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  1. What riders. do you think can improve there figures in 2019. ?  1.Fricke.  -   2.Lidsey.   -   3.Allen.   -    4.Bradley Wilson Dean.   -   5.Holder.   -   6.Thorssell.  -  7. Musielak.   _  8.Wajtknecht.  -  9.Wright.  -  10.Kurtz.

  2. 2 hours ago, FAST GATER said:

    That was his best year at top level Bill Bridgett approached us for John to ride at Wolves that  year because he had Jimmy Mac and George Hunter in the team and they would look after him ,his job was to gate and they would take care of thye opposition .John was at that time one of the fastest riders in British s/way (holding a number of track records) on engines tuned by brother Fred it worked treat we had a fab season  .  It was pobable the best season of his career and with hindsight we should then have gone full time Gulf league but my father wanted to watch him each week at Elle Port and he was his main sponsor ,he would not have been as generous  had John moved up .


    Sponsorship and financial backing often have a major effect on riders careers for obvious reasons !

    One of my favourite riders Gater John, i  see him a few times for Wolves he was always a BL standard rider.I would say Joe Owen, Tom Owen, Steve Wilcock, John at Elle, Steve Lawson were great over a long period in the NL.

  3. Tungate i know he has a high average but you would of thought Kings Lynn or Ipswich  ( has a history with C.L?) would sign him.Last year at the NSS he was so exciting to watch and did a great job so i was very surprised Belle Vue let him go.I actually think there could be a little more to come from Rohan because on his day he is a superb rider. Lidsey i believe will swap places with Wells eventually and end up in the top 5 and he could well average 6.  - 6.50 he is a real prospect.

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  4. 2 hours ago, iris123 said:

    Just saying it as I see it.Oh and did you get someone to write that for you Sid?It makes sense for once!!!:rofl:

     You  can say what you want about me i could not care less sticks/stones !!!! But  the truth is you are the most  disliked bloke on the forum.

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  5. 1 hour ago, iris123 said:

    Well we had to suffer years of her and some guy chatting away and using the Poole threads like they were a private chat.Ine of the reasons the threads became unreadable,boring and probably double the amount of posts they get now.Add Starman to the equation and that is why I have hardly looked in for years now

    I doubt they bother reading your crap either.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Skidder1 said:

    I couldn't disagree more.

    Chris is hungry again and with much progress with many of his off-track issues, he can now focus on his speedway again.  Just need the UK visa situ to be finally and fully sorted and we'll see him back racing at the top in the Premiership again.

    In the watered down PL maybe but his World Championship days are finished.

  7. 1 minute ago, Gavan said:

    Although isnt there qualifying places up for grabs for the gp qualifiers hence Chris Holder is riding.

    Looks like the track isnt great in this current round with inside gates favourite

    Kurtz going a bit better but Holder being left behind by Fricke and Tungate in the run for gold.

    Yet again Lidsey impressing beating Holder and Kurtz what a steal he could turn out to be

    Track looks a lovely shape outside gates look terrible though.Fricke/ Tungate look quick Kurtz again throws in one bad ride Lidsey looks terrific that year in Poland has brought him on.

  8. 14 hours ago, Starman2006 said:

    Money is tight everywhere Steve, if they told the truth.


    Ford running a tight ship is a  good thing ,he has assembled a decent side within  a budget he should be applauded.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Supersub said:

    It doesn't look as if we will have a consistent No 1 for 2019 going by Aussie Championship results to date. Neither J Holder or Kurtz are in top 3 and only Masters & Morris of any repute are below them. Lidsey looks a good prospect. Looks like we shall have to rely on all round strenth but as ony 7 teams we should make play offs!

    I would  not hold to much bearing on the Aussie form, apart from Fricke who should win it the rest can all beat each other on any given day.For most of the Aussies it is a working break, they will do there best and the racing is good  for there conditioning and race fitness but it is is not really life or death  then they are all  ready to rumble again in Europe.

  10. 2 minutes ago, B.V 72 said:

    Nothing is perfect Sidney and speedway is far from it.I have a good moan on here every now and then as we all do.

    But my point is that we and others still find enjoyment in the sport and attend meetings.Whats not to like about the racing I see every meeting at the NSS,i to love to watch the young riders improve I watch all the Colts meetings as well and I am very much looking forward to watch Lidsey ride next season and that's why I come on a speedway forum to read and talk speedway.because I still have an interest in the sport

    There is much wrong with our sport but I still enjoy the bare bones of the sport the racing and if I ever get so disillusioned with the sport and  it Pee's me of that much that I no longer enjoy any of it I will just walk away and find another interest and you will never here me moaning on about why I fell out with the sport on here I will just find pastures new and leave the forum for people who still enjoy speedway to talk about speedway no one wants to be bored to death reading about the reasons why I will have fell out with the sport people will form their own opinions without any help from me.Plus I will be busy doing something new.

    The raw product of speedway is still good and i love watching the young uns improve. Last year i had more enjoyment seeing young Tom Brennan mix it for the Robins  in two meeting's in the PL than the rest of the year.It is not all doom and gloom i  just hope the sport can hang on in there in this difficult financial climate.

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  11. 50 minutes ago, ray c said:

    don't forget james  lucky you.hope he comes to poole and win a few races to show us what we are missing.:t:

    Spot on and James is an exciting rider a rider who can improve what i like about him is that he gives everything.Very interesting some of the reserves this year very   youthful Zach/ James Swindon. Becker/ Morris Wolves Lidsey/ Berge Belle Vue against say the older hands Barker/ Bjerre Peterborough there clashes will be very important. 

