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  1. AlexBrady

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Fully booked up for Warsaw but like above, have a late cancellation for hotel room. I’ve every intention of getting over to Italy in April - where better to spend my 30th birthday!
  2. AlexBrady

    2021 SGP Field

    No surprises - Laguta, Sayfutdinov, Vaculik, Fricke & Thomsen confirmed. I had a sneaky feeling that Nicki P would be back - shows what I know!
  3. No surprises - Laguta, Sayfutdinov, Vaculik, Fricke & Thomsen confirmed. I had a sneaky feeling that Nicki P would be back - shows what I know!
  4. Party atmosphere in the streets, felt as close to ‘real life’ as I’ve felt his year - come on Tai
  5. Confirmation of 14 day self isolation - how empty is that flight from stansted tomorrow morning going to be now! I’m still going as I’ll be able to work from home during my self isolation, but I really feel for those who can’t attend now. Let’s hope 2021 brings some form of ‘normality’ back
  6. I didn’t get tickets for this in 2020 as I was due at a wedding, so if anyone can’t make next year, please let me know - 2 tickets needed.
  7. AlexBrady

    Grand Prix Tickets.

    Did anyone listen to the Speedway chat show tonight? Second episode was tonight and they had Tai and monster Joe as guests, with Greg Hancock dropping in too as he is on the next show. The relevance to this comment is, someone asked Joe if Cardiff Is likely to happen, and short of actually saying the words, it’s off. The loose plan it seems is to run a 6 round GP all in Poland (as has previously been stated on here) and have them at 3 tracks, each one hosting 2 GPS in a weekend, ie a Friday and Saturday night, much like the Speedway of Nations but having a result per night. Interesting ......
  8. I’ve got 2 VIP front row seats for this Which cost me a total of 1500zl, will go through the refund process if no takers, but thought I’d offer them here first in case a British Fan would like to buy them first. The new date is 12 days before my second child is due, so my wife will have placed me under house arrest by this time!
  9. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Morning all, Thank your kind words - its much appreciated. Delighted to be in the position to be able to do this, and as a real fan of Speedway, it means a lot to be able to work with Buster, Dale & the team - who have both been brilliant to deal with to make this all happen In answer to question above, our third office is in Caister-on-Sea, next to Great Yarmouth. Heres to be a big 2020!
  10. AlexBrady

    SON 2020

    Tickets on sale now https://mpv.tickets.com/?orgid=53250&agency=SWMS_MPV&packageId=48035&packageListId=48033#/event/PKG/seatmap/?selectBuyers=false&minPrice=35&maxPrice=80&quantity=2&sort=price_desc&ada=false&seatSelection=true&onlyCoupon=true&onlyVoucher=false
  11. AlexBrady

    SON 2020

    Just realised the Early May Bank Holiday here in the UK has changed and is actually on the Friday May 8th so Day 1 is actually on the Bank holiday!
  12. AlexBrady

    SON 2020

    Impressive! Official release has Landshut 25.04 Daugavpils 02.05 & Manchester final as 8th & 9th May - Will it really be a Friday and Saturday? Either way, I can't wait and I'll be there! Never miss a chance to see Woffy racing live in this country.
  13. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Next rider to be announced tomorrow morning - my money is on Erik. That will be 3 riders announced in 9 days - surely there’ll be nothing left to moan about?!
  14. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Absolutely. Shameless plug but opening mid-late January!
  15. AlexBrady

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I’d be putting my money elsewhere . . .

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