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  1. barraider

    AGM November 2018

    Busters doing a great job finishing speedway off and his mate godfrey might buy some more championship clubs Im watching speedway in poland next yr Let them crack on with it(turn the lights off when your done please)
  2. barraider

    lakeside 2019

    Riders like Harris(sorry to use him as a example) need to get another job and get paid at weekends to enjoy riding there bikes
  3. barraider

    lakeside 2019

    Speedway as we all have known for yrs is in massive trouble You only have to look round most stadiums to realise its all old folks mainly attending
  4. barraider

    lakeside 2019

    There won't be any speedway next yr anywhere because of the bspa circus this season at the mo Who says bmr or any other club need a licience for track/promotion thou the bspa? If the clubs breakaway from bspa they can register everything under a diff governing body
  5. If i was Rye House, i would have told Jon Cook no you can't use our track Then Lakeside would have not been in the playoffs or the cup
  6. Steve naylor was always in pub next door☺
  7. Piss poor run down stadium was great with a s##t small track Wake up
  8. Gp wins for me this saturday/hopefully tai can add too his world titles, don't think i could stomach another lakeside vs peterborough meeting at the mo
  9. Sat will be off,im finished this season Double headers are poor
  10. Riders need to be at track 2 hours before start time, so bikes can be examined etc
  11. barraider

    Play offs

    Lakeside/peterborough meetings are boring me already, sat night might be the last one i attend this season

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