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  1. Speedway28

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Spot on. I believe this move has been arranged for a while. Tungate mentioned in the Speedway Star last week that something may have come up in Britain. Everyone thought that meant Ipswich but I suspect that Harris had been told what was happening at this point and Peterborough were awaiting confirmation from Tungate that he would sign. The reaction from Harris certainly suggests that another move is arranged in my eyes.
  2. Speedway28

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Wouldn't be surprised at all if this is just simply a move for Harris from Peterborough to Ipswich to 'even up' the teams slightly. Will be interesting to see what Harris has to say about it. However, should Peterborough sign Tungate I can't see them being much worse off with Harris on the wane, no matter what people say. It just shows the clear issues presenting themselves with Buster owning three clubs in the same league. Buster received praise for buying two different clubs to keep the league going and I believe that is correct. However, it's clear already it is going to make a mockery of the sport and sadly, there is only one way the sport is going in this country. The way senior figures in the sport try to suggest that is incorrect, is purely self interest. As a supporter, issues like this really do make me consider paying money to watch this sport live in the UK. I have developed a stronger passion for the sport over the last four/five years but the issues of last season and then things like this have made me seriously consider. I do feel for Peterborough season ticket holders who which seeing Harris in the side would've clearly been a big draw to buying one.
  3. Speedway28

    Ipswich 2019

    Can't see the witches finding a top number one for 2019. The financial outlay just wouldn't be viable so can't see that happening. A solid approach can still work though, as seen by Poole's success last year.
  4. Speedway28

    NL Cup draw 2019

    The idea of the showing the draw was a good one, however the unprofessional approach has ruined it. It is slightly concerning that Jason Pipe believed that it was acceptable for the product they are trying to produce. It may be a step in the right direction but it was a seriously poor attempt at something which should be not difficult to produce.
  5. Speedway28

    AGM November 2018

    Interesting comments in various areas on the statement today. However, playing devils advocate, I think some realism needs to be seen. The first issue of note is the doubling up issue. There was never going to be a huge change this season, the fact the BSPA are aiming to slowly lessen the riders allowed is a good sign and possibly the only realistic option moving forward. The changing of teams in leagues is interesting. It's clear there was a real lack of desire for sides to be in the Premiership and Buster taking over Peterborough and Ipswich was the only solution. Whilst it may seem to bring the sport into disrepute, the simple facts are that without Buster's investment in the two clubs, the top division would not exist at it stands. Having a top division still must be seen as a positive and a chance to move forward. Seven strong, stable clubs are a good starting point moving forward. One thing I would say is the identical statements posted by Ipswich and Peterborough, 'quoting' Chris Louis and Ged Rathbone are embarrassing. At least put a bit of effort into it! The lack of fixtures is still a huge issue that hasn't been taken care of and is a huge concern I believe.
  6. Speedway28

    AGM November 2018

    Really hope we get some positive news on the sport we all love tomorrow. Fingers crossed 2019 will see the current decline of speedway within the UK stop and the start of some form of recovery beginning.
  7. Congratulations to Eastbourne, fully deserved over the two legs. Not Connor Dugard's biggest fan but he was spot on over the course of the season when saying that the league is won through the play offs, not in July/August. Injuries badly affected Mildenhall over the course of the two legs, Danny Ayres especially being a huge miss I feel. However, the Eagles have grown over the course of the season and I think they may even have nicked this over a full strength Mildenhall side tonight. The contest was over from the start with an extremely slick one line track. It didn't suit Mildenhall in the slightest with an inability throughout the side to gate well. Credit to Eastbourne though, on the ball from the start and killed the tie in the first four races. A word for Charlie Brooks who has come on massively this year and looks to have real potential, Jason Edwards too. I still feel that Kelsey Dugard riding for Mildenhall in the first leg made a complete mockery of the tie with him part of the Eagles camp tonight but that appears to be just how speedway is these days.
  8. Mildenhall may have no choice other than to use Kelsey Dugard but it really does make a mockery of the final.
  9. Speedway28

    Mildenhall vs Eastbourne KO Cup Final

    The Eagles are well in this tie. Fought back brilliantly and have possibly swung the momentum of the tie their way. I think last night showed Ayres is a big loss for the Fen Tigers despite the obvious quality running through the side. Exciting meeting last night with many fine races. The double swoop from Ryan Kingsley in heat 7 I believe was superb. Kemp and Bailey also pulling off superb manoeuvres. Was surprised Sam Bebee wasn't brought into heat 14, was gating fairly well and I'd of fancied him to beat Spiller and Brooks if he gated. Marson struggled after heat 2 and couldn't ride the outside line which was needed to pass. A word for Eastbourne, Wood was impressive, not sure why he didn't do heat 15? Brennan looked fast when leading and no one was catching him. He has improved a hell of a lot this year and I think he has a very bright future ahead of him. The fitness of Charley Powell could be a big decider in where the trophy ends up. Was a particularly nasty fall and I'm sure he's feeling very sore today. I think Mildenhall will just shade it tonight and win the trophy but I certainly wouldn't rule Eastbourne out. Sure to be a night full of drama at Arlington.
  10. Speedway28

    Wild Cards 2019

    Can see it being Dudek, Zagar, Pedersen and Vaculik. Would personally like to see Dudek, Vaculik, Madsen and a new young gun, with the only realistic options being Lambert or Fricke as they won't add any more poles. A year early for both probably but would be nice to see someone different.
  11. Speedway28

    Torun 2018

    Congratulations to Tai! Fully deserved title, Bartosz pushed him close but Tai put in a fantastic year. Wonderful to see Tai dedicate the title to two special people in his life. I don't care what anyone says, Tai has grown up massively in the last two years and I thoroughly hope he defends his title next year. A true privilege to watch him win the first GP in Warsaw and I hope next year is even better.
  12. Speedway28

    Ipswich 2019

    Can't see Drew Kemp being anywhere other than Ipswich. It makes sense to ride close to home and he's already stated he wants to be back.
  13. That's an intellectual response. If you re-read my post you'll see I'm discussing a number of promotors, not simply Ged Rathbone. It's a forum, you're allowed an opinion.
  14. Please point out where I referred to tonight's meeting in any way in my post? I was talking about the build up where he has constantly moaned about Lakeside. I have also explained that it's not just him in the sport doing a similar kind of thing. I appreciate you may be disappointed your quadruple chances are over but I'm afraid you're slightly off point here.

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