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  1. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Best 500cc rider of the day, is that better Uncle Andrew
  2. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Anders Rowe having a skid at the amateur at scunny today, went through the card (and track was bad) while clocking the fastest time of 60.0 secs, by far the most impressive rider on the day, Rob get him signed up!
  3. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    It has been often said on the terraces where I stand we need a new manager, even most of us on the scaffold stand could do a better job
  4. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Find out the week of the 12th, be fun to find out what rules and regs are for next yr
  5. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Hugh Skidmore?
  6. ScunnyDan

    BSF Awards - Championship

    Rider of the year - Josh Auty, had the season of his life before his injuries Most impressive team - Workington Team rider of the season - Jake Allen (Scunny) One to watch - Jason Garrity Bulldog award (Best British rider) - Craig Cook Meeting of the season - Scunny vs Workington (KOC Final) or any of the 3 Scorpions v Sheffield meetings Surprise of the season - Workington Underperformers (Team) - Redcar Unluckiest rider - Lewi Kerr Newcomer of the season - Drew Kemp
  7. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Come up with 2 possible teams for next season, wouldn't mind either Team 1 Auty (8.36) Josh Pickering (6.11) Steve Worrall (8.17) Jake Allen (7.37) Tero Aarnio (6.83) Connor Mountain (3.62) Anders Rowe (2.00) Total Averages 42.46 Team 2 Auty (8.36) Allen (7.37) Ryan Douglas (5.2) Steve Worrall (8.17) Nico Covatti (6.56) Nathan Greaves (4.09) Anders Rowe (2.00) Total Averages 41.75
  8. ScunnyDan

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Defo wasn't meant to be for the Scorpions, didn't think 18 was enough but defo didn't expect to be demolished like we was. Congrats to the Comets, I personally hope you do the treble
  9. There was defo more than 500 there, wont be too far off 700 for sure
  10. ScunnyDan

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Good luck tomorro Scunny lads, really cant see 18 points being enough, as worky are bloody epic round their own track.. go prove me wrong lads and bring the trophy home
  11. Well, what more can be said.. A fantastic meeting, a real shame it wasn't on BT Sport, but Tapes up videos was there filming it, a must have DVD for any speedway fan, that really was out the top drawer, along with the biggest crowd for speedway at the EWR for some time. Fair play to both sets of riders who put on a show, Scunny didn't have it as easy as we'd have liked although built up a handy lead, I think 20 points and the cup would have been Scunnys, 18 im not so sure. Its still all to race for on Thursday, good luck Scorpions
  12. By all accounts Jake will be, Proctor wont
  13. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Josh Auty 8.36 Dimitri Berge 5.03 Jake Allen 7.37 Todd Kurtz 5.91 Steve Worrall 8.17 Connor Mountain 3.57 Anders Rowe 2.00 TOT 40.41
  14. Personally I'd say Tero is the best choice of guest. He's been a superstar round the EWR this season and is a former Comet, so has to be booked for both legs, please Rob

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