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  1. speedybee1972

    Leicester v Redcar BCS 30.03.19

    Does this years championship shield meetings and the complete shield tournament count towards riders 2019 rolling averages?
  2. speedybee1972

    Rolling Averages

    Does this years Championship shield fixtures in 2019 count for riders rolling averages?
  3. Hi I try to work out the rolling averages for all riders in the Elite and Premier Leagues and normal work them out correctly to the BSPA team declarations. but after this week green sheet were published i am lost to see where they get Lewis Bridger (Lakeside) Grezgorz Walasek (Leicester) and Kyle Howarth ( Wolves) rolling average from. Also Erik Riss (Edinburgh) and Matej Kus (Newcastle) in the premier League. If anyone out there in Speedway land can help clarify there averages it would be great.
  4. speedybee1972

    Workington 2016

    Wonder if anyone can clarify the last seven meeting for Adam Roynon while riding for Peterborough in 2014 rides and points Help!!!!!
  5. speedybee1972

    Workington 2016

    Yes i have 101 points from 92 rides but with what he scored in his last 7 matches for Peterborough in 2014 along with the 13 from Redcar last year it still does not add up???
  6. speedybee1972

    Workington 2016

    Can some one please tell me how Adam Roynon's rolling average in 4.39 really struggling to work it out. i am aware he had 13 matches for Redcar last year had 65 rides and 75 points but struggling with the rest. Please help!!!!!
  7. Have BT Sport named who will be host this year's Grand Prix. Tatum and Pearson? Nichols ? or can we have Dave Lanning back in the hot seat.
  8. speedybee1972

    Coventry 2016

    Just changing the subject, I hope we have our annual pre season quiz at Brandon this year and hopefully meet one or two of the 2016 team.
  9. speedybee1972

    Official Teams For 2016

    Charlie a good signing for the devils. 8.48 average good average, but where did it come from? What year how many rides and points to get that average????
  10. speedybee1972

    Coventry 2016

    So what average is Kacper Woryna starting his short career with Coventry this year?
  11. How are you working Josh Bates average out of 3.26 when he finished 2015 with Wolves on 3.90 from 20 matches and 5.62 from 20 matches with Sheffield.??
  12. speedybee1972

    Coventry 2016

    Wondering what average does the new polish rider and Josh Bates comes into the team with?
  13. speedybee1972

    Berwick 2016

    From what year is Seb Alden rolling average of 7.37 come from? How many rides and point did he have to get the average? Would be interesting to find out?
  14. speedybee1972

    Coventry 2016

    Nice to see garrity has signed
  15. It would be nice for bomber to bring back as many x bees riders from the past to get together one last time at Brandon before we loose the best stadium in the country

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