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  1. Nice start for Wright!
  2. Appears as Bellego won´t race in Vojens. Jurica Pavlic will step in instead. https://www.espeedway.pl/news,tauron_sec_bellego_przegral_z_kontuzja_zastapi_go_pavlic,94805,286.html
  3. Is their a chance that their will be a stream?
  4. Not a liveupdate but something atleast. https://www.facebook.com/holstedspeedway/?hc_ref=ARQs2JXfMFSqYMaon6B3Gk1mwFS_HdlbCocFXL0_Jj3NpJmHwOj5fhXPZKQy7aprzZA&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARA65MLq97LK5a1GN8gxRpW1dQW4BaFe7zQkahP1OUGWYNptXdLu8bQvejfxZmtjITNvDGzNFUMnGwKvMkk3JTSa-syII7tzgqLmpsMVz6cVikJJlRmVxDsCYOyQrhYmaMwqPtEhZfHyP8bugT3PyphnTWErbUGk7BTV73oVTgU1i-fZeW7h3qzcBlf4heGliiYlt_hxBG0K6EN09C1JB6VwoLXc7uE5THeZWNfOEju2ptffNB5Dtkf3NCF63XEWAicFu75CQumlFdA2g0igOM6yBlJQ78DbqMNTa50tkmhMpmjotBohoDgqUz2UCPUaUHlEataWgo4y6hCOIOjlTsQkDw&__tn__=kC-R
  5. For those of you who are interested here is a list originally put together by the Swedish Public Service channel SVT with the average attendance for the 2018 season. https://www.elitspeedway.com/artikel/sjxsaju0w-21mi1/publikstodet-okar-i-ess-se-hela-listan-har. The orginal list you can find here: https://www.svt.se/sport/artikel/publikbarometern With an average of 4841 Smederna has the 21st highest average attendance in Sweden amongts all professional leagues and the highest average outside Allsvenskan (football) and SHL (icehockey).
  6. And out of pure curiousity which are those events? But quite interesting with the possibility of Pedersen riding in the Long Track World Championship (that´s if he starts out with Long Track and gets a wildcard/manage to qualify). When was the last time a speedway rider with his resumé competed more regularly in the LT World Championship (or Long Track in general)? If I remember correctly Jason Crump rode in the New Zeeland Long Track Grand Prix for like 15 years ago but I think that was more of a sporadic thing.
  7. Doesnt they take out every riders two best results from the semifinal round and use that as the ground for which riders goes to the a- and b-final? Since then Miliks 7 (5+2) beats Nickis 6 (3+3)?
  8. Ok, thanks for the answer. Got a VPN so watching now.
  9. The stream seems to be goeblocked this year. Any suggestions?
  10. Using the tread for last years edition I have hopefully managed to find the sites both for livescores and livestreaming: Livesvore: http://online.speedwaylive.eu/volne-zavody/pardubice/zlata-prilba/2018-09-30/qualification.html Streaming: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/tv-program/ Hopefully the stream will like the last few years be open to us who doesnt live in the Czech Republic. And here is the starting field for mondays Lubos Tomicek Memorial in Prague: https://www.speedway-prague.cz/startovni-listine-na-mlt-chybi-uz-jen-dve-jmena/
  11. erinil1

    Current league riders who started in the 80s?

    Is Billy Hamill still competing back in the States? If he is he´s going to be on that list. Rune Holta perhaps also could be on that list? In 1989 he turned 16 and perhaps then took part in some official competition in Norway? And also is anyone from the older Hungarian team still active? I'm thinking of guys like Z Adorjan and S Tihanyi who both are born in the 1960s and competed at an international level until atleast a couple of years ago. Also Norbert Magosi could be on this list. Atleast the first two competed at the international stage for a long time.
  12. And Hallstavik got a new deal for 2 more years. https://www.svt.se/sport/motorsport/vm-tavling-stannar-i-malilla
  13. If two or more men finish on the same point for the (two) last place(s) to next years series what happends then? Some form of "playoff"?
  14. Joel Kling will replace the injured Chugunov at Daugavpils. Source: http://se.aktuellspeedway.eu/2018/06/25/chugunov-borta-fem-veckor-kling-ersatter-i-lettland/
  15. Apparently Becker is injured. Gino Manzares will replace him in Germany. Source: http://se.aktuellspeedway.eu/2018/05/27/par-vm-usa-tvingas-ersatta-skadad-becker/

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