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  1. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    A couple of years ago when the World Cup was held at Belle Vue the race off on the Friday was pretty poor but this was when NKI broke the track record and all the winners times were around the 58 second mark but for Saturdays final the times were all 60 seconds plus and the racing was brilliant so does prove that meetings can be more exciting when tracks are more slicker.
  2. Yes as it’s turned out with also losing MPT I realise we would have had to use a guest for him but I would still have gone with r/r for NKI with Lambo Erik Ty and TJ taking a ride.
  3. At least the sport would have had some credibility. Even my wife thinks it’s a joke and she knows very little about speedway.
  4. In my opinion I would much rather have seen both teams go with r/r win with your own riders or lose with your own riders and it would have stopped all of the rubbish that has been spouted on this topic.
  5. I went to Bydgoszcz on Sunday for the Tomas Gollob benefit meeting and if it wasn’t for the fact that I helped him in a small way I wish that I hadn’t bothered. People rave about Polish speedway but I’ve never been to a meeting that didn’t have one pass after the first and second bends for the whole meeting. I’ve never left a meeting early but after Tai wrapped up the meeting in heat 17 me and the wife started our journey back to Toruń totally bored rigid.
  6. Agree with you webby and when Dale says this team fights to the end you now have to believe him 100%. I was fortunate to be there on Monday and it was an unbelievable come back. It would be an almighty shock if we don’t manage to make the final now but you never know and it’s not over till it’s over. I think for Belle Vue to do that they need to hit us hard early on but to do that they will need an outstanding reserve something that they don’t really possess. I can’t see Berge scoring 18 points like MPT did at the NSS. Could be close on the night but I think we will run out winners by round about 10 points.
  7. Don’t think there are to many kl fans that think this is a gimme, I think it’s going to go right down to the wire
  8. Don’t know what happened there but my reply came before your post
  9. Don’t know where you got your information from but tonight’s crowd was much better than any National League meeting I’ve ever been to. Ok it wasn’t the best crowd I’ve seen at Lynn this year but to be honest I didn’t expect it would be.
  10. Clive Ward

    Leicester V Somerset 03.09.18

    Personally quite pleased to see.Doyle not in heat 15
  11. £27 seems reasonable to me, first meeting full price of £18 with the second at half price. Don’t suppose the riders are riding the second meeting for half price points money.......didn’t think so. Many people on this forum have often said that nearly all clubs are losing money and then when we charge half price it’s to much, sometimes I think the stars promotion must think “why do we bother”.
  12. Clive Ward

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    Meeting delayed to let fans in, bloody hell we must be a good attraction!!
  13. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Anybody know how long Garrity is going to be out
  14. This meeting is a bit tricky to predict, we have a few riders who are a bit unpredictable at the moment. Niels could easily get 15 or his usual 8 while MPT and TJ could both score 7 or 8 or 3 or 4 it’s hard to say on current form. Also how will Newman go, let’s hope he wants to show Poole what they are missing. After all of this I think it will be close.

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