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  1. Poole 2018

    Interesting article in the Bournemouth Echo. Sundstrom out for Gavin. Gavin in for Kurtz. Middlo has decided to take the rest of the 2018 season off and will be replaced by Gavin. Holder is having visa issues and so Worrall is to be replaced by Gavin. Grajczonek has finally been replaced by Gavin (long overdue imo) and Szczepaniak has been replaced with Gavin. Woryna's recent performances were too good for Gavin and so he has been replaced by Gavin. The only rider to remain is Nielsen, whose new team manager Gavin claims is "our greatest asset". Gavin has also announced that he intends to replace Gavin, Gavin, Gavin, Gavin, Gavin and Gavin with some poorly scoring English riders as this is "the right thing to do" and "is the right thing for Britain". He is also petitioning a complete ban on any black riders, or riders who have an accent unlike his own, joining the British league. Gavin was quoted as saying "Nick Morris, Nick Morris, Nick Morris".
  2. Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    Look up the word competition.
  3. Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    It's a sport not a charity.
  4. Poole 2018

    Worrall for Kildemand?! Oh my gosh...
  5. Poole 2018

    Smolinski wouldn't be a bad signing at all. Some people on this thread talk like Britain is still a worthy league that can do better than Smolinski Get real mate, we've only got the Aussies over here so they don't have to learn Polish.
  6. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Gavin will you shut up about Kurtz and Morris, it's boring me to tears. Nobody give's a hoot who is better.
  7. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Don't be such a sore loser! We have good years and bad years. It's not over yet. The way things are at the moment it's not like Matt has a lot of options. A lot of people on here seem to be acting like they can predict the future. At the start of the season you were all saying about how Woryna and Szczepaniak were heat leaders and Poole would run away with the victory. Nobody knows what will happen! If they did there'd be no point starting the season.
  8. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Can't see where we're going to go from here. 2018 is not our season. Time for Josh to go. Lacking a real captain like Chris or Darcy.
  9. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Sadly that was probably the best race of the night... Definitely the most passing!
  10. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Don't think I've seen a single pass tonight!
  11. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    What do you guys look like, I'll wander over!
  12. Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    Lots of fellow Poole fans here tonight. Shame quite a few of them are dicks! Need somebody to stand with haha
  13. Poole 2018

    Just looked through your posts... they are almost all Poole related What an absolute loser! I'm guessing you were a Coventry fan?
  14. Poole 2018

    Best looking Pirate's kevlars back in the RIAS days.
  15. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    Problem is it must be very costly and time consuming to start hosting a meeting that doesn't go ahead. Very difficult one to call. It's not like the promoters want to turn money away but I can see why they call it early.