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  1. Charity Shield 1st Leg 19/03/18 - Belle Vue v Swindon

    I fancy a ten point or more home win for the Aces, the sides look closely matched but the Aces have a big advantage at reserve.For Swindon i believe Zach and Adam can improve and i actually think Nick can add more consistency to his performances.For the home side Fricke /Bewley/Tungate can all improve and i believe Etheridge will chip in as well with points i hope it is a entertaining meeting i can't wait for the return match on Thursday.
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    Big year for Fricke i think he is capable of averaging well over 9 at home hopefully taking that confidence to away tracks.
  3. Poole 2018

    No exactly the opposite for me, in my lifetime Hyde Rd, the Abbey, The Shay, Owlerton, Exeter ( county ground ) in my eyes were the biggest and fastest tracks around if you only rode there once or twice a year only it was not easy (i.e. Set ups etc) .
  4. Poole 2018

    Riding Hyde Rd usually once a year in one league fixture was very hard Lee usually did that if he turned up !!!!!!☺️Not like now usually 2 fixtures at least at the same track away from home going back to Hyde Rd Lee was up against Collins/Mort a bit different to now.
  5. Poole 2018

    I respect your view but as a example Nielsen / Lee were both never that great at the old Bellle Vue Hyde Rd but ( they could ride it well but PC and Mort would usually beat them at there best horses for courses comes to mind.?!!!!
  6. Poole 2018

    I don't think he has to Holder he has won a World title no one can ever take that away from him also Rickardsson ( i was never a fan) he is not really any guide to anybody because he was that good.!!!
  7. The Barry Thomas Story

    I have just finished reading the Thommo book and what a enjoyable read it was to.I recommend the book to anyone once you pick it up you don't want to put it down.
  8. Championship Predictions 2018

    The best three sides i believe are Ipswich,Scunny,Sheffield.
  9. Poole 2018

    I look forward to seeing Chris ride again and i think he will get an ok reception at Swindon i hope so anyway.A fresh start for him we all make mistakes in life so let him move on hopefully he will get back to the form that we all know he is capable of.I think Chris wants to stay low profile concentrate on his racing and enjoy his racing again.
  10. Poole 2018

    Are you on the weed ?? total nonsense would Matt need to remortgage i think so let's get real.
  11. Vaclav Verner

    Vaclav had some great years with Exeter and with Autrey they had some very good sides a massive home advantage at the scary County Ground but it took some b...s. to ride there week in week out.Exeter over the years had a great association with Czech riders i.e.) Holub, Verner, (Vac and Jan,) Dryml,Kudrna,Svab jnr) i loved my visits to Exeter.
  12. Ben Fund

    What do you suggest hire Cardiff for the day!! at Swindon i believe there is a cut off time to postspone if not they still have to pay rental.? Even in our good old British summer time there are cancellations and how many times are the weather forecasts wrong anyway sometimes you just have to take a chance.
  13. Vaclav Verner

    Horrible news,Vaclav was an in/out racer who everyone enjoyed watching race RIP.
  14. Ben Fund

    Yet late March was always the point for me that speedway got started for me anyway you are right Crump99 you have to be realistic.Speedway it is so tough now you have the World Cup/ euros to compete against in the summer some forward thinking and planning needs to happen interesting to see if it does.?
  15. Ben Fund

    Yet when you run later in the year against the World/Cup/ Euros etc) the gates are less and do any of us know what the weather will be in the future near impossible.