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  1. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Especially to those who had bought Season Tickets on the strength of the team at that time
  2. moorelsm

    REDCAR 2019

    Barker and Wright at Peterborough... Bacon was very popular rider at Peterborough over the last 2 years, and then there's Tofty... Can't quite believe hes not back at Peterborough this year (Buster must have put his foot down.. ha ha) and Jordan did a load of guests for... oh yes Peterborough! Lisa, tell Ged he can't run 2 teams!
  3. moorelsm

    Ipswich 2019

    What about Jacob Thorssell... All them Assies at Wolves sure to available.
  4. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Interesting to Norbi still riding so well, higher average than the likes of Robert Lambert and Troy Batchelor...
  5. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Eddie Kenneth? At the Showground? You’re joking surely..
  6. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I can see the team being Harris BWD Andersen Wright Cook Barker Allen
  7. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Sorry for the delay, who’s idea was it to go Xmas shopping in Paris this weekend! Buzz and Jack
  8. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I don't see Kenneth in the team. He'll be at Belle Vue, and he'll have a great season. I do see BWD.. his performances at the end of last season around the showground would suggest he could be ready for a leap in his average. Charles Wright has been one of the very best visiting riders in the Championship. The only time we saw Bomber really try was in the 4's when you could just see he just wasn't going to be beaten, the same attitude we saw when he came from the back to beat Doyle at Poole. Will he be on it all the time, or will he be going through the motions. Hans really tries hard, if he gates he'll be gone... most of the time. If he doesn't he'll chase for a couple of laps then settle. Similar to NKI. Cookie really can gate, and can really go.. but if he doesn't, we didn't see much overtaking from him when he rode for us. As has been said over the past couple of years, we must win at home. If we struggle with it being midweek the crowd will disappear very very quickly. The two most exciting riders over the past ten years are both apparently not in our plans. Just don't understand..
  9. moorelsm

    AGM November 2018

    A few years ago we had a couple of promoters willing to invest to make the product better, it led to a winter of discontent. Look where it's ended.. Frosty out of the sport altogether, thank the gods for Ged Rathbone, and no Coventry at all.. Tragic or what. So, I'm going to say my 2 pennies worth....we need to build rivalries.. something for the press to build up, something for the promoters make a fuss about. It's no secret that the best crowds for Peterborough in recent years have been when we have had Ipswich for home and away matches on a bank holiday. Image if we then had Stars and Lions home and away derbys, surely the travelling fans would make a big difference. I'm not advocating a north south split either, we'd just end up seeing the same teams, riders every other week, I just loved watching Adam Ellis beating all our riders for 3 weeks running! When I was young I supported Rayleigh and remember the coaches being organised for the annual northern tour. It might take some organising but surely a tour taking in Glasgow Edinburgh and Berwick with maybe Workington and Newcastle thrown in would be an attractive proposition for a modern version. Imagine the fans and riders staying in the same Hotels. The fun we had at our end of season party..... If it attracted an extra 100 fans on a holiday style weekend.... the Northern Clubs getting together to offer a special tour price to get in. What would those 100 extra away fans mean to somewhere like Workington or Edinburgh or Redcar, not just financially but the atmosphere as well. Surely the biggest bug bear is the doubling up thing, riders cannot make a living on one league as it is. But if they rode in say 32 meetings wouldn't that make a big difference. There would be some riders who wouldn't want to do that many meetings in the uk but I'm pretty sure there would be others who'd come back. A few years back I remember seeing Kevin Wolbert at the showground, didn't the Monarchs call him the Kaiser, if his performance that night was anything to go by it was with much justification.... Ahh well, lets just hope they come up with something that enables us to turn the corner...
  10. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    New Owner... New League... 1 Woffy... well we can all dream! Or maybe N Pedersen 2 MPT 3 Buzz 4 BWD 5 Jack 6 Tom 7 Simon Not asking for the world am I?
  11. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    If Rory Schlein comes off the Ipswich look good as well. I'll say it again... why Paul Starke? In which meeting at the Showground did he look really good?
  12. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Geds no1 thinking is to win at home, so it won't be Starke and Wilson Dean. Having Simon at reserve makes the most sense..
  13. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    I really can't recall a meeting when Paul Starke really stood out at the Showground... Can somebody remind me of one. Nicolai Klint seems a complete steel on his average and at times has looked fantastic, Todd Kurtz has looked good too. Jake Allen and Rasmus Jensen seem to still be available, as is Joe Jacobs..
  14. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    You made a deliberately confrontational remark at a time when it was totally uncalled for. We Panthers fans have almost lost our speedway too many times over the past few years, obviously some of us are really worried that if Ged were to walk away then that would be it. So lets just calm for a minute..
  15. moorelsm

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    I'm a Peterborough fan and I have been known to post... I sometimes wonder if some of the posters on here actually go to the Speedway, Simon Lambert was at times a savior and at other times a match winner this year. Admittedly from reserve, where he will undoubtedly find himself again in short order next season. I can't believe Emil won't overtake his average in short order. Having a very strong reserve is evidence of the management following a plan for the new year, which I believe was scuppered by the departure of Ben Barker. Mark Plummer said on twitter that it was going to take time, so, lets just all stay calm and wait and see. I still like the thought of seeing PK having one last blast! If we don't find a suitable No1 and have to go with somebody like Fisher then we'll start the season needing to see big improvements from everybody. Especially, in my opinion MPT, whose gating last year was just dreadful. Replacing him with another one of Emil and Ulrich's mates or somebody like Porsing would hardly be the end of the world. Just be thankful we can look forward to a new season, for gods sake stop all the negativity its Christmas.

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