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  1. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Your point about Hancock is a relevant one, in five years time when Lambert is 25/26 he should be reaching his peak.How many of the riders in the GP series now will be either on the slide or have dropped out altogether. So you would think Lambert would be part of new era of GP riders a different ball game to what it is now.
  2. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    I haven't concerning Lambert, not like Sommelier who changes his mind like the weather.
  3. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Really you would disagree with me whatever i said , you are a plank of the highest order.
  4. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Maybe!!!!!! but we should not be judge or jury, he is still a young man who ability wise should never be written off.
  5. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    I have watched all the riders progress BUT i stick to my convictions unlike you.I don't swop and change and change my view within a year or so, Drabik is NOT a fully fiedged GP rider he should be. But the FACTS say he isn't, Kubera is decent but for me he is not going to be the next Gollob
  6. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Are you Stevie Wonder in disguise, ???? av a look at the under 21s at the Vue Lambert was miles ahead of anyone on that day.Smektala had to ride his balls off to beat him( Smektala i rate will be a gp rider). Kubera and Chugonov are no more in front of Lambert get your head out your ass Phillipsr you have always knocked me piped up on a regular basis over Josh Auty .This topic you have no idea Chugunov,Kubera are hopefuls for the series in the future no more than Lambert or Drabik.
  7. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Are Drabik, Kubera much better than Robert ??? maybe Drabik Smektala is the only rider around his age that i would say is better and even then that is marginal.Doyle as Ben 91 eludes to is a fine example if you progress whatever age or whatever stage of your career you are at you will get a place in Poland i believe Robert will do that in the future he is to good not to.
  8. Sidney the robin

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    It might be getting weaker but the purpose of the league is all about producing fresh young talent.The NL now for me is a very decent standard look at last year for 10 pounds ( 2pints of beer at Belle Vue). Belle Vue v Leicester you got to see Bickley,Palin, Flint, Bailey plus Perks, Hume, D.Thompson, J.Thompson that does not seem that weak to me.In the NL now you have Palin,Flint, Thompson(2) Bailey, Gilkes, Mulford, , Kelly ,Wirtzfield, Freeman, Hagon giving opportunities to riders that this league is designed for.
  9. I miss that rivalry of Swindon v Oxford, loved watching the Swindon v Reading and Newport encounters as well.Really liked the 3TT fourmat i remember going to Cowley for a 11am start ( Shirra Holloway got a 5.1 over Hans in heat 1) then back to the Abbey at night.
  10. Very underrated was Oyvind i often think he gets forgotten he was very popular at Oxford along with the likes of Pander, Genz, Mckinlay, Timmo, Strachan( etc).
  11. I was there for his 15 point maximum at the Keener testimonial meeting, how that meeting took place is beyond me it hammered down all day
  12. Personally i would have Edgar Stangeland , Odd Fossengen, Lars Gunnestad, Oyvind Berg, in a group behind the four named.
  13. I could never understand why Dag was not suited to the White City track maybe his interest in the sport was on the wane..A top class rider for Reading, Hackney,Oxford geniune world class he retired far to early.Along with Harrefeldt, Eide, Holta he has to be in the top four Norwegian's i had the pleasure to see ride.
  14. Your memory is very good Steve, 25/07/78 double header White City v Hull 36-42 White City v Swindon 42- 29. How bizarre was the Swindon meeting ????? heat 1 . ( 8 riders exc under the two minute rule). G.Kennett, Gachet,Cieslak,Jurczynski, M.Ashby, Bouchard, D.Ashby, Henry. Heat two again weird , White City Jurczynski , Cieslak scoring a 5.0 over D.Ashby, Henry never ever seen this before in league racing had the referee been on the whacky backy by any chance.!!!!
  15. Steve can't remember why ??? all four were reinstated, 19/07/77 White City 52.Swindon 26 a right mauling.I went because Malcolm Holloway was making his debut for the budgies he scored a fat 0 zero yet it was great experience for him with loads of help from Kilb (snr).Looking through some of my 1977 White City programmes a couple of notable meetings stick out are White City beating Exeter easily and in heat 1 Kennett/ Weatherly scoring a 5.1 over Mauger.And later on in the season Michael Lee scoring a 15 point maximum there , that year Lee won quite a few individual meeting's in the UK even though he did have a duff one in the Embassy Internternation at Plough lane.

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