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  1. I actually admired the decision made by the BSPA, some years ago now, whereby riders acquired both home and away 'official' averages as well as an overall average. This system was put in place to make it fairer when teams chose a guest rider when replacing a missing one. The overall average of any particular rider often gives a false figure (based on the fact that most riders have a superior home average...unless you were Hans Nielsen!) and a guest can often strengthen the team he has been chosen to represent in an away fixture in particular. Unfortunately the concept proved difficult to grasp and was dropped after one (?) season.


    Just one example (picked entirely at random) Marvyn Cox, of Oxford, in 1985 achieved a home BL average of 7.24 and an away average of 5.69. However a guest could have been used based on his overall average of 6.44.


    I also remember a grading system that was once in operation but recall that it was fraught with problems.

    Steve what is your opinion of Bonus points? if someone scored 7 plus 3 from four for me that is as good as 10 points a team game why is bonus points not taken seriously.?

  2. One slight concern I have is the 3pointers going into turns one and two; there might be more than a few "hairy moments" if they get the idea of getting stuck in without the necessary experience. Might be fine if they get out the gate; but if they don't (and most will miss it) then if they come together on turn one two; and decide to shut their eyes and hope; it could all go pear shaped. I do not mean to underestimate the 3pointers clearly everyone has to learn sometime; and some the hard way. Theres a bit of difference between winning races in the NL and then stepping up to race at PL level. But good luck to all the guys; it will be interesting watching them go about their racing this season.

    Great post i am the same Outsider really want young Bailey Zach and Bradley and others to do well fingers crossed for the lads making the step up from NL to the Premier.

  3. Those other 3 three names do not even relate to the worlds top riders I am afraid, they are still good riders but well past thier sell by dates.

    The class of riders in th EL have been getting worse and worse as the years go by. As being an Elite Leaguge, I am afraid if they put this to a world wide vote, I think we would be a laughing stock.Most of the teams are fielding nothing better than you see at most PL clubs with some old stagers thrown in for good measure. Yes there are a few top riders in there but most of them gave up when the British promoters stood by thier guns and said a big NO to giving in the the stupid money they where asking to come and ride for here. Don't blame them at all, if they had carried on I dread to think how many clubs would still be left.

    But this year must be the worst ever for the team that have been chosen, quite sad really when you look by to the class of rider that used to be over here and not that long ago either.

    It is only now that they have sat back and realised, that the damage to our young British riders have been badly fotton these past 20 years or so. lets hope that with the ones coming through now, that they will soon have a few who will be able to make up a British team that we can be proud of.

    Just hope that whoever the last rider is to be named is one that will be good enough to take on the No1 place.

    As for Wozinak I think he will only get better and better this year, I really like him and hope he does well again this year.

    Wozniak i like a lot he will improve i am sure i hope so anyway.

  4. Bobby Schwartz qualified from the American Final in: 1979; 1984 (both times as winner); 1986 and; 1988.


    He was the knocked out from the World Championship:


    In 1979 in the Intercontinental Final at White City on 2 points

    In 1984 in the Overseas Final at Belle Vue on 3 points

    In 1986 in the Overseas Final at Coventry on 5 points, and

    In 1988 in the Overseas Final at Coventry on 3 points.


    He did win the World Pairs in '81 and '82 and World Team Cup in '82. (1982 Carlisle tyres?)


    IMO, 'Boogaloo' had one of the worst riding styles of any speedway rider I've seen.

    Not a great riding style but he was a very good team rider he had eyes in the back of his head.I always think the old Dudley Cradley track was a hard one to master just like Newcastle if you did it you generally ended up a very good rider.Was there anybody more patriotic than Bobby to put on the USA body cover?he give everything wore his heart on his sleeve i see quite a bit of his career at Reading really enjoyed it.

  5. Nice that Schwartz was remembered because believe me he was a very good rider.Not the quickest but boy could he ride good lines, a great tactical rider so unlucky in a way because there was always that graveyard USA world championship round to get by.Did he once reach a commonwealth final at White City?i think Lee won the round.?

