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  1. 1 hour ago, DC2 said:


    As your finger’s on the pulse, could you list three or four things Lee Kirby has done in the community?


    You are quite a strange bloke to fathom out , i go to Swindon speedway early on race night's Lee Kilby is the most  approachable  bloke ever.No crap no bulls...  he is what he is honest polite straight to the point and his work with trying to get the younger generation involved has been awesome.Loads of young uns who get to look around the pits get the odd autograph it is refreshing to see he has done a great job he is like his dad a great personality  kind and approachable.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Gavan said:

    1. Rasmus Jensen (turned Swindon from potential top 4 to league champions)

    2. Ellis Perks (he isnt going to be world champion but is 100% trier and every team wants those)

    3. Jaimon Lidsey (did very well in his first season and by the end was really flying....heat leader potential)

    4. Luke Becker (same as Lidsey a great little rider)

    5. Cameron Heeps & Jake Allen (jointly because without either Ipswich wouldnt have made the play offs and both were the big entertainers at home)

    No snobbery but ive only used riders from the top league as ive not seen the others ride

    I remember once you did mention that Ipswich were looking or should? look at Rasmus. This year he has been exceptional and he is good from the back a really exciting rider.

  3. 46 minutes ago, thecoombdog said:

    Yeah it was an atmosphere rarely seen at speedway!

    We all moan at certain times  but last night showed just how good speedway can be.At times in the last five years i have been going to Swindon on habit only  this year i have really enjoyed it the club has made great strides.The track really looks exciting smooth and AOrlov tells me they will be looking to build the banking up gradually on bends 1/2 which will make it even  better i just hope in November some positive decisions are made in our sport.

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  4. 17 minutes ago, thecoombdog said:

    Can't see Batch being back even if we wanted him as sure the 2 riders over 8 will be back to ensure the new teams have a number 1. He's been class this season and would be missed. Think you need to try and get the rest back if you can. Looking at the averages on GB site we are currently at 46.34. If we had to lose Batch would be 4.98 left for final rider, maybe more with British reductions. Who knows what the limit will be tho!! 

    Douglas, Pickering, Stewart, are riders i like but could a young brit rule come in? Anders.That would be great to get the same six riders back continuity my other thought was leaving Claus out as i want at least one senior reserve all season and Ellis P is  not quite that yet.

  5. 37 minutes ago, thecoombdog said:

    Well well well, who would have predicted we would have been sat here at the end of the season with 2 trophies in the bag. I didn't even think we would make the play offs in June!!! Rasser, Perks and Vissing have all made a big difference so the rubbish double winning manager Rosco got the changes right again. Thanks to Terry Russell for overseeing the track work and giving us some entertainment after years of gate and go. Final word to Lee Kilby who has been an absolute breath of fresh air around the place. A promotor who promotes and bar a couple of meetings mid season the crowd levels have surely been up this year. Roll on 2020!!

    Totally agree DOG chuffed for Lee and especially Alun,  Lee Kilby is a massive plus for the club he has great people skills and he is what a modern day promoter is all about.On next year Dog team building which way would you go top heavy or a different approach  what do you think.?

  6. 17 hours ago, Arch Stanton said:

    Harris is irrelevant. He’s been a massive disappointment entertainment wise. 

    My point is about Heeps. I maybe repeating myself, but every time I’ve got off my backside at Foxhall this season to applaud, it’s been because of Cameron Heeps. 

    I genuinely couldn’t care less if his average decreases slightly, he’s still make my team because I love watching him. 

    I want the team to be successful too of course I do, so look for some improvers elsewhere. I don’t think Heeps is done improving yet either, there’s more to come from him IMO. 

    Totally agree people are obsessed with changing riders just for the sake of it also as a fan the entertainment factor has to come into it and Heeps does excite at Foxhall.Yes have some new faces but you have to keep some riders who the fans can relate to otherwise it is just changes galore every season.At Swindon we have some tough decisions to make but i would like to think we will keep at least four of the title winning side for the 2020 season.

  7. I have really enjoyed this season the racing at the abbey has been a massive improvement and i believe the track has the potential to get better and better. Bend two now really is a bend you can attack hairy at times and Doyley and Adam were really pushing themselves to the limit.You sometimes forget just  how skillful these riders are and i predict a big year for Doyley in the series next year he is getting back to his best.Congratulations to Alun /Lee they are the future of the club and i am especially pleased for Alun his record is a record anyone would be proud of and after his shabby treatment in the England affair he put two fingers up to certain people last night.Ipswich still team of the season for me a great return to the top flight.

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  8. 19 hours ago, DC2 said:


    And yet you would object to a ten week season with 7 to 9 home matches? I’m not quite getting that.

    I can understand more committed fans like Sidney and Steve Shovlar initially protesting that it would be too short but I think that even they might enjoy a more intense season with more reason to go to every home and away match to get their fix and the possibility of CL or NL matches to top up their season to 30 fixtures.

    I think it is a interesting  idea DC2 well worth looking into there was one period in the season where we had quite a few meeting's close together and personally that is what i like.

  9. 7 hours ago, cityrebel said:

    A walk in the park for the cubs tonight. Right from the start, the kings sermed to struggle with The tricky track conditions. The crowd was lower than i expected, but it was a well run meeting on a cold evening.

    The Thompson twins both have made great progress City?? Hume at home has not been below double figures all year a solid year for him do you know City why Danyon is not in the NLRC line up.

  10. 9 hours ago, DC2 said:


    Perfectly happy with him. Just saying he’s on a par with Musielak in 2017.


