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  1. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Thanks, I managed to work that out myself!
  2. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Do we know the gates for heat 19?
  3. Superb heat 7 victory from Dudek over Woffinden.
  4. Another link for the upcoming Wroclaw v Zielona Gora match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L82FfT50eK4
  5. Glasgow 2018

    He was listed until about half an hour ago. If you don't believe me have a read of this from this morning: https://m.sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/755075/polonia-orzel-jedni-i-drudzy-musza-zaczac-wygrywac-na-ratunek-bomber-harris-zapo
  6. Glasgow 2018

    I can't understand why Glasgow are allowed a facility for Harris, to travel to Italy for his meeting tomorrow, when in fact he's travelling to Poland to race there for Piła this afternoon! That's nonsense.
  7. Polish and other match videos 2018

    Nice to see Speedway for All back on YouTube!
  8. Looks pretty good to me!
  9. I'd also say less than 800. Quite pathetic.
  10. That's very sad to read.
  11. Now we can see the crowd, I'd say it's frighteningly small. How many do you think are actually present?
  12. Have to say it was the worst meeting so far I've seen this year. Hope Nicki recovers soon after that bad heat 15 smash.
  13. Got the digibox set to record.
  14. Hopefully reports of a neck injury to Nicki Pedersen after being taken down at high speed by Zmarzlik at Gorzow in the final heat are unfounded.
  15. Another fantastic heat, number 11. Flat out, on the edge of the seat stuff.