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  1. Speedway28

    Mildenhall vs Eastbourne KO Cup Final

    The Eagles are well in this tie. Fought back brilliantly and have possibly swung the momentum of the tie their way. I think last night showed Ayres is a big loss for the Fen Tigers despite the obvious quality running through the side. Exciting meeting last night with many fine races. The double swoop from Ryan Kingsley in heat 7 I believe was superb. Kemp and Bailey also pulling off superb manoeuvres. Was surprised Sam Bebee wasn't brought into heat 14, was gating fairly well and I'd of fancied him to beat Spiller and Brooks if he gated. Marson struggled after heat 2 and couldn't ride the outside line which was needed to pass. A word for Eastbourne, Wood was impressive, not sure why he didn't do heat 15? Brennan looked fast when leading and no one was catching him. He has improved a hell of a lot this year and I think he has a very bright future ahead of him. The fitness of Charley Powell could be a big decider in where the trophy ends up. Was a particularly nasty fall and I'm sure he's feeling very sore today. I think Mildenhall will just shade it tonight and win the trophy but I certainly wouldn't rule Eastbourne out. Sure to be a night full of drama at Arlington.
  2. Speedway28

    Wild Cards 2019

    Can see it being Dudek, Zagar, Pedersen and Vaculik. Would personally like to see Dudek, Vaculik, Madsen and a new young gun, with the only realistic options being Lambert or Fricke as they won't add any more poles. A year early for both probably but would be nice to see someone different.
  3. Speedway28

    Torun 2018

    Congratulations to Tai! Fully deserved title, Bartosz pushed him close but Tai put in a fantastic year. Wonderful to see Tai dedicate the title to two special people in his life. I don't care what anyone says, Tai has grown up massively in the last two years and I thoroughly hope he defends his title next year. A true privilege to watch him win the first GP in Warsaw and I hope next year is even better.
  4. Speedway28

    Ipswich 2019

    Can't see Drew Kemp being anywhere other than Ipswich. It makes sense to ride close to home and he's already stated he wants to be back.
  5. That's an intellectual response. If you re-read my post you'll see I'm discussing a number of promotors, not simply Ged Rathbone. It's a forum, you're allowed an opinion.
  6. Please point out where I referred to tonight's meeting in any way in my post? I was talking about the build up where he has constantly moaned about Lakeside. I have also explained that it's not just him in the sport doing a similar kind of thing. I appreciate you may be disappointed your quadruple chances are over but I'm afraid you're slightly off point here.
  7. I absolutely love this sport but I, like many others, are finding this year just too much. One of my biggest bugbears at the moment is the constant whining and petty arguments from promotions off the track! In a struggling sport, there are too many simply in it for themselves and unable to get along and help each other out. Peterborough a clear example here. There are many others guilty, Mildenhall and Eastbourne in the National League also clear examples. All I've read and heard in the last three months is the likes of Rob Godfrey and Ged Rathbone moan on and on about why they're being hard done by in various scenarios. I haven't attended Peterborough once this year and that is purely based on this man and how he carries out his business. I fail to see how the sport will ever become improved when we have this constant bickering and whining. Until promotors are willing to help each other, surely they realise their own situations are not going to improve! Let the riders do the talking on the track, that is where the fans want the drama! Anyway, congratulations to Lakeside on the win. Glad they've managed to get to a final after losing their track.
  8. I understand that but chances are the NLRC won't be finished till 3.30 at the earliest, then there's the presentation should either get in the top 3. A 5 start at Peterborough is just not enough time. A 7 start would've been attainable for both.
  9. That's a question for the relevant people to answer. I just don't see how there was ever a time where they'd make Peterborough in enough time to get set up etc.
  10. Ludicrous to think Morley and Bowtell were ever going to make Peterborough for 5pm start. I'd suggest they were never riding at Peterborough today.
  11. Are the winners of this promoted or do they take on the bottom side of the top division in a play off?
  12. Speedway28

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    This forum truly is a wonderful place. You can't state an opinion without it being shot down instantly.
  13. Didn't feel the meeting was as bad as suggested on here. The races between Harris/Garcia, Cook/Lawson and Campton/Starke were all really good. Three strong races at Ipswich is usually good going! Riss looks completely lost at the moment, lacking confidence. Lawson was good value for his points, some decent races with Cook. Garcia started strongly but appears he had bike problems later on according to his twitter post. Kemp did his job, got caught out in heat 12 on the first and second bends and that was that for his race. Campton was all over the place and struggled. Heeps just can't gate, can't see him being back next year. I still feel a team will take him but Ipswich is not the track for him. You can say the same for Covatti. For Glasgow, Cook and Harris were really strong and if they both ride like that, they do have a chance of sneaking the title. Sarjeant was impressive, scored more points than I expected. Starke was also impressive, looked fast and provided entertainment. Vissing was average but scored enough for them. Nicol seemed to struggle, not sure if that was his first visit to Foxhall? Really pleased for Jack Thomas with his second in heat 14. You could see how much it meant too him. Hopefully it goes some way to making those long journeys to Glasgow week in week out feel worthwhile for him. I'm sure it's been a draining season for him but delighted to see him pull that off and deserved for his efforts this year in trying to further his career. Glasgow just might surprise a few in the play offs with a strong top two if they can both perform as they have. Much could depend on how fit Greaves is or the guests chosen if he doesn't return.
  14. Speedway28

    Ipswich 2019

    Would be amazed if Louis doesn't a huge change up over the close season. Garcia has been great, I doubted him personally but he's done fantastically. However, I think at 5.5 he may have ridden himself out of the side. Riss seems to have completely lost it recently, if he can rediscover his form he's worth a shout next year.
  15. Speedway28

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    It may be amateur but he still has to be professional surely?! He can show he cares without acting like he has previously. I'm sure people appreciate the fact that he has kept speedway going at Mildenhall but it is a promotor's choice to run a speedway team is it not? He's done a fantastic job but I just told don't believe he does things the right way. But hey, like you say, all about opinions.

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