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  1. Yes please more than 7
  2. Thompson 100 more with spread stretcher
  3. Hi Bewley 200 more (edited selection)
  4. Can anybody tell me the date of the GP in Prague in 2022 thanks susans1
  5. Could somebody confirm to me that if Poland get to the final and win the final heat and there 2 nd rider finishes 4th who would be crowned champions Poland or the other team there seems to be confusion regarding this thanks
  6. Can anybody explain what happens on day 2 are the scores carried forward and do all the teams qualify for tomorrow then what does the winning team have to do to win outright thanks
  7. Susans1

    GP Betting 2021

    Is there any way I can watch the meeting tonight any links thanks susans1
  8. Susans1

    Polish Betting 2021

    Thanks racer as you probably have sussed out I am not the brightest lad where my iPad is concerned.
  9. Susans1

    Polish Betting 2021

    Does anybody know if the SoN meeting is being shown anywhere tonight on my ipad thanks
  10. Sorry to sound thick where can I find your meeting thread
  11. Hi does anybody know a link so I can watch gp on my ipad thanks
  12. Hi If the result stands after 8 heats why do bet365 deem my bet -8 Wroclaw void after 12 heats or is this the norm Susans1

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