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  1. Flat track is now running on the sundayI
  2. I attended sat night and enjoyed the music/presentation(better than the rockets music etc), being a rockets fan it felt quite weird but will be going back for more What did other fans think of sat night? Hammers/rocket fans?
  3. A good idea would be to give newcastle fans some money back if they left before the next meeting Say £8 when producing ticket on leaving or option of free food and drink to see 2nd meeting
  4. Looking forward to this meeting tomorrow night, hopefully won't finish too late
  5. Rye house used to have a curfew in 2012 of 22.15 unsure if still the same
  6. 6pm would be better or rather a late night
  7. Imo i think only one club would work at rye house on a sat night unless there was a main sponsor to cover a nl league side aswell
  8. Rye house had really good crowds in 2017 but on sat night if them levels come back in the championship to watch lakeside that would be more than enough
  9. Spot on what a great read agree 100%
  10. Any land in the south east available today is brought by house builders theres little hope of building a stadium for speedway where its used mid april to september by say 1000 people once a fortnight Dosn't work ! Belle vue have had cash injection by council this yr to keep running
  11. Problem is just that The longer the break from end of season to next season people drift away and forget/find something else to do Is more like end of march till end october Im not that old
  12. Its crazy that the cut off dates have moved so far forward over the years?why? Speedway used to run up to end of october with fireworks to close the season, imo i used to love watching them october meetings under the floodlights wrapped up in my winter coat and hat
  13. Yes final meeting should be at arena essex It holds so many different events thou its hard for lakeside to fit in with them, landlords have no interest now it is sold so its sad but leaves lakeside with limited options

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