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  1. Glasgow's away form is going to cost them dearly if they are not careful.


    I wonder if there is a feeling that maybe dropping Ben Barker for Rene Bach was not such a good idea.


    For Scunthorpe, lesson for next season if you are going to retain the services of Josh Auty make sure you sign a rider that keeps him away from the number 1 position, he is so more effective when he is not riding at number 1.

    A 41 points total from three meetings now for Auty since switching to no 5.A massive difference does he find there are more racing lines after heat 1.?
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  2. Brilliant stuff and Hyde Rd was a special place the best racetrack i ever saw Cardiff for me is not in the same league.My greatest memory was the 1983 BLRC it was very wet and most tracks would of never of held up with the amount of rain that had fallen.Erik Hans Lee, Carter fighting for the title a great meeting a really SPECIAL ride that sticks out is Morton passing Carter in the 1983 NLRC great memories.

  3. He needs to ride in Poland or Denmark, not go back to PL. I think he did have a Polish club but did not seem to get many rides so not sure if he has jacked them in.

    Just shows you ORLOV that people who say you have no ambition riding PL ask Cookie you have to pay the bills.In Poland sometimes Bartosz has been a reserve how could Nick and others make it pay so bloody hard Fricke has held his own he is a an exception.Nick for me has to do PL again mainly for sharpness he is a good rider will do ok longterm.

  4. Woffinden as i have said endless times before has grown on me you have to admire him.When he got his Wildcard in 2013 i felt he was lucky to even get one but to win the series at 500/1 god what a shock that was fair play to him he moved up a few gears.Now without Darcy maybe Emil with a few pretenders Dudek ( who is class) Pawlicki (will be good longterm) Bartosz as well Tai could win five titles if he stays focussed.

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  5. Bomber,Tai,Danny,Craig with lambertl as reserve.

    As everyone knows I would leave tai out for missing the British final but nobody is strong enough to stand up and say what's right,if it was another GB rider then there would be calls to leave them out.

    Danny was British champ so deserves his place like the first 2 are GP riders, think cook could step up and be a hero.

    No place for Nichols but had tai,bomber or cook won the British final then I would of put in steve Worrall in instead of king

    Wow 100 pages, just goes to show R72 can keep people debating :)

    What planet are you on? Lambert is a shoe/in with the brilliant Tai surely.😀
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  6. Really love this Belle Vue track has loads of different lines, and it should provide great racing for the WTC.PK rolled back the years in a few rides Jacobs rode very well also even young Clegg was on the pace.Klintd had one decent ride but in one ride he really messed Masters up that turned things for me when you are a team mate at times it seems you are riding against Klintd as well.I have noticed that when he has ridden for Leicester not really a great team rider.

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  7. Good win for Swindon last night..


    Thought Cov would offer more, KK was shocking but Harris and King prevented a complete drubbing..


    Justin and surprisingly Rohan did well, all we need now is a return to form for Morra.


    As for entertainment value, it was very poor..

    Morris still chipped in with a decent seven, lack of meetings has really hurt him rides his balls off he will be fine.

  8. So what would hou suggest? Ban Holder, Zagar, Iversen, Jonsson, Lindgren, Doyle etc? Good servants to British speedway.


    Drop the standard across the board to PL level so Britain never again produces top class riders. Or if one comes through he is banned from riding here because he has got too good?


    We need to raise the standard not dilute it to PL level.


    Squad system is the way ahead. Ten riders in a squad. Still have a team 'points' limit of some form. Riders who are not used by their club are automatically available for all other clubs to sign.

    A squad system is not financially viable unless you want Poole to ride say against four other teams?This notion that having the stars back would make crowds alot better is that correct.?I see Tai as a world champion at the Abbey still only got 1000//1300 there watching.After watching that average at best meeting last night i still think we need to raise the bar on the entertainment stakes that is a priority for me.
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  9. I wouldn't trust Blair as far as i could chuck him. Simulary, i wouldn't trust Cameron either..

    King is pants at Swindon. He rode well in British Final and on his day is clearly a good rider but he hasn't got a clue how to ride Swindon. One decent score of any note in several visits.

    Woryna will have his work cut out to beat Chas, although looking forward to him winning a race, as he seems to think he has to just won the World Championships.

    KK is mustard at The Abbey, Harris less so these days but good enough to make it interesting.

    Unfortunately, due to change of race night means I miss the meeting but a comfortable 52-40 victory for Australia.

    I really hope KK is on a going day his heat 1 clash against Doyley should be worth watching.K.K at Kings Lynn the other night at times he was sublime one of my favourite riders never ever forget him at the Swindon press day.And thinking god this bloke is a class act hope he can also qualify for another series.
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  10. The riders who stood out for me were Gilkes (who I'd not seen before - like Mike says I do hope he's okay coz that was some prang at the end..!), Brennan (who am looking forward to seeing riding NL from, er, next week as he turns 15 on Saturday..) and Jenkins - who was outstanding I thought. Sooo unlucky not to reach the final and his pass of Bickley was the racing move of the day.

    Thanks Parsloes fingers crossed for all those young lads eh.!Young Brennan i have seen a few times i rate him hope he enjoys his debut excited for him a big jump he will be fine.

  11. Agree about the first part with the Glasgow promotion doing a fantastic job. The promotion have their eye on joining the big boys in the EL and for a club struggling a few seasons ago they have certainly turned the corner.

    As for the racing, it was utter guff. Mostly follow the leader. Loads of holes to dive through but riders not capable of capitalising.

    Like the ones on bend/1/2 at Wimbourne Rd some of your comments are cringeworthy,as for Glasgow joining the bigboys a mediocre league i would welcome and love Glasgow to join it.

  12. It's time this anticipating the start lark was put to bed,if a rider doesn't touch the tapes let it go if he does take the "chance"and touches the the tapes he is excluded.That was a joke last night and at most meetings it doesn't matter because for all the re-runs there is usually another couple that could have been " brought back" that weren't .

    Come October that has to be the first thing to be addressed refs more interested in catching riders out.As you said hit the tapes you are out simple really therefore the refs job is to whack the tapes up as quickly as possible.
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  13. It was utter crap. The away team were standing around laughing and looked like a bunch of idiots dragged off the street. It was shocking rubbish. But as long as you enjoyed it then fine. Worst meeting on tv this year by a country mile.

    You are deluded it is like you believe at Poole everything is perfect and rosy and the rest of the sport is shabby.I admire Poole for what they have achieved they are the benchmark but your club has work to on/off the track as well. That meeting the other week was shocking two great pot holes on the first /Second bends and even experienced riders like Andersen/B.Pedersen could not handle it.There is a guy on here who i wont name, he is a speedway nut who i respect immensely he goes to Poole regular and he says the racing generally there is average at best.I suggest you get Poole's track back to a raceable state before you slate other tracks.
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