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  1. We host our last home fixture of the 2018 campaign against the Belle Vue Aces a fixture that has no significance at all riding on it.I fear what the attendance will be but fingers crossed the crowd holds up better than we all expect.It will be very interesting to see who Belle Vue pick to replace Riss for the play/off semi maybe Josh Pickering ( a guess)???.Also it would be nice to see either Rowe or Brennan get another spin at reserve.
  2. What i would say Bob is what a great advert for British speedway that was last night tense hard fought racing riders gave everything game on for the second leg.
  3. Jackobsen for me showing his guts and bravery swung the meeting with his heat win.He never looked quick but rode some great lines and really dug in.A really good team effort even Worrall was unlucky there was some good racing but the track at times is puzzling the inside was working then there was grip outside and Doyle in heat 1 looked slow good meeting though enjoyed it.
  4. Bring's back memories of Alan Cowland/ Wilko and mad Jack Millen (RIP )the sport needs drama and characters.
  5. Come on Blue Holder rode his nuts off for seven points he really put his neck on the line at times just one of those nights for him on another night he would of scored 12.The same with Wilson Dean god 100 per cent commitment busted a gut at times that is all anyone can ask.A great performance by Poole but this tie is not over yet Somerset need Lawson to be on it again to have any chance in the second leg Doyley tonight two outstanding passes breathtaking.
  6. A brave effort by the Robins as there team was seriously depleted but you can't fault the effort and commitment well done to Lynn.
  7. Sidney the robin

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Eric Boocock broke his arm there also i don't think Eric liked the track much but he usually scored well there.
  8. Game over Adam who has been great this year is a real miss i felt we had a little squeak left tonight oh well it is not to be.
  9. Is the meeting on radio Wiltshire tonight.?
  10. Great meeting can remember Carter who looked quick never convinced on the night. don't know why Mort is Mort dun him. Morton was quick did most from the back a very good rider over a number of years and he was World class not doubt for me anyway.
  11. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    I am sure they can sort something out everyone makes mistakes and it takes a bigger man to forgive and forget.Holder should be a massive part of the future for Poole he has top class quality.
  12. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    Great point that who knows, i can remember the old criteria was that you had to achieve a 6 point average.
  13. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    Poole in 2019 i think could base there team around Kurtz, Jacobsen,Woryna,J.Holder. The Holder situation needs to be resolved because this year he has made huge strides he has rode so well that he would be my rider of the year along with Bewley.Maybe if you have to have a young brit at reserve Jordan Jenkins maybe an option he has been linked and looks a fine long term prospect.Holder has to be a must i would even commit and say he is ready to be an in/out number 1 now.
  14. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    Belle Vue certainly have always been the biggest club, Poole for years were nobody also rans most of the time a .great club still and the majority of there fans Poole ( who are not deluded) are pretty impartial and are really good and loyal fans.Coventry,Cradley, Wolves, and ( Ipswich to an extent were the best teams generally over a period Reading 73 and Sheffield 74 were really good sides to.
  15. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    I feel you are in your own little bubble Ford is a good promoter but does he do what is best for speedway as a whole.? Lets see if Ford could be a success in say Teeside/ Sunderland/ Barrow ? Poole is by far the best destination for speedway a mini Monaco around Sandbanks/ Bridport.Also as for your continuous slagging off of Swindon and the Abbey you need to look at the quality of Wimbourne Rd it is a million miles away from the track it used to be.

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