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  1. 1 minute ago, waiheke1 said:

    you can live with a bad atmosphere when you have clearly the top 2 riders in the world, plus two others in the top ten, in your team ;-)

    Good point but you have to say the Americans had team spirit  in abundance.Just thought the Nielsen/ Gundersen saga was unnecessary and Olsen should of been impartial and he should of helped both.Maybe Hans  showed him that he had his own ideas and mind and said so glad  Hans/Erik get along i think they always did the respect for each other was immense.

  2. 4 hours ago, steve roberts said:

    ...I'm spitting at the mere mention of his name Sid!

    Strange that Steve, he helped Hans alot early on his career then there were problems later on.Olsen is still  one of the greatest riders i have ever  seen but looking back it is amazing the success the Danes had.Mainly because  i don't always think the atmosphere in the camp was always the greatest maybe i am wrong on that score.?

  3. 20 hours ago, Grachan said:

    I think that for a while Nielsen knew he was the best in the world and it got to him. He over-rode in a few finals and it cost him. He was even guilty of it when winning his first title and was lucky to get away with it.

    I think a GP would have enabled him to settle a but, although Gundersen might have been the master of the GP when they had the KO system instead of regular heats.

    It's weird to say it for a 4 time World Champion, but I think he under achieved. I've never seen a rider anywhere near as good a Nielsen. He should have been the undisputed greatest of all time.

    Great post Grachan his final efforts in 1980/ 81/ 82  left alot to be desired and my opinion of him then would be that he would always come up short.How wrong was i as usual his move to Oxford did the trick he had a couple of years that he made mistakes in Finals and in 1986 he was lucky in the Knudsen incident but he got there.Hans reminds me of Jason in that respect he hung on in there and once he got his first title ( which is the hardest) he moved on to the second.Cerainly in the top five riders of alltime for hard to know where to place him but the frightening thing was he could of won 7/8 titles great rider also did not always get the backing of Ole along the way.

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  4. 6 hours ago, auntie doris said:

    I remember The Duke saying he was called up for England v New Zealand in 1970 at Swindon, had a chance to ride in one race but didnt want to risk damaging his mate's bike, Sean Murtough i think, so was non-scorer. Was at the meeting, England 70 Kiwis 37. Ashby, Kilby, the Boocock Bros, Wilson, against Briggo, max, and Mauger. Kilbs beat Mauger in last heat. Betts, Haley, Hedge featured. Was a 4-0 whitewash for England, although the Kiwis had won the series 2-1 the previous year,  Moore was riding, Gifford, Andrews, Timmo, Cribb, and they beat England at Swindon.

    Briggs got a 18 max Ivan hit and miss  got 10 that was it  England Kilb  16, Wilson/ Betts 13 each E.Boocock 9 plus 5 bonus points.

  5. 12 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Some goods name there Sid! I remember Cliff Andersen (RIP) doing some second halves at Cowley and, of course, at Swindon before ending up at Milton Keynes in 1978. Ole Olsen's mechanic for a while also.

    Whatever happened to Garry Flood?

    A real shame Flood was also  a top class motocross rider  apparently the dogs B.......,  with engines as well.

  6. 1 hour ago, steve roberts said:

    Apparently rode three season for "The Kings" but never managed to average over eight points during that time. I can only guess that he was a bit of a track specialist around Crewe?

    Barry Meeks got the track record in 1970  -     70.4 the track was huge then it suited Barry well  as he was a very good grasstracker then.He averaged well over seven in 1969 and 70 then the track size was reduced Lou Sansom held it in 1973 and then surprisingly Cliff Andersen in 1975.Meeks must of been  very quick to be Quicker than Crumpy,Flood, Jacko who could all shift a bit.

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  7. 1 hour ago, steve roberts said:

    Would have enjoyed watching those three riders in their prime...alas I was far too young! At least I got to see Ronnie Moore who was still a very classy act and, of course, the last few years of Briggo.

    There the two  that i missed out on to Steve and Knutsson often gets forgotten a real class act. Craven often gets forgotten as well and he is still my no 1 English rider mainly because of the era he rode in very strong one he also died when approaching his peak.

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  8. 25 minutes ago, Grachan said:

    Bob definitely held the track record at Exeter at one time. I remember him being in The Guinness Book of Records as the fastest speedway rider - which was always the Exeter track record holder.

    Got the track record in March 1972 the time was 69.8 he went on to score a 12.point maximum that year Bob averaged 9.82.

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  9. 11 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Apparently Bob was quoted as disliking Ivan (I think that there was a crash involving the two at some time?) and when Ivan moved to Exeter Bob saw his position as number one challenged and the emphasis was then put on Ivan as regards team matters etc.

