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  1. This track is as bad as ours. Any good rider stay away from the UK. most tracks are death traps.
  2. poolebolton

    Swindon 2019

    They need international experience. Need to go and ride in Poland and Sweden.
  3. poolebolton

    Swindon 2019

    Looking at the scores Wright is ahead of worrall. But yes Worrall is a close 2nd.
  4. poolebolton

    Swindon 2019

    It’s a hard one. You look back at the EDR days and how many of those guys have really kicked on. Wright has been the best but quite some distance and Ellis. The 2 best EDR riders at the time were Newman and Garrity but they seem to have stagnated due to a host of reasons. Why a squad system should be in place. 10 man squads. Pick a 7 man team and then 1 back up for Heat leader, 2nd String and Reserve. Could have given Zach a month off and see how he feels.
  5. poolebolton

    Swindon 2019

    Kyle Newman anyone?
  6. Emil made light work of him.
  7. Trust me he had 2 when everyone else was in the first bend by the time he got going.
  8. Good meeting. Lots of passing after the 1st 4. Jack= excellent after heat 1. Always struggles. Richie= did his job which is good. Just needs to get out the starts better. Ellis=Useless is a bit gate and go. Josh= great. Really is riding well. R/R= Covatti= Last heat was good. His stuff is getting better. Starke= did okay.
  9. Great day for British speedway this is.
  10. The track is poor. Well all understand that it needs to be improved. But seeing some people say on Twitter that Poole should be shut down. It outrageous. If Poole go. We have mega issues in this sport. The council is still floating ideas around for the track. It’s hard though. It needs to be moved to a new site really.
  11. Track was dicey at best. Big rut on turn 3. Track was better than before though. Poole did look better though. Worrall (proved me very wrong). Covatti had a great meeting. Has a great duel with Doyle.
  12. brady out. Lawson in for 12 meeting RR at swindon
  13. poolebolton

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Proctor, Doesn't fit for Riss
  14. Where is the shale going?
  15. Yes. Can’t comment if you don’t go. (Bar a meeting on TV). 2nd time to Pboro. Racing was great. Did the right thing waiting to track grade.

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