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  1. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Surely the Premiership has to change? not anough teams or meeting's.Not sure about two league's though the NL has to stay put some really good ideas though with Brits at the forefront.
  2. Sidney the robin

    Wild Cards 2019

    Drabik certainly would NOT be outclassed the other two have a way to go yet but Robert would not be disgraced remember Tai's debut GP season a learning curve and came back stronger.
  3. Sidney the robin

    Wild Cards 2019

    Madsen is easily in the top 16 riders in the World now he deserves his chance.Also riders like Drabik, Lambert, Smektala they have to be given an opportunity at sometime.
  4. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    I dont see this sport being run with everybody pulling in the same direction do you? Also why hasnt talks begun already about next year or will they leave that until March.???
  5. Sidney the robin

    Mac Woolford

    See Mac at the last meeting when the old track was apparently going !!!!! He kindly signed an old photo for me he also rode for Eastbourne.
  6. Sidney the robin

    Poole 2019

    I don't see Poole being worth much now mainly because the league is in dire straights.The product is mainly poor it is mainly full of old stadia and promoters fighting each other rather than sticking together and trying to resolve the problems .Who in there right mind would want to buy at this pacific time also the stadium is rented.
  7. Sidney the robin

    Wild Cards 2019

    Agree and that can't be good.
  8. Sidney the robin

    Wild Cards 2019

    The GP series cannot be a closed shop Madsen for me had to come in fresh blood is needed.I for one will be very interested to see how he fares.
  9. Sidney the robin

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    The highlight of the year for me was Lambert pushing on and i would relish seeing him race for the Robins .But we know some Troll started this thread and i think all of us have more chance of walking on the moon than Robert joining the Robins.If he moved i could see him joining Poole cant wait for him to progress again in 2019.
  10. Sidney the robin

    Doug Ellis RIP

    Second that, he was Aston Villa through and through and did a great job also he took no crap RIP Doug.
  11. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Well done to the Poole Pirates got the job done i just hope the promoters can now get together and try and take the sport forward fingers crossed.
  12. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Nobody has mentioned him but i think Simon Lambert has really contributed to a great team effort punching well above his weight.
  13. Sidney the robin

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    What surprises me about the Anders situation is Rosco knows the history about the Swindon faithfull loving a young local english lad mixing it with the big boys.Are record in the past with Crash, Kilb,Dukey,Keener,Wellie,Alun, Martin Hewlett the Smart/ Chessell bros is excellent and last night i just felt gutted for Anders.
  14. Sidney the robin

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    A bit like a young Dugard or Woods then both went on and improved Dugard i rated highly.What surprised me again last night City was for a NL rider how much pace he had he kept the bike running no shutting off.

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