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  1. stewmac

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    No. While Torun were relegated, Rybnik have been promoted.
  2. stewmac

    Glasgow 2020

    The reason for that is due to the infamous letter, nothing to do with being pumped as Paulco says above. I'm delighted that folk are saying the racing has been better this season, but for me and many others the sticking point is the management and nothing else.
  3. Absolutely agree. Big, wide, and plenty lines. It's one of my favourites.
  4. Thanks for quoting Cegielski from sports.pl Reading that, I'd say it amounts to the same thing does it not? By saying they prepared the track to get a result rather than a spectacle is saying the track was rubbish, without actually saying it out loud. If that's more balanced in your opinion, fair enough. But I and others will certainly remember that the 2019 showcase meeting was messed up by Wroclaw's poor track prep, even if the respected Mr Cegielski forgets that fact.
  5. Well, I have watched all of the meetings from Wroclaw that have been televised over the past 2 years, and I was also at the GP there a month ago. I'm not interested in getting into a long debate about it, but it was obvious to anyone who was watching that it was prepared in a different way to other meetings where there is often endless passing throughout meetings. I said the track prep was poor, I didn't say there was "incorrectness" and I stick to that. What a shame that Wroclaw felt it was necessary to dp this to try to keep the score close. Are you telling me the track was good? The fact that Sportowefakty is a tabloid type website is in this case absolutely irrelevant. The racing was crap. Because the track prep team didn't prepare the track the way it normally is prepared.
  6. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/843190/zuzel-jacek-gajewski-sparta-zniszczyla-widowisko-osmieszyli-siebie-a-jeszcze-bar This article is even more damning.
  7. I'd looked forward to what I thought was going to be a superb racetrack and meeting all week. What a pity Wroclaw decided to try to doctor the track to outsmart Leszno. In the end it backfired. Woffy and Magic were both unable to win races and it cost them dearly. With those two on top form, I really believed Wroclaw could have easily scored more than 50. But this brings into focus an issue that I honestly feel needs action on. Poor track prep is so widespread here in the UK it's accepted by all with hardly a whisper of complaint and certainly it never results in action from the authorities. Yet in Poland, Wroclaw had already been punished after their match v Gorzów when the track was deemed not to meet requirements. I'm surprised they didn't learn from that. My own view is that they should be fined heavily for last night. The best track in the world produced the worst racing of the season, and it was all down to human action. Translate this article from Sportowefakty and especially, view the answer to the survey question at the end of the article. https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/843186/zuzel-jakub-czosnyka-kto-mieczem-wojuje-od-miecza-ginie-sparta-zabila-widowisko-
  8. Be interesting to see how Drabik performs tonight after pulling out of the Silver Helmet meeting at Grudziądz last night due to stomach problems... Wrocław really need him at his best to have any chance...
  9. Right now I'd say it's the best in the world. I was there for the GP and it was quite phenomenal. Great racing tonight too.
  10. That's it's official capacity. Last time I was there 3 years ago for the SEC final meeting, there were nearly 18,000 in the place..!!
  11. Is there a crowd figure yet for Ostrów? Sportowefakty reporting a "full set of fans" which would indicate 15,000 if true...
  12. stewmac


    Come and join the Continental Speedway Facebook page. Not only will you get links to every GP, you'll also be able to watch all televised Polish matches live and also afterwards through the meeting videos section...
  13. stewmac


    Just to answer my own question, I see TV3 Sport have it listed. Thanks!
  14. stewmac


    Just out of interest, is this live on Danish TV tonight and if so, does anyone know which channel please?
  15. I suspect Hampel may be under more pressure. Older and declining, while Kurtz is much younger and can potentially improve a bit yet..

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