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  1. British Under 21

    Anyone know why Sam Bebee pulled out? Shanes, Clegg, Zach, Jenkins, Brennan, Mountain and Bailey to go through I think. Maybe Edwards or Kemp could sneak past Jenkins for a surprise.
  2. Who Finishes Where 2018

    1. Woffinden 2. Doyle 3. Zmarzlik 4. Dudek 5. Zagar 6. Emil 7. Lindgren 8. Hancock 9. Laguta 10. Vaculik 11. Janowski 12. Pawlicki 13. Pedersen 14. Holder 15. Cook Think Woffinden will be back this year to his best and pip Doyle. The two poles will go close but ultimately slip away. Next four speak for themselves. Laguta to go close, Vaculik or Janowski to be close to top 8. Pedersen and Holder nowhere near their best and it will be the last year for both in the GP's. Hope Cook can do himself justice but just can't see him challenging. Hopefully he does the qualifiers and qualifies for next year and gets a year experience on the continent to have a real push in 2019. Would love to see him do well though.
  3. I was impressed by Kyle at Mildenhall. He seemed to learn very quickly. For me the best out of the three presently is Jordan but I'm obviously more likely to be biased. I'd imagine there's a good chance all three could be holding a permanent Championship place at the start of next season, clearly Bickley will. Any guesses for where the other two boys could end up? Jenkins possibly Ipswich? Not sure on Brennan.
  4. Newcastle 2017

    Really happy to see Alfie get a Championship place. You can never fault his effort and he'll definitely pick up points. Was disappointed to see him leave Mildenhall at the end of last season but it has certainly worked in his favour.
  5. Congratulations to Zach on his win. Disappointed in Connor Dugard's comments in the Star recently comparing Tom Brennan to Kyle Bickley, saying Tom was the best 15 year old around at the moment. Kyle certaininly made him eat his words tonight. The boys should just be allowed to develop, add Jordan Jenkins into that and we have three bright British prospects.
  6. Plymouth Track

    A National League track with a lack of dirt and a blue groove seems to be a growing trend.
  7. Buxton V Mildenhall

    Good win on the road but gutted to see Luke Ruddick get injured. He's been growing in confidence all year and really turned his form around so hopefully he's back soon although the early prognosis doesn't sound great. Best wishes to Jon Armstrong too. Lee Smart to replace Luke whilst he is out now Kingsley is at Buxton?
  8. Are you involved in the club adz_mft? I'd like to hear the views of someone involved as to why there is no consistency with the track. I understand the stock cars issue but it wasn't as much of a problem years ago and nowadays it's pot luck as to what you're going to see. One week it produces brilliant speedway and the next time loads struggle to get round.
  9. Presenters And Announcers

    Does a fantastic job at Mildenhall.
  10. Would you class the track as acceptable today? That was absolutely ridiculous and Jolly's attitude to the Plymouth riders horrendous. I'll be heading to Ipswich or Peterborough for my speedway now.
  11. Yes that's a fair point. The place should clearly go to Wilkinson.
  12. Anyone who moans about Schlein being in the final, can't moan Lambert isn't in. If anything he has more right by virtue of actually qualifying! You can see it happening now Auty is out however. Wilkinson and Barker should be allowed the opportunity to travel for a run up and then the loser is first reserve.
  13. If Lambert gets a place it's ridiculous. I don't care how much people want him there, the 9th place riders in both semis should get a race off at Belle Vue if one rider drops out, unless one's score was higher.
  14. Eastbourne 2017

    Told you it was a reliable source... Although it's been obvious for ages that Knight was back and he's only ever going to go to Eastbourne in reality so just a matter of time.
  15. How is he allowed to be a number eight when he's in another sides 1-7? Lewis Whitmore would be my next guess.