  6. 1983:

    1. H Nielsen 11.45

    2 E Gundersen 11.08

    3 D Sigalos 10.97

    4 M Lee 10.97

    5 E Muller 10.92

    6 K Carter 10.90

    7 B Sanders 10.42

    8 C Morton 9.96

    9 M Shirra 9.94

    10 O Olsen 9.80

    11 S Moran 9.77

    12 T Knudsen 9.36

    13 P Crump 9.36

    14 B Schwartz 8.94

    15 Alan Grahame 8.82

    16 Peter Collins 8.79

    17 D Jessup 8.74

    18 J Andersson 8.72

    19 B Petersen 8.71

    20 S Wigg 8.70


    1983 was in a way a year without any true stand out, though in the end one rider was comfortably more consistent than the others. Where it was really close though was the battle from 2nd -6th, where 5 riders were separated by 0.18, and a miniscule 0.001 seperating 3rd from 4th. Perhaps a little surprisingly, Billy Sanders was not one of the top 6, despite his world pairs heroics and 2nd place in the world final.

    No huge surprises in the top 10, thoug Shirra at ninth surprised me a little.

    The dominant Cradley team had all of their top 5 ranked in the top 23 in the world (King at 22nd and Phil Collins 23rd), with their reserves chiming at 35th (Peter Ravn) and 64th (Jan O) respectively.

    Joe Owen was again the top NL rider, in 37th place.


    In a GP series. Well its still very much up for debate. To my miknd, Hanss consistency would have seen him crowned champ. But behind him, I would lean towards Lee in 2nd, with Sigalos 3rd, Erik just missing out along with Carter. Sanders, Morton And Muller would have rounded out the top8, but per the 82 results Im not convinced they would all necessarily have been part of the line up.

    Top three: Nielsen Lee Sigalos

    Top nine: Gundersen, Carter, Morton, Olsen, Crump, Andersson (Olsen retiring at the end of the season, place goes to Andersson)

    GP Challenge qualifiers for 84: Sanders, Muller, Shirra: Reserves: King, Phil Collins, Karl Maier (this will become important in 84!)

    Wildcards for 84: Knudsen, S Moran (both missing top 8 though injury), Plech plus another Brit (Jessup? Peter Collins? Wigg? Phil or Les Collins?) or an American (K Moran or King?). Ill go with Jessup, not a popular choice, but given he was likely to have finished top 2 in both 80/81, probably the way the call would have gone).

    A great read alot of effort has gone into this fair play to you,Nielsen on top in 83 on stats 😞 alone not to worry eh!

  7. This is awesome stuff waiheke, keep it coming!

    I agree Witcher are you taking the p... more than likely? but we do agree sometimes can't wait for the 1983 ranking's don't forget Eaces1 that Lee murdered Nielsen in the 83 BLRC and the Pride of the East Trophy in 83 hope those results count.

  8. Carter and Knudsen you could put them at the level of Nielsen/Gundersen at that time, they both were very unlucky with injuries.Nielsen/ Erik they bagged seven titles between them would they have done that? if injuries(and other circumstances)had not happened.No Penhall,Lee,Carter,Knudsen,Sigalos,Sanders, those six at there best would of been big players from 83 onwards Sanders for me is often forgotten up until his death was on a upward spiral and in superb form.

  9. Plans look ok and it is good to actually see some progress ( hopefully ), but there are a few issues at this time.

    1. Spectators limited to 3500 from the present 4950, which is ok for normal meetings but could limit any major events. Not a major issue.

    2. Parking on site 572 spaces, but having more parking off site and free transport to the stadium, off site vehicle capacity and costs unclear. One site proposed is the Groundwell park and ride, not sure of vehicle capacity at this site or the security there in the evenings. These two sites probably limited to under 1000 vehicles in total.

    3. The council want to reduce car usage and increase the number of people in each vehicle, but the provision of public transport from Swindon is not clear in times and numbers. Will have to see what is arranged.


    Does that show you ORLOV " that this is a cheap option? ( better than nothing i know)I was hoping this venue with Belle Vue would compete to get a few decent events.Really if i am honest i would rather stay at the Abbey,the track decent when right for me facilities mean nothing to me personally.This stadium is a cheap building will look nice at first but will regress,also the track size and shape will not be nearly the same as the Abbey.I don't want to moan i am glad we might still have a track to go to as other tracks have suffered but i am not overly overjoyed.

  10. Presuming Kenneth Bjerre is the final member of our septet.. Im going to play devils advocate and suggest it wouldnt be the worst team in the league.


