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  1. 1 minute ago, Gavan said:


    1. Tony Rickardsson

    2. Chris Louis

    3. Jeremy Doncaster

    4. Billy Sanders

    5. John Louis

    6. Scott Nicholls

    7. Dennis Sigalos

    Very hard to leave out 2 World Champions in Loram and Gollob but ive gone for longevity alongside individual success



    Louis snr) , Louis jnr) Rickardsson, Gollob, Sanders,Sigalos,Davey 

  2. When i first started going to speedway as a young un  the special part for me was the visiting teams.Most of them had a top class no1 who maybe you would only see once or twice a season that made it special .Also the team's lesser light's of the sport and every team had them we could all relate to them they were one of us i miss that part of it.My team Swindon had two lesser light riders in Keen, Hitch, they both  give me alot of pleasure over the years .And i often wonder in this era they would of been replaced without a thought but not then because  they were idolised by there home fans different times.

  3. 38 minutes ago, geoff58 said:

    eh no inside scoop it has all been put out there in black/white by the club council rosco russell who ever since the farewell meeting in 2015 new stadium plans etc !! all that's being done is track shortening so more houses can be built FACT !!

    More house's will be built but touch wood the speedway will still be aloud to continue.My take is as long as there is still speedway to go to twice a month i am more than happy the new stadium great IF????? it happens but i am happy to plod on with the tired old version.That is why if they can get the new shape of the track right good racing can develope again and that  might compensate a little towards having to put up with a tired old stadium.

  4. 27 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Blunsdon used to produce some great racing when I used to attend but even in my time I do recall the track deteriorating and becoming rough and uneven although it was occasionally put right. I would be concerned as a 'Budgie' fan that it appears from the photos that the track may be significantly shorter but perhaps that may be for the better...time will only tell.

    Tell you something Steve i never ever thought that a bigger track would deteriorate as much in a short space of time as the Abbey has.I believe the straights are to big  for the  bikes now and if this track is shaped on the Somerset model it has to help to provide better racing.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Grachan said:


    Great stuff Grachan, that track needed reinventing the racing generally has been  dog poor for along time now.As Speedy Pete says if the entertainment level can go up the crowds can stay healthy and  we are still well supported generally and i am convinced we can get a gate between 12/1400 most weeks fingers crossed anyway.

  6. 11 hours ago, geoff58 said:

    well the track is being shortened for that purpose !! because the original plan was for track to be turned 180 degrees to have bends 1/2 on back straight along with pits & greyhound kennels !! seems all they are doing is shortening track obviously a lot more to do cash wise !! houses will be built on existing car park wait & see !! sadly this is all going to end in tears i fear !!

    If it does end in tears so be it, no good worrying about it it is out of the supporters hands,  me personally i am just  grateful we still have some speedway to watch in 2019.As time goes on i am more hopeful that the club might still have a future because to be honest i thought it might be over by now all the fans can do is support the club while it is still there.

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  7. 12 hours ago, falcace said:

    Not true. I was playing Devil’s Advcocate and said you could make a case. Which you can. But if you’d pinned me down as to where I think Siggy was when his career suddenly ended, I’d have had him up there with Nielsen as arguably the best rider in the world, with Gundersen, Carter, Lee (problems aside) a gnat’s hair behind.

    Sanders? He’d be in a group with the likes of Knudsen, Shawn Moran, Morton, Andersson, Crump, King, Shirra as world class riders, but not quite the creme de la creme.

    Sanders was also 14 years into his British career when it came to a tragic end aged 29. Sigalos was 24 and just into his sixth year in the UK. So they were at very different stages of their careers. If - big IF - Sanders has gone on to be world champion, he would have been the oldest first time winner ever at that time, breaking Mauger’s record. Only to be subsequently beaten by Ermolenko and Gollob.

    Anyway, we really are going round in circles now. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree :-)


    A really good post and the case you put is a pretty strong one actually Falcace you are one of the few people who really have recognised how good Sigalos was.

  8. 15 hours ago, chunky said:

    Again, you claimed that I had stated - or at least implied - certain things, which I had not.  No, it is not a case of me not respecting what you say, but yes, I do get pissy when I am accused of saying something I clearly did not.

    I also stand by my reaction to your comment about Lee needing Penhall around to motivate him.  Yes, that is a remarkably bizarre claim, and if that really is true, then Lee is not the rider I thought he was...


    No,Steve if you have the Lee DVD there rivalry was outstanding lee beating Penhall from the back at Gothenburg  in 1980  and in a World Cup round  in 82 at Kings Lynn.



  9. 2 hours ago, lucifer sam said:

    Sid, no need to get upset.  It's just a discussion.  I know people sometimes wind you up something rotten, nobody is trying to do that on this thread.

    We simply disagreed regarding Billy Sanders being a major threat to Erik & Hans at Bradford in 1985 and subsequent finals.

    Totally understand Sam thanks for that no i am passionate about certain stuff but i do respect what other people have to say.Chunky god i respect what he says always have done just got the vibes that he was getting chopesy and does not respect anything i say.

  10. 1 minute ago, chunky said:

    Not at all. You said my post was crazy because I stated that Sanders was an "also-ran" - when I never said anything of the sort...

    Your tone is not good yet you twist it around to make me look the villain.Your opinion is sound and i respect it i dont get the same vibes from you just saying.

  11. 2 minutes ago, chunky said:

    Please point out where I stated that he was an "also-ran". I stated that he was a "world-class rider".  I stated that he was "a contender", meaning that he was regularly there or thereabouts, and on his day, could beat anyone.  He was somebody that you wouldn't be surprised to see on a rostrum.

    That does not put him in the highest bracket alongside Penhall, Lee, Gundersen, or Collins.