    The interview i quoted was made by Bob in 1973 Steve so it could of been later.???? Later on in 1977 ( April) Swindon v Exeter Bob and Ivan had a clash in heat 13 remember it well Ivan took Bob off he  got at excluded for dangerous riding.Ivan had to get a police escort out of the stadium that night real drama in that meeting Ivan rode at number 2 with Verner at number 1 Bob had already beaten Ivan in heat 11 and had won all of his three races.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    I agree Sid...a great read!

    What do you think Steve on the  misconception of Kilb not getting on well with Ivan ??? i have heard loads of stories.Kilb was old school said things as it was no back stabbing from Bob he said in interviews he got on very well with Ivan i have a few photos of both of them laughing and joking together.Bob did say when Ivan came to Exeter that meant he missed out on open bookings as he was not the number 1 anymore.Kilb has to be up there as one of the best around the County Ground( did Bob, Autrey,Adams have the track record???) up there with Ivan, Autrey, Crump, Crash, Adams.

  11. 10 hours ago, bruno said:

    Bernie has always been my favourite rider however he should have gone for that move, I've watched it time and time again and altho there might have been a small gap it was out of order. Briggo could well have gone on then to be world champ

    He had to go for it bruno but Bernie should of gradually eased his way through on the inside but i believe he knew Barry would of eased back over.Looked at that programme endless times and with Ole having his Knightmare first ride fall i believe Barry would of won it with maybe 14?? .We look at Ove and Barry differently now history wise but it would look different if Barry had five titles.I do think as it stands Ove just edges it mainly because he did dominate for a number of years Barry also had his spell as well Barry edges though longevity wise 18 Finals to 15.

  12. 8 hours ago, auntie doris said:

    Was chatting to Barry Duke last year in Mns cafe in north Swindon, he said he couldn't believe that his two heroes Barry and Ove were in same heat as him as Dukey came third for Robins 4-2.

    Yes that was at Wembley Doris heat 11 , Dukey  did well paid 8 from the ultra tough number 2 position Briggs scored 14. In the home match Dukey rode at number 6 so didn't meet Ove, Briggs got a max Pete Monday ( RIP)beat Ove in heat three as well. Wembley included Fundin, Eide, Wayne Briggs, Harkins have you read the Kilb book Doris ?? a great read still pick it up now and then and read again.

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  13. On 5/21/2020 at 3:02 PM, martinmauger said:

    I went through my proggies and found the following (apologies for weird format, text editor issues):

    Ivan Mauger At Hull With Exeter

    22 May 1974, No.1, 11-4, 2nd to Beaton Ht 13, won 2nd half.

    2 July 1975, No.1, 12-4, won 2nd half.

    19 May 1976, No.4, 15-5, won 2nd half.  Uproar when in ht 13 following very competitive race with Bobby Beaton who fell, Ivan was not excluded, re-run 3 only, fisticuffs between Ian Thomas & Wally Mawdsley.

    24 Aug 1977, No.4, postponed.

    28 Sept 1977, No.3, 10+1-4, Ht4 3rd to Mitch Graham & Mike Farrell, won 2nd half.

    So in addition to No.1 Ivan often rode at nos.3 & 4, not no.5 as I thought but he did ok at Hull....

    Exeter did put Ivan at number two for tactical reasons as well.

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  14. 18 minutes ago, The White Knight said:

    Hi sid

    The only thing I would argue within your post is the fact that 'Briggo' did NOT fall in 1972. He was T-Boned by Bernt Persson in what I thought to be a very questionable move.

    I was at that Final at Wembley and I may be wrong but it would take a lot to convince me otherwise.

    Both great Riders, but I reckon that 'Briggo' would have gone on to win the title in 1972, remember - he had already beaten Mauger the eventual winner, had he been able to continue to ride in the Meeting.

    Of course, none of this can be proved and is mere conjecture - but in all the years since 1972 I have believed 'Briggo' was robbed of a fifth World Title.

    Hope you are well WK, yes my take on things were that Barry would of scored 14 points and maybe Ole would of beaten him.Persson was a rider I liked so never hated him Briggoe's biggest mistake was leaving that hole on the inside Persson was way over zealous though.

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  15. 37 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Remember he took umbrage over a tapes infringement during the Midland Cup tie and the Swindon pair refused to come to the tapes thereby gifting the tie to Oxford. However Swindon won an appeal but Oxford counter-appealed but the season was coming to a close and there wasn't an opportunity for Oxford to complete the fixture against Leicester in the next round I recall. Garry Middleton often had the beating of Briggo but Martin Ashby proved a thorn and more often than not had the beating of "Cassius".

