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  1. New era Panthers

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Already done thanks though
  2. Should be a prompt 7.30 start get on with it and no messing about .
  3. New era Panthers

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Have you thought of becoming a Jehovah's witness as you are wearing us all down with your constant drivel and enough elongated post's to write your own bible.
  4. New era Panthers

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I know I should get on with the tiling and its looking good at the moment just got the window side to do now, as for my previous comment well I just couldn't resist it and I suppose I was feeling like a retired gynaecologist and couldn't wait to get my hand in. Congratulations on your resounding victory in the cup and like I said before I wouldn't be surprised if comets go on to win the play off's and the shield 'meetings Workington deserve them for the splendid performances they have put on this season , I must admit it does get a bit boring though watching Lakeside week after week so I suppose your lucky in that sense at least you should see the back of them within a few days . Again well Workington.
  5. New era Panthers

    Scunthorpe 2019

    You sound very upset whatever is a matter with mummy's little soldier.
  6. Sadly as I see it I can't see Lakeside running at Rye House being an option if they have to run at losses and as the stadium has been butchered previous to Lakeside moving in i can't see a future for the venue, I've seen some excellent meetings there over the years but I have to say since Len Silver moved out the place has gone steadily down hill
  7. New era Panthers

    Why win the league ?

    We knew there would be no easy route regardless of which team we selected to ride against with the amount of injured riders and very little in the way of guests available as the season draws to a close. Good luck with your quest for the 3 trophies up for grabs I think with a bit of luck you could well net them all.
  8. Yes Panthers made you earn yourself a place in the final which was the correct way to do it and not to just hand it to you on a plate. Congratulations
  9. The idea is to earn your place in the final not have them gifted to you , BSPA/ SCB correctly ordered it to be rerun regardless of what people are thinking and guessing should happen Panthers did the correct thing even though they knew with what riders they were able to field they would be on a hiding to nothing also taking into account they could be in breach of the rules and finish up with a hefty fine for refusing to participate .
  10. New era Panthers

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Is that another rule change to suit the purpose then.
  11. No chance other half ordered me to wash up as she has a fry up just about ready. I am impressed with what I've done so far and would be over the moon if I could just say the same about a weak patched up Panthers performance tonight
  12. But did you get a free crack at the tarts on offer.
  13. OH go on then you little devil show us if you must.
  14. Well you won't see me there i'm tiling the bathroom and it's more interesting.
  15. I thought they were riding under protest last Sunday

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