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  1. Janowski £100 more also Zagar £100 more
  2. Zagar £200 more thank you
  3. Hi R&R sorry I missed last year thank you for arranging again this year Susans1
  4. Susans1

    Bash The Bookie Sec Finals Competition 2017

    Kasprzak £800 less
  5. Susans1

    Bash The Bookie Sec Finals Competition 2017

    Klint £200 less sorry I missed out on beat the bookie this year
  6. Mickthemuppet seems to be doing well without the advice of last years winner Susans1
  7. Thanks to everybody who took part in Racer and Royals comp I hope to take part next year and I am sure the result will be different and I confirm that like the last 2 years the prize money will go to the Ben fund and Darcy Ward please all keep in touch regards Susans1 (John Bolingbroke) Racer (Tim) I have sent you a PM to you regarding the prize money please give to the Ben Fund and Darcy Ward thank you Susans1 (John)
  8. This message is for Joe Beevers thank you Joe for your kind words and thank you for your understanding lets hope everybody else thinks the same mainly racers and Royals as I have enjoyed the comp, I agree with you that some of Rogers (mickthemuppets) posts gave the wrong impressions but unfortunatly I have no control over his posts, this is my first comp and hope to take place in many more. Regards John Bolingbroke (Susans1)
  9. This a message for racers and royals being the organiser of this comp just to let you know that I am very upset at being accused of cheating in your event I have just read post 29 myself posted by Mick the muppet) Roger) and I can understand how people think but this is roger winding me up if there is any way of me proving we are different people please let me know. I only joined the forum at the beginning of your comp on the advice of Roger (Mick the muppet) if you still don't believe we are not the same people then I am very sorry. John Bolingbroke (Susans1).
  10. I am not in the habit of telling lies or cheating in any comp so I will tell you all again that Mick the Muppet and myself are not the same person my name is John and The Muppets name is Roger if you want our sir names I am quite happy to give them to you although I will tell you that it was The Muppet who introduced me to the forum hopefully you will believe me now.
  11. The muppet is a good friend of mine who I go speedway racing with (Ipswich) also we have an interest in tennis please believe me.
  12. Hi racer do you think the Muppet and myself are one and the same if you do your mistaken
  13. Hi racer what does a KKS moment mean.
  14. Mr Muppet I think you are trying to blow my cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I will probably have a maximum bet as it is not in my nature to have a small bet it all depends on how kind racer is with his spreads

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