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  1. Sidney the robin

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    With this league i can see fans picking and choosing there meetings.At Swindon we generally get 1000 plus 12/1300 on a good day for the life of me how they can afford Doyley, Batch, Toby on those crowds god knows.But you are right if we cant encourage fresh blood to support the sport the longterm picture looks bleak.
  2. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If it is to believed and the Lynn side has already been assembled not announcing it must be one of the strangest decisions i have ever known in speedway very Bizarre.
  3. Sidney the robin

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    What are the riders that you feel can make this there level.? For me Kemp/Brennan are future Prem riders they will do well but the two that interest me are Rowe/ Atkins at Somerset Anders being a Swindon asset i hope he kicks on and will be a future Robin.Shanes and Mountain will improve and Danyon Hume if he stays injury free will eventually get his chance again.
  4. Sidney the robin

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    Those three young lads you mentioned are really promising but to average over 6 in there first full season at that level is a big ask.I dont see Flint doing it if he can average 4 that would be a great season.Yes the other two in my opinion are the two i believe can really kick on and have a good career.This league is still a tough one, different challenges for the younger lads the good thing is most clubs have riders at the bottom end all trying to prove this is there level.A few will fall away and struggle but some will relish the challenge but good luck to all of them.
  5. Sidney the robin

    CrazySue and Speedway Updates

    A brilliant service for all of us a real unsung hero, something we should never take for granted.This forum sometimes gets some stick but the guys who do the updates are proper speedway people who really care and make a difference.
  6. Sidney the robin


    Agree totally about Christer, Bengt Banger Jansson would have to be considered one around 69/71 ?? Gote Nordin was classy and Toby Harrysson ( like Sverre injury) both World class.
  7. Sidney the robin


    Christer had to be one of the most exciting riders that i ever see ride i can remember him getting the track record at the Abbey.Sverre i never see him ride at his best but without injury he is in a group alongside Graham Warren ( ect) that were good anough to be World Champ.
  8. Sidney the robin

    2019 Predictions

    The three for me are Wolves -Swindon- Belle Vue.
  9. The GP series has moved on though at the expense of British speedway.!!
  10. Sidney the robin


    You have had a nasty agenda against Gustix/ Mr Hyam for years why not keep your nasty vendetta going against me.?. Be great we could always have a chat over the speedway maybe a pint ?? don't bully just be measured.!!!
  11. Sidney the robin


    Don't get so personal like you always do you are a clown and a bully so why don't you pick on me.?
  12. Sidney the robin

    Time British Speedway went AMATEUR

    I would say Moxey the racing now is not as good as in years gone by the odd good race of course but overall no.I still enjoy speedway but the entertainment generally is not that great i preferred it when the bikes were slower.I am with you on the team element factor in years gone by at Swindon Hitch,Munday, Keen, Duke (ect) were no world beaters but they were loved by the home fans were great value and the working man/lady could relate to them.I often think Swindon started some years knowing damn well that they would not win anything but Swindon speedway on a Saturday night was a profitable night.This was because teams kept a regular core of favourite riders which the fans grew to love.
  13. Sidney the robin

    YOUR memories of AUSTRALIANS in Britain (1970-90)

    Jim Airey often a forgotten man but how good was he.?
  14. Rick Miller was a rider who really turned his career around at first he struggled bigtime but stuck at it and ended up World class.
  15. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Your Owner promoter being head of British speedway should of grasped transparency is very important to everybody.If he has not got a team sorted out say so, but to say nothing is madness.Is he going to leave it to February and then just expect or PRESUME fans will turn up i believe this year more fans are going to pick and choose there meetings so drumming up interest is crucial.You look at my club things are not stable there track wise, rumours galore but they announced there team nice and early and fair play to Rossiter on that front.I worry for King's Lynn surely to have Andersson at reserve they must have something up there sleeves?? if they haven't you would of thought it would be very important to have two strong reserves all year Kerr/ Auty spring to mind.

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