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  1. dukiedesmo

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Now listing both matches as live from 17:00 onwards on Premier 2.
  2. Great idea for revamping the GP final points awarded though, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... Doh!
  3. dukiedesmo

    No TV deal?

    This isn't looking good. No update from Flagrag in the week since the concerns over a lack of an announcement were raised or from Phil who was puzzled why it hadn't already happened. As Flagrag said, BT's recent announcement of the continuation of Moto GP would have been the ideal time to announce a continuation of Speedway coverage and reinforce BT as the home of two wheeled sport' but sadly nothing. Is there anything you gents can share with us?
  4. dukiedesmo

    British Final Belle Vue June 13th.

    Did I read that Belle Vue had ordered track covers? I wonder if they are available as yet and if so, whether they are in place today?
  5. dukiedesmo

    Sky 2014

    That's trues, in fact it's so unimportant to them that they more than doubled their offer over the cost of their current contract and came very close to matching the winning BT offer of £897M by again teaming up with ITV. They must be mightily relieved to have missed out on such a massive expense for such a small percentage of their coverage ......
  6. dukiedesmo

    Speedway On Eurosport

    It is, even if you have the full Sky Sports package you will still need to add the Entertainment Extra package at £5.00 per month to recieve Eurosport.
  7. dukiedesmo

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    Yes, ITV1, 2 3, and 4 are all available in HD on the Sky platform at least, although only ITV1 HD is free, the other three channels form part of the HD subscription. ITV 2 through 4 are obviously available free in standard def and I was thinking the same thing, the Speedway GP's would be a good addition to ITV4 for example as they already cover British Superbikes and BTCC so have an existing interest in broadcasting motorsport.
  8. dukiedesmo

    Speedway Star - Still Toothless?

    Hi, Thanks for the link to the other pages and apologies, I hadn't spotted them but they made for intersting reading. In answer to the question above, I wasn't expecting them to beg me back or keep hassling me, I was merely suggesting that for a magazine with a relatively small circulation to lose a long term customer without so much as an enquiry as to why seems to me to be rather short sighted.
  9. Hi everyone, I’m sure you’re thinking “not another Speedway Star thread” so apologies in advance but I just wanted to share with you my views and to gain yours on this publication. I must have subscribed to Speedway Star for twenty years or more until about eighteen months ago when I realised that every week I was just flicking through it on the Thursday night, reading no more than a paragraph or two and then not looking at it again until the next issue arrived a week later. If the truth be known, this routine had been going on for a number of years but I could never quite bring myself to actually cancel it. What finally drove me to make the move was the magazines continued inability to have an opinion on anything. The number of times I’d watch a speedway meeting when something controversial would happen and I’d look forward to receiving the S/Star that week to see what they thought about it only to be really disappointed that the report; whilst clinically accurate about the actual events, offered no comment on the rights or wrongs and I found this bitterly disappointing. Since I decided not to renew my subscription, I now rely solely on club websites and fan forums to keep up with what’s happening. Although I very rarely contribute, I do find the fan forums such as this one entertaining as there’s never a shortage of opinion and it seems mandatory that everyone is criticised no matter how moderate their view. I’m not suggesting for a minute that Star should be anything like the forum, but the constant vanilla view and lack of opinion really sapped my enthusiasm for a publication that would cost me over £100 a year to subscribe to. With the current issues around the Elite League with Coventry, Peterborough and the BSPA, I just wondered how the Star editorial team were handling this. Are they daring to offer an opinion? Are they towing the party line with the BSPA? The obvious answer, which I’m sure someone will suggest, is for me to go out and buy myself a copy and see for myself but this is proving increasingly difficult in the close season and this is something else that I find really difficult to equate. When I decided not to renew, I had the standard reminder from Pinegen about 4 issues before my subscription was due to expire and then absolutely nothing else since. Bear in mind that I’d been a customer of theirs for 20 years or more and they relied solely on a single invoice to retain my business and made no effort to win it back when I didn’t renew. If they had sent me another reminder two weeks after the subscription had expired, a letter or a phone call asking why I’d left or maybe even an incentive offered sometime after it was clear I wasn’t going to renew such as 13 months for the price or 12 that would probably have been enough for me to renew, but I haven’t heard a word from them. For a niche magazine with what I assume is a modest circulation, I find this unbelievable but maybe it’s indicative of the attitude that seems to pervade the whole sport these days, we’re here if you want to make the effort to find us but if not then do something else with your money. Anyway, rant over. I would however like your views on the current editorial content of the Star as you never know, I may start subscribing again ………… Any replies most welcome.
  10. dukiedesmo

    Sky Anchors

    As I (vaguely) recall last year when Sky covered both of the elite league playoff semi-finals on the same night, they had a presenter at both locations, Greenie at one and I think Sophie at the other. I wonder what they'll do this year? Will Kelv cut the apron strings and branch out without Nige or will Sara step into the breach or will Nige do the lot from his little hoist. Worst-case scenario, we get to see and hear Dullard but I think that very unlikely. Thoughts, suggestions, insults?
  11. dukiedesmo

    Sky's Free Match Programme

    Just thought I'd print off tonights match programme from the Sky Website and there's no mention of it at all. The link included in the intial post is also broken so I wondered if anybody knoew what had happened?
  12. Just wondered as Nigel Pearson has done a number of Sky meetings in a row now.
  13. dukiedesmo

    Speedway Games

    Not sure about downloads but most of the games can be found here: http://www.speed-way.com/games.shtml Cheers.
  14. Any one know if and when the SGP highlights will be shown on Channel 4 as I can't find any mention in the TV listings or the web site? Hope they go back to a lunchtime slot again. Cheers.

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