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  1. Official sell out yesterday afternoon - although I think you’re right, I’m sure they’ll be some floating around
  2. Flying out to this tomorrow with 4 mates, but we only have 4 tickets between the 5 of us - if anyone has a spare or hears of any Friday night/Saturday - please let me know!
  3. Looks like no Woffinden - Broken shoulder blade & bruised lungs according to twitter
  4. Went to this with a couple of friends. We flew in Ljubljana mid afternoon Friday from Stansted and stayed there for the duration. We caught the train to Krsko at 12:50, one change with a small wait and we arrived at the track after a 15/20 minute walk from the station around 2:35. Some beautiful scenary on the train if that’s your thing and easy to understand. Taxi back to Ljubljana after racing was slightly more difficult, but doable and safe enough - I’ll definitely revisit.
  5. AlexBrady

    Warsaw 2019

    Now making my way to the old town area - any suggestions on bars?
  6. AlexBrady

    Warsaw 2019

    1st time in Warsaw, and I’m so excited for the start of the GP series it’s untrue! Predictions? I’m going for 1st Woffinden, 2nd Zmarzlik 3rd Emil 4th Dudek. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a brilliant night!
  7. Great ride and what form he is in. It may be early days, but back to back titles looking like a certainty
  8. AlexBrady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You’re right Mike - and your first paragraph hits the nail on the head - it was aimed at some of the Kings Lynn ‘fans’. The purpose of my proposed bet was to see if any of these people who are adamant that Kings Lynn will collect the wooden spoon (or to be battling with Ipswich to avoid this) would be brave enough to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ and, unsurprisingly in my view, nobody has taken up the opportunity. The bet was simple - Kings Lynn succeed and these people would £50 to the BEN fund - a price worth paying. If they don’t succeed, I would pay £50 to the BEN fund and all these negative people ‘win’ as they could take great pleasure in saying ‘I told you so’ along with Speedway benefitting from the great work the BEN fund do. Ultimately, it was the long winded way to get to the point that, no matter what is offered, you will never please everybody. I said a few months ago, people would moan if we signed Woffinden, Zmarzlik & Dudek, and I stick by that. Drop the negative attitude, get behind the sport and the team, and lets actually look forward to the 2019 season, I for one can’t wait - if the predictions are right for the remaining team spots, it will be a team of triers and a team I think the fans can connect with. Putting my tin hat firmly on now . . .
  9. AlexBrady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I will restrict it to 10, but a worthy cause for the money to go to if anybody is happy to accept.
  10. AlexBrady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Blind faith perhaps!
  11. AlexBrady

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think the stars will make the play offs next season. I know there’s plenty of people who’ll disagree - I’ll happily wager £50 with anyone who disagrees, losers money to the Ben fund - I’ll happily put my money where my mouth is ...... of course if it works both ways ......
  12. AlexBrady

    Eastbourne 2019

    Reading the speedway star and I hope it works out. Wonder if Eddie Kennett is still demanding £1500 appearance fee as per Rye House last year . . .
  13. Appreciate the advice, will look into these locations. Frustratingly, Due to work commitments, I have to fly from my local airport for this one (Norwich, UK) with a change in Amsterdam en route - not the easiest so praying for a dry weekend and good racing!
  14. After some advice if possible, I have tickets to Malilla, and I'm flying into Vaxjo airport, but I'm not sure where to stay? Plenty of places to stay near the airport but I understand its nearly an hour and a half away - Any suggestions halfway/Closer to Malilla? Thank you.
  15. AlexBrady

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Crazy! Any ideas on what Harris would’ve been earning? Presume he must be Ipswich bound now.

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