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  1. Yes I agree with that, much rather have the team we have now and put up with whatever the Danes throw at us in the future although it’s got to be sorted into the future. The only positive is at least we are away tonight and would have probably lost anyway.
  2. Niels was again off the pace, seems to be well down on power to me which is having an effect on his gating which is poor at the moment. Well done to all the team though a great battling performance. The actual racing was very poor, if Lynn had meetings like this one it would half the crowd
  3. If TJ and Palm Toft ride at Leicester like they did last year then I back us for a narrow win
  4. Clive Ward

    King's Lynn v Swindon 02/05/2018

    Riding r/r for TJ means we can cover him with Robert, Ty, Michael and Lewis def makes us stronger on current form.
  5. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Ty 12+1 guesting for Redcar at Sheffield good to see him getting some track time
  6. Clive Ward

    Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    With the amount of rain offs we have had BT certainly made a good call in deciding not to televise any meetings until June
  7. I’d put money on it being the back straight
  8. Clive Ward

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Can’t take it with you haza
  9. Clive Ward

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    As I’m aware this season heat 2 should start 4 mins after the riders cross the line finishing heat 1 and so on through the meeting. This should take about an hour so that leaves 30 mins to cover false starts, crashes etc so could and should be viable to finish a meeting about 9.15ish. The first race starting at 7.45 would be a start to this happening.
  10. Clive Ward

    King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Started to attend speedway again when Darcy was riding for us so have no idea what went on between heats that was so good, can somebody enlighten me please.
  11. Good job Holder isn’t riding then, I heard somewhere he doesn’t like spongy tracks!!
  12. Clive Ward

    King's Lynn v Wolves 11/04/18

    Star Lady, Haza and Bagpuss have all given you very good reasons why tonight’s meeting was called off early but you clearly either don’t understand what they are saying or you don’t believe them so I thought I would add my two pennies worth. Firstly I am a farmer something I’ve been doing for 45 years and I’m also a member of the local drainage board so I would like to think that I do know something about rain and the effects that it has on the ground. You said in an earlier post that if there was some rain in the morning of a meeting that it should still go ahead, well yes I agree with you there but only on the assumption that we hadn’t had a lot of rain say in the 4 or 5 days leading up to that meeting, the trouble here is that we have had heavy rain virtually everyday for the last 3 weeks. Even when it hasn’t rained much like today there has been no wind or sun to start drying the track which is most definitely well into the clay base by now. If we’d have had 10/15ml of rain only this morning Buster would have easily have prepared a good racing surface but we haven’t so it is what it is. We even had a stock car meeting called off last week something I’ve never heard of before. The weather for the weekend and next week appears to be more encouraging and in my opinion the track will only just be ready for the meeting against Belle Vue next week so tonight’s meeting, not in a million years so great decision by KL Speedway to call it off early.
  13. Clive Ward

    King's Lynn v Wolves 11/04/18

    Going on the amount of rain we had over night I’m not surprised it’s been called off. Definitely the right decision.
  14. Clive Ward

    Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    We all know Roberts nemesis is his gating and if he is to become a top rider then that part of his racing certainly has to improve. I think this is a big year for him, just sorting his gating out could easily put a point on his average and with good equipment under him (I’m sure he will have) I’m looking for him to achieve a nine point average this year. Improved gating = more wins, more wins = more points, more wins = more confidence, all of these = happy rider, happy rider = my 9 point target for him. With the standard of the league now I’m sure he can achieve this and if he does we will definitely not be in the bottom two like most people seem to predict we will be.
  15. Clive Ward

    Which rider is to improve the most in 2018

    While I agree that Bewley is a great talent has everyone forgotten that Robert Lambert is still only 19.

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