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  1. edmon

    Glasgow 2020

    Can we not declare independence from Scotland?
  2. edmon

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    We may be able to run without crowds prior to the date as amateur sports, which the NDL is classed, could be allowed before May 17. Armadale is prepared as COVID secure meetings were held last year and the guidance would be followed once again. Suppose it really depends if BSPL allow streaming which is available from Armadale.
  3. edmon

    Confirmed Signings for 2021

    Couple of points - Kent are called Royals in the National League and looking at the Eastbourne fixture list, they have dates for NL fixtures against Berwick.
  4. edmon

    Whats actually going on?

    Always has been since my involvement in Linlithgow. We did look to organise ourselves but we had Peter Morrish appointed to look after the league. Also a number of our ideas which we thought would make it cheaper for riders were knocked back by the BSPA Chairman at the time.
  5. edmon

    Whats actually going on?

    As it has done since the very start of the Academy League.
  6. edmon

    Rye House 2020

    Seems to be a problem with link. Tried their website and had same problem.
  7. edmon


    Had problem on Monday renewing online, sent email, response within a minute, sorted. Wish other companies had customer service like that.
  8. This was done a number of years ago at Armadale (De'il tak' the hindmost) until the SCB put a block on it. Too dangerous!
  9. edmon


    Got two copies yesterday. One for me in Linlithgow and one for Andrew Tully's dad in Bathgate, 6 miles away, stuck together. Put his back in postbox.
  10. edmon


    Since changed to the plastic cover I've received it on a Thursday except following the English Bank Holiday. Why do you guys close everything down in the country? Up here in Scotland we have local holidays which allows you to visit other places that are open (covid permitting). Only problem is we now have so many 'English immigrants' that their bad influence is beginning to bite.
  11. edmon


    From what I hear the streaming was good last night. Graeme Campbell had got the problems sorted from the last meeting. Got to say if it wasn't for Graeme and Gordon Campbell's, along with dad John's, enthusiasm for the sport I doubt if last night's meeting would have gone ahead. Look forward to next season's meetings being streamed for away supporters, subject to BSPL approval.
  12. edmon

    Newcastle 2020

    Excellent in his first two then went to sleep at the gate in his next two.
  13. edmon


    Tomorrow at 7.30pm EMTV will stream the Caledonian Rider's Championship. Full details can be found on the club website. Again the cost of the stream will be £5
  14. BRITISH YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER - 4:00PM Coming up on Saturday 19th September, Armadale Stadium plays host to the British Youth Championship. You can watch the match LIVE online for just £5.00. Details are now available on the live stream which can be found at this link https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/news-centre/article/2020-09-15/how-to-watch-british-youth-championship-round-4
  15. Nippy Sweetie and her cohorts rules

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