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  1. edmon


    Passed the site of the track a couple of weeks ago and it is an overgrown area.
  2. They were delivered to Armadale earlier in the season. Last batch had to be picked up from Scunthorpe. Kye Thomson went for them.
  3. edmon

    Edinburgh v Plymouth 13/8/21

    Flint did not qualify as high scorer as Garry May kept swapping reserves about. Only his programmed ride counted with his score being 5.
  4. edmon

    Kent v Edinburgh 10/08/21

    Was the referring blind? Crang touched the tapes in heat 9 but he let it go. Rules are clear it should have been restarted with Crang penalised.
  5. edmon


    Apology to Edinburgh Supporters just under 2 hours since email sent to Laurence Rogers from Monarchs Speedway Supporters' Club. All clubs should realise they will not survive without supporters and that they shouldn't take them for granted.
  6. Not even an apology to Edinburgh supporters - says it all about Birmingham promotion. At least Eastbourne let Armadale supporters into the Plymouth meeting free after cancelling the double headed fixture against the Seagulls at short notice.
  7. Only added to website 4 hours ago. Well after the announcement by Birmingham.
  8. Suspect that will be the date offered for the Edinburgh KOC meeting with the league meeting remaining 15th October.
  9. Nothing on the Edinburgh website as yet. Still says we are at Birmingham on Wednesday. Were they consulted?
  10. This could have reverted to Edinburgh in the league rather than it being on 15 September and it would have followed your logic. But of course visiting supporters don't count do they?
  11. A number of us were.
  12. Well that's that visit b------d! Accommodation was booked for Edinburgh meeting. Thanks very much NOT!!
  13. I take it you will not welcome us to Sheffield on Thursday. Thankfully we have good friends down there who I'm sure will be happy to see us.
  14. What was the referee's reason for pulling back heat 14.? Green light activated, tapes went up and Edinburgh riders started, but Plymouth riders sat still.

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