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  1. AlexBrady

    2020 Wildcards

    So it’s Woffinden, Hancock, Lindback & Laguta! Whilst I think it’s the right decision, I’m surprised Lindback got one over Michelsen Looking forward to 2020 already
  2. AlexBrady

    Torun 2019..

    I am travelling out from Stansted tomorrow morning for this one - I got tickets for me, my wife and daughter - My daughter doesn't actually need a ticket so we have a spare - We can meet in Bydgoszcz or Torun tomorrow - Sector O, Row 1 - Face value is 600PLN - Please feel free to message me.
  3. Weight, set ups etc - no suggestion of anything illegal from my end! Other people around me on the terraces Saturday night and again in Wroclaw were saying that he does get get in lines sooner off the bends but likewise, I can't notice it!
  4. AlexBrady

    Introducing yourself....

    Unfortunately not, I get to around 2/3s of the home, and 4/5 away a season generally. I’d love to make every meeting, but the distance, work and my daughter do hold me back slightly. When I go though, I always try to bring a car load of people who wouldn’t normally go otherwise - friends, family etc, and I’m pleased to say that a handful of these have since become hooked and go week in, week out
  5. AlexBrady

    Introducing yourself....

    Assuming this is still going ... Real name (first name only if you wish) Alex Brady - Age - 28 - Location - Bradwell, Great Yarmouth - What do you do for a living - Founder/Manging Director of Minors & Brady Estate Agents - Club you support - Kings Lynn - what got you into speedway - My uncle took me from an early age, I think I was 3 for my first meeting. - best speedway moment - I have 2 - Toruń last year to see Woffinden win the world title, or the treble winning season of the stars after the untimely passing of Ashley Jones - worst speedway moment - see above - truly heartbreaking.  - Favourite speedway rider and why - Tai Woffinden, he can do things on a bike that nobody else can, and is very down to earth. - most disliked speedway rider and why - none, there’s plenty I wouldn’t like to see race for Lynn, but I have the utmost respect for all and enjoy a good panto villain (Ryan Fisher was always great value) - what do you enjoy other than speedway - watch Norwich City, Horse Racing, Cricket and time away with the wife & daughter - social media links (if you wish to connect with other members). twitter - @bradybanger
  6. Sitting at Växjö airport reflecting on last night - a good nights racing once the first block of heats were complete. Lindgren a worthy winner, and Madsen finds speed that nobody else can - lots of talk as to how, but that’s for another day. Looked an incredibly harsh exclusion for Doyle in his final heat which ultimately cost him his spot in the semis, but I’m yet to see a replay. A steward at the venue told us the crowd was 5,500 - but I’m terrible at estimating so I wouldn’t like to guess either way. Final mention goes to Tai Woffinden who made our trip that little bit extra special - inviting myself, my wife and our almost 2 year old daughter into the pits, allowing her to sit on his bikes and sit in his pit bay - a true top man and his true form on a bike is only round the corner I’m sure. Next GP were attending is Cardiff, so Teterow and Vojens will be a tv job - looking forward to them already.
  7. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn v Wolves 15/08/2019

  8. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn v Wolves 15/08/2019

    Interesting news via the EDP - Cook is appealing and therefore is free to ride tomorrow, so Grajczonek is now guesting for Lambert and Cook is free to ride until he’s had a hearing with the SCB!
  9. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn v Wolves 15/08/2019

    Josh Grajczonek it is for Thursday! Let’s hope we get the Josh from his last couple of rides when Poole were in town, and not the Josh who was guesting for Peterborough a few weeks ago.
  10. Appreciated, thank you.
  11. Thanks for that, similar write up to Hallstavick where they were turning people away who hadn’t prebooked. I’ll just take the chance!
  12. Flying out for this one Friday, first time at Malilla. Hiring a car and driving, does anyone know what the car parking situation is like? I’ve emailed Speedway GP & Dackarna 3 times but no reply to any!
  13. AlexBrady

    Torun 2019..

    Flew into Bydgoszcz last year, taxi is only around £10 to get the train station and then the train was around £2 for a 50 minute journey - incredibly easy
  14. Cancelled due to the weather
  15. Flying out for this tomorrow - storms forecast for Saturday tea time, brilliant! I think Doyley will go well, and I think Zmarzlik will have a big one.

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