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  1. 11 minutes ago, Gavan said:

    They are a level above but i wouldnt trust them over here to reproduce their form in Poland

    Poland and the U.K. are of course like chalk and cheese,  but unlike yesteryear riders don't have to ride here now to become  World class.I see those sort of riders just coming over here now for some pocket money often leaving there best aquipment at home.

  2. Just now, BWitcher said:

    When exactly was this Sidney? I can only assume 84 as that was his debut season (aside from 4 meets in 83) and he averaged 6.71 in the top flight.. before being in a run off for World Title the following season?

    I'm sure there are better examples.. 

    Ask Michael Lee in 1983 end of October dangerous is not the word.My point was i never see him ever being a World Champion but fair play went on and had  a great career.

  3. 1 hour ago, uk_martin said:

    Some of us remember Charles Wright wobbling around Workington and trailing half a mile behind the others in 2007/8, thinking "would he be in the team if his brother, James (a former Birmingham asset) wasn't there too"?

    And look at him now. 

    I can remember Sam Ermolenko in his hair raising days who was nearly wiping everyone out and he went on to be World Champion.You  predict what you think Castagna can average in 2019.???

  4. 15 minutes ago, Gavan said:

    I think there is a lot of pressure on Kurtz and Holder, a pressure Kurtz couldnt handle last season and a pressure Morris couldnt at Swindon. Maybe Jack can but it remains to be seen. Josh G isnt getting any better at this stage of his career but seems to be one of the riders included.

    Woryna was massively overhyped by the odd Poole fan before he came. Poles are notoriously different riders over here then in their homeland and i said before a wheel was turned he would be a different rider to the one who was doing well in Poland. The money is in Poland not here and Worynas best equipment was hardly likely to be over here.

    I would say the same if Drabik or Smektala joined a UK club, its a massive massive risk irrelevant of their form elsewhere.


    I dont think Drabik or Smektala would be a risk maybe Woryna just isn't good anough. I still think he could improve over here still but Lambert,Smektala,Drabik are a level above Woryna.

  5. 1 minute ago, stevebrum said:

    I did!

    Wolves who are they? na joking. Steve if they sign Thorssell/ Morris they look really strong JT will put at least half a point on his average.If they go a different route say Pawlicki they will still be strong i will be surprised if they get beat at home.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Ben91 said:

    And Hume has a potentially unappealing history with injuries. I’m sure there’s a reason Birmingham have gone with Castagna over Hume. 

    Ideally we’d see the British lads fixed up first but it’s a sport, we can’t be telling teams who they can and can’t sign based on nationality, unless it’s a rule enforced across the board. There are riders who get frozen out because of the numbers game and yes it’s sad but that’s the nature of the beast. 

    Of course injuries have gone against him but  if he can regroup he will be fine and he will show he is a Championship rider. Castagna there is certainly another reason he is in above Hume and it is not because of having more ability.

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  7. 8 hours ago, acef said:

    I pulled it last week and I’ll say it again. I really don’t rate that team. I think it’s a busted flush. Wilson Dean has some potential to really improve but otherwise I think that is bang average. Full of riders either past it, getting past it, or just your average Joe. Also seriously lacking a number 1.

    I am with you Ace not convinced with this team i think it will be good at home away the jury is out.It is an ageing team BWD i like he can improve i  would of had him back at Swindon cant see this side winning a title.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Ben91 said:

    They don’t have to average 3.79, they just have to improve as well or better than Hume would by putting more on their average. If, for example Hume and a two pointer both have scope to put 0.5 on their starting figure then the obvious choice is the two pointer to leave more team building points further up the order. 

    Not when it is Castagna Ben!!! who has failed badly in the past.The English guy should always get the nod by doing ok in the champs his converted average 3.79 that has gone against him.He averaged well over 5 at home and  was only really behind Bacon, Kemp, in the Champs averages.Look at Glasgow's reserves they will be lucky to score 3/5 points a meeting between them.

  9. 9 hours ago, poole keith said:

    i would be pretty confident someone or a consortium will come in and buy poole speedway,however, any interested partys would be silly to show an interest now,its a business that is going fall in value with every passing month so wait to mid summer and then hit matt with an offer!!

    To be honest Keith is Poole speedway worth that much ? the stadium is rented right?.Also are the riders asset base worth much most of them wont ride the uk again in this climate cant see a taker.With the team in 2019 with  no Woryna, Grajczonek, Worrall, Klintd, would be my worries.I would of based my team around Holder,Kurtz, Woryna, Jackobsen, Shanes we shall see roll on April.

  10. I actually think this is a decent signing he is not particularly exciting to watch but i have seen him a few times and he has impressed.I am not a fan of Covatti but this is a solid partnership i actially think NBJ will do a decent job.

  11. 11 hours ago, DC2 said:


    On paper the likes of Bjerre and Barker should 5-1 Zach and James.

