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  1. 7 minutes ago, geoff58 said:

    yes great riders lol but i also would have loved briggo and doyle riding for the Aces in fact my first ever meeting was BLRC at hyde road 1969 wich briggo won been going ever since so you could say briggo is to blame for my love of the sport lol 



    So Geoff you missed Briggo's first four wins in the BLRC but you were lucky to see him from 1969 onwards.That is a massive regret of mine that i never see him race at that great Hyde Rd circuit i did go there quite a few times from 1975 onwards though which was great my favourite meeting there was the wet 1983 BLRC Lee got his act together beat Nielsen in a run off for a rostrum place Erik won it.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Phil The Ace said:

    I don't get why you think I dislike auty. I do like him. He's a trier. And we all love a trier. I'd like him at belle vue but he cannot replace








    And he can't replace them.  He could have got in earlier In the season we know But you can't have him and tungate in the same thing unfortunately 

    My point exactly  Phil         sorry that i presumed you did not like Auty got it wrong again maybe you can tell Freddie Flange the reason he could not be fitted in Rohan by the way i am a Rohan fan to.

  3. 3 hours ago, Phil The Ace said:

    Auty again upsetting his team mates though. Why can't he pass riders fair. Especially his team mates. A couple of times he just rode across them. Nicholls certainly not happy with him 

    We get it Phil you don't like Auty but at times in racing you have to be quick anough to make a move Scott last night obviously was not quick anough his 1 point showed that.

  4. 5 hours ago, speedy bill said:

    Great meeting tonight score does not reflect how good the racing was  And how about Auty  rode well for 11 points  should be a Belle V ue rider but they bring in foreign riders so what can we do  

    With Auty you give him a track you can race on and he will entertain and score points Belle Vue a superb track is perfect for him.Was really hoping maybe Tungate and Auty could settle there differences as that to me is the reason he did not get a team place from the beginning.Saying that halfway through the season he did have a high converted 6.03 average.Mountain you mentioned really has progressed and is a nice tidy little rider he should have a Championship place as well hope his upward curve continues.

  5. 7 hours ago, thecoombdog said:

    I couldn't agree more. I would have kept him. But lets face it we were skint. Plus Nick definitely earned his chance. But to me, I dont see how anyone could turn down the world champ.

    How many clubs have had two World Champions in there history the great Briggo and Doyley two of my all time favourites.It was a great chance to maybe generate more on the gate with Doyley that could of been special but the truth is we just could not afford him.Also I don't know if this is true or not Somerset have they got a sponsor in to cover Jason's wages? by the way he deserves every penny and he was on the gas tonight a full house.

  6. On the brilliant Wimbledon DVD there is some great footage of Ronnie beating Ivan in one race it looked like he had eyes in the back of his head.He countered every Ivan move and his track craft was second to none he is certainly in a top 20 of the greatest ever  speedway riders.

  7. 11 hours ago, auntie doris said:

    If it is the last season souvenir hunters will be collecting memorabilia from the back straight bogs.

    The same shiney bog paper that was there in 1970? at the Abbey then there was a cheap/expensive side you could get over to the starting gate usually in heat 10.

  8. I hope Drew has a good meeting but don't expect to much to soon his main objective is to go out and enjoy it.He is a real prospect and can't wait to keep an eye on his development.This league is very tough and with the way the teams are structured often having good reserves it just shows how Mountain/Hume(before injury) were punching above there weight other team members let them down.Apart from Bacon who has had a great season Mountain/Hume and now Kemp will do as well as the other two pointers.

  9. 1 hour ago, steve roberts said:

    Australia vs Poland at Cowley when the stadium was jammed pack! Zenon Plech's crash that was captured by Mike Patrick and 'soon to be' World Champion Jerzy Szczakiel's  only outing as far as the first bend when he got trapped under the kick board and an unlikely Polish hero in Jan Mucha...great memories of a great event during speedway's last 'Golden Era'!

    I think that was one of Jim Airey's last ever appearances in Britain i think he might have rode at Wimbledon and Newport as well a great rider no doubt.

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  10. Swindon          30th June  1973.     New Zealand v Sweden was certainly one of my favourite meeting's i ever went to.Legends Mauger,Briggs,Moore were  there the brilliant  Michanek  and both the Jansson's and Sjosten.I can remember the exciting Christer Lofqvist getting a paid max and breaking the track record in heat 1 great days.

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  11. On 8/11/2018 at 12:52 PM, Steve Shovlar said:

    Perhaps he’s lowering his average so he’s more attractive next season.

    A pathetic post from a bloke who just about has the guts to put his leg over a pushbike.Unsensetive i have total respect for every rider of every level who puts his life on the line to try to entertain  us i am sad that you find taking the piss out of Jack pleasurable.

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  12. They were great mates for years but Crump/Sanders had a couple of years of tough riding against each other.Crump was involved in a infamous incident with Billy in the Australian Final Crump was controversially excluded in one race scored 12 got eliminated. Glyn Taylor with Billy  qualified for the Overseas Final at Belle Vue instead both Crump/Sanders were tough and classy riders.

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  13. 9 hours ago, scarletrider said:

    You are dead right Steve, great days!!

    "The Mackem"

    Would you want to mess with Jack ? i only see him ride once for Reading his reputation was not great but he was really good with the young riders advice ( etc) RIP.

  14. Steve Gresham,Gary Middleton were two that spring to mind that had several clashes with different riders over the years.Steve was a very good rider and i met him once and what a really nice bloke he was nothing like his reputation.Middleton what a character he was i would say he should of pushed on and been world class he was good enough.The clashes i remember are Olsen v Ashby at Coventry Olsen fenced him) Kilby v Mauger at the Abbey Ivan,s fault he needed to be rushed out of the stadium.Gresham and Tony Briggs clash at Reading  Gresh got the blame but Milan Spinka was at fault.

  15. This club is portraying everything i hate about speedway musical chairs how can any supporter relate to a set of riders when there are endless changes.In my lifetime Swindon have finished bottom three/four times that's life get on with you pick a 1/7 that should be it for the season unless there is a  GUENUINE reason.The rulebook needs ripping up go back to the basics again this winning at all costs is putting another nail in the coffin of British speedway the biggest gripe i have is the entertainment level and it is certainly not worth 17 pound an evening ( the star of the show the tractor).

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  16. 1 hour ago, Bryce said:

    Surely if we're talking rivalries, Penhall and Carter has to be right up there. There was genuine dislike between the two. Kenny never missed an opportunity to comment on his "flash superstar" rival. 

    In more recent times Greg Hancock and Nikki Pedersen have clashed more than once. Who can forget that rugby tackle on Nikki by Greg whilst he was still on his bike? That was more reckless and dangerous than many of Nikki's supposedly dirty moves in races.

    Funny thing is Bryce i have a few pictures of Kenny /Bruce  when they did get on one when Kenny rode Bruce in the motor cycle news Golden Helmet at the Shay.


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