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  1. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    I think that this is right and possibly, over the past few seasons, there has been maybe too much security of place with us. If there is a more appropriate rider lined up for the league matches, as has been suggested, then it's better that pressure is on both Allen and Etheridge for the remaining place. Rather than Jake Allen knowing that he only has four weeks and then he will be replaced come what may. Maybe we are becoming more like Poole!
  2. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    Well he was certainly very fast and impressive at the SoN last year. I think he could be a very good signing although I doubt he will get around Wolves so well. In fact we will struggle at Wolves next year as Kurtz and Fricke don't appear fans of the tight bends there either.
  3. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    Rules out Bjerre and Tungate either I'd have welcomed. This new guy will have to be a bit special if he makes 3rd heat leader so soon if starting at number 4. Wonder whether familiar face is Etheridge? Good at reserve but risky at number 2. So, whoever and whatever I'm looking forward to the season and it's the quality of the racing that is the priority for me.
  4. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    Well he is not a familiar face or, in my opinion, an exciting edition. So it's probably a no.
  5. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    As much as I'm really disappointed that Dan won't be in the team, and want to blame someone, I have to say that this sounds like a credible interpretation of events. Just hope we can sign a decent 'replacement'.
  6. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    Nice to see Conner back, he was good to watch when with the Colts. Must say I haven't kept up with the duties of a number 8 this year. Do they have to be present at all matches? Do they get any rides on the night? Are they able to replace anyone injured during a match? Would appreciate it if anyone knows. I've largely given up looking at the finer details that emerge from the annual get together.
  7. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    I think that's true. However, in the past riders who rode at smaller tracks didn't have the power or set ups to compete on big, fast tracks. It seems to me that modern bikes are built for speed and fast tracks so much less advantage for us at the NSS.
  8. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    On the Unofficial BV Fans page on facebook
  9. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    That sounds ominous. Especially reading Grahame Darlington's posts on the subject. He is a balanced and sensible poster who is mostly correct about things Wolverhampton, so not good. Assuming that we don't get Tai then we would need to get three riders who combined, would be better than the Worralls and Etheridge. Allen and/or BWD might fit but who else? It doesn't seem like Bjerre or Tungagte are possible so you might be right Phil, a year of struggle! I really hope not.
  10. coldace

    NSS - South Stand

    Do you have a link to the 5-1 one show. I'd like to listen to it. Thanks
  11. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    Any whispers about Tungate Phil?
  12. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    That's a steal. If the rumour has any substance, he would certainly fit.
  13. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    Out of interest, with this speculation about Tai, what would his average be?
  14. coldace

    25 years next year 2022

    I agree it wasn't the 'big 5' that had anything to do with it really. It was how rider allocation ensured that all teams were about equal in strength. Previously in 62 they attempted to make it more competitive in the NL with handicapping. That really didn't work. Some experienced riders who dropped to reserve suddenly had a 10 yard start on the majority of other riders and a 20 yard start on the 'big 5'. Ludicrous!
  15. coldace

    Belle Vue 2022

    He'd be good at 2 or 6 for me. Had some strong rides for Wolves at the NSS last year. Also young and should improve.

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