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  1. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite Irish riders

    Frank Carson.!!!
  2. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite British riders

    Alot was expected of Bobby when he signed for Swindon and he did have one good season then he went on the slide.I really think the jump from NL to full time BL racing then was damn hard for any rider and bareing in mind the NL was a tough environment as well.
  3. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite Swedish riders

    Fundin, Knutsson,Michanek,T.Jansson,Rickardsson,S.Sjosten,P. Jonsson,,B.Jansson,Lofqvist,Nordin.
  4. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite Scottish riders

    McMillan, Mckinlay, Harkins, Beaton, Templeton Doug/Willie, Collins, Hunter, K.Mckinna,McGregor.
  5. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Unless a shock signing appears ( i.e.) a Laguta,Magic, Barty( all no chance) it is not surprising he delayed naming the side.
  6. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite British riders

    Don't forget Ron How.!!!
  7. Sidney the robin

    Belle Vue 2019

    Fricke, Thorssell, Doyle, Lambert, Masters i would put that group in front of Bjerre maybe not Masters but he can be decent away.
  8. Sidney the robin

    Swindon Stadium

    Is the club worth anything.?maybe the rider assets are is that it.?
  9. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    Briggo, Micac, Ivan, Mardon, Johnson,Shirra, Andrews,Cribby,Peterson, Redmond.
  10. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite British riders

    Michael Lee, Peter Craven, Martin Ashby, Clive Hitch, Malc Holloway, Bob Kilby, Terry Betts, Ray Wilson, Eric Boocock, Nigel Boocock.
  11. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Crump snr , Crump jnr, Adams, Young, Vic Duggan, Sanders, Boulger, Airey, Janke, Sullivan.
  12. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite American riders

    What is your opinion of Mike Bast 1.???
  13. Yes i have that meeting on Dvd, pity some of the BLRC meetings 1982/83 were not covered some of my best speedway memories 1983 was a good year for me.
  14. Sidney the robin

    10 favourite American riders

    Scott Autrey, Bruce Penhall,Dennis Sigalos, Kelly/ Shawn Moran, John Cook, Lance King, Sprouts Elder, Mike Bast, Alan Christian.
  15. The White City incident started it off and there were a few other moments before.I think there was a tough race between the two at Belle Vue in a England v USA match ?? but before that they got on well i have a picture of the two smiling after Carter had beaten him in the helmet at Halifax.
  16. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Bringing up the Swindon situation is totally irrelevant, the strange thing is if the team is known why not announce it.
  17. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That is a different story and out of all the supporters hands, but playing silly beggars and not naming a side before February seems rather strange especially if you know it.??
  18. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Why not announce it then? bizarre really, there could be a percentage of fans thinking of maybe doing something else or picking and choosing there meeting's.Or does the owner just presume or take for granted that fans will turn up.This episode is exactly how British speedway is being run secretive things being decided behind closed doors and no transparency.
  19. Sidney the robin

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I remember Kelvin going full time in a tough BL and aquitting himself very well.Then reaching the 1985 Bradford WF and also riding with Carter in the pairs.When i think of Kelvin i always put him in the Doncaster,Wiggy, Havvy era until 1990/91 along with Erik/ Hans of course.
  20. Sidney the robin

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Imagine talking to someone about the coming season and someone asks you who is in your team and you reply i dont know yet.I cannot see any logic in it, i cant get my head around it.
  21. Sidney the robin

    Speedway Star in the winter

    If Penhall, Lee, Sanders, Sigalos, Carter, had all hung around what an era that could of been with Erik/Hans.!!! such a shame for speedway that.
  22. Sidney the robin

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I have really enjoyed the history of the British Final articles and the Erik/ Hans rivalry was also a superb read to.
  23. As i am aware Steve, Kenny got on very well with the Moran's named his daughter after Kelly.Even though you cannot forget the wicked thing Kenny did you cannot take away that he was a great rider.
  24. Totally right Steve Halifax could of signed Bruce but it never happened.But before the infamous incident 82 both Kenmy/Bruce got on well after were both respectful of each other's ability.
  25. Sidney the robin

    Swindon Stadium

    I think this seems a bit dodgy Keith, surely all they have time for is the track nothing else.It is nearly February even that would be stretching it for a late March press day.Also if the track has some banking wont that take time a big ask in my opinion and that is relying on the weather being kind to you.

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