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  1. 4 hours ago, Daniel Smith said:

    At least there's an attempt at thinking through fixes for the sport but far to many holes and contradiction in the plan.

    British Speedway needs to start over from scratch. Two tiers of league racing. 


    All rider's in British Speedway to be given Championship level averages 

    Championship 38 team average 

    Premiership 55 team average 

    This allows GP / Top international rider's to still be employed by Premiership teams.

    Any rider's sign to Polish contracts will not be allowed to compete at Championship level.


    Reserves in the championship must be 2 NL rider's, 23 and under.

    Premiership, one NL rider at reserve 23 and under.


    Championship, two rider's over 7 average only and must contain 4 British riders per team (including the NL reserves).

    Premiership 3 over 7, one of which must be British. 3 rider's (including the NL reserve) must be British.


    That would be my starting point of rebuilding British Speedway. 


    Surely the Premiership has to change? not anough teams or meeting's.Not sure about two league's though the NL has to stay put some really good ideas though with Brits at the forefront.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Mark said:

    Yes Madsen is in the top 15 and now he gets his chance.     The other 3 you name are kids who would be badly outclassed at this stage of there career.    And that includes Lambert who, for his own reasons, won't take the step up to Poland's top tier next season.   I'm surprised with that but hope he does very well for Lodz.   He is only 20/21 so plenty of time for him to progress.  

    Drabik certainly would NOT be outclassed the other two have a way to go yet but Robert would not be disgraced remember Tai's debut GP season a learning curve and came back stronger.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Mark said:

    Why ?     If you have the best 15 why change.     7 riders have to finish outside the top 8 but it doesn't mean putting others riders in there place will improve the series.    Each year only 1 or maybe 2 will not be good enough.  This season Pawlicki and Cook had seasons they would rather forget so they deserve to be replaced.     Pedersen has been dropped but he won a GP showing he was still quick enough..

    Madsen is easily in the top 16 riders in the World now he deserves  his chance.Also riders like Drabik, Lambert, Smektala they have to be given an opportunity at sometime.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Skidder1 said:

    Not sure which SGBP promoters are 'fighting each other'??  Most of the dire straights moaning seems to be at SGBC level!! Some complaining there aren't enough fixtures when they are struggling to fit everything in to finish the season!!

    For 2019 simply get one or two more teams into the SGBP  and set a sensibly agreed points limit; sign riders they can afford and make sure they get priority over any SGBC teams when there are any clashes. Simples.

    I dont see this sport being run with everybody pulling in the same direction do you? Also why hasnt talks begun already about next year or will they leave that until March.???

  5. I don't see Poole being worth much now mainly because the league is in dire straights.The product is mainly poor it is mainly full of old stadia and promoters fighting each other rather than sticking together and trying to resolve the problems .Who in there right mind would want to buy at this pacific time also the stadium is rented.

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  6. On 10/12/2018 at 2:33 PM, leander said:

    Why is Madsen in? Granted he's had a great season, but if he can't be bothered to do the qualifiers then he shouldn't get a pick.

    Personally I think they should scrap the wild cards full stop. There is always a hint of favouritism in there. Instead if you are in the regular GP 15 then you don't do the qualifiers. Top 10 from GP at the end of season qualify for the following year. Next five go into the final GP challenge along with 11 who have got there through qualifiers. Top 5 from this meeting into next year GP. This meeting could be held at the end of the season or beginning of the next. The qualifiers could then be held on the same weekend as the GP's. If you are in the qualifiers and are called into GP then you automatically qualify for next round or your GP score counts if it's run as a series. If you are injured at the wrong time then tough, it's no different to any other sport. Try again next year. That way you might get somewhere near the top 15 riders, instead of top 12ish and four others whose face or nationality fits.

    The GP series cannot be a closed shop Madsen for me had to come in fresh blood is needed.I for one will be very interested to see how he fares.

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  7. 47 minutes ago, hagonshocker said:

    Riding in the UK will keep his profile up with tv audiences although admittedly that may be raised further if he gets promoted into next year's gp series sooner than anticipated but I think he will give it another go .....can dream it would be on smaller better shaped Swindon circuit! Then I wake!

