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  1. With Somerset riding away at Glasgow, it wont be Rowe
  2. NEWCASTLE - Steve Worrall, Max Clegg, Lasse Bjerre, Matt Wethers, Thomas Jorgensen, Jacob Buckhave, Danny Phillips SCUNTHORPE - Josh Auty, R/R, Danny Ayres, Stefan Nielsen, Ty Proctor (g), Dave Wallinger (g), Ryan Kinsely Evenly matched in my opinion, but i'll go for a 48-42 Diamonds victory
  3. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Have heard that Glasgow nor Newcastle didn't want this Friday too... plus, seeing the weather this week, the track I would say is damaged enough and with more rain due, theres no way God himself would be able to get a track suitable for a proper race meeting
  4. ScunnyDan

    MY Top 20 Riders

    Surprised your's isn't David Speight x20
  5. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Sure I read in Speedway Star maybe a week or two back Anders would be the guest for Bailey for this meeting. I'd also use Ryan for Jason, if allowed.. Tigers defo favourites for the meeting, but hoping the Scorpions can pull it out the bag
  6. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Think Jedd could be on his way to Newcastle, and if that is the case, good luck to the lad
  7. It was our lowest crowd of the season, but that could mainly be down to people going to Poland for the GP?
  8. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe 2019

    What sort of average would Connor Coles come in on? Glasgow not using him anymore but seems to have been scoring? Would be a better option than Jedd?
  9. ScunnyDan

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    62-28 Leicester win
  10. Fingers, arms, toes, legs everything crossed Jake is ok
  11. Not too sure myself either with them having the 20 years, it was just the easier one for me to get rid of the white background

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