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  1. Well I am pleased the situation is resolved but still stand by my opinion that Cook as an EL heat leader should not be riding in the PL.

    Steve you need to get real,Cook has ambition but at the end of the day the bills have to be paid also he has suffered by not being as sharp as he should of been.Also look at Poland/Sweden how hard is it to get a place there you have people like Drabik at reserve there.Cook is in a difficult position a vicious circle he needs rides to earn money also to get better and try to compete with the big boys invest more into his aquipment.
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  2. One rider whose results didn't quite match his ability I always thought was Reidar Eide. He always rode West Ham really well and beat some of the best there. He was usually well into the 9/10 point averages but only made one World Final and only finished thirteenth in that.

    "Norbold" Eide was a very classy rider,these riders Eide,P.Crump,Monk,Boulger,E.Boocock,Harrfeltd,Betts,Airey, Lofqvist examples) only reached 15 W. Finals between them criminal really.
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  3. Newman rides better inthe tougher EL as his average clearly shows. He doesnt over ride like Garrity who locks up and brings riders off like last night. Newman is a much more accomplished rider and all that matters are his Poole scores. His PL average is only important for team building averages.

    Steve the races he rides in the EL are not tougher, unlike the PL a tough bread/butter meeting everyweek why is Newman's PL averages generally quite modest.?

  4. Just watched it with my cereal and have to say it was a far superior meeting inevery way compared to the rubbish served up at Leicester last night. Just a shame there was no one there to witness it. Seems the Coventry fand have deserted their club and they are just waiting for the bulldozers to come in. A shame really. But judging by the posts on here from Coventry fans many just dont seem to care.

    Outrageous decision by the ref in heat one. Garrity, over riding as usual and completely out of control, pulls a massive locker and Kylmakorpi was brilliant in laying it down rather than plow into the hapless Garrity. How the hell could the ref get that so wrong?

    Who was the ref? Had a mare. At least he got the Lindgren/ Harris decision correct. Good hard riding by Lindgren all night.

    The Masters fiasco was just plain ridiculous. Ref probably thought he wouldnt delay the meeting further with threat of rain but bad call.

    Saw more overtaking in one heat at Brandon last night than the whole of the meeting at Leicester. Just a shame Coventry fans have deserted their club.

    Not the club most have deserted the sport.

  5. With Crumpie, Steve Gresham (his team-mate at Newport, Bristol and Swindon) thought the turning point was Crump's injury at Sheffield in 1977. Until that happened, he thought Crumpie was nailed on to become World Champion.


    All the best


    Yes totally right,Phil got a very bad injury with another one of my heroes Martin Ashby he had bad shoulder injuries.Crump was not the same force after but he was still a hell of a rider consistent and the 16 lapper King hard as nails.

  6. Crump finished 2nd at that overseas final Sid, his best performance at Hyde Rd in my time watching. .


    Was Egon Muller an underachiever? He overachuieved in terms of being a world champion when he was far from best rider n the world. BUT..he could have been a far better rider if he had committed more to speedway, and ridden BL.

    God i had forgotten eaces1" that he scored 12 pts in that meeting a real good line up too remember Crumpy wearing black leathers that day.I still think Crump' s second in 1975 BLRC Hyde RD was his best performance (3rd in 74 to).I believe 75/76 were Crump's best chance of being WC if only he had put the Streety engine away who knows.In that era up to 1980 Crump( 75/76) ,MIchanek,Olsen,T.Jansson, Collins,Mauger,Lee, were the main players in my book.Looking back if he had lived Jansson would of only been aged 30 when Egon won in 83 makes you think eh.!

  7. Sid, it wasn't an injury as such. Lance King didn't return to the UK in 1985, because Cradley could only afford him or Erik Gundersen, and perhaps not surprisingly, they went for the World Champ. It killed the momentum of King's career - until then he looked like a future champion.


    All the best


    Can you remember an injury Rob? i am sure he had a knee injury i think he rode for Bradford then.I am sure he might of had some sort of brace on it i know what you are saying is correct that gap in his career stalled it.At Bradford he was not quite the rider that we had known before his time had gone.

  8. I was at Hyde Rd for that 15pt max in the overseas final, untouchable apart from his heat with s Moran when Moran had an ef while getting the better of a great battle.

    King could then have been the youngest ever world champ had he beaten gunners en in his final ride - I believe he anticipated the start but failed to drop the clutch and Erik was gone.

    He didn't return to the bl in 85 and never got close to the title again.

    Preston was very good in 82, genuine heatleader- did he then retire? You are right eastbound went from having an excellent hl trio (arguably bettered that season inky by the aces and cradley), to having an absolutely awful team in 83, even worse than the swindon team of that season!

    I can remember Crump senior just qualifying at Hyde Rd have a picture of him/Lance in there battle.That performance and the Carter BLRC wins stick out in the mind the 1983 BLRC is my favourite memory though.

  9. Never really took to him...don't know why. Now David Shields...sensational for Oxford in 1978. Scored a maximum in his first appearance for 'The Cheetahs!' Re-surfaced at Cradley (1982?) but the spark had gone by then.


    Rick Woods - Never saw him ride during his brief period for Newport. Saw his brother, Gene, however during his time at Birmingham.

    Saw Shields ride quite a lot for Oxford top scoring a max i think with George Hunter against a supporters select 1979?Rick Woods i only saw once at Newport in 73 he could of made great strides Gene Woods i think was down to ride in a Sheffield V Birmingham meeting i don't think he rode Nielsen was very good and can remember American Keith Crisco really impressing that night.

  10. Never really rated Lance King but saw a lot of Ron Preston at Eastbourne during 1982 and he was superb! His first and second bend sweeps caught many an opposition rider out. Shame that he never returned to Britain. In fact 'The Eagles' suffered a triple whammy prior to the 1983 season in that they lost their three heat leaders - Gordon Kennett, Kelly Moran and Ron - from the previous season!

