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  1. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Hahahah. Sure everyone has a rider they aren’t too fond of.
  2. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    I don’t like Cook. Would happily admit that. Just never really have.
  3. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Poland is Odd though. Its a different sport. Put Cook Vs Woryna on any UK train Cook wins 9/10 times Put Woryna vs Cook on a polish track and Woryna wins 9/10 times. Not stupid are the guys who ride in Poland. I know for example Kurtz and Fricke spent fortune on polish equipment over winter and nothing on UK kit. Why would you though. Brady Kurtz probs earned about 7-10 K on the weekend doubt he even made 1.5k tonight Anyway well done BV. And well done Bewley riding well in Sweden on weekend as well.
  4. Wolverhampton v Poole. Prem A. 23/4/18

    Don't think we need to change the team. However, 9.01 Tuesday morning Matt Ford enters office. 9.02 rings Magic 9.03 without you we cant seem to win 9.04 ummmm well who knows what we are going to do.
  5. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Think Bewley might get a ride in Poland over Cook at this rate.
  6. Poole 2018

    Chris Holder lost 7KG over the winter. 67KG now. He won the WC when he was 66.5KG.
  7. Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    What I feel we are missing is the fear. When we had Darcy, Holder and Magic we were beating teams before the match started just due to names on paper. Now people don’t have that. But I do think we can get there. Kurtz and Woryna are young and the guys will improve. Just think a sense of calm needs to happen. Just it’s 3 meetings and team will improve.
  8. Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Well that was unexpected. Fair play to the robbins. Love the panic that is spreading throughout Poole fans. 3 meetings guy 3. Not 13 not 23. 3 meetings. Lets just wait and see. As Middlo has put on Twitter it’s april!!
  9. But since Howarth left Poole we have one 2 titles? Wolves 1? I think he is a good rider but your argument has a flaw in it.
  10. Leicester Lions 2018

    Don’t know when he is ready what about P. Pawlicki? Yes had a foot injury but sure he wants the rides!
  11. I look at it like this. Poole and BV are both good teams and will be in the play-offs. Riders are still sorting stuff out and finding correct set ups. And to all the Poole fans saying we want changes are you nuts??? You have to give people a chance Sundstrom is the 4th guy and so far has paid 9 and paid 7 I don't think that's bad. Woryna seems to be sorting it out just not in heat 1. All the guys are in Poole today and tomorrow so im sure they will sort out everything for Wednesday night. BV Just Fricke, Bewley are just WOW. Sure they will have an off day and hopefully BV have a bit more respect for there team than some Poole fans seem to have and you wont just rip into them.
  12. I love this forum. Anyone from any team has one bad meeting. Kurtz average rider Fricke average rider Morris average rider. Your allowed 1 even 2 even 3 bad meetings. In mid June I would expect these guys to get 10 points plus a meeting but let them get some rides first.
  13. How many teams have that many consistent riders?? Very few. Thats what the season is just simply the search for consistency. So which ever team achieves that will win this season like every season! Until we have had about 6-8 meetings really difficult judgement!
  14. Poole 2018

    I think you understand that I didn’t mean next week. But sure in the next year it could happen.
  15. Poole 2018

    Did pretty well today. He isn’t meant to be getting 15 points a meeting.