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  1. TRM

    Mick the Muppet

    RIP Mick
  2. My 10 year old too. Same result. Bloke at work today had his 13 and 11 year olds jabbed yesterday , was openly bragging about it. I had no words so didn’t bother saying anything
  3. TRM

    Football 2021/22

    Thoroughly entertaining league cup final yesterday even though it was 0-0. Kepa was always going to miss! You just knew it as soon as the keepers were up for their turns
  4. As quoted previously I’m interested in peoples views, preferably people that have children in this category. In my view It’s irrelevant for people that don’t
  5. Good answer Waiheke1 and very good reason to have your child jabbed. Sorry to hear of your sons condition. I have children around the same age as you, and fortunately as far as I know they have no underlying medical conditions. I would not be queueing up to get them jabbed as I believe the ‘data’ doesn’t provide strong enough evidence to back up the need. It’s also not long until they are adult so I believe they can make their own decision when they are allowed
  6. Just used that quote to ask the question and was interested in your view, and still am to be honest I like to hear everyone’s view
  7. So you think we should be jabbing children?
  8. And probably a multi millionaire
  9. Hard to disagree with this
  10. And still, since the very start of the pandemic the biggest issue which is the need for extra hospital staff, in whichever way, shape or form has yet to be addressed
  11. I can agree with this. I have tested positive, I have had a rather bad cold that has rendered me useless for about 3 days and now my Christmas is ruined because it’s 10 days on Tuesday until my isolation is up. I’m ok now, still a little under the weather but not enough so stop me doing anything and am working (from home). I have little faith my lateral flow tests will be fully clear to allow me my freedoms after 7 days because the positive line (as of yesterday) is still rather prominent. Im pretty sure il be 100% ok tomorrow but as I am ‘PCR positive’ I can’t see people, so Christmas is off and this don’t feel right to me
  12. Be interesting to see what round they get to before the crowds will be no more
  13. Any of the main MSM outlets report the huge protests in Londons Parliament square, yesterday ?
  14. God bless them, poor little things. This world can be cruel to say the least. some of the things that have happened to children the last few weeks that have been reported in the media, makes me cry.
  15. TRM

    Football 2021/22

    Just London!?

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