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  1. edmon

    AGM November 2018

    Speaking with a referee recently and he suggested 2 northern clubs including one which had fingers burned a number of years ago.
  2. Hopefully not - there are 2 under suspension already.
  3. Going by SS report no evidence of Dishington putting forward is evidence is shown. Who has put forward his case. As the Referee's Association appear to be missing. In this one time for a Trade Union to get involved. Football wise Prospect appear to represent Referees in both England and Scotland.
  4. Just checked Traffic Scotland. They have now opened A1 using convoy system and advising not to use diversion via Coldingham. Took my Missus 1.5 hours to travel diversion, from A1, as far as Coldingham earlier.
  5. Major problems on A1 at present time. Closed, all weekend, at Grantshouse. Diverson route via Coldingham at standstill.
  6. It did not look like a deliberate lay down of the bike and Robson did get up and attempt to clear the track.
  7. Edinburgh are trying to fill their next free date 18th May but nobody seems to want to fill it. About time the rules were sorted out, forcing teams involved in a rain off to fill the next available date.
  8. It did not. I believe they could not get riders to be able to hold the match.
  9. Time for a night in the pub tonight. Clearly a choice of 3 which all sponsor, (Staggs, Spylaw Tavern or Black Bull ). Might see some in Staggs.
  10. edmon

    Rule Changes for 2018

    To be facing in the direction of racing ie front wheel facing direction of racing. Not at 90 degrees as some have done in the past. Hope referees have the guts to keep to rules.
  11. edmon

    Newcastle 2018

    But remember they can claim the difference up to 45p from HMRC.
  12. No rain in Bathgate, 3 miles from track
  13. edmon

    Edinburgh V Berwick 7th July

    Hopefully Alex Harkess sorts out the delaying of starts by Erik Riss. Surprised he hasn't been caught out before.
  14. Please explain in detail how it is farcical especially as all promoters can comment and make changes to suit.

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