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  1. But would Chapman sell to anyone who wanted to drop down to Championship level?
  2. I can see where you're coming from, and I would have happily got behind the team Ged put together. However, after Buster cannibalised it to prop up his other clubs, I lost interest. It is clear that he has no ambition for the club other than to make up the numbers, and if he doesn't care, why should I?
  3. But it was the Bomber replacement that apparently led to the departure of Ged and Neil, since when things have gone down hill with the loss of T Balfe sponsorship and then Cook.
  4. Absolutely. Now we have a team which is not only under strength but which can't be brought up to strength.
  5. I would have settled for Ged, Neil and Championship personally. I haven't been this year, and with one racing line and a team 3 points below the limit I don't intend to.
  6. Davet

    AGM November 2018

    But most of the tracks have been the same shape for years and there have been no complaints (or not many) until recently. If the modern bikes cannot be properly controlled on British tracks then surely it is the bikes which are not fit for purpose, not the tracks. This trend towards slicker and slicker tracks just to accommodate the lay downs is ruining the sport.
  7. Flappy, if you're reading this can you please re-title the thread (totally stupid or something similar) and start a new one for Panthers 2019. Thanks in advance.
  8. I don't understand how people can believe speedway was better in the past but also say you can't turn the clock back. Surely it's clear that, if you're going in the wrong direction the sensible thing to do is to turn back. Who mentioned rule changes? Technology has reduced the smell, but has also detracted from the overall experience.
  9. I take it, Orion that you don't regard yourself as an older fan, and consequently you don't realise how much better speedway was 30 or so years ago! Sure, the racing was probably no better than it is today, but the noise, the smell, the atmosphere and most of all the fun has largely been lost from the sport to its detriment. Speedway today takes itself far too seriously. If you have ever watched stock cars or bangers you would have to agree that the "racing" is nothing special. Difficult to tell who is winning, if you even care, but these events seem to attract far better crowds than speedway, simply because of the noise and the smell, etc. which speedway has systematically eradicated due to "technological improvement". I know that, unfortunately it would be difficult to reintroduce the noise and to a lesser extent the smell as this would upset the environmentalists, bit I can't help thinking that reverting to deep tracks so that rider ability was more important than horse power would be a step in the right direction. How you bring the fun back is another question altogether!
  10. That was a memorable meeting - for the wrong reasons in some respects - but I would swap the speedway served up then for the sanitised, present day offering any day of the week!
  11. I was there too and there was no possible excuse for Howe's action. If Jeremy Doncaster had reacted it would have been understandable if not excusable. It was nothing to do with Howe. Fortunately he seemed to disappear off the scene shortly after and good riddance! There's no place for such stupid behaviour in an already dangerous sport.
  12. How did Nicki come to be brought into this?
  13. Read it again! It was the deliberate nature of Howe's action that was unforgiveable. Ronni Pedersen was, to my best memory an awkward rider, and he was certainly guilty of some unacceptable moves, but I don't believe he was ever guilty of deliberate foul riding.
  14. You weren't there though were you? Ronni Pedersen's trouble was his confidence exceeded his ability, but I don't think he ever deliberately fenced or otherwise impeded another rider. Ben Howe, on the other hand deliberately used his bike as a weapon, forcing Ronni to collide with the fence. I don't understand, to this day why he didn't receive a ban. Speedway is dangerous enough without idiots like him being allowed to act in such a way.
  15. People seem to ignore the fact that electric vehicles are not "clean"; it's just that the pollution occurs somewhere else. You can argue that these are beneficial in an urban environment where local air quality may be an issue, but petrol / diesel power is more appropriate for non urban environments where journeys are generally longer as well. The same thing can be said for hydrogen power. Hydrogen itself can be said to be a clean fuel, but where will it come from? I suspect by reforming hydrocarbons, as gas companies did in the past, but this results in the production of carbon dioxide which is released to the atmosphere so, again, the pollution would simply occur somewhere else!

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