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  1. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    No they were not permitted Ged was under suspension and Trevor Swales retired at the end of 2017 season. No information was received by the promotion from the BSPA AGM for well over week and any news of decisions made, the only way of finding out was through social media. So Peterborough were behind those that attended meeting on the outcome of the meeting, but that should not be used as an excuse why they are behind with team building.
  2. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    If they change the rule you have the same chance as all other teams to sign them and re declare but with the attitude coming from you towards these riders one can understand why you've got little chance of signing either of them anyway. The season is still a couple of months away as yet so what's the hurry to complete teams as there is no time limit .
  3. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Which means we will be operating with at least 3 potential reserves. With the first four already signed making Grondal the fifth signing was a shocking decision leaving very little room for getting the last two signings right , what ever the plan was it's baffled a few people and I can't see why others should worry about who Panthers last two signings are , I cant see how any of those signed so far have improvement in them . It looks like another season of middle to bottom of league team to me and with or without Nicholls I see it making very little difference.
  4. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    How would you know the rules are going to change , I hope they do but nothing is certain and if they don't change then one or two teams as well as Panthers will have a massive headache trying to put together a competitive team ., so for that reason alone i'm hoping they do change but I have an open mind just what the BSPA intend to do
  5. He won't get punished though. There was only one person Chapman wanted to punish as he had already stated before a date was set for the BSPA /SCB hearing that he would come down heavily on Rathbone as he was absolutely furious with what had happened . Then to chair the actual meeting with such a biased attitude was totally out of order.
  6. Newcastle 2018

    Highly unlikely , maybe would have to lose 2 of the 5 already signed to accommodate both of them so very slim chance of that happening.
  7. Newcastle 2018

    Panthers can't fit both but could fit either with 13.76 left to fill 2 positions.
  8. He was rightly punished for it at the end of the day no thanks to the BSPA who thought if they punished him hard enough with a massive out of all proportion fine they could get rid of him altogether and then stick there own puppet in to promote at the showground . luckily Ged got some good legal advice and was able to put his case to the ACU who overturned the £ 28,000 fine to a realistic and sensible £3,000. Yes he did wrong and i'm not proud of him for doing it .Yet the vice chairman has been vindicated by BSPA pals in the best interests of British speedway for giving misleading advice.
  9. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Tom Perry looks to be about the best bet at 3.61. When he rode for Panthers in 2016 He raised his average from a 3 pointer to over 5 before getting injured and having to come from injury in the NO2 position and seemed to loose confidence . Maybe worth another gamble at reserve.
  10. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Thanks for clearing that one Neil.
  11. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I heard that the BSPA have reaccessed Grondal's average from 4.39 to 5.20 .Perhaps somebody at the BSPA could explain the logic bearing in mind how the Lakeside team averages have been doctored to make them below 42.50
  12. The rules the BSPA MAFIA make up to suit there own agenda.
  13. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Thanks for that.
  14. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Anybody aware of when the next BSPA meeting has been arranged for proposed rule change.
  15. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Andersen and Tom Perry would be my guess.