    Rosco has to give Zach a mindset of gating and winning heat 2 every time. It has to be his heat. And Lampart/Ellis similarly in heat 8.

    I think that the Peterborough reserve partnership will be decent at home away from home i am not so sure.Also both of those riders are racer types will they gell?  one thing is though that both Bjerre/Barker will be able to mix it in the top five when they move up.

  12. 10 minutes ago, A ORLOV said:

    And with Zach getting a position riding for Birmingham that will also help his progress.

    I think if Zach can start the season well he can push on ORLOV he always seems to start the season slowly then gradually   gets into it.At home at times he was very good, he  beat some good riders he has a great riding style and is  a popular bloke with everyone really hope he can improve again i think he will.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Ben91 said:

    On a 3.79 (pre-reduction) average he’s a lot more expensive points wise than a two pointer. 

    Some of those 2 pointers will be like Bickley this year  wont even average much more over  two points. saying that  the league does seem easier in 2019.Will Ruddick, Chessell,Bailey, Lawlor,Kinsley,( ect) average 3.79? i hope i am wrong and i am glad these young Brits are getting a chance i hope some push on.

  14. 21 hours ago, 25yearfan said:

    Fair play to the Masons in taking the gamble of taking the Birmingham Brummies up in to the 2nd tier. Though I suspect had they of stayed in the NL things would of gotten very stale and that would of ultimately been costly. Therefore moving up despite the extra costs was the best route to take cause as long as they get through this difficult 1st season unscathed with bigger crowds then hopefully they can continue to grow.

    Danyon Hume is fast but hasn't yet proved he can ride at the speeds required in the 2nd tier consistently enough without over riding, crashing and getting injured. I can understand the Brummies being reluctant to take another chance on him, but I'd love him to establish himself in the top 2 Leagues.

    Castagna seems to get a lot of chances cause of who his father is and is likely cheap but apparently has improved since his abortive spells at Sheffield and Ipswich.

    The new Scandinavian is a gamble but a cheap one.

    Osterrgaard has been a top 2nd tier rider but is he on the wane?

    Morris should do a steady middle order job.







    I see your point about Hume but as you say he has the speed i am afraid alot of the 2 pointers  have not.Most of them  have a year of struggle to look forward to but fingers crossed loads of Brits will break through.Going back to Hume maybe he needs a regular tutor ie like a Steve Lawson to keep him in check over his over riding and (trying to hard).


  15. 5 hours ago, uk_martin said:


    What the hell are you expecting? Rome to be built in a day? The Masons are English. Neither of their first names is "Sheikh" and they don't dabble with Russian Oil Company stocks and shares.

    The Brummies are in a better league, on a limited budget, in just the promoters' second season in business, with commitments to aquire assets as is required by the league, having had the original assets stripped away from the club without compensation. All that means a huge outlay of cash. Not that those people who moan about admission prices care about that. Money grows on trees in their little bubbles.

    Finishing the season will be a success. Entertaining racing will be a success. More people on the terraces in September than in March will be a success. All you fans from other teams, don't worry, the Brummies won't be troubling the league leaders this year. But considering where the Brummies were 3 or 4 years ago, it's already a success to be where they are now.

    Let's be grateful that a foundation is being built and that in future years, the rewards will come.

    I don't expect anything but the team so far has alot of question mark's in it ,Castagna  is a bizarre signing but hey hope the Brummies do well.

  16. 5 minutes ago, dontforgetthefueltapsbruv said:

    Dont worry Sid Im sure Danyon will get fixed up soon

    As you say he should be perfect for this revised league structure and do very well

    I hope you are right Bruv , i know Danyon has had his injury problems but i just presumed he was popular with the Brummie faithful.Danyon and Tom Bacon should of been the first two on the teamsheet anyway good luck to Tom at Redcar i see Tom at Swindon last year and he must be the most improved rider in the UK.

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  17. This side to me looks like one that is destined to fail and looking at the signing's at other club's how harshly has Danyon Hume been treated.A dreadful decision riders like Bowtell,Wood,Kingsley,Smith,Clegg, Chessell, (etc) get spots Danyon gets shafted.He showed at Ipswich he can be a champs rider and now the league looks even weaker so disappointed riders like Danyon should be fixed up first.

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  18. 1 hour ago, T.N.T. said:

    James is a cracking little rider but Ashley Morris is only on 3.66 because he had to ride at number two for a time and was averaging near seven for Newcastle at one stage and think Ash has an edge over James who was reserve only and hasnt progressed as well as expected so far, especially when you consider how good he is on grass and longtrack. As for Stefan he never has a long rub anywhere to judge him on but while James is better than Smith, is Doyle (12) and Lampart (5) a great improvement on Bellego (6) and Morris (10) ?

    But Ashley who i like a lot and he has progressed really well but he has rode at two real homer tracks.Of course you have to be good anough to ride them and Ashley even in the top five did well  Shanes will do ok 


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