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  1. Speedway28

    Kent 2018

    Glad to see William get another team spot. Is never going to be a world beater but is making steady progress. Hopefully Kent will give him the rest of the season, he deserves a spell in one team.
  2. Speedway28

    Glasgow 2018

    Interesting and I'd suggest slightly disappointed move from Cook in my opinion. Feel that Cook is settling for Championship and Premiership now. You have to praise him for getting to the GP's and whilst it is clear he is out of his depth, it's a shame he's already going backwards without giving it a full season. However, on the flip side this could certainly improve Cook's confidence so you can tell why he's doing it, as well as the financial gain from the Glasgow promotion I would suspect. Not sure it improves Glasgow that much though, Cook won't score too many more than Worrall to also cover the Greaves for Kerr switch.
  3. Get well soon Josh and Sam. Sam Bebee has had far too many injuries for his age, let's hope he can come back and get a clear run with some luck for the rest of the season. His courage is clearly of the highest level.
  4. Really looking forward to this tomorrow, could make a case for nearly half of the field having a chance of winning. Pleased to see Stevie Worrall has recovered from his injury so quickly but it's ridiculous that he's been put in the meeting. Makes a complete mockery of qualification. A predication for the final result is 1. Lambert 2. Schlein 3. Cook 4. Bewley.
  5. Speedway28

    Mildenhall 2018

    Kelsey Dugard missing for Eastbourne tomorrow according to the Mildenhall press release. Any reason why? Or is it meant to be Charley Powell that's missing as he didn't ride for Eastbourne tonight?
  6. Speedway28

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Spot on. Ridiculous when you think about it, still a good result for Robert. Comfortably the most difficult qualifier this year I'd suggest.
  7. Speedway28

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    He's only in line for the Speedway of Nations because the first meeting is at Belle Vue, anywhere else in the world and he wouldn't of been in my opinion. For what it's worth, I believe it should be Woffinden, Cook and Lambert. Chances are Lambert will take rides at Belle Vue and probably most of Cook's in Poland. Bewley's doing brilliantly but no need to rush him.
  8. Speedway28

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    All the hype around Bewley in the UK is letting Robert Lambert slip nicely under the radar. 8 from 3 to follow up a strong start to the season.
  9. I just don't see the causal fan seeing a £15 admission price, £1 cheaper than a Championship meeting, viewing that as value for money. I appreciate the young lads try their best and there is something special about seeing the youngsters come through but I'd guess from the crowd that people paid more attention to the pricing than you expect. I'm not suggesting £10 but why not charge £12/13 and bring more people in? Drew did well but I expected him to push Flint for the podium place but it sounds like a bike issue, so fair enough I was harsh on Drew. Just a word for a couple of the other riders. Taylor Hampshire is improving which is great to see. Looked a decent prospect at Mildenhall and was disappointed to see him move on, hopefully he'll be back in the future. Also, impressed with Charlie Brooks. Really struggled to get round in his first ride but is clearly a quick learner and improved rapidly over the night, getting close without threatening to overtake Kyle Bickley in one race.
  10. My questioning of the pricing was based on the Under 21 qualifier at Peterborough last year being just £10. Just wondered if the casual fan may have been put off by the pricing. Anyway, on to tonight's racing... Bewley was expected to win easily but is just one of those riders who you can watch leading by miles and still enjoy the race. He really is something special and I hope his development continues. Hugely impressed by Leon Flint. Really attacked the track and clearly has loads of potential. Expect him to be in the Championship with Berwick next year. Also very pleased he got third place as I don't agree with run offs when a rider has already beaten the other in their scheduled race. Looked like an expensive run off for Thomas though, with sparks flying out of the bike. Was disappointed with Bickley, have to question whether the move into the Championship has come too early for him. Last year would've been perfect with each time having to have a 2.00 average rider, but this year the jump may be too big for him at the moment. Enjoyed watching Joe Lawlor, shame to see him nearly fall which cost him a chance of the podium. Bit scary to watch when he turns round every single corner looking where the riders behind are! Expected slightly more from Kemp and Edwards but they're both very young and their time will come. Both attacked the track well and have to wonder if the pressure of being at a local track may of played on Kemp's mind slightly. Tom Brennan was absolutely superb and has come on leaps and bounds. Gave his best to push Bewley out in their race but just didn't have the pace, however he wasn't a million miles away the whole race through. Another one with huge potential and I just wonder if Chris Louis may be on the phone to Martin Dugard soon. Overall, an enjoyable night. Congratulations to Dan, Tom and Leon on their achievements.
  11. Speedway28

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    More than likely to be an unpopular opinion but can't help feeling that the decision to put Dan Bewley in ahead of Adam Ellis is a bit harsh on Adam at this stage? They've put a lot of work into Adam the last couple of years and with him having had a good start to the season (I know Bewley has done well too) he should surely be ahead of Dan Bewley?
  12. £15 for a glorified National League meeting with Dan Bewley enough to put many people off attending? Just make it £10 and get lots more in.
  13. Speedway28

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Brilliant to see Tai and it's a start for Cook, could've gone worse at least! You could see the difference in experience out there last night, he just needs time which admittedly, the GP's are not a place to learn! Hopefully he'll get better over the season though. I do think some people should realise how well he has done to get where he is and actually applaud him for his efforts so far. Laguta was the big surprise, definitely looks a decent contender for a top 5/6 place on the basis of last night, entertaining to watch too. Lindgren was strong as expected, also impressed with Holder, looked very fast at times.
  14. Speedway28

    Mildenhall 2018

    What did James Easter say about Danny Ayres today? I hope Danny turns up safe and well and all is ok. There must be more to this than meets the eye and I hope the club take the time to support Danny, whatever has happened. A brilliant character within the sport and seems like a thoroughly decent bloke.
  15. Speedway28

    Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    dontforgetthefueltapsbruv- Oh I see, that makes sense! Not a slight on Kyle at all, he's more than entitled to celebrate a paid win, especially beating Schlein. Baldyman- Fingers crossed he does come on, would be a hell of an asset for the Witches if so. I was more speaking about his confidence in that it can't be good for him if he finds Foxhall a struggle. But after everything that happened last year, you can clearly see he has a good head on his shoulders and I'm sure many are highly supportive of Connor.

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