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  1. God almighty,there's more chance of brexit coming to an agreement, than these two completing this fixture
  2. Really need a decent guest to stand any sort of a chance,certainly want an improvement on today's feeble effort , was this some sort of payback by Glasgow?
  3. So here we have it next Thursday 25th,the second leg,tapes up 730
  4. Not forgetting Bach and jensen have had spells at reserve,and very nearly klindt at one stage
  5. Especially after all the crap aimed at him the last couple of years,could easily said sod it and walked away,but he stuck it out and believed he was good enough, and much credit to him for it,now he must feel it was all worth it
  6. Comets have been paddling there own canoe all season,the paddles have gone and the canoe is about to be taken as well, Workington must be stopped at all costs part 25
  7. gregory peck

    Workington 2018 .

    The most constructive post I've seen for a couple of pages,it can be done, nobody's asking for world peace and to swim with dolphins,but let's get back to a sensible debate and knock the insults on the head
  8. Comets fans were understandably down on Friday night but what a difference a day makes,also very refreshing to read other teams best wishes,I know we give and take a bit of banter but we're all speedway fans at the end of the day,and the unexpected sometimes happens like last night,which is why we love our sport so much, and with worky on the verge of something special,which comes round very seldom, and maybe won't again no-one can begrudge us savouring it
  9. Precious little sympathy last night for worky,plenty of ridicule though, but every dog itas it's day and hopefully ours is coming
  10. What if he wears his Berwick racejacket,will that change your mind?
  11. gregory peck

    Derwent Park

    Think Kevin gorge tried to play the big time Charlie,regarding transfers and team selection,I believe Walsh was squeezed out and until the only alternative was to leave,big mistake on towns part,that's when the rot began to set in
  12. Yes,I don't see Tony Jackson divulging in tittle tattle with a fellow promoter, knowing it would spiral out of control like it has here sounds like bull to me, and as for proctor being unemployable that's laughable,he's guested for most of the premier league this term,and I'd sooner have a rider with a bit of fire in his belly,and loses his rag now and again so what,prefer him to the matej kus of this game whose contributions are solely based on what position he's in after the first bend
  13. gregory peck

    Derwent Park

    Town can't go any lower than they are now,and the reds have been stuck in the echelons of mediocrity for years,great idea though build a 10-12,000 seater stadium,it'll look awesome with 3 or 4 hundred in it, well done Allerdale district council, where wasting public funds is the only thing you seem good at

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