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  1. winstoncigar


    I don't know about 'tea and biccies' but the idea that you would find any sane person willing to invest in a single new speedway track (let alone dozens) is 'pie in the sky'
  2. winstoncigar

    Buster Chapman and the Secret Society

    What would really be fascinating would be for (in the interests of transparency and clarity of course) the minutes of the BSPA AGM from last year to be made public. it'll never happen though, because it would allow us fans to see just where the blame for this seasons fiasco really lays.
  3. ridiculous. Speedway shooting itself in the foot again
  4. winstoncigar

    27•06•18 - Premiership - Rye House v Swindon

    Who is supposed to give these riders a living? It can only come from paying customers, sponsors or Promoters own pockets.
  5. If they make it to next season.....
  6. winstoncigar

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    you may not have to wait until the end of the season........
  7. winstoncigar

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    There's no point talking about crowd sizes five years ago, it's the crisis that Speedway faces now that needs addressing. Monday night entertainment , as pointed out earlier, is the most difficult night of the week to sell. Why on earth so called Promoters agreed to it when there were other options avaliable is beyond belief.
  8. winstoncigar

    Bt Sport Coverage

    No TV money may well spell the end for certain teams
  9. winstoncigar

    Rye House V Leicester 2nd August 2017

    Light drizzle at the stadium currently

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