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  1. Jack Holder confirmed as wildcard. Big opportunity for Jack to back up his Polish league form.
  2. I’ve seen from numerous discussions that a number of riders haven’t been asked. Clegg, Morris and Nielsen certainly. The line up really should’ve been decided on averages from last season and riders asked in that order. Maybe others have declined, but a bit more transparency wouldn’t be the worst thing!
  3. No stopping Zmarzlik for the title this year.
  4. Yeah, I don’t disagree he’s done brilliantly. My point mainly was that I felt Fricke deserved another series and I believe he does. I wasn’t suggesting that Holder didn’t deserve a go but I would also suggest there could be room for both potentially, rather than one. As others have also mentioned, it does feel like the series needs a refresh. It’s all about opinions at the end of the day, sometimes people just won’t agree.
  5. Yeah, Fricke shouldn’t get a wildcard because he couldn’t beat Janowski and Lindgren, two GP winners this year.
  6. Will be interesting to see how Jack Holder goes in Toruń if he gets the wildcard. My point is that I just think it would be harsh on Fricke to only get one year when he qualified off his own back and didn’t get the chance of a ‘proper’ series.
  7. I like Jack Holder but he’s had one decent summer in Poland, Fricke deserves a chance to build on his progress. Doesn’t make finals next year then move onto the next. I’m sure Monster will have their plans though.
  8. I hope that Fricke gets a wildcard next year. Feel that whilst not setting the world alight, he has made progress this season and deserves another go.
  9. According to this week’s Speedway Star, Steve Worrall is in the line up.
  10. Brennan Palin Kemp top three I think. One of the Thompson twins for fourth. Do we know if it is a straight 20 heat format as per previous years or is there a final this year? Finals are good experience for the young riders as they look to push on with their careers.
  11. I agree that people would’ve complained if there were too many young riders in the event but I think that would be better than including riders that aren’t British? I understand people want to see Jason Crump but he shouldn’t be riding in an event called the British Championship as an Australian.
  12. Very disappointed in this. Had my suspicions that this would happen having seen the schedule for other sports but it’s poor form to not be showing at least one of these meetings live.
  13. I think it’s completely fair that people don’t agree with Crump riding in the BRITISH final. He never rode as a Brit, has always made it clear he’s Australian and therefore he really shouldn’t be in the British final. Yes, circumstances dictate that things are different this year and that does it make more understandable but as others have suggested, a British Open final may have been a better title. With regards to the stream, I have no idea on production costs but £12.95 seems steep too me. I can understand people in both camps really and it’s great for people to sit and watch some speedway at home if they don’t have tickets but for a one off meeting, with no idea of the quality of stream, I believe the price is steep. But in general, well done to the BSPA in getting an event on and I hope it’s a fantastic success for all.
  14. Troy Batchelor has seemingly tweeted that he’s in the line up, having becoming a dual citizen.
  15. Still announcing riders today which would suggest the meeting goes ahead but King was announced in the Speedway Star so maybe it's simply off the back of that. What sort of line up are people expecting? Rumours that Charles Wright has followed Cook in not taking part, completely understandable in my eyes for a one off meeting. No Nicholls confirmed also. I admire the efforts to get the meeting on but I'm unsure people would want to see a completely watered down line up complete for a British title, hence my scepticism behind the decision not to announce the line up before the tickets went on sale.

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