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  1. Goldhawk

    Ipswich 2019

    So was I Steve from the same season ( 1970 ) until 1996 and I also live in Essex ( How we miss our nights of "Traxcitement" at the Wick ah ? ) and ditto on the Witches memories who more years than I care to remember did the bloody double on us and were hated as you say by the Hackney management and fans ! ! John Berry was also a complete pain in the arse to boot . Tiger Louis was invincible at home AND at Waterden Road , Shrimp Davey almost the same . Such is the state of the sport in UK they are now are my nearest club . I must however admit I went there last season and was very impressed . Almost every clubs facilities and track declined since the 1970s but not here . Vastly improved stadium , facilities , and track and racing with friendly atmosphere and the anti away fan vibe long gone . Well done to them , hope to make a few trips there next season and wish them every success in Premiership , even if they are the old 'nemy !!
  2. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Kim Nilsson would be suspect away , the bottom three look good and much more suited away . Could they get Zagar in though as over 8 points ? Great signing if so retaining Scotty and KK .
  3. That is the winning formula with at least two top riders .
  4. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Ditto Chris and you have given the British fans much to cheer over the years & WHO CAN FORGOT CARDIFF IN 2007 - ONE WORD - BRILLIANT !!!
  5. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Don't agree on second paragraph from Foamfence , fans ARE entitled to their view . No fans = No promoters but agree with rest of the post at same time and there isn't a rider who tries harder than the Bomber and having met him he is one top bloke too . Onwards and upwards to Bomber and the Rockets for the season in which we're only one month into to be fair . PS Steve Jenson stated at Tatum / Pearson night in February at Paradise Park that he reads these forums and learns from them ( Frankly that's a breath of fresh air from a rival promoter not far away from Rye who treats them with contempt if their views doesn't match his ) I've no doubt that Steve wants to build a very successful club at Rye or he will as last year change team to achieve if need be . The club in general are geared towards the fans with a friendly atmosphere on night at the Speedway and that's a very good starting point going forward !! This promotion if they had qualified could have won the 2017 Premier league in their first season in top division .
  6. Goldhawk

    BT Sport Meetings £10?

    Couldn't agree more . I went to 1979 World Final in Chozow with over 100,000 people there to cheer on the Brits and Zuper Zenon but we had Wembley then with 80 - 90,000 people typically in attendance . Watched clips on You Tube the other night of 1978 Golden Jubilee World Final ( A meeting I was at ) from Wembley with capacity crowd , brought a tear to my eye to compare with now . I went to Romford in the early 1970s as a kid with crowds regularly over 5 - 6,000 packed in , the atmosphere was incredible - FANS make atmosphere , was like a mini Cardiff every Thursday !!
  7. Goldhawk

    BT Sport Meetings £10?

    Ive been to a number of Ekstraliga tracks and meetings in Poland although not in most recent years . Zeilona Gora , Wroclaw , Gorzow , Leszno , Toran , Gniesno , Ostrow and Rybnik come to mind . The crowds , atmosphere, racing , riders , and stadia can not be matched in a country where Speedway is high profile with extensive TV coverage . The GPs / league matches are shown live on mainsteam TV . The nearest we have any where near stadia and racing wise in my view is Belle Vue with at least 80% or more less people . The 2016 WC final there would be a match for Polish Eksrealiga meeting with crowd and atmosphere but this of course was for a WC final with GB in it . I remember watching the Play Offs in Poland on TV around 2003 with over 30,000 people reportedly in attendance . Speedway is a religion with approval and backing from councils and high up in country with investment in top class purpose built stadiums . I have even been to events with the President in attendance. We have to go back to the 1970's sadly before we were anything like it crowd wise and its poplarity . Unless a massive Premier League sponsor found and its profile and exposure brought to the fore in UK a la 1970' s the sport will continue to sadly decline . The fixed night for Premier League designed to resolve rider availability and bring back more stars immediately followed by rules to restrict them , you couldn't make it up ! Without these riders coming back and off nights being run its an own goal !! NB On admission prices as said not been for over decade but admission prices around £3 - £5 then when we were nearer £15 .
  8. K.K. Called up as wildcard in Warsaw GP on 12th of May
  9. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Excellent and the competition for that would be in another league completely to here .
  10. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Although a work in progress my understanding is start line seating as was going onto first and second bends replaced by new seating in its place on home straight .
  11. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    I do agree to an extent on quiet PR during close season and have doubts on some riders signed , Kennett is one of them , but Steve was hunting down the current World Champion in close season hardly going for easy names . No doubt based on last year changes WILL be made if team under performs . We will soon see how they get on the track and should all get behind them in the meantime. Up the Rockets !
  12. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    On the subject of Leaping Len when is he going to receive an honour from the Queen for his incredible service to Speedway .
  13. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    It has been quiet from club in the winter to be honest and I also hope that further stadium improvements have been made and are saddened B.B. not riding as a real tryier and bums on seats rider , Sumner is not in same bracket tbh . I did go to Tatum and Pearson night in February at Paradise Park however and Steve Jenson and Peter Schroeack were interviewed by them on the night at length and was pretty impressed with them both. They had been talking to Jason Doyle in winter and thought they had a deal to sign him only to find he'd been talking to Somerset also and signed for them instead. SJ like most others not impressed with implementation of one 8 point rider rule and other parts of promoters conference . Unlike nearby rival club promoter ( and I use that term loosely ) He DOES listen to the fans and stated at above he also reads these forums and learns from them so cut him some slack guys because in a couple of years or maybe earlier he will have built a very good club . Len is an icon of the sport and a very hard act to follow I have to say but Ive been a fan of the sport for many years and in business dealing with the public . Steve has all the basics right to succeed and is making a very good night out at Rye House with friendly atmosphere around whole stadium coming from top and riders downwards with excellent presentation.
  14. Goldhawk

    Lakeside 2018

    Sounds a dead loss to me

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