    In Ulamek, Walasek, Wozniak and Bjerre we'd have 4 heat leaders capable of beating most, if they ride to their true potential/ find some much needed form (Kenneth!). Wozniak especially will come on leaps and bounds, improved with each meeting last year and having 2 experienced poles to guide him wont be a bad thing.


    Nikolai Klindt has proven before hes a useful second string in this league. If he continues with the 8+ home average he had in 2014 at Leicester itd be a real string in our bow, and whilst I dont expect anything near that, it shows the potential he still has to score points.


    Some of our riders are being branded 'gating tarts' (When we've changed the track to try and prevent this!!!), but surely, that means they have a reputation of getting to the front and winning from there. Ive said it before, Ill say it again... Its a lot easier to win a race when youre already in front of everyone else!


    And I believe, in Auty and Starke we have either the best, or second best, reserve pairing in the league. (with the possible exception of Poole).

    If our top 5 can keep us in the meeting, these 2 can and will win meetings for us.


    If this 7 stays fit and actually commit to racing for leicester speedway (Dont do their best Ljung, Bjarne, Mads or Michelsen impression) then they might (im definitely not saying they will), just might, at least compete in most meetings!


    And yes, its probably a daftly optimistic view of the current situation, but if you cant grasp at the smallest slither of hope before the season starts, you sure as hell cant if things dont start positively!


    I for one will be down at Leicester (or wherever the Lions are racing) as often as possible, provide transport and my other commitments dont get in the way too much... Hoping theres still a chance for a race night change, speedway always clashes with my cricket.


    Speedway season starts next month, Cant wait to get sprayed by shale and smell methanol again. Come on you lions!


    (apologies for the length of the post!)

    Are Poole's reserve pairing much better ?i think not Newman/Ellis are decent but none of them are 1/5 riders.Also that is with Kurtz i think won't move down ? i believe he will do well a learning curve season but he will do well in the top five.
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  11. Would anyone know who the track photographer was at Coatbridge in 1973, i'm looking for photos of Egon Muller, even John Somerville can't help me with this one!

    You won't get a decent photo of him at Swindon in the early 70s mate I think he scored 0 ?

  12. Hearn could do a great job for speedway but it will never happen,people also have to realise Hearn is a bit of a dictator.He has not been all good for Snooker a lot of decision's he has made have not all been totally popular what i would say is the man is great at making tough decision's and he has not stayed living in the the past like me😀😀

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  13. Yes.


    And they do so on a regular basis when they think its the 'in' thing to do.


    However, as long as the sport promotes itself on tv with empty stadiums, they will never think its the 'in' thing to do.

    What price do you think is a fair price? do you think the diehard supporter is taken for granted Witcher.?

  14. A really difficult decision Gemini,i would love to see the top boys back even if most can only do ten meeting's a season.But you are right i think we should cut our cloth accordingly try to get the product right entertaining value for money and use it to push some of our Brits through speedway i think is a 10/12 pound sport no more.

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  15. Are these three lads destined to be the next stars to come through the Aussie ranks? i have followed Lidsey's career he has impressed me i have also heard Gillmore is a real racer.I don't know a lot about Declan and what a pressure he has to follow in his brilliant dad's footsteps a big ask.I wondered what other people's opinions were are are they destined for the UK in the not to distant future.

  16. Some excellent points. I have two teenage boys and I am afraid their interest is waning after attending various meetings over eight years. Speaking to them, your "Improve the product" section appears particularly relevant. Their list of reasons for limiting the meetings they attend are:


    1. Racing not as interesting as when they first attended. Standard bike specification may be the answer but the riders with more money than talent will obviously object.

    2. Some GP riders not appearing fully committed to racing in the UK (e.g. Zagar at Leicester last year).

    3. Drawn out meetings. They suggest removing the ability to switch reserves particularly if it will result in an extended time allowance.

    4. Referees pulling starts back when the tapes have not been broken. They see it as penalising a good start which in turn delays the meeting.

    5. Their mates are not interested. Alas, the general lack of racing in the first few heats of GP's doesn't help encouraging newcomers.

    6. Tactical rides.

    7. The noise and smell have gone.

    8. Expensive, albeit I pay. They argue it is fifteen minutes, not two hours of entertainment.

    A great post the point 4 about referee's pulling starts back is a great one,it really annoys me if the tapes are not broken get the race off.
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