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  1. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Was he a bit of a nutter Norbold ??? he was exciting no doubt put bums on seats.For me never got to think was he really was genuine world class ???? not his fault of course .I think myself personally he was very very ,quick a slight fellow worth the admission money alone think he scored 12 at Swindon in 72 for Poole got his autograph that day looked a little weak guy great balance though.
  2. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    How good Norbold ?? for me he was an outstanding talent never see loads of him a real regret of mine still have his prized autograph.
  3. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Yes never did ask him why , he loved Oxford on his day he could be decent at Cowley once beat Hans in heat 1 there in a three team tournament.
  4. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    A unique style Smithy really upright as you said very underrated he showed that in the 1989 Briggo series still had it very competitive.Steve did Pete fall out at Poole once? stopped going hope they resolved there differences a great role model for the sport.
  5. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    I thought Malcolm made a mistake not going back to Oxford in 1978 Steve don't know what happened there.Ended up having a injury ravaged career at Milton Keynes for me Malcolm was never suited to NL speedway so full time BL speedway was his future.Remember Oxford having Caulwell, Ackroyd, Hack, Pip Oxford were great with young riders a good track to learn on always remember seeing the classy David Shields ( reminiscent of the original PC.)
  6. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    20 th September 1972 Bob, unbelievable Christer rode at number seven that night against Belle Vue he scored paid 14, from seven outings.The first occasion that i went to Poole was in 1974 v the classy Exeter side never forget it an exciting evening.Loved the racing the atmosphere and what a week's holiday that was a beautiful part of the country two nights speedway thrown in as well Poole and got back for the Abbey on a Saturday.
  7. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Bob yes Smithy is up there with Barry Thomas as one of the most entertaining riders i see over the years.I loved clubs who pushed continuity through that reasoning give me a chance to see the likes of Hitch, Duke, Keen, over a long period. None of them superstars but they are our bread and butter riders of our sport your great club had Smith, Lewis, Middlo senior and son ) as great role models.
  8. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Yes the reserves scurry was a real way of pushing a rider on it did work and as you said Oxford/ Swindon did it very well.Swindon, produced Holloway, Rossiter,Smart,( 3) Chessell, ( 2) Broadbank, Hewlett ( bless him never forget that tragic night he was making great strides in his young career (etc).
  9. Sidney the robin


    Get mine always on a Friday only late if there is a bank holiday.I often think the Star should add 20 pence to the price it is well worth it in my opinion great value compared to numerous other magazines.
  10. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Yes see quite a bit of Robert he did show promise remember seeing him ride once with a then trialling Steve Regelling.Steve unfortunately broke a leg but he went on to have a terrific career.Swindon at one time always had triallists remember Robert Henry,John Williams,Louis Carr all have numerous spins at the Abbey.That competition really helped in the development of Malcolm Holloway who came through in the Kevin Young, Kevin Pope, Richard Evans era.
  11. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Always difficult for a son to follow in there dads footsteps Tony Briggs and Robert Craven come to mind.Chris Louis made a good job of it though a classy rider that period produced Screen, Havvy, Chris, Mark,.
  12. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    I did see Christer's son Denis ride a few times quite a useful rider.In 1972 the final was a real eventful one Briggs beating Mauger then crashing out of the meeting in his second ride.Olsen taking a uncharacteristic fall ruining his chances Loftqvist was very entertaining that night would Briggo have won it? my heart says so.
  13. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Ah 1974 right, remember Wimbledon trying to sign Christer/ Mike Bast nothing materialised in 1975 Christer ended up going to Ackney.Loftqvist has to be one of the most exciting riders i ever saw , see him break the Swindon track record in 1973 in a test match great rider lost him far to early.
  14. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    Yes in 1972 remember the Dons had Stapleton, Cameron in the line up also Peter Murray rode quite a bit.Was 1973 the year of the Swedish ban?? cant remember if Tommy Jansson missed some of that year because of that or if he to do his National service.?
  15. Sidney the robin

    One Club Servants

    I dont know who replaced Jim Chunky, but i presume it was Luckhurst or Clarke.??

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