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  1. winstoncigar

    Rob Godfrey interview in Speedway Star

    This is real pie in the sky stuff. Schools don't entertain commercial presentations unless they're getting some serious cash back there way. And seriously, do you really mean "Come and have a go at this dangerous sport, a broken neck will be good for you"?
  2. winstoncigar

    Lakeside and the BSPA

    Any connection between this and the BSPA becoming a Limited Company ?
  3. winstoncigar

    AGM November 2018

    Which you won't see until July 2020 at the earliest
  4. winstoncigar

    BSPA Ltd.

    Impending lawsuits?
  5. winstoncigar


    Spot on. I've taken newbies who didn't have a clue what was going on yet when the idea of modern (ie electronic) timing and scoreboards was put forward the powers that be shunned it.
  6. Pub rumour was that they'd have been racing at Rye this weekend if it hadn't been for the BSPA management committee being awkward.
  7. Rumour in the Sandmartin last night was the Hammers will be at Rye House before the season ends
  8. winstoncigar

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    You've hit the nail on the head. Can you seriously imagine young fans standing on the terraces filling in programs the way we used to (still do)? They want electronic timing, fastest laps, big screen replays, modern looking bikes, manufacturer imputs etc etc
  9. winstoncigar


    Pretty much sums up my feelings at the end of another sad week. Speedway will never go back to it's 'glory' days. They're gone for good and if the promoters and their association don't recognise this and start coming up with a real 21st century entertainment package then five years from now there will be NO professional speedway in this country AT ALL (except a once a year GP.) Do I hold out any hope? After the way my two regular teams have been treated by the BSPA in the last couple of months? What do you think.
  10. winstoncigar

    Rye House 2018

    the elephant in the room is the Sky/BT tv money. What was promised to BMR (and other clubs) and when.
  11. winstoncigar

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I'd put your tin helmet on if I were you
  12. winstoncigar


    The bikes are the problem, to the uninitiated (new fan) they look like something from the 1970's, which is pretty much what they are. Like it or not, Speedway as a team sport has had it's day and to attract a new breed of fan the machinery and the presentation has got to look 21st century. The actual track, its' surface, shape and length is pretty much immaterial.
  13. winstoncigar


    I don't know about 'tea and biccies' but the idea that you would find any sane person willing to invest in a single new speedway track (let alone dozens) is 'pie in the sky'
  14. winstoncigar

    Buster Chapman and the Secret Society

    What would really be fascinating would be for (in the interests of transparency and clarity of course) the minutes of the BSPA AGM from last year to be made public. it'll never happen though, because it would allow us fans to see just where the blame for this seasons fiasco really lays.
  15. ridiculous. Speedway shooting itself in the foot again

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