     I do think from 1972, Briggo  was not the force of old he was still good and to average well over nine was some feat.The one thing with Briggs  was was he a good gater or not? i could not quite make my mind up to be honest.My uncle who first took me said oh not to worry Briggs will pick them off after a few laps for me his gating seemed pretty good.His son  Tony who was talented again his gating was terrible sure that contributed to him having to override at times.

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  16. 2 hours ago, steve roberts said:

    Great records indeed. I saw a fair bit of Briggo (once when he lost his temper at Cowley in 1972) but Fundin I only saw in demonstration races at Coventry during "The Golden Greats" meeting in 1988 but he could still throw the bike about!

    Only saw Ove once  1970' Swindon v Wembley  Briggo beat him twice so a massive regret of mine was not seeing Ove at his peak.Also not seeing Craven/ Knutsson was a downer as well but generally been lucky i do think in 1970 Barry came back stronger. He beat Mauger home and away and that took some doing how did you think Briggs went at Cowley Steve.?

  17. I just found a brilliant article and stats from the immortal Brian Seery on the Fundin v Briggs record in World Finals amazing stats.      OVE.      Final appearances 1954- 1969.       World Finals 15          rides 75.       1sts 44.          2nds 17.         3rds. 7.        Unplaced 7       Total Points 173.    Winner 5 times.      Runner up 3 times.  3rd.  3 times                                                            BARRY.        Final appearances 1954- 72 ( missed out 1971)      World Finals 18            rides.87          1sts.47.     2nds 22.       3rds 16.        unplaced 2 ( including 1 fall in 1972.).      Total points 201     Winner 4 times.         Runner up 3 times       3rd.  3 times                                 A great article by Brian both these two riders have to be in the TOP 8 GREATEST riders of alltime with Ove edging it have to be proud of Barry's record as well though only unplaced twice including a fall.

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  18. 12 minutes ago, DC2 said:


    Huddersfield population 150,000, average attendances in PL last year 23,000.

    Swindon 220,000; would 25,000 be unrealistic?

    Very      cant see where the other 18,000  is coming from on a regular basis.Even in the Prem season i had to pick and choose matches could not afford  both Football and speedway.I think people do that alot today pick and choose matches .For me if you are getting between 11/14 000 EVERY week at the Town you will be doing well is it all about winning ??? promoted  this year yet the average gate is not great.

  19. 2 hours ago, DC2 said:


    Average attendance in the Championship is 20,181.

    Are you saying Swindon’s would be half the average even if we were top six!

    Apparently our disastrous 1993-94 Premier League season saw an average home crowd of 15,274, so top 6 could well have seen us near capacity (which is a mere 15,728 now, but could be 25,000).

    Other than Bournemouth on 10,510, every other club in the PL averages more than 20,000 at home.

    That says it all if we can only average 15, 274 in the Fergie era with the romance of being in the Premiership can't see us getting that even in the top 6 in the Champs.Times have changed maybe if you can get the Indian population in Manchester Rd to convert to being Town fans that might bridge the gap. !!!!!

  20. 2 hours ago, DC2 said:


    It’s less to do with Society and more to do with which division they’re in and how well they’re doing.

    7,000 crowds in the bottom division is very good.

    If they were top 6 in the Championship they’d be at 15,000 and top six in the Premiership near capacity.

    I think you are dreaming 8/11 000 for Champs,  capacity sometimes for Prem.The thing is DC to go and watch Division 2 now is not cheap both my boys went to see Spurs v Arsenal two seasons ago for 43 pound what is Swindon charging for a category  A game 25 quid.?? 

  21. 3 hours ago, gustix said:

    How can football compete for supporters against mass  interest like this?

    Swindon Town now only averages 6/7000  i have been when there were  32,000 fans there.It just shows you how society has changed more things to do and it puts into perspective what a hard job Speedway has to keep going.A much  closer relationship with the Promoters / Customer would help but no real signs of that happening anytime soon.

  22. On 5/15/2020 at 8:59 AM, hagonshocker said:

    Couldn't find any Stars in Swindon yesterday tried various newsagents that always stick it plus Asda just wondering if there's an issue with distribution? Which is obviously understandable but first time since Llllllllllllockdown 

    For a last resort Shocker Grange Drive shops always stock it if you are stuck.Got mine a day late last week because of the Bank Holiday.otherwise  it is always there on a Thursday.Three people including me order the Star from that shop never realised we had three speedway supporters in Stratton.!!!!!

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