    The highlight of the year for me was Lambert pushing on and i would relish seeing him race for the Robins .But we know some Troll started this thread and i think all of us have more chance of walking on the moon than Robert joining the Robins.If he moved i could see him joining Poole cant wait for him to progress again in 2019.

  8. 42 minutes ago, A ORLOV said:

    What an awful meeting, many delays at the start due to tape infringements and the ref holding the green light on too long, and when are they going to stop the staff opening the pits gate after a "dodgy" start, the two mins should go straight on and the riders should not need to refuel etc.  Even the delays following tape breaks were too long.  
    It was predicted before the meeting that certain riders would be reducing their averages, due to the stupid team average limits or one rider over 8 rubbish bought in by the bspa.  Just look at the averages of many riders in different teams that have dropped in the last month, mostly below 8 points as they want a team position next season. 

    Lastly this was an ideal opportunity to give young Anders another opportunity in the team rather than bring in a rider from elsewhere. Both he and Tom should have been the reserves, he was at the track last night so presumably able to ride.  Swindon has its own assets but bring in another rider, unbelievable.    


    What surprises me about the Anders situation is Rosco knows the history  about the Swindon faithfull loving a young local english lad mixing it with the big boys.Are record in the past with Crash, Kilb,Dukey,Keener,Wellie,Alun, Martin Hewlett the Smart/ Chessell bros is excellent and last night  i just felt gutted for Anders.


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  9. 6 minutes ago, cityrebel said:

    He's hot around Arlington Sid, but not so consistent away. He's still learning his trade though.

    A bit like a young Dugard or Woods then both went on and improved Dugard i rated highly.What surprised me again last night City was for a NL rider how much pace he had he kept the bike running no shutting off.

  10. 4 minutes ago, cityrebel said:

    That's what happens when you become part of the establishment.

    A real shame that City also it hurts me to say it but the track has had its day now it needs to be changed.Maybe the straights are two long for the modern day bike? who knows.I know you watch alot of N.L speedway what do you think of young Brennan? he looks good noticed last night not shutting off really on the pace.

  11. A sad night for me last night another poor night's entertainment again a real  borefest.The only pluses were  Musielak and young Brennan who looks impressive.Speedway does not seem to grasp that fans want a swift and prompt meeting last night delays galore god knows what the ref was on forever holding the tapes.The crowd considering was pretty good even after Rossiter's silly comment beforehand that was not wise in my opinion.Also can Rosco explain two things ?  why did he replace Brennan in heat 8 with the poor Sarjeant baffling i would of been certain Brennan would of seen off young Bickley again.Also why was Anders Rowe not in that meaningless meeting? he is our number 8 why was Sarjeant there.He was an ex rider an ex junior sprocket who was given chances along the way he should of understood .That was very disappointing for me youngsters should get chances i am just glad this crappy season is over.

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  12. 6 hours ago, waiheke1 said:

    I would say Carter > Gundersen around Hyde Rd.

    Carter for me was the best visiting rider i saw at Hyde Rd i only see him in BLRC but the place was made for him.I always thought if he had stayed alive he would of rode for the Aces at some stage in his career.If he had stayed FIT could he have won at Bradford 85?he would of had a real chance i believe.

  13. On 9/21/2018 at 10:31 AM, auntie doris said:


    With the result meaning nothing and Belle Vue doing a great thing by giving young Bickley his debut surely young Rowe should get a go instead of Zach.He would be up against Smith and Bickley so it would be a great chance for our no 8 to gain long term experience.

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  14. 9 hours ago, BWitcher said:

    You've got it spot on. 

    In a similar fashion it's why riders like Andy Smith, Chris Harris and now Craig Cook have been mocked over the years as being rubbish because they struggled in the GP's.

    Someone who just watches GP speedway on TV and has no knowledge of league racing would really think they were awful!

    Spot on you had  no knowledge of the riders riding in the late 60s,70s or 80s did you   you never see them ride.Yet you make things up as you go along to suit your own argument pretty sad really but nothing changes.



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