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  1. Sidney the robin

    Peter Jackson Swindon 1967.

    Hi i have all the autographs of the riders that were in all of the Swindon Robins league winning teams.The only rider i haven't got is Peter Jackson the number eight in the 1967 league winning side.Can anyone help ??? willing to pay top dollar if you can help please PM me please Thanks.
  2. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    In that meeting Steve, Swindon beat Sheffield 44.-34 and lost 35.43 to Reading.Ashby beat Michanek in heat 1 a rare feat as Michanek was great in 73 also the late Geoff Curtis scored paid 10 and the late Mad Jack Millen rode and scored a point remember it being a big crowd.
  3. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    I can remember seeing this great Sheffield side ride in a double header with the Racers at the Abbey in 1973. I can remember Reg Wilson tangling with Mike Keen resulting in Mike breaking a collarbone.
  4. Sidney the robin

    Newcastle 2020

    Totally agree with the Flint statement , but you don't have to be the greatest rider to be able to pass invaluable experience on.Often the advice given could be on the mechanical side or how to prepare yourself better for meetings.In yesteryear often the best captains and motivaters were riders who were no superstars themselves but could motiavate and get the best out of others.
  5. Sidney the robin

    Newcastle 2020

    How do riders keep sharp ? by just riding one league sometimes getting only three rides.Ledwith has a place at Kent and his experience is invaluable.I know what you are trying to say the NL is not designed to cater for that sort of rider but for me if it makes the league stronger that has got to be good.
  6. Sidney the robin


    Gilkes can be a genuine number one with. Ledwith capable of better Jenkins has the ability to be a third heat leader. Miulford is a really exciting prospect along with the young talented Hagon as well it looks a really exciting team.
  7. Sidney the robin

    International Friendly Matches

    Kemp and Flint looking really sharp, good experience for young Edwards as well both Kemp and Flint should be looking to put at least two points on there Championship average this year.
  8. Sidney the robin

    Team GB

    I thought Jason retired because of those bad burns that he got racing a great rider and he must put a few on the gate.Since his retirement he has done some laps testing and at a guess??? i recon he has done at least six meeting's Darcy Ward's being one of them.
  9. Sidney the robin

    Poole Pirates 2020

    If he failed before because of his shortcomings of not noing the rulebook properly If will address that problem no doubt.Havelock also is a bubbly character good for moral and he will get the respect of the riders mainly because of what he achieved as a rider.
  10. Sidney the robin

    Poole Pirates 2020

    He will be fine Skidder i am not a fan of Poole's but Middlo and Havvy are two who do take stick on this forum but for me i like both.I only met Neil a couple of times to speak to in the eighties ( not at a meeting) and he was down to earth and a decent guy and Havvy will be fine.
  11. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    Yes you are right Steve, Wilson/Wyer came through the system from div two Reg at Worky Doug at Berwick.Then Bob Valentine came along he was a very good rider until he got injured can't remember how ?? hand gliding i think? he was never the same rider after that.
  12. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    In 1973 Rick finished on a 6.85 average for Sheffield he finished seventh in the averages behind Paulson 6.92. Larsson 7.08 what a strong one to seven they were.
  13. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    It was one hell of a achievement BOBBATH for Rick to quality from the 1967 West Ham British Final for the world final.In a way it was an equivalent of Martin Yeates qualifying from Coventry to the Overseas final at Belle Vue in 1984 the underdog prevailing Rick did achieve more though. Briggs 15, France, Mauger, Wilson. E.Boocock, Pratt ( did brilliant) qualified--- non qualifiers were Trigg, Ashby, Maidment, Betts, Hedge, Airey, Luckhurst, N.Boocock,Broadbank, Hunter great days.
  14. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    Totally agree Steve that is why the core of the 2020 Robins team of Doyle,Batchelor,Jensen,Ellis, Perks is refreshing to see some sort of continuity from last season.
  15. Sidney the robin

    Les Owen

    From 1964- 68 the Coventry top four or five was always from a pool of the same riders, Boocock,Mountford,Lightfoot,France,Cottrell,.Then in the late 60s when Lightfoot and Mountford retired Mckinlay and Lomas came on board.

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