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  1. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Yeah, I'm still not fully decided on the direction I will go. An earlier post from PTH mentioned going the whole way and getting a dish/full system installed. In fact I did a bit of looking on the net and wrote to a shop selling the system asking their advice but they didn't even reply! As I already have a dish pointing to the Hotbird satellite (my Russian wife watches free to air channels on a 15 year old box) I may still go this way and replace the ageing Pace digibox with a more up to date box and viewing card for the relevant channels. Can you advise me on the possible total cost of that Losthammer? (Viewing box, 1 year subscription) And presumably a newer box will still pick up the free Russian channels I suppose?
  2. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Thanks again, you've been a great help! A friend says he will give me his Android box to test things out and no doubt after that I will buy one and ensure I'm set up in plenty of time for the Easter matches.
  3. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Thanks again for all your information and advice. Having got goldvod working great now on my iMac, I'm a newby to using Kodi and have zero experience of it, but you've now got me wanting to see if I can use it on my Panasonic smart TV in the living room which would be much better than on my computer in the bedroom! Looked on Amazon- what do I need to buy exactly? An android box, or a firestick, or both? How do I get started using it once I buy what I need? Sorry for all the questions! But having watched all year last year on wizja.tv in the bedroom, I feel 2018 should be more relaxed in the living room!! Thanks in advance!
  4. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    There are many different payment options, some of which include Google wallet, Bitcoin and eBay vouchers. I used eBay, and bought the shortest voucher available, which was £2.49 for 4 days, just to satisfy myself that everything works as it should. As soon as you pay, you get an email with a code, and that instantly activates the system, along with lots of channels that don't appear on the list before you actually subscribe. For example, nSport and other sports channels weren't listed until after I input the activation code. The most expensive voucher is £35, which gives you 6 months. That's the one I will buy once we get to the first week of the speedway season. It's a stream, which I am using on my laptop yes and the quality of all the channels is fantastic. It says on the homepage that they have reverted to a previous version of the site, to allow it to stream on Smart TVs, but I haven't actually tried it on my TV just yet, as I think my wife might go ballistic if I take over the living room each weekend to watch all the matches that are going to be available this season! I'm happy to watch on my iMac, which has a big screen anyway!
  5. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Happy to report I have now signed up and subscribed to the Goldvod.tv service and once you subscribe, all the sports channels magically appear. So, nSport as well as E and Polsat sports, as well as all the others are there and working perfectly! Many thanks again for your assistance PTH !
  6. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    I tried it. Nothing happened.
  7. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Thanks hugely for your reply! I've been having a think about this tonight. As I already have a dish pointing to the Hotbird satellite, which is servicing a very old (15+years) free to air box that lets my wife watch some Russian channels, I looked at your suggested website Tehwiz.co.uk at the various options available there and I've written them an email asking for advice. I've also written to Goldvod.tv asking that they confirm the availability of the sports channels, even though they are not at present listed in my list of available channels on their site. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to decide which direction to go... Many thanks again, I'll keep you posted!
  8. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Thanks! I've signed up and tried clicking on the "live" button, as well as searching for sport channels, and nSport+ doesn't appear to be listed. Are you sure it's still currently available?
  9. Wizja.tv and nsport+

    Thanks - I've translated quite a few comments and a lot of unhappy people not getting replies to their emails complaining. I'll wait and see. My paid subscription ran out in November, and I was planning on renewing in March in time for the new season but if they don't bring these channels back, especially, nc+, I suppose I will have to go back to soccerlive.pl for the streams there. Pity, as £9.99 for 3 months with wizja was damn good value and I never had any problems with them.
  10. Looking at my subscription to wizja.tv which I used last season to watch dozens of matches on various channels, most notably the Extraliga matches on a Sunday afternoon and evening on nsport+, I see that the nsport+ channel seems to have disappeared from the list :-( Is anyone aware of this already, and if so, why it has gone and what will this mean for those of us who have subscriptions for this season? Racers and Royals, do you know by any chance?
  11. Edinburgh 2018

    Get real please. We are looking for a secret weapon as the 7th signing, not a numpty at reserve.
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    I'm concerned about the whole make up of this team which appears to have a lot of gambles among the six named so far. Having lost Sam Masters, we are proposing to replace him with an unknown or a rider languishing on a 5 or so average. Seriously weakened from 2017, however you look at it.
  13. Swindon Stadium

    This may be of interest... http://greyhoundstar.co.uk/last-new-swindon-ready-proceed/
  14. Edinburgh 2018

    Is this correct? Do you know who the rider is? Are you saying there has been a protest or a blocking of the signing?
  15. Edinburgh 2018

    I'm beginning to wonder what the real reason for the long delay in announcing the final rider is. Mr Campbell said weeks ago the fans would be very happy if we signed the riders they were after. Has a rider's signing been blocked I wonder? And if so, by whom?