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  1. 44 GP tickets successfully paid for today.. Wroclaw here we come again! #PurvesTours2020
  2. Have you had any luck? I've been promised by Wrocław id be able to book since the end of last year for 44 and still blooming waiting now. 12 noon came and went, and nothing...
  3. Correct - season ticket holders first.
  4. Fantastic to see Bydgoszcz being improved.
  5. stewmac

    Poland fixtures 2020

    It means the dates have not been finalised yet. It will depend on which are going to be televised. Probably they won't decide until 3 or 4 weeks before. I'm basically just repeating what R&R said above your question..
  6. I got the same answer from them after emailing them directly.
  7. stewmac

    Poland fixtures 2020

    My first trip over next season will be for the round 2 matches over the Easter weekend - Saturday 11th April, Leszno v Wrocław then the next day Zielona Góra v Częstochowa. Good couple of matches in store and I love both stadiums. I'll be basing myself in Wrocław and will be returning there later on for the Wroclaw GP.
  8. stewmac

    Poland fixtures 2020

    Sportowefakty reported earlier today that Ekstraliga fixtures will be released next Wednesday, 11th December.
  9. stewmac

    Edinburgh 2020

    That was 2018. In 2019 he scored 3 in Abensberg.
  10. Indeed. If anyone is interested, that blog is connected to a Facebook page I run. It's called Continental Speedway and all are welcome to join. It has mostly Polish stuff, particularly livestreams of all televised matches - not the same type of links as provided on here, along with YouTube videos afterwards. Please note I'm not trying to pinch anyone from here, merely to provide an additional method for folk to follow leagues across Europe.
  11. Obviously they can't as Woryna and Szczepaniak are going to have to race in the top 5. I've been keeping tracks of all the teams via this blog I made up: https://speedwayteams2020.blogspot.com/
  12. stewmac

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    No. While Torun were relegated, Rybnik have been promoted.
  13. stewmac

    Glasgow 2020

    The reason for that is due to the infamous letter, nothing to do with being pumped as Paulco says above. I'm delighted that folk are saying the racing has been better this season, but for me and many others the sticking point is the management and nothing else.
  14. Absolutely agree. Big, wide, and plenty lines. It's one of my favourites.

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