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  1. Newcastle 2018

    But remember they can claim the difference up to 45p from HMRC.
  2. No rain in Bathgate, 3 miles from track
  3. Edinburgh V Berwick 7th July

    Hopefully Alex Harkess sorts out the delaying of starts by Erik Riss. Surprised he hasn't been caught out before.
  4. Please explain in detail how it is farcical especially as all promoters can comment and make changes to suit.
  5. I believe fixtures are issued to all clubs for agreement, hence the delay in them being issued at the start of the season. So I'd put your allocation down to your own promotion.
  6. Ian Paterson is opening his superb collection at Loanhead on Sunday 26th February. Times have yet to be confirmed. This is the day following the World Speedway Riders' Association (Scotland) holding its annual Dinner and Blether in the Deer Park Country Club, Livingston
  7. Air Fences Lifting

    Gary rode a number of Conference League and Conference League Grand Prix meetings for us in 1995, including home meetings at Linlithgow, and away at Sittingbourne (Iwade) and Exeter. Always keen to get any extra rides that were going.
  8. Now that Messrs Reeve and Steele have been elovated surely they cannot retain referee status.
  9. Those that paid at the gate were asked to leave their admission tickets with their names and addresses at the club shop and those who booked on line to send an email so that refunds could be arranged. Knowing John Campbell, I'm sure that he will be on top of getting this sorted out quickly.
  10. He's out of the country on Friday so it is Michael Brekon in the box
  11. Common practice because referees have been told to allow it for televised EL meetings. Spoke to one referee who refused to allow it and surprise he doesn't referee EL matches on TV. There are other referees who refuse to do TV meetings. The other problem is that the Clerk of the Course tends to be a homer and say nothing to the referee about infringement.
  12. The spinning of the rear wheel is not allowed. The bike has to be stationary and the rear wheel in contact with the track surface. A spinning wheel would cause motion if in contact with surface.
  13. You are correct in your suspicion that no TRs are allowed in the Premier Shield - Art 18.13 A TACTICAL RIDE (TR) tide (NB. Not applicable in any PL two-legged aggregate tie). Therefore the scores in the meeting on 17 August at Somerset should read Premier Shield : Somerset 57 Edinburgh 32 Premier League : Somerset 57 Edinburgh 35
  14. Bitter or what? If you had been at Armadale on that day or on any of the other seven that were rained off you would have understood why meetings were off. Do you really think the Edinburgh Promotion wanted these meetings off? You've been listening, too much, to our friends from the west, who are regularly on the wind up.
  15. I would agree that the rules were not applied correctly and that you clearly would have been happy for Edinburgh to have run with 6 riders. Should this have happened at Plymouth I suspect you would not have been complaining.