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  1. GreenLight Go - I am not one of the seven, you refer to, as you will see in my original post last week where I posted my name. I am not hiding behind an alias. I got the information from a former senior official, but will not name him as i do not have permission to do so. You should always look at the root cause of a problem. That is what you ultimately have to deal with to stop things like this happening and unless you solve that the same could happen again. I have said that bullying is wrong and do not condone it. Bill Purnell
  2. If bullying is happening yes it is wrong. I asked a question last week having heard about this but unfortunately did not get an answer so I did a bit of investigating. To get a llicence to take photographs you need to be 18. Is the problem that some object to strings being pulled for someone under that age to take photographs at tracks?
  3. Serious question - At what age are BSPA approved photographers given a Licence/Permit?
  4. Reading with interest but surely that is the problem with social media. Things get hidden in names etc. A bit like the author of this thread GreenLightGo. The accussed may like to explain themselves but I would imagine that their real name would not be used nor any other form of identification. Bill Purnell
  5. Due to Edinburgh arranging a meeting for next Saturday I now have 3 tickets available for Belle Vue. 2 - £20 Tickets for South Stand(ing) looking for £15 each (available singly) GONE 1 - £15 Concession Ticket for South Stand(ing) looking for £10 - GONE If interested please email billpurnell@btinternet.com
  6. The reason for the outage was that there was a power surge which caused the lights to fail along with those of the neighbouring estate. Also an ambulance had to be called for a spectator who had taken ill and it was not known how long it would take. The driver of the ambulance tried hard to demolish the referee's box on the way to attend the ill spectator.
  7. Not into links but can be found on 'merch' page of website.
  8. edmon

    Edinburgh 2019

    Fixtures out now and a choice has to be made come June 8! Support the Monarchs at Leicester or go to Glasgow for the GP Qualifier. Personally I'd have liked to have gone to both. Not well thought out for Scottish supporters.
  9. edmon

    AGM November 2018

    Speaking with a referee recently and he suggested 2 northern clubs including one which had fingers burned a number of years ago.
  10. Hopefully not - there are 2 under suspension already.
  11. Going by SS report no evidence of Dishington putting forward is evidence is shown. Who has put forward his case. As the Referee's Association appear to be missing. In this one time for a Trade Union to get involved. Football wise Prospect appear to represent Referees in both England and Scotland.
  12. Just checked Traffic Scotland. They have now opened A1 using convoy system and advising not to use diversion via Coldingham. Took my Missus 1.5 hours to travel diversion, from A1, as far as Coldingham earlier.
  13. Major problems on A1 at present time. Closed, all weekend, at Grantshouse. Diverson route via Coldingham at standstill.

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