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  1. stewmac

    Danish league 2019

    Is there a schedule of matches that will be shown on TV2 anywhere?
  2. Cant see how they can possibly last much longer. I heard weeks ago that no one was being paid.
  3. stewmac

    Howarth cleared to race

    From where I'm standing, that sounds like he did not pass the test. Hence why he was not permitted to race. If we use the "innocent until proven guilty" model, surely he SHOULD have been allowed to race then. The fact that he wasn't implies guilt, (rightly or indeed wrongly as it turned out) and therefore it's hardly surprising that any logical conclusion could be anything other than he "failed" the drugs test.
  4. stewmac

    Howarth cleared to race

    Can you explain why he wasn't allowed to race then? In simple layman's terms, so we can all understand. We were told in the stadium that it was due to a family emergency, which, with all due respect, sounds as likely an explanation as you saying he didn't fail a drugs test.
  5. stewmac

    Howarth cleared to race

    Correct. There must surely be a case for ordering the match to be re-run, with him guesting as he was originally supposed to.
  6. The announcement of a new signing by Wolves this morning suggests either: a) They had word of what was going on or b) They have had the ability to react unbelievably quickly...
  7. Thanks for clarifying. What I heard though suggested he'd been tested in some way and failed. Would that be a urine test, or what?
  8. You'd imagine so. When I arrived at 6.55, I'd only been in the stadium a moment when someone told me Howarth was out the meeting due to failing a drugs test. What annoyed me was that many folk knew the situation by 7.30, so it was ridiculous to then hear it announced he had had to rush away due to a family emergency. Why not simply say what had happened - even if it was pending further investigation?
  9. Maybe so but speedway has little enough credibility in this country without testing the punters further by lying blatantly to them. Imo what should have been announced was that Howarth had been drug tested and had failed. Any argument about why he had failed is for further investigation, at a later date, but why invent some nonsensical excuse to announce to a stadium full of folk? It simply erodes further any attempt to take this UK version of the sport seriously.
  10. Why not just tell the truth. Family emergency my a**e.
  11. Last season I paid £9 to watch Gorzów v Leszno, £4 to see Rawicz v Poznań, including a programme, and £9 to see Zielona Góra v Leszno. Earlier this season it was £6 for Rybnik v Łódź and £10 for Leszno v Wrocław. I'm going to the Wroclaw GP where the tickets all along the back straight and turns 3/4 were £18 each. For a GP!!
  12. Maybe I missed it, but was there a figure for Leszno's match last night? I usually update a FB group with your stats, R+R.

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