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  1. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Allen, Lambo, Broc Nicol, Adam, Tommy, Drew Kemp and Jordie would do just nicely for me
  2. ScunnyDan

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Anddddd the award to the most pointless fixture of the season goes to.... this one! Impossible task for the Scorpions already, I'm half surprised we haven't forefitted tbh... Good luck Scunny boiiz
  3. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Adam will tell you himself, he uses the same bikes for Scunny as he does for Sheffield. In fairness, Adam was mainly brought in for away performances - however, the Scunthorpe track has been prepared very inconsistantley all season - and Adam's struggled to learn Scunny as his home track due to that and the fact that everyone can ride Scunny! I'd personally love to have Adam back next season if the rules allow
  4. Thank you sir, for coming and supporting the lads and paying your admission to help keep the club alive! Meeting wise - that wasn't the best meeting we've had this season, I dont mind losing to the Lions, a team that would do well in the Premiership, but even the racing wasn't entertaining last night. Outclassed by the Lions from the gate and that was that. Congratulations to the Lions and I wish you well in your quest to retain the league title. As for the Scorpions - for a team tipped to be in the bottom part of the table, we've done good this season and I'd like to thank each and every rider that's donned a Scunthorpe race jacket this season, it's been a pleasure to follow you guys home and away all year. Onto next year now and it was pleasing to hear that Rob's secured Jake Allens contract from Somerset - maybe that means he's coming back?!
  5. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    This season, our crowds have been the best I've seen in years... Leicester cup, Poole and U19s probably the lowest ones (first two being weather related).. We could do with praying Leicester beat Glasgow today, then having Glasgow here on Friday, smash them (again) then doing enough to qualify for the next round
  6. ScunnyDan

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    not quite.... this was https://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/19617/ben-fund-bonanza-scunthorpe-2020
  7. Can we sign Broc Nicol.. he seems to ride better guesting for Scunny than he does for glasgow
  8. Jack Thomas guests for Palin Broc Nicol guests for Aarnio Ultimatley around CP, strengthens Scunny imo
  9. Would be pretty cool for lightning to strike twice! Can't see it happening tho.. 48 42 Tigers
  10. ScunnyDan

    Scunny v Leicester 3.9.21

    Can confirm I wasn't stood alone, so whoever you are, clearly don't know this living legend I like to believe I am. Man has friends (surprising, I know) Beaten by the better team on the night. No arguments or complaints there, Scunny simply wasn't good enough on the night and quite frankly don't deserve play offs.
  11. ScunnyDan

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    I can potentially see two changes, dunno who we'd bring in for the 2 riders though. (and no, Josh Auty is not the answer)

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