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  1. gregory peck

    Workington 2019

    Depends if lambert gets the reduction,with us being Workington it can't be guaranteed
  2. gregory peck

    Workington 2019

    Lambert would be s trump card at reserve, especially in a league of rookie 2 pointers,and he'd handle a lot of second strings also,he'll do for me if it's to be him
  3. gregory peck

    Workington 2019

    Wouldn't expect worky to benefit,nothing new,we stand alone
  4. Maybe Mr lawson thought it was two,going by the picture
  5. Another out of character moment,any advance on two?
  6. gregory peck

    2nd leg play off final

    The main stand was full and that holds 1000, must have been more
  7. Once knew a lad from Essex,he was into metal detecting,he once dug 4 ft down before realising he was wearing steel cap boots,can't all be crazy though to miss a grand final surely,it may not come around again for more than one reason yourselves and us comets,when it's gone it's gone
  8. gregory peck

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    The greatest comets ever 7.not forgetting young Dan who did his bit before his cruel accident,so proud for the little town of Workington and Cumbria in general, now let's do the other 2
  9. God almighty,there's more chance of brexit coming to an agreement, than these two completing this fixture
  10. Really need a decent guest to stand any sort of a chance,certainly want an improvement on today's feeble effort , was this some sort of payback by Glasgow?
  11. So here we have it next Thursday 25th,the second leg,tapes up 730
  12. Not forgetting Bach and jensen have had spells at reserve,and very nearly klindt at one stage
  13. Especially after all the crap aimed at him the last couple of years,could easily said sod it and walked away,but he stuck it out and believed he was good enough, and much credit to him for it,now he must feel it was all worth it

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