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  1. hi, I have two printed e tickets in grandstand B seats L17/18 both day. for sale at face value...mike 

    1. Turnip


      thankyou for response Mike :t:

      Hope you are able to sort the tickets with TigerzRus :cheers:

  2. I am looking for 2 tickets in the seated area if you have any for sale. Please message me if you do thanks
  3. TigerzRus

    For Sam Norris

    This was won by @TMRitchie and I will present it to him @glasgowtigers meeting against Newcastle on Friday 19th July with races starting at 7.30pm..the winning bid was £200. I will arrange for Claire Norris to receive the money & will post pictures of both. Thanks to all who bid
  4. I would like to put up a signed Tai Woffinden framed picture for bids. All money will be donated to young Sam Norris who had a very nasty crash at Glasgow. Bidding closes at 5pm on 12 July 2019. Please comment below with your bid. This is also on Facebook & Twitter..current bid stands at £200..please message me for image
  5. What is it with the "flash the cash you won't be complaining when we are paying into Workington..you will be getting quite a bit then..I'm sure if someone flashed the cash to keep Workington afloat n running then you would grab at it
  6. We as Glasgow fans are at this moment travelling down in the supporters bus also I know a lot are taking cars so you should make quite a bit at the gate x
  7. I understand that..my point was that we don't often see much travelling support from away clubs.. hope you have a safe journey and may the best team win x
  8. It will be nice seeing you..my point was that not many teams have a lot of away support due to it being up north ..safe journey x
  9. Well I don't see Comet fans running supporters buses to various fixtures.. but maybe travelling all the way up to Scotland is too much hassle. At least the Tigers travel to England (without moaning about the distance or the Facennas bank account to subsidise us). It will be an interesting meeting ( when it does finally happen) to see how many "keyboard fanatics" actually go to a meeting. May the best team on the nights win!
  10. Paulco isn't a "sook" he just is a bit laid back and likes the quiet life..he leaves the temper tantrums to me..his wifey lol
  11. Really..be nice to meet you on Friday.. as it will be nice meeting my husband's friend from Workington
  12. Really..be nice to meet you on Friday.. as it will be nice meeting my husband's friend from Workington
  13. Has anyone been on the Prague trip with Travel tours before? We are going this year and wondered if anyone could recommend any bars or eating places that are not going to cost a fortune. Any suggestions appreciated thanks

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