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  1. Phone BV they may still have some. Got mine from there £2 + £2.50 postage.
  2. Would be good to be transparent like the main three leagues.
  3. The scores I gave were those I agreed with the referee who is also the league co-ordinator last night. He obviously adjusted the score later. Where can we find the referee's programme?
  4. I've given on the night scores. I also believe there may another which will be dealt with by the league co-ordinator which affects the Wildcats' score.
  5. I should check before I post. Score, on night, now corrected.
  6. West Lothian Wilcats 17 Berwick Academy 19 Wildcats : Lewis Millar 7, Lewis Hague 5+1, Rocco Webb 4+2, Josh McPherson 1 Academy : Stene Pijper 9, Gregor Millar 6, Owen Booth 4, Liam Morris 0 Gregor Millar's is not eligible to ride NJL therefore his score is deducted.
  7. edmon

    Edinburgh 2022

    Almost correct but it is 1m outside the white line
  8. edmon

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Hoping they don't move the Armadale fixture towards the end of August as have a number of hotels booked for southern trip. Wolverhampton, Plymouth, Poole, Sheffield tour arranged.
  9. Will never happen. A move to Shawfield in '96 almost bankrupted Edinburgh. Once bitten twice shy!
  10. Gregor did have a bike and was struggling to get it started, as did Keith Maben who tried to help. Don't know if they succeeded.
  11. Only three devils riders got pass marks and not one was a Scot. Foot and A**e come to mind for the other three. Is the Team Manager too soft, one of the problems?
  12. TEAMS FOR MATCH: STELLAR DEVILS: William Lawson, rider replacement for George Rothery, Tom Woolley (capt.), Gregor Millar, Danny Phillips, Josh Embleton, Lewis Millar MANCHETT'S FEN TIGERS: Jason Edwards, Sam Bebee, Jack Kingston, Alex Spooner, Greg Blair (guest), Josh Warren, Luke Muff Match will be Live Streamed, cost £7.99. Details on www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/emtv/live/tPXmU6K1w
  13. Armadale Angels 12 Redcar ‘Erimus Insurance’ Cubs 24 Angels : Gregor Millar 8, Zaak Gallacher 2, Dean Douglas 1+1, Rocco Webb 1 ‘Erimus Insurance’ Cubs : Seth Norman 8+1, Oliver Bovingdon 7+2, Kyran Lyden 6+1, Katie Gordon 3+1 As Gregor Millar's score does not count with his NDL average being above 3.00 the score for NJL purposes was - Armadale Angels 4 Redcar ‘Erimus Insurance’ Cubs 24
  14. That is a good question! Programme states Graham Trollope, Steve Robson, Terry Bolam, Lee Coates cover track maintenance. Licensed Track Curators are Rob Grant and Stephen Robson as listed on the SCB list of officials.
  15. Yes there is SR 011.1.18

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