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  1. So the powers from above(not bspa) have heard the pleas of Cumbria and the fair minded speedway fan(but not all)and declared this mismatch shall not commence,proof that good will always triumph over evil
  2. Hasn't been sacked either,in which case he's made a bit of a berk of himself
  3. Worky had this won a long way out,sensibly took their foot off the gas when the rains came,all about getting the fixtures in and getting the points which they duly did
  4. Totally agree things were much simpler then never any of this complicated tripe of today
  5. Well bjerre is listed as riding,sacking rescinded or unfounded nonsense?
  6. Was any action taken against holder and your management after your misdemeanor?
  7. If that is the case,it can't be taken seriously,it would be a hollow victory for the so called winners,seeing as worky have been arguably the stand out team so far
  8. I meant in their participation of the knock out cup
  9. Has rained a bit this morning,but not to the level thats forecast, early days but still a chance we can finally put the diamonds out of their misery
  10. gregory peck

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Part of the game I'm afraid, nobody's exclusive to the injury department,and we've had our fair whack over the years
  11. gregory peck

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Even better, by four, absolutely buzzing what a result big well done kyle Bickley with his 4 pts doesn't sound a lot but it's a big deal for kyle I'll bet,well done worky
  12. Pretty much in control at that point,it's all about giving young Bickley track time,and boost his confidence,and if and when he does click things will only get better
  13. To have four scoring riders and win by ten is really something else
  14. I'm sure the powers that be are hatching a fiendish plot as we speak
  15. Hardly likely, this is gonna drag on longer than brexit

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