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  1. 1 hour ago, steve roberts said:

    He was a poor rider when he signed for 'The Cheetahs' and even with the help and assistance of Hans Nielsen never adapted to Cowley and didn't last very long.

    Unlike Per Sorensen who was a revelation Hans helped put 1.5 on Per's average.

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  2. 1 minute ago, BWitcher said:

    Munkedal was a hero of mine, only reason I put him there :)

    That and his 11 from 4 when we won away at hyde Road in 1987.

    Otherwise it would be Sigalos or Bobby Schwartz at 7.

    I think Ronnie Correy could have achieved much more had it not been for his broken back. He was one of the top few riders in the league prior to that.. he could easily have put 5 starts together in a World Final and taken a title.

    When he returned he hadn't got the hunger on the world stage anymore.

    Sigalos was a rider i took to right from the start i remember him scoring a 15 point max from reserve at Swindon.He got better and progressed to world level and when he went to Wolves you could argue he was reaching his peak.Wolves a few riders I enjoyed  watching were Rob  Phetzing and Schwartz ( a great rider and awesome team man,) .

  3. 4 hours ago, BWitcher said:

    Based upon those I actually saw race for Wolves

    1: Ronnie Correy

    2: Mikael Max

    3: Tai Woffinden

    4: Peter Karlsson

    5: Sam Ermolenko

    6: Freddie Lindgren

    7: Lars Munkedal

    My first ever favorite rider was Dennis Sigalos but he didn't race for Wolves long enough to get in this. 


     Great lot really Witcher  spot on , Sigalos  was good and the the world  of speedway was robbed .I am but surprised with Munkedal  but i liked him though just  like Glanz, Eskildsen, Nicholajsen( etc) they were   very valuable riders.


  4. 8 minutes ago, Call me wolfie said:

    Swindon look certs for the playoffs imo, would love to see a repeat of the 2017 final Sidney. Hope your team get to grips with the new track shape

    Quite excited about the new track, it has to be a massive improvement on the entertainment front that we have witnessed in recent years.

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  5. 25 minutes ago, Call me wolfie said:

    If you think of it along different lines compared to last season you may see it differently.

    Nick Morris replaces Thorssell

    Scott Nicolls replaces Heeps / JBA

    Luke Becker replaces Nathan Greaves

    Yes Jacob is a big loss but it's only temporary and Nick Morris can be just as good around Monmore and should do well away.

    IMO this team looks much stronger overall than last year, no way should we finish bottom

    It is really interesting Wolfie how people like to build there teams and you have put your team across from a different angle.Myself at Swindon i like familiarity and our core of the team know each other very well ok we might fall short but i like this way of assembling a side.Where as other Swindon supporters might?  believe in freshning thing's up and maybe try to bring in a few improvers.Going back to Wolves Nick Morris will be a great signing and he will also score well away i would like to think Nick will return to Swindon someday i hope so.

  6. 17 minutes ago, ProudtobeaBrummie said:

    Wolves are my Favourite top flight club and would like to see them win the league i go down watch them 3-4 times a season. I cant see alot of improvement in the side to be honest and now missing Thorsell i think they will struggle.

    I really like Thorssell and he would of put half a point on his  average he is quite a loss.But Scott should cover and do a good job be interesting if your way of thinking pans out it could well do.

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  7. 19 hours ago, Bagpuss said:

    Revised prediction due to Thorsell and Cook not starting the season









    Interesting Bagpuss i was not totally convinced with Peterborough before they will do well to replace Cook.      .Wolves- Swindon-    Aces-   Pirates.

  8. On 3/7/2019 at 11:54 AM, Sings4Speedway said:

    In all fairness it probably is. I also highly rate Ash Morris and Becker could turn out to be a real trump card but when compared to partnerships of Bjerre/Barker, Covatti/NBJ Allen/Heeps etc the Wolves pairing doesn't look so potent. I still think there is improvement in both riders but it will be hard for them both.

    I think Wolves/ Swindon reserves could surprise this year Becker will have a prolonged run at reserve and if he can get dialled in at home he could do ok .Morris is very handy at  reserve his strength is his gating and to be honest he was not disgraced in the top 5 last year.Swindon fingers crossed Zach who i rate and i think he is capable of adding a point on his average this year.James he will be great to watch and i believe he can hold his own.

  9. I have been compiling an  alltime top 30 of British riders and by god it has been difficult.I have compiled a list of about 50 riders and need to eliminate 20.Ron How and Brian Crutcher were two riders i never got to see ride but know there career's and both were great riders.It would be great if any of you have any input on both riders which could help me in my research.My uncle who saw them both ride said Crutcher was very stylish indeed and How could always mix it with the best would they both be hovering around a top 30 British riders of alltime.??

  10. 11 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    ...oh but what a character! Garry certainly left his mark on the sport with his 'misadvenetures' and people still talk about him after all this time.