    Really surprised with that Steve really rated King had a nice tidy style his biggest day being third in the WC in 1984 and winning the Overseas Final at Hyde Rd.If i remember rightly he badly injured his knee and was never quite the same rider after.Other riders to mention who could have had better careers Rick Woods/ David Shields.
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  11. It's a weak league I agree yet very few top riders have excelled since the new race format came out so I'd say it's a tougher race format for them personally.

    Point in question woffy was on fire everywhere in 2014....... just not the EL.

    We have even seen with Doyley this year an odd blip is possible well beaten in heat 1 at home to Wolves also dropped points at Leicester.This format is harder if FL can get back to his real Monmore best 12 plus everyweek he could be back in business and get in that top 16 again.
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  12. Well that is half a day of my life I won't get back. Like watching p&p. No passing and riders all spread out.

    Worrall actually made a gate and won. Got three. Badly need Kyle back fit and well. His absence was the difference tonight. Also Lawson who scored well.

    Not a single pass all meeting other than heat 15 when Hans off gate four cut back under Wozniak and Lawson to join Holder.

    In all the years of watching speedeay I dont think I have ever experienced no passing.

    I suppose I am lucky watching my speedway at Poole where there is passing galore in virtually every heat inside and out. I am sure Leicesters track could be improved no end and hope it will be.

    For Leicester

    Wozniak was excellent until heat 15

    Auty one good ride but poor other than that

    Summers gated in the important heat 14.

    Hougard was poor after heat one.

    Lawson battled hard good guest

    Klindt was gating wel and no one could get close until his bike blew up.

    Starke battled.

    For Poole

    Hans started poorly but goy better

    Buck struggled

    Ellis did OK

    Bjarne did OK

    Holder see Hans

    Brady battled

    Worrall wobled.

    Fair result. To come back from12 down to get a draw is good. Could have been better.

    Like last week Poole was a dust bowl wasn't it ? if you think the racing at Poole is great everyweek you must be easily pleased.

  13. Well done to Helmsley in bring the sport back to Leicester. And well do e to him for resigning. Now perhaps it can be run properly.

    He made a complete howler of the track shape when he had a blank canvas, he wouldnt listen to advice and as a result the racing suffered and with it the crowd dwindled.

    Fresh promoter needed to finish the track, start building a report with the fans and sort out the correct race night. Not that difficult job to be honest.

    As for Helmsley and wanting change in the BSPA. You cant do anything from the outside.

    This is not bad news at all to be honest.


    Typical Gavan post. You should know by now that in his world Poole were responsible for the holocaust.

    Steve your club is going along nicely but remember without the other clubs your club is zilch.Ok Ford is decent at what he does,whether he always morally does the right thing that is debatable ok these guy at Leicester might of made a few mistakes but we need these fresh people in British speedway.Lets put it another way stick Ford say at Middlesboro, nowt wrong with it there sorry nothing against the area then we would see how good Ford was.Ford he has done a great job but let's be honest compared to most other areas he is running a club in a mini Monaco.
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  14. so hes still the owner staying as managing director and his wife is going to take his job as promoter hardly needs a press release hes just having a rant.this is a guy who built a new track that was the wrong shape,races on the wrong night and or runs his team in the wrong league,them blames everyone else

    Are you for real ? this bloke has done his utmost for Leicester brought it back after 28 years.Are you blinkered or what surely you want the whole sport to prosper or are you happy for Poole to be the only club in existence they would not have to cheat then would they.😀😀😀
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  15. Only Harris and AJ could make way out of the current crop imo.

    Vaculik and Emil would take the series onto the next level.

    Out of the qualifiers though, not many would add anything really, as all like for like apart from Vaculik.

    What really needs to happen is the rift or the problem with the Russian authorities need sorting, the Lagutas and Emil need to be part of the series and WTC

    No Dudek? surely not.

  16. I would help you if I could Sidney the robin but cannot. So far as Eric Langton is concerned the only seasons that he rode in when I followed speedway was 1946 and 1947. But in that era I was only a 13-year-old follower of New Cross while Langton was a towering personality in the Belle Vue side and the only time I saw him was when he appeared at "the frying pan" (as the 262-yard New Cross track was known).

    Ernie Roccio, the American became involved with nearby Wimbledon in the same period of the 1950s that I was doing RAF National Service at Preston, Lancs, then tragically died in a 1953 accident at West Ham just after my National Service ended.

    When I did start involvement writing bits and pieces about speedway circa 1953 onwards, Jack Young was a dominant figure in the West Ham side, whereas I was living in South London and mainly centred my attentions on Wimbledon after New Cross closed midway through 1953. My writings for various speedway publications (before becoming involved at 'Speedway Star') from 1954 onwards were mainly on the six tracks then in the Southern Area League.

    By the time I did participate full-time in speedway writing, Jack Young had moved to Coventry while the main London concentration for me (apart from domestic office duties at the 'Star') was Wimbledon, in which Barry Briggs was the rider I mainly dealt with.

    So it's regrets in regard to your request Sidney the robin, but I wish you well in your research. It could well be that I might be able to help you in regard to any queries you may have in regard to Langton, Roccio and Young, but so far as first-hand contact comments about them are concerned I regret I cannot help you.

    Thanks "Gustix".no worries.
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  17. Because hes riding against NL riders and PL second strings which is his level, never been a top boy in the PL

    He has been in the top 8 /12 averages in the PL a couple of times also if you look he has had two 16 point totals this year and could of had two 18 point

    Maximums if you look back.Not as bad as you make out odviously disappointing but not the mug you you make out.


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