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  1. TRM

    Wayne Garratt RIP

    Can’t believe this was 27 years ago. Remember reading on teletext updates that he had sadly passed when I was a child RIP Bodger
  2. TRM

    Swindon Stadium

    So what is it, 2 or 3 weeks!
  3. TRM

    Swindon Stadium

    Lived in Shorne (not a million miles from Gravesend) but moved from there late 90’s to a place about a 15 minute drive away Could have moved again obviously
  4. I remembered him making a world final , but didn’t know he had a year in the GP’s. did he qualify for the GP or did he get a wild card?
  5. TRM

    lakeside 2019

    I personally think if there was any chance that we would see more speedway in the current staduim whilst the developers are waiting to get in then Stuart would not have called it a day
  6. TRM

    Lakeside memories

    I don’t watch much live speedway these days but I had to get off my backside to see the last speedway meeting ever at Arena. I went along with my dad and took my son who is 7 and we thoroughly enjoyed the night, although we missed the last heat as it just got too late for my boy. It was a very emotional night and we reminissed about the past for the majority of it, things such as: Leigh Adams turning up to the raceway with Poole when he first arrived in the UK, at reserve on a 2.00 average! Also the day Leigh signed for us and reading of the signing in the Romford recorder. Brian Karger being signed and his rides with Bo , and the moment we opened the speedway star after having it delivered on the eve of the new season (91)and the opening 2 pages ‘ARENA SAVED’ sprawled across them. Moggo blasting around the outside of Roman Matiusek vs Coventry in the Inter league Cup (or whatever it was called) Andreas Jonnson’s many passes from the back and just how good he was around our track. I could go on all night but truly had a tear in my eye as I walked out and had to explain to my son just why I was so upset! I will be going to the last banger meeting of the season to see the place for the final final time
  7. No you can’t blame them, 99% of us would have done the same. Whether it’s right is another matter and it seems to be instilled in the majority of promotions that success will be put above paying speedway fans the majority of the time
  8. Agree with all comments. Enjoyable and close meeting, track was very slick but understandable with how much it would have been baked during the day. Not the usual racing, not any chance of a pass around the outside unfortunately. A dozen Sheffield fans made the trip and were vocal on bends 1/2, fair play to them. Broc Nicol looks good. Charles Wright unlucky with his bike breaking down in one heat and touching the tapes on another, a night to forget. Georgie wood unlucky not to get more than 3 rides, he looked good with 2 second places and a lot better than his 2 point average suggests. Good to have Kyle back. Morris a class above and never troubled, as with Lawson. Night to forget for Adam. Alfie rode better than his zero points suggest, he will come good I’m sure, there is something about the boy. Ben got a good return. Jon Cook sounding very unhappy at the BSPA
  9. My first meeting of the season tonight. Looking forward to this, hope the opposition put up a good fight and there is some good close racing that excites my 7 year old son as much as it did me when I first started going 30 odd years ago! Sun is shining bright 10 miles from the reaceway. Looking forward to seeing how Nick goes around our trick track!
  10. No comments from him on the racing tonight either, which means not only does he not go to meetings but he hasn't even got BT Sport, poor lad
  11. TRM

    Poole Vs Wolves 16/8/17

    Why did you completely change your original post from Milik to Woryna?

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