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  1. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I had a quick chat with Richard at the Tatum and Pearson evening and he told me his role was all about generating sponsorship for the club
  2. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    No, I think it will be Riss and they will keep TJ hanging another week!!!!
  3. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Great to see Lewis back this season. If we as supporters can’t be happy that a local lad is in the team then god help us. We should be singing what Spurs fans sing about Harry Kane He’s one of our own He’s one of our own Lewis kerr He’s one of our own
  4. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    No definitely not there’s plenty of people where I stand AND they all support the team 100%
  5. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thank goodness the vast majority of supporters do, it’s just a very few of the posters on here that quite frankly moan about everything that the club does that doesn’t. My worst fear is that I might find myself standing next to one of these people at a meeting, doesn’t bear thinking about.
  6. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Looks like the club are dammed if they don’t and dammed if they do, no surprise there either with some people.
  7. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Fourth rider to be announced on Friday.
  8. Clive Ward

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    This has probably been raised already but can anybody tell me why Kings Lynn are in the southern section and Peterborough in the northern section when kings Lynn are quite clearly north of Peterborough.
  9. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Definitely not for me Scott is well passed his best and his average is only going to go one way whereas I think Ty can easily up his 6.67 a bit, wouldn’t surprise me he finishes the year on close to a 7.00 as long as he can remain injury free.
  10. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Certainly looks that way now
  11. Clive Ward

    Ipswich 2019

    If Niels is at Lynn we would have to lose at least two riders TJ and Kerr would be my choice which would then give us 4.13 for our last reserve. I think your theory could be spot on.
  12. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree with you regarding heats 13 and 15 but if we do get Niels our two reserves would be Andersen and more than likely Simon Lambert so that would leave us weak in heats 2 and 8. If we don’t get Niels Erik could do a decent job in heats 13/15 as he did on a few occasions last year when called upon. While I said what I hope the team is without Niels deep down I hope he’s back with us for next year and we can go one better and win the league outright next year.
  13. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    To be honest if we don’t have NKI as back up to Robert I would be quite happy to see the following team at kings Lynn this year. 1 Robert Lambert 2 Lewis Kerr 3 Erik Riss 4 TJ 5 Ty Proctor 6 MPT 7 Kasper Andersen i think this team adds up to 42.42 and while we probably wouldn’t win the league we would be very competitive especially at home. In my opinion every rider has the potential to up their average and I would be supporting a team of kings Lynn riders not riders who are here this year and gone the next. The 1-7 I’ve quoted would definitely ride as a TEAM and do the stars proud this season.
  14. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If Tungate showed his Aussie Championships or National Speedway Stadium form at most other tracks in England he would be a steal on his average but unfortunately he doesn’t show that.
  15. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Can’t see Tungate coming to Lynn, well I hope not anyway. Firstly we would be in the same senario as with Bomber in that we would have to get rid of two riders to accommodate him and as we are reasonably loyal to our riders I just can’t see that happening and secondly he’s usually totally rubbish around the AFA.

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