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  1. R&R... Is this still 5pm UK? I thought you had told me it would be 3pm UK..
  2. stewmac

    Glasgow 2021

    Nonsense. His home track Lodz is small by Polish standards at 321m and has pretty tight bends too.
  3. stewmac

    Glasgow 2021

    Not really. 14 matches for Lodz had produced an exact 6.00 average. As a comparison, Luke Becker, who could be described as one of the top riders in eWinner1 League and who is his team mate, has an 8.43 average.
  4. stewmac

    Glasgow 2021

    Why not?
  5. VK link here:https://vk.com/video-53550004_456241083 YouTube link here:
  6. Direct link, as posted above via Slovak TV: https://www.rtvs.sk/televizia/live-2 (starts 1400CET, 1pm UK) VK link, coming via Eleven Sports Poland:
  7. Correct, that's one of the links I have. It won't be geo blocked. There will be another from VK too.
  8. Another appeal, to the highest court in Denmark. https://www.facebook.com/154361307944471/posts/4228888073825087/?sfnsn=scwspmo
  9. The story isn't over just yet...see the latest information.
  10. If they don't get a move on, they'll be lucky to finish before the GP.
  11. R&R has asked me to post it when it comes live. It's not live as yet, but I'm ready to post.
  12. Grudziadz v Torun tomorrow off due to poor forecast - new date Friday 9th July, time TBA.
  13. I'd like to imagine you're not being serious with that question, but unfortunately I fear you probably are..

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