  12. 5 minutes ago, B.V 72 said:

    Sorry to but into the Lynn thread.But I have to say I can understand that people can lose their love/ interest in anything for whatever reason.But what I cannot understand is if you have lost your love /interest in anything in this case speedway why o why do you need to come on a speedway forum and even watch it on tv (a GP goes on for three and a half hours with only seven extra heats).

    I lost love/interest in my first wife I do not stalk her on face book etc I have had no contact in 25 years and I moved on and re married.I lost interest in football I could not tell you the name anyone who now plays for my ex team and I do not watch it on tv my interest is now with speedway.I have moved jobs a few times over the years I have no idea how my ex companys are doing I have no interest I concentrate on my new job and how my new company is doing.

    All I am saying is that you have to move on in life find new love/interests and enjoy them and leave the past behind I think you will find life's a happier place.

    As much as i moan about Speedway i could never envisage not having it as part of my life.April approaching and i am again looking forward to the new season starting again.My take on it now is it gets me out and if i can see a few decent races i am happy.This year i am looking forward to seeing Doyley ride everyweek and am really looking forward to seeing Lidsey ride when he visits with Belle Vue.Also fingers crossed for all the young Brits in the Championship and will be rooting for Kemp, Rowe, Brennan ( ect).

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  13. 44 minutes ago, STEVEHOLS54 said:

    I have been monitoring both Max and Brady Kurtz closely for some years now. Being a Poole supporter I seriously thought Kurtz was going to overtake Max when he burst on to the scene in his first full season at Somerset in 2014. Max being 6 months older (both still only 22) has had the benefit of one season more due to his 6 month age advantage, having started in 2013.

    However Max has won 4 x Aussie U21 titles - plus 1 x World U21 title and is mighty close to winning his first Aussie Senior title in a stronger field with Chris Holder back there and with Tungate/Holder Jr and Kurtz all having supposedly improved in the Aussie Champ over the last 2/3 years. Max even had the delight of being in 3 league winning teams in POL (Nice 1) - SWE Elite and Danish Elite Leagues in the same season a couple of years ago. Not too many can boast that achievement at his age.

    Max may still have some issues with some of the UK tracks at times (I know Poole wasn't one of his fav in the past), but the stats don't lie. He is pushing on and Brady still has a lot of convincing to do and my fear is he could be another Morris. OK but falls short of the very top drawer. Got away with it with Leszno last season in a league winning side which partly covered some of his low scores. In Poole it showed up big time as he went backwards big time.

    Max started young but he is progressing at a good rate and think both Belle Vue and Wroclaw have a good rider who is progressing well (let's not forget he isn't 23 until 29th March so a whole career still in front). Looks best at the present of the 3 in Holder Jr/B.Kurtz and Fricke.

    What i have noticed with Fricke is he now is a real racer exciting to watch and can pass for fun.I always thought he was technically gifted a bit of a gater and  maybe a bit to placid not anough devil there  but these last two years he has come on nicely loads more to come i believe.

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  14. 2 hours ago, chris4gillian said:

    And there you have it folks, my point is proven.

    No because you have not piped up on the forum for a  long while  that was great news.My advice to you  is respond to people you feel comfortable with and it won't be me so move on.

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  15. 5 minutes ago, Reviresco said:

    As I said earlier Gav. 

    Cam has been on a strict diet and has been working with a personal trainer since he landed in WA. He will be fitter than 2017 and sharper both mentally and physically than ever before. 

    I can see him achieving a 6 in the 2019 PL and a 9+ at Edinburgh plus a CL riders rostrum

    He will do well to achieve either of them,  9 plus  at Edinburgh zilch chance to do that he would have to average 10.50 at home .

  16. 10 hours ago, chris4gillian said:

    The last 7 or 8 pages of this thread is utterly ridiculous.  Why the chuff do a number of you respond to anything the forums most famous troll posts?  He just sits in his bedroom creaming his pants over your responses!!  I bet he's got his hand in his trousers already after reading that :rofl:

    The only positive thing out of all this is the fact he makes Starman appear a teensy weensy bit intelligent :D

    Seriously though, this forums lack of moderation has been a joke for a very long time and is the reason many 'adult' posters (including myself) don't bother logging in very often.

    Right....back to topic PLEASE.   I thank you :t:



    Don't read them then watch Jeremy Kyle instead  are you adult really???? this post makes you look a proper tool take a deep,breath eh!!!

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  17. 4 hours ago, acef said:

    People are talking like he is a risk.

    On a 4 point average. At reserve. He will be the signing of the season.

    I actually thought when he come over here,  he would  do the Championship first.But he has progressed so well and the top league is so watered down now if if I predicted Jaimon will average 5.50 plus.

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  18. 2 minutes ago, stevebrum said:

    Thanks STR. Good luck to the Robins too.

    Masters has made some decent progress the past 3 seasons, whether he has plateaued tho remains to be seen. He has established himself as a decent top flight rider and improved year on year. Not sure If he will reach the heights of GP status but then no one thought Doyle would either 5 years ago so if he wants it bad enough I wouldn’t be surprised.

    He is just as likely as Kurtz/Holder/Fricke imho although of course they have age and expected ability on their side.

    Thorssell what do you expect Steve this year?  he is a rider i really like and can put half a point on his average.I also would love him to get a testimonial for the Wolves in time riders like him are rare in British speedway these days.Becker/ Morris also look an interesting partnership at reserve i think they could surprise anyway good luck to Wolves. 

  19. 4 hours ago, stevebrum said:


    Likewise from me Steve enjoy the season,Masters is a rider you would know  more about than me but  he has come along way.I remember when he got bombed out at Somerset i think Monberg replaced him??? since then he was  really good at Edinburgh .And then has gone on to do a great job for  the Wolves it will be interesting to see how his career pans out.

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