    Yes, of course I saw him - several times - and I still treasure the photo I took of him and Simmo in the Wimbledon car park.

    I never said he had not improved, but I do not agree that he was still improving. I feel that he had reached his peak, and no, that doesn't mean I think he was "past his best".

    As stated previously, an 11.53 average over four matches means little. Stefan Salomonsson was pushing an 11-point average at the start of the 1979 season, and had beaten the current Top 3 in the world on their own tracks. Your point is?

    Oh, and Zenon Plech was on the rostrum twice; does that put him in the same class as multiple world champions - or even Sanders?

    You really have to stop getting offended when people don't agree with your opinions, particularly when they use reason and logic on the way to drawing a fair and well-balanced conclusion.


    Not offended Steve not one bit you put a great case across i would not of named Collins in amongst them after 1977 because his hopes of winning another title had gone.

  12. 18 minutes ago, falcace said:

    I did and he was good. Very good. But not great.

    Have a look at his 84 World Champs record...2nd to Crump in Aus Final, 4th in Overseas, 11th (and final qualifier) from Intercontinental, 11th and 5pts in the final. Also in the World Pairs, 8 pts in the semi and 6 in the final from six rides. Was this a rider on the up and set to beat Nielsen, Gundersen and the rest at Bradford 85? Katowice 86? Amsterdam 87? Vojens 88? Not on your nelly. 

    My case for Billy is as sound as yours was for Sigalos ( who i rated highly as well.)You said Sigalos until his untimely injury was ahead of Nielsen/ Gundersen really?? Sigalos was not really in the hunt in the 1982 final and at Norden he was bang average so my point is Sanders was at least on a par with him all ifs and but's i know.

  13. 9 hours ago, Daniel Smith said:


    I think this proves the incompetence of Middleditch that he can't win without Ford. So once Ford goes, he goes to save face and gain unworthy legendary status. 

    He will go because there working relationship has been  so good over a long period it will never be quite the same with another party.Ford/ Middleditch have been great for Poole speedway and it  will be a hard act to follow.

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  14. 4 hours ago, chunky said:

    I agree. We've seen some silly posts on here, and quite honestly, that wasn't one of them. However, that was quite possibly the most bizarre one I've ever seen...

    I was a Sanders fan, he was a world-class rider, and he was a contender, but I would never consider him a realistic threat to the few at the very top.


    This is one of the craziest posts i have read the bloke has already been on the rostrum twice is odviously improving yet you basically class him as a also ran.Did you actually see him ride in the last two years of his life live chunky? because if you had you would definitely recognise that he had improved one hell of a lot.

  15. 5 hours ago, falcace said:

    I’m really not sure where this comes from. Was Lee unmotivated in 1983? Also Sanders has really started to believe in himself? It’s just imaginary thinking and not grounded in any evidence from the individuals concerned or those around them. Or certainly none that I’ve ever read or seen.

    Sanders was a world class rider and to my mind, he did really really well to get on the World Final rostrum twice. But even then, I think the vast majority of people would not rank him as one of the top three in the world. Was he winning major events like the BLRC, Intercontinental Final? Was he topping the averages? Yes, he did very well to get on the rostrum, but it doesn’t mean he was in the same elite as the Penhalls, Nielsens and Gundersens of the world.

    Lee said Penhall was the one guy that kept him motivated and on his toes and was the rider he always had to beat.

  16. 1 hour ago, lucifer sam said:

    Sorry, don't buy that Sid.  With the possible exception of Dennis Sigalos and given that Penhall actually chose to quit speedway (there weren't any other circumstances in his case), none of the above would have troubled the domination of the two Danes between 1984 and 1989.

    Do yo remember Sam???  check the head to head records from the start Lee was the boss over Nielsen and Gundersen and Carter did very well to.Sanders/ Sigalos were players but fringe players.If Penhall had hung around he would of won more titles as well and Penhall keeping Lee motiavated would of changed thing's. Nielsen/ Erik were great riders but there competition dwindled and the era ended up falling on its  feet.

  17. 5 hours ago, falcace said:

    How do you know that?

    Obviously - tragically - he was a man in a very bad place mentally.

    Would a notoriously homesick Sanders have pushed on towards his 40s? Did he have the same unquenchable desire and ability as those notable exceptions Mauger and Hancock? Sorry Sidney, I can't buy that one.

    He wasnt in a bad place racing wise Falcace, he was doing great and really going forward in his career.His personal life who knows what was going on but those two years up until his death he really was maturing.Also you were a huge Sigalos fan like myself i believe Sigalos was a class act yet Sanders was on par with Sigalos easily.Norden 83 Sigalos disappointing Sanders placed and there is a arguement. that Billy should of been HARDER on Muller in 83 when he had every chance Siggy was  pretty poor in Norden..Also 85 if Sanders had got there Bradford would of been fine for him he would of loved it.My point really Falcace is with Penhall, Lee, Sigalos, Carter, gone it really opened up nicely for the three danes including Knudsen as well.

  18. 19 minutes ago, falcace said:

    Yes, but it was mid April, that’s a world away from having that average in Sept. Morton, Carter etc were also usually up in the mid 11s at that stage of the season. 

    His best chance was in 84 on a track he rode brilliantly with a wide open field and he was inexplicably poor. At aged 29-34, was he really set to challenge the Danes from 85-89? I don’t see it.

    I think so he was really believing in himself and as Ivan and Hancock have proved age is no barrier.

  19. 4 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    I would agree Sid. Billy was riding as good as ever during 1983/84 and one can only wonder how his later career would have panned out. I still recall hearing the news and felt numb on hearing it. A great loss to the sport.

    All that hard graft and dedication he put in coming over here from the age of 16 wasted.I loved watching him ride Steve and that is coming from a avid Crump snr fan.

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