Friday's.
  2. Full credit to the Bandits who were prepared to attack the track from the start. It was much slicker than the past few weeks and this seemed to catch out the home side completely. Despite it being very wet initially, we had two very good races, heat 6 when Jacobsen performed a sublime outside pass on Wells to streak away to win, and heat 13 was quite superb, with the same 2 riders passing and repassing. That was two more good races than we had a week ago. It's funny to think that last week on a super grippy track, Arena were accused of not trying, yet tonight on a slick trick, it was the track to blame rather than the Monarchs riders. Put simply, one team wanted the win much more than the other.
  3. Tracks are always faster when they are prepared grippily. That's basic science my friend. But they have to be rideable by all. I guess we all have our own opinions on this, but we are all speedway fans who want our own team to win. The question we all have to answer though is this: Do we want to see our team win on 1) a track that is fair to all, that produces entertaining and close racing or 2) a track that allows only the home riders to know how to race on it, producing processional, strung out races and no entertainment ?? If you answer anything other than the first answer, then I think you are part and parcel of the problem of the way speedway is going down the tubes. Please, think about it...
  4. Gmuncie has tried to clarify things and he has done an admirable job, except for a couple of things which I am about to point out, and others on the forum can judge for themselves who to believe. In his point number 4 above he claims that remedial work done in the delay as Joel Andersson was attended to in heat 2 alleviated the situation to the point that the track was perfectly "rideable". All I'd say to that is yes, it was rideable but what followed proved to every single person who was in the stadium that it was hardly raceable and certainly not by all 13 riders who were there. He then disputes that Erik Riss stated publicly on the mic that the track conditions were dangerous and tries again to claim that the work done in heat 2 fixed things. One problem with that. What Erik actually said (during a delay between heat 7 or 8 taking place) was this: "The track is too grippy tonight, even for me. It's dangerous when it's this grippy." Erik didn't take his first ride until heat 4, which was two races after gMuncie claims the work done on the track fixed things. Any reasonably intelligent person can, I'm sure, work out what the implications of that are. Riss stated it was too grippy even for him, and he didn't even appear until heat 4. Something doesn't add up there. I'd suggest gmuncie has got confused. Maybe he's been listening to too many politicians who like to bend the truth a little to suit their own agendas. Maybe he's trying to convince folk what has already has been stated in the thread is lies. The easy way to prove it would be if there is a video recording of what Erik said available and he can put it up for everyone to decide. Meantime, I know what I heard. So will everyone else who was in the stadium listening.
  5. Yes, I read that too. He's known for his witty and sarcastic quips so I really wonder if he said that tongue in cheek. In 42 years of following speedway weekly all I am saying is this. I think I can say what constitutes a good meeting. I pay my money and expect to watch 4 riders in each race giving it their all. Last night, for the first half of the meeting that was impossible for almost all the riders, and even for the rest of the meeting, several, including both the home captain, Riss, as well as the home number one, Wells, looked like they were being distinctly tentative, and for me there was zero entertainment. That's not speedway. That's farcical. It won't attract any new fans. And when even some of your own team end up injured as a result of this "mistake" as Blobby calls it, then it's high time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
  6. It was ridiculous tonight. Total non event with only Worrall looking at ease in the first half of the meeting. Others losing control, rearing, crashing or simply coasting around, including Richard Lawson and Nick Morris. Erik Riss said on the mic it was very dangerous due to being too grippy - even for him - and the net result was two Edinburgh riders withdrawn. When you pay £18.50 to watch that utter crap it sticks in the throat. Zero entertainment as a speedway meeting. And I say that as a Monarchs fan of 42 years.
  7. Why does the starting marshall persist in trying to move riders at the starting gate who are well within their starting area?
  8. It's called lack of $$$$$, is it not?
  9. Superb recovery from Czestochowa in heat 7!
  10. Glad to see Zagar get up from what could have been a serious injury. That bike's for the bin though!
  11. Absolutely fantastic scrap between Zmarzlik and Zagar in heat 4! Didn't think Zagar could possibly get back, but wow!
  12. Great how it looks like they held the meeting up until the cameras were back on. Much appreciated!
  13. Let's hope the lost transmission comes back soon!

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