    Your opinion of course but what Musielak did in 2017 was not a surprise,  but Rasmus really was only meant to be a number 2 replace Lampard.He has ended up not that far behind Batch for the no 2 spot which is unbelievable also this year we would of won the double would we have done that without the Lampart change.?Also without the rasser change there was a real danger  of us not even making the play/offs at all.

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  11. 3 hours ago, DC2 said:


    His average has increased from 4.51 to 7.86, looking at the greensheets.


    Overall his average is over 8  ( green sheets i presume don't include play offs?? )  are you not happy with him DC2 ? .Put  it another way without him we would not of won anything that is for certain.

  12. 9 minutes ago, DC2 said:


    Err ... how about when we signed Musielak?


    Musielak was a great signing but everyone knew what potential he had even the Wolves fans said that he did find it hard at the difficult Monmore  as a home track.But surely  you never expected Jensen to double his 4.31 average?.Jensen has been mentioned by alot of people over the last few years and Rossiter nearly signed him before.This  year he got it together in both league's all i expected was for him to score what Lampard did mainly by scoring more on the road.

  13. After a great win last night you have to say the vision of Rossiter sticking to a cracking top five has worked a treat.The changes at reserve has worked wonders and there contribution has made a huge difference.Rasmus well what can you say none of us could of predicted his scoring potential he has been immense great from the back as well he usually makes at least one pass a meeting.The signing of Jensen has to be one of the best signing's to help win a championship since Peter Ravn moved from Belle Vue to Cradley in 1983.

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  14. 56 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    ...and, of course, track conditions have changed and vary from track to track (although that was always and still is the case I would hazzard to guess?) I recall talking to Peter Collins on the third bend at Cowley (after he had retired) supporting his son Chris and I asked him how much speedway had changed? His view was that the bikes had become too fast and that tracks in Britain hadn't changed to reflect that. Obviously Polish tracks being naturally wide and spacious riders are better able to adapt but within the confines of many British tracks for varying reasons that concept is more difficult.

    I think that is why the track had to be changed at the Abbey Steve, the bikes have changed and the straights were to long for the bends which had been changed over the years.I preferred yesteryear racing mainly because of the variation of tracks ie) as an example. you could visit Monday to Sunday.     Exeter, Leicester, Poole, Sheffield, Hackney, Belle Vue, Eastbourne/ Mildenhall a real mixed bag.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Some of those tracks you listed Sid produced some good racing as they would, of course, today if still operative and vice versa. The Boulevard at Hull was a very narrow track and I'm sure the standard of racing would be similar at that venue today if still operating due to the restrictions and lack of racing lines. I've never been one to suggest that the racing was better or worse depending on the era under discussion...more to do with the standard of tracks and restrictions imposed for whatever reason.

    I would say Steve alot of tracks had a real home advantage in those days and that balanced thing's up and there were alot of homer riders then.Now i dont think that is the case mainly because the tracks have changed and the riders usually get to ride them more than once a season.

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  16. 8 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    I visited Crayford the once Sid (to see Hasse Holmqvist one last time!!) and the meeting shouldn't have really taken place as it was pouring with rain. However the racing was pretty poor (understandably) but I have seen video footage and I wasn't impressed with the very tight bends catching many out. However I saw lots of speedway at  Goveway and generally the racing was pretty good...helped by the fact that 'The Cheetahs' oftened produced a win there!

    I went to Crayford only the once a very technical track in the Woodsy years he was a rider i liked and at Eastie.Milton Keynes i went to a fair few times from 1978/79 i quite enjoyed my visits more so because i got to see the top NL boys ie) Owen (bros) Jacko, Sampson ( ect).The tracks that i really enjoyed visiting were  Hyde Rd, The Shay, Owlerton, Blackbird Rd, County Ground, Waterden Rd great days.

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  17. 7 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    I've always believed that the standard of speedway reflected the relevent track. There were so many tracks back before and during "The Golden Age" and some were very questionable in shape and size. Just to quote one example Somerton Park, Newport (although there were many others during that period I could mention) It rarely produced good racing (although I'm prepared to be corrected) but I would dare to suggest that if it still existed as a a raceway the same would apply today despite the 'advancement' of bikes etc. I travelled around the UK and abroad and the racing was variable but that was very much down to the track in my opinion whereby some offered better fare than others.

    How would you rate Crayford and Milton Keynes as tracks. Steve.?

  18. Happy with the win but again the weather spoiled it for everyone and any home advantage the Witches could of had was gone.Overall well done to the Witches for having a great season  really worked hard and brightened up the league with there team spirit. Swindon for the last few years have gone the top heavy route in team building and this paid off today with winning and Batchelor still only scoring four points.As others have mentioned Perks has been superb even the other night scoring only a point or two battling for every lap he has made great strides in his career this year i hope he is a robin in 2020.

  19. 22 hours ago, Steve Shovlar said:

    Yes you are right. I was a bit quick off the mark and very disappointed to read and hear there was a risk of us dropping down. Hasty is the right word.

    I have always much preferred the highest quality racing, as I prefer top league football. I went to Swindon Town v Newport recently and what a load of crap that was. 

    I did enjoy Poole when they were in the NL as I didn’t have anything to compare it with. But the sport has changed completely from the 1990’s. And when we moved up the racing was just so much better.

    I might not feel like it now but if Poole do drop down, by March I will probably trundle down the road to the stadium. It’s in the blood.

    I thought Swindon was in your blood once,  maybe it  could be  Belle Vue instead in 2020.

  20. 31 minutes ago, Gemini said:

    Obviously taking over from SCB who was always going on about old people. I'd rather be old than  have a mind like his.

    Do you feel any different Gemini mindset wise from say 20 years ago.??  would there be any speedway  in the UK without the 40 plus year olds.?? That is the biggest problem we have  enticicing a new generation to replace the old one's me included.


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