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  1. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    And very happy to he helping such a great club
  2. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Was just thinking the same myself montie, (i appreciate ive only done 1 stox this season) but comparing the speedway crowds to stox speedway have had double the crowd stox had last night
  3. ScunnyDan

    2018 Season Highs & Lows

    For us at Scunny, cant really say we have too many highs, making the semis of the Championship Shield and KOC... Injuries for us have cost us this season, and has been the talk in the terraces of what could have happened if they all stayed fit... For the league in general it's pleasing to see teams like Berwick and Workington in the top, teams not normally up there battling for the playoffs. Its also amazing to see some up and coming riders like Drew Kemp coming up and doing so well in the league, looking forward to seeing riders like Anders Rowe, Jordan Jenkins, Tom Brennan etc come into the league in the next few years too
  4. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Yeah he is a Scunny asset, most of us would love to see him back in scunny colours
  5. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Take Jason, TJ and Josh out and im sure you and Sheffield fans will be very happy with that top 4 in a Sheffield racejacket
  6. With the season end fast approaching, its time to look towards 2019, and hopefully there will be a 2019 for the Scorpions. Personally I think we should try build our team around Josh, Jake and Jason, the 3 that have arguably carried our team this season. 1. Steve Worrall- Think he may be back next season after this season not going to plan. 2. Josh Pickering - Always seems to ride the EWR very well, would love to see him in a Scorpions racejacket on a full-time basis 3. Josh Auty - Is he really going to go anywhere else? Roumered to have his testimonial at the EWR in 2019 4. Jake Allen - Been the best rider in the 2018 Scorpions by far. He also intends to be in a Scorpions jacket next season 5. Jason Garrity - Just have a slight feeling he will be back in Scorpions colours next season 6. Broc Nicol - Likes the EWR track, would be a good addition to the Scorpions. 7. Joe Lawlor - Impressed in a short time with Sheffield this season, why not give the kid a chance Not sure what the averages would come up to, but a team that would be entertaining
  7. Advantage Workington going into the 2nd leg, whenever that will be. Have to say I was looking forward to seeing Anders ride, but was shocked to see Danny there when we arrived. Fair play to Danny for turning up. Not the best of meetings for Scunny's very high standard. I believe the weather did alter track conditions which ultimately played into the Comets hands. Would like to say Scunny have the power to go through, but our reserves I have a feeling will let us down, yet again
  8. International Speedway League Bureau
  9. 55_35 ippo win methinks
  10. ScunnyDan

    Sheffield 2019

    Zainie Kennedy
  11. Gino has also been practicing today after the amateur meeting (and rob put the track back to league meeting conditions) and was flying.. We cant fault the efforts of our reserves each week they try their hearts out and seeing them in the pits after races and meetings, defeat hurts them

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