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  1. People seem to ignore the fact that electric vehicles are not "clean"; it's just that the pollution occurs somewhere else. You can argue that these are beneficial in an urban environment where local air quality may be an issue, but petrol / diesel power is more appropriate for non urban environments where journeys are generally longer as well. The same thing can be said for hydrogen power. Hydrogen itself can be said to be a clean fuel, but where will it come from? I suspect by reforming hydrocarbons, as gas companies did in the past, but this results in the production of carbon dioxide which is released to the atmosphere so, again, the pollution would simply occur somewhere else!
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you - I'm simply making the point that noise reduction, along with H and S and other factors, while perhaps inevitable, is making speedway less attractive to many.
  3. During the '60s and '70s, the noise and the smell and (I'm afraid to say) the crashes were a great part of the appeal to many people. Closeness of racing and league success was less important than it is today as, win or lose the spectacle was enjoyable. Todays sanitised product, with the loss of the smell and much reduced noise level has greatly reduced this appeal and I believe is the reason for the disenchantment of many fans and the consequent diminishing gates. I believe the introduction of silent, electric bikes would be the last nail in the coffin for the sport, if indeed it lasts that long!
  4. I think the question should be WHY, not WHEN!
  5. Davet

    Gerhard Engine

    Seems to me that: 1. The modern, highly tuned engines cannot cope with a grippy track, and tracks have become increasingly slick for that reason. 2. Grippy tracks generally lead to faster heat times than slick tracks. If we accept these observations, it seems to me that, if tracks were consistently prepared with more grip, the need for a highly tuned engine would be negated, without sacrificing speed. I think for too long track conditions have been prepared to suit the machine, whereas it should be the other way round.
  6. During the Frost years the blade came out during the interval almost every week to scrape the loose dirt from the outside to mid track, after which the whole track was graded. Didn't seem to cause much reaction then!
  7. I had thought that the present scoring system, which favours the away team, offsetting any home track advantage would have removed the need for tactical subs / rides. I agree that it is time for them to go, although it won't stop me from attending meetings.
  8. Don't think anyone would argue that being fit was anything but a good thing. It's just that the modern, professional, sanitised version of Speedway is less appealing to the average spectator than the unsilenced, smelly version of the sport which existed in the 60s and 70s. The fitness regime is just one symptom of the professionalism which has reduced the appeal of the sport in my opinion.
  9. As I see it, riders and promotions take things far too seriously these days, and, as a consequence much of the fun has gone out of speedway. A few years ago, riders seemed to take part because they enjoyed it, and, apart from the top riders payment was a bonus to supplement their income. The fitness thing is, I feel down to the need to maximise earnings rather than to enjoy what they are doing. It's all about money now, and, although the racing is probably as good as it ever was, the "fun" atmosphere which predominated in the 60s, 70s and 80s is now in short supply.
  10. So if I understand this, the season ticket concessionary rate for new customers is limited to students and not available to over 65s? Is that right?
  11. Davet

    Speedway Agm

    Will be interesting if both teams try to lose in the playoffs!
  12. Davet

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    Tell me about it! Mind you, the smell used to be accompanied by a smoke haze and you rarely see that today. Perhaps the engines are just "cleaner" now.
  13. Davet

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    Yes, of course it does. My apologies. However, the smell is nowhere near as prominent as it used to be. Perhaps it's down to closer engine tolerances or synthetic oils?
  14. Davet

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    If you think it's loud, dirty and smelly now, you clearly were not a fan in the '60s or '70s - that is before silencers were introduced and total loss oil systems meant each race was accompanied with the wonderful smell of burnt Castrol R. Yes, I know we can't go back to those times (before anybody tells me!) but I think you would be surprised as to how much the noise and the smell added to the experience at that time. Sanitisation of the sport has considerably reduced its appeal in my opinion.

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