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  1. Yes, they are connected to the Varkaus club in Finland. 919km away!
  2. I very much doubt they'll be able to do it. They are a long way from Dougavpils Rob.
  3. Great racing so far. The Lodz track surface is way better this season, it's really developing into a super racetrack.
  4. stewmac

    Polish and other Speedway videos 2020

    Rob, that's a match featuring the now retired Greg Hancock from two years ago...
  5. Nothing to do with heat 1, it goes back much further to 2017. Translate this and you will find out. Wroclaw fans are now looking to be in trouble for an offensive banner they displayed referring to Woryna.. https://m.sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/892115/zuzel-prezes-pge-ekstraligi-mowi-o-karygodnym-zachowaniu-wroclawskich-kibicow-be
  6. stewmac

    Corona virus

    Try telling that to the families or friends of the dead, or seriously affected across the UK and the world. I'm sure they'll sympathise fully with your dismissals.
  7. stewmac

    Corona virus

    This is the sort of common sense approach that is light years away in this country..
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Zmarzlik himself asked to be included. He desperately needs track time to help sort out his starting.
  9. Grisha is a standard diminutive for Gregori. Every Russian called Gregori is also called Grisha. In the same way, every Alexander in Russia is also called Sasha.
  10. Disappointingly poor Toruń track. If I was involved with OneSport, I'd be having a strong word with the track team there, to ensure they make a much better job of it for the final round at the end of the month. No real excuses. They've had 10 months to get it right.
  11. 16 year old Marcus Birkemose is also waiting in the wings and may even be named as the number 16 tomorrow.
  12. Clarification re the fliers last night: Boss of referees, Leszek Demski clarified after the 1st round that riders may take the risk and if they get a perfect start (previously seen as a flyer) it is now not to be ruled as a false start. It's still forbidden to move before the tapes rise, but if the rider times it to perfection, it's not to be penalised. These are the rules from now, hence why some of you thought riders were getting fliers.
  13. Haha, you've answered a pm question I've just sent you!
  14. Miesiąc crashed and hurt his chest in practice so it would make sense to have him as the one missing out.
  15. Live conference, starting at 12.00 noon about SEC this year.

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