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  1. Goldhawk


    Received mine ok today - Essex
  2. Goldhawk

    Philip Rising

    Absolutely , and Phil was happy to answer.
  3. Goldhawk

    Philip Rising

    PS Will the Star start a campaign to get recognition and a gong for Leaping Len Silver ?? He is way overdue and can't be a more deserving person in British Speedway
  4. Goldhawk

    Philip Rising

    Been buying SS since 1970 as a school boy and have all the copies. I am enjoying the edition even more at the moment and all those throwbacks and to the riders involved and catching up with them. Terrific tribute / obitary to Hackney Hero Zuper Zenon last week by them.
  5. Goldhawk

    Zenon Plech RIP

    Mauger wasn't that popular with fans at Zenon's English club Hackney. Mauger mentioned that years later along with Wimbledon if I remember rightly . He was allocated to Hackney by British Speedways rider control I believe in the late 60s and refused to go there.
  6. Goldhawk


    Would be great to see them back but such a large stadium and likely few fans will be hard to generate much atmosphere.
  7. Goldhawk

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I've been to many Polish league meetings and tracks also and completely agree with above. Sadly they are a different league to here on all levels. Lets hope things get back on the up next year here.
  8. Goldhawk

    Zenon Plech RIP

    Absolutely re Vic and Zenon's arrival. I recalled that race back to him with Olsen and breaking track record 20 plus later. He reminded me Olsen was World Champion at the time ! Zenon just turbo charged past him back the back straight and the place went mad !!
  9. Goldhawk

    Zenon Plech RIP

    ZUPER ZENON !! We called him and he was our hero . My all time favourite rider and just incredible. The whole stadium at Hackney buzzed when Zenon took to the track !! We travelled to Chorzow Poland for the World Final way back in 1979 to cheer HIM on . This draw some confusion from the Poles but he was idolised by us Hackney fans and we were routing for him to win. He should have won the meeting and been 1979 World Champion . He was so humble and total gentleman off track . I got the chance to chat with him on the plane to Voyens GP in 1999. He vividly remembered his time at the Wick 20 years later and clearly had an affinity and affection for his adopted club and the fans who loved him. Our car had a ZUPER ZENON sticker in the back window when he rode for us. One day my wife was driving car up the M11 , who should draw up beside her ? Zenon himself and gave her a wave. Len Silver will be mortified to hear of Zenon's passing - RIP Zenon - A TRACK GREAT & LEGEND IN THE EAST END - WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU ! - UP THE HAWKS !!!
  10. Goldhawk


    So do I . Terrific read , always look forward to reading every Thursday, well done all at the Star.
  11. I support Belle Vue and can't pretend that I liked the guy for his off the track troubles and the bad publicity it brought he sport, but I was never in doubt when I saw him ride that I was watching a unique talent. Absolutely . I supported Hackney but this guy was a very special Speedway rider and English. Its all what ifs but without doubt he had the potential to have been up there with Mauger and Rickardson.
  12. Lets leave out the negative and remember the talent. In the 50 years I have followed sport for me Micheal could have been our greatest ever English rider.
  13. Agreed. Michael could have been a Speedway Great and in the very top bracket with Mauger and Rickardson with one World Championship already at 20 . Therein could have been the problem being so young with to much to soon. He was both dazzling and brilliant.
  14. Well done Terry. Thanks for the clarity on GH result, yeah it was 2 - 0 . Was shocked to see the manner in which Bo was beaten. I remember Michael had a column in the Star and writing about the KL 27 - 51 victory at Waterdon Road. It must have been late 70s maybe. To those who haven't read the book on him ( and DVD ? ) i recommend.
  15. Absolutely. Bo Peterson at Hackney at that time was pretty much the same . He couldn't beat Michael either for the Golden Helmet who won 2 - 1 from memory.

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