    I was always puzzled as a youngster about Garry  Steve,because he seemed a happy go lucky chap when i see him ride.I have his prized autograph and always thought his reputation was false.In a way just like Jack Millen he had a fearsome reputation but people have commented on just how nice a guy  Jack was he was great for helping young riders.Back to Middleton Steve how good was he ?  you would know more than me on that score.He was really good for Oxford fast and aggressive it is such a  shame how his life ended up.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Terry said:

    To be fair Sidney, the five above him were better riders and Thommo will always be my number one.

    Totally agree Terry , Thommo  is a shoe in yes Middleton with all his ability has to go down as a underachiever.

  12. 3 hours ago, Terry said:

    Hawks                                                  Kestrels

    1. Barry Thomas                                 1. Barry Thomas

    2. Bo Petersen                                    2. Andy Galvin

    3. Bengt Jansson                               3. Mark Loram

    4. Dave Morton                                   4. Paul Whittaker

    5. Zenon Plech                                    5. Alan Mogridge

    6. Finn Thomsen                                 6. Steve Schofield

    7. Garry Middleton                              7. Trevor Banks

    Middleton would be higher than no 7 Terry wouldn't he?????  he was very talented was very good at Hackney and Oxford .

  13. 55 minutes ago, Gavan said:

    Gollob a much better rider but can’t leave Donkey out as Gollob only did one season 

    Great point yes Doncaster was great value i liked him like Tatum moved up full time in a tough British league without NL experience.

  14. 1 hour ago, steve roberts said:

    I think that was during 1976 (when we lost again!) and if I remember Brian picked up a knee injury that night  (clashed with Bob Kilby?) which caused him problems for the rest of his career. A real shame because he wa really developing into a very useful rider and may well have ended up a full-time 'Rebel' although he was a 'Panther' thru' and thru'.

    We eventually broke our 'duck' and won at Blunsdon in 1978!

    Spot on Steve sorted my progs out and in 1976 ( i remember spill now with Kilb, Brian got injured he was awarded a point in heat 4 .Swindon won 47-31 Ashby 12max. Gordon 14.    1978 Mastrup debut 0 knew there was guests Nigel Couzens 5 John Barker 4 for White City Swindon 36- White City 42 Kennett a 12 point max great days.

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  15. 46 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Yes, Sid, and with risk of going over old ground 'The Rebels' released Richard Greer to a struggling Birmingham before it was known that Dag wasn't available for the '77 season which left them two heat leaders short. Marek was inspirational (especially around Wood Lane) and it has to be remembered that Paul Gachet picked up an early season injury (broken ankle) which kept him out of the side for the entire season. Mike Sampson (who was a match winner on more than one occasion) and Dave Kennett filled in but it was the ovearll team spirit and ethic that got them thru' in the end (and a little help from Barry Thomas!) despite intense pressure from Exeter and Reading in particular. A great season and one that I cherish personally...great days!

    Didn't manage to beat you 'blighters' at Blunsdon that year however...

    I can remember Steen Mastrup making his debut against the White City i think ? and if i remember rightly Brian Clark rode for the City that night.?

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  16. 1 minute ago, steve roberts said:

    White City 'Rebels'

    Gordon Kennett, Dag Lovaas (await the usual comment), Marek Cieslak, Kai Niemi, Steve Weatherley, Trevor Geer, Mike Sampson. Richard Greer.

    When you look at there Championship side Steve it does not look breathtaking there team ephic and spirit must of been good.

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  17. This week has been great because the fans have been kept up to speed about what is happening.The new track looks exciting, so roll on the pressday and i cant wait until the 11th.It has not been easy for the promoters/Rosco over the last few years because they are often in Limbo a lose/lose situation.Alot of the stuff they dont know themselves so i suppose the best ploy is to say nothing hope thing's turn out well  speedway in the UK need Swindon just like every other Prem club.

  18. 7 hours ago, Bald Bloke said:

    Looks ok that. I think that will improve things. Looks like it might be one of those tracks where the bikes never go straight, always slightly sideways down the straight.

    Not quite as much of a horse power track, which can't be a bad thing.

    This changing of the track could be the best news the fans have had for along while it is quite exciting really.The track might take a while to develope but hopefully we will get better racing than we have been served up recently the widening of the straights should help anormously.

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  19. 1 minute ago, Gavan said:


    1. Tony Rickardsson

    2. Chris Louis

    3. Jeremy Doncaster

    4. Billy Sanders

    5. John Louis

    6. Scott Nicholls

    7. Dennis Sigalos

    Very hard to leave out 2 World Champions in Loram and Gollob but ive gone for longevity alongside individual success



    Louis snr) , Louis jnr) Rickardsson, Gollob, Sanders,Sigalos,Davey 


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