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  1. brady out. Lawson in for 12 meeting RR at swindon
  2. poolebolton

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Proctor, Doesn't fit for Riss
  3. Where is the shale going?
  4. Yes. Can’t comment if you don’t go. (Bar a meeting on TV). 2nd time to Pboro. Racing was great. Did the right thing waiting to track grade.
  5. review of the Poole team. 1. Jack= Did his job, hard race in 13 and just could not quite get the job done in 15. 2. Richie= Goodbye, have fun doing the champ. Is now averaging around 3.2 points a meeting for Poole. frankly lost us the meeting. 3. Danny= Bad night from him. Expected more really. 4. Josh= did his job could have nicked a point or 2 more. 5. Brady= I know he crashed but must be the inform rider in the prem. Guess he will miss Monday 6. Covatti= Seems like he has fixed the issues between last night for the rebels and Poole 7= Berge= Great choice of guest. Did more than required. Frankly we lost this meeting at the 2 and 3 spot. 4 +2 from 2 guys isn't great. Lets see what happens to richie. Will he even last to Monday?
  6. The guests did the job. We didn’t lose this meeting on the last bend. We lost it having Worrall.
  7. Well according to the website they are both riding!
  8. It’s the danish championship semi finals. And I think individual national championship meetings still take priority over league.
  9. My convo with NBJ info from NBJ, himself. sent him a message last night and he replied "I won't be at Pboro, as we have danish semi final on Thursday" I asked who is guesting he replied "No..... Same with situation with Klindt".
  10. We are missing NBJ and Klindt though. Danish semi finals
  11. poolebolton

    KL vs Poole Supporters cup Mon 20/05/19

    Don’t agree. Had 8 meetings now and is a full 1.7 points of his average. At current levels. We can get someone pretty good on 5.7 ish (plus 0.16 we still have in the 42.5). Before the points get taken up elsewhere.
  12. poolebolton

    KL vs Poole Supporters cup Mon 20/05/19

    Riss Broken collarbone.
  13. Richie and Nico are odd because they are getting decent points in the champ. Yet don't seem to be able to convert them into points in the prem. People saying richie struggles at this track and that track. Only 7 in the whole league. Better be good at 6 of them otherwise why you in the prem.
  14. Sometimes you just have to throw the hands up and say we were beaten by a better team. And well were beaten by a better team.
  15. Evening over. Well done to the witches. From start to finish bar a few races towards the ends they dominated. Josh G and Scotty only 2 guys who really turned up. As Dan ford had just said repercussions will happen which is another word for changes. As ive said Richie is not cutting the mustard and I think a double switch has to occur to really achieve value. Think Covatti isn’t really getting the value from him. Averaging about 3/4 points a meeting. Guys who I guess we have to consider. Woryna, THJ, Cook, Perks, Kacper G, Eddie K, Josh P. Sure a few others will be lurking around. fred(no, spoke to him and is too busy now with Sweden)

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