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  1. New era Panthers

    Play offs

    Sunday is Panthers normal race day usually starting at 5pm, they have put the meeting back two hours to 7pm . Surely if it causes a problem then Rye meeting should maybe bring there meeting forward say an hour and start at 1pm . Why did Lakeside/ Rye House not consider running the meeting Saturday night which I believe will be there normal race night .
  2. New era Panthers

    Play offs

    I don't think anyone would deny that , it has made it easier to decide , but just because Lakeside are on a different surface these days doesn't mean it's a foregone conclusion and we should all treat it with respect in my opinion it is as strange for Peterborough as it is for Lakeside and it's wide open and all to play for.
  3. New era Panthers

    Massif thank you

    I would suggest you award it to Sedgmen then.
  4. Henning Bager the white line specialist.
  5. New era Panthers

    Glasgow 2018

    We are doing o/k without Cookie although I can understand why you would like him back ,he's quite entertaining .
  6. New era Panthers

    Glasgow 2018

    Stop kidding yourself Cookie will ride for the team who can offer the best deal to suit his needs , better hope it's not Edinburgh or I can see you're admission fee being £25 and £3 parking , you would be better off staying in the car park you will see just as much and save yourself a fortune.
  7. New era Panthers

    Play offs

    So what's the problem be it 30 minutes or 2 days especially has your team has no interest in it any longer. I bet you're on of those that waits for the clock to strike midnight on Christmas eve and then enthusiastically rips the wrapping paper off gifts just to see who's bought you cheap aftershave again.
  8. New era Panthers

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    You are not alone on that, lots of people got it wrong but that's the trouble with predictions pre season, the teams that start the season are all subject to changes along the way and it totally throws a spanner in the works.
  9. New era Panthers

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I think the jury are out on that one, seem to remember Panthers loaning him some equipment before and he was devious or reluctant to return it, caused quite a bit of ill feeling with Panthers management at the time, great to watch him on good machinery ,good to watch him when he is in full flow , but you have to look at the whole package with Ben
  10. I think Mccain's should move there factory to Workington , the place is full of fans with chips on there shoulders.
  11. I think that must be the meeting I am referring to.
  12. MPT has had big scores around Rye House in the past , in his 1st spell with Panthers I believe he scored an 18 point max on a guest appearance there.
  13. Yes he's 100% committed but he's not fit and now we are at the business end of the season there's no time for passengers , yes I want to see him back and doing well and being competitive which at the moment he is not.
  14. It's not ridiculous at all it's a fact . How long should we be carrying him for . Yes he's been a great servant to the club but he and his machinery are letting the team down and his performances are a shadow of what he is capable of all i'm suggesting is for him to be 100% fit before returning rather than letting the team down and it can't be doing his own confidence any good either, just look at his scores in his matches since returning to the side , if he carries on like that he will soon have 3.50 average.
  15. Have to agree with that they certainly did more than anybody would have expected of them , but I don't think Lakeside will be quite so easy to beat in our weekly home and away events , I am sure they will want to salvage some pride after rolling over Saturday night and will be better prepared and aware of what certain riders can do around Rye House.

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