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  1. Don't be a prat. There are only 2 teams affected by the change. Both teams were in favour and it was ratified by the SCB.
  2. The rules were changed, what part of that don't you understand? It was entirely legal.
  3. It wasn't an illegal guest. It wasn't even Poole who requested it. I don't hear any whinging from Lynn promotion. And yes, it sucks when your team loses or worse when they have injuries, but no point in blaming the opposition.
  4. In a sport where we watch riders repeatedly smash themselves apart we shouldn't be complaining about slight exceptions to keep the competition alive.
  5. Not really, Adam jumped every heat so you made up everything you lost (injuries aside of course). Not sure what meeting you guys and the ref were watching.
  6. Would have been an even bigger win for Poole if the ref didn't let Kings Lynn jump the start.
  7. You're just really boring Gavan. You know that one person on the forum who everybody is sick of seeing... It must be pretty rubbish knowing you're that person. You're literally that person on the forum that everybody is sick of. Boring, boring, boring posts being passive aggressive about Poole. You're like a jealous ex. So boring.
  8. Would be hard for any rider to defend against a dive like that.
  9. BurntFaceMan

    Poole v Somerset. Prem B. 13/8/18 BT Sports.

    Ah yeah, I saw this one! I was being a bit greedy and hoping for a UK commentary haha.
  10. BurntFaceMan

    Poole v Somerset. Prem B. 13/8/18 BT Sports.

    Does anybody have a recording or link to this meeting they could share with me please? Can't find anything online
  11. BurntFaceMan

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    How is it an environmental offence? It is their track... They can do as they please. It might go against the recommended guidelines but it's not against the law to use an oil as a binder.
  12. BurntFaceMan

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    You said: "Lynn got stuffed - expected There was oil on the track - not expected" The way you wrote your comment implied that both events happened during the same time frame. They even go as far as to imply that Lynn's stuffing (and boy was it a stuffing) may have been related. Perhaps people who spend too long in King's Lynn struggle with tweets and posts! Especially our little boy Robby last night who rather than pointing out an issue (that I think we've since determined isn't even against the rules) decided to libel Poole Speedway whilst also removing context from the fans. Context is very important, especially when you've just had your backside spanked, your number 1 has gone crying in public about the track, and then you post a picture condemning an oily track.
  13. BurntFaceMan

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    What did the track grader do?
  14. BurntFaceMan

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    There was no oil on the track during the meeting. And the track was in great shape last night.

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