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  1. Goldhawk

    Ipswich 2019

    He would have been and switched from scrambling if I remember right , the kid bit was me !
  2. Goldhawk

    Ipswich 2019

    First saw Tiger in his first Speedway season I believe in 1969 at Romford as a kid in his tiger leathers, he was bloody good even then ! A outstanding career followed . A great rider and ambassdor . He IS Ipswich Speedway ! And a Legend in the sport .
  3. Goldhawk

    Ipswich 2019

    So was I Steve from the same season ( 1970 ) until 1996 and I also live in Essex ( How we miss our nights of "Traxcitement" at the Wick ah ? ) and ditto on the Witches memories who more years than I care to remember did the bloody double on us and were hated as you say by the Hackney management and fans ! ! John Berry was also a complete pain in the arse to boot . Tiger Louis was invincible at home AND at Waterden Road , Shrimp Davey almost the same . Such is the state of the sport in UK they are now are my nearest club . I must however admit I went there last season and was very impressed . Almost every clubs facilities and track declined since the 1970s but not here . Vastly improved stadium , facilities , and track and racing with friendly atmosphere and the anti away fan vibe long gone . Well done to them , hope to make a few trips there next season and wish them every success in Premiership , even if they are the old 'nemy !!
  4. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Kim Nilsson would be suspect away , the bottom three look good and much more suited away . Could they get Zagar in though as over 8 points ? Great signing if so retaining Scotty and KK .
  5. That is the winning formula with at least two top riders .
  6. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Ditto Chris and you have given the British fans much to cheer over the years & WHO CAN FORGOT CARDIFF IN 2007 - ONE WORD - BRILLIANT !!!
  7. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Don't agree on second paragraph from Foamfence , fans ARE entitled to their view . No fans = No promoters but agree with rest of the post at same time and there isn't a rider who tries harder than the Bomber and having met him he is one top bloke too . Onwards and upwards to Bomber and the Rockets for the season in which we're only one month into to be fair . PS Steve Jenson stated at Tatum / Pearson night in February at Paradise Park that he reads these forums and learns from them ( Frankly that's a breath of fresh air from a rival promoter not far away from Rye who treats them with contempt if their views doesn't match his ) I've no doubt that Steve wants to build a very successful club at Rye or he will as last year change team to achieve if need be . The club in general are geared towards the fans with a friendly atmosphere on night at the Speedway and that's a very good starting point going forward !! This promotion if they had qualified could have won the 2017 Premier league in their first season in top division .
  8. Goldhawk

    BT Sport Meetings £10?

    Couldn't agree more . I went to 1979 World Final in Chozow with over 100,000 people there to cheer on the Brits and Zuper Zenon but we had Wembley then with 80 - 90,000 people typically in attendance . Watched clips on You Tube the other night of 1978 Golden Jubilee World Final ( A meeting I was at ) from Wembley with capacity crowd , brought a tear to my eye to compare with now . I went to Romford in the early 1970s as a kid with crowds regularly over 5 - 6,000 packed in , the atmosphere was incredible - FANS make atmosphere , was like a mini Cardiff every Thursday !!
  9. Goldhawk

    BT Sport Meetings £10?

    Ive been to a number of Ekstraliga tracks and meetings in Poland although not in most recent years . Zeilona Gora , Wroclaw , Gorzow , Leszno , Toran , Gniesno , Ostrow and Rybnik come to mind . The crowds , atmosphere, racing , riders , and stadia can not be matched in a country where Speedway is high profile with extensive TV coverage . The GPs / league matches are shown live on mainsteam TV . The nearest we have any where near stadia and racing wise in my view is Belle Vue with at least 80% or more less people . The 2016 WC final there would be a match for Polish Eksrealiga meeting with crowd and atmosphere but this of course was for a WC final with GB in it . I remember watching the Play Offs in Poland on TV around 2003 with over 30,000 people reportedly in attendance . Speedway is a religion with approval and backing from councils and high up in country with investment in top class purpose built stadiums . I have even been to events with the President in attendance. We have to go back to the 1970's sadly before we were anything like it crowd wise and its poplarity . Unless a massive Premier League sponsor found and its profile and exposure brought to the fore in UK a la 1970' s the sport will continue to sadly decline . The fixed night for Premier League designed to resolve rider availability and bring back more stars immediately followed by rules to restrict them , you couldn't make it up ! Without these riders coming back and off nights being run its an own goal !! NB On admission prices as said not been for over decade but admission prices around £3 - £5 then when we were nearer £15 .
  10. K.K. Called up as wildcard in Warsaw GP on 12th of May
  11. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Excellent and the competition for that would be in another league completely to here .
  12. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    Although a work in progress my understanding is start line seating as was going onto first and second bends replaced by new seating in its place on home straight .
  13. Goldhawk

    Rye House 2018

    I do agree to an extent on quiet PR during close season and have doubts on some riders signed , Kennett is one of them , but Steve was hunting down the current World Champion in close season hardly going for easy names . No doubt based on last year changes WILL be made if team under performs . We will soon see how they get on the track and should all get behind them in the meantime. Up the Rockets !

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