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  1. gimli27

    Poole 2018

    If Linus did want to try to up his form by giving UK a miss for the rest of this year then Bomber a decent replacement yes his form not brilliant but gives everything and with the league as it is not many options out there also he may be not a youngster but still a Brit having a job instead of a flaky pole coming over
  2. Just a thought but did cookie throw his teddy out of the cot because he had ridden a great race up to then and in my and other poole fans with me thought he would get the win as he was very fast and was very frustrated to come off we were not impressed with the boos and made our feelings heard
  3. gimli27

    Rye House 2018

    Lets all hope that Rye can get Sat racing if that is whats needed to keep them racing I like a lot of fans think stuff the other countries we need to get our league viable for the clubs riders and fans so we can watch the sport we love
  4. Don't need to learn anything trackrat have been to Poole for a long time and Steve is there in the grandstand behind where I stand he can be pessimistic but he is able to go to a few away matches even if we are not at our best comes across at times perhaps not interested but not true
  5. Sorry trackrat one thing you cant accuse steve of is being a glory hunter even if its tongue in cheek
  6. gimli27

    Poole 2018

    Mike BV is spot on while it is good having the top riders over here its all about the racing and if we went down the mainly Brits teams I for one would still go to Poole every week because its the racing I go for not the egos
  7. gimli27

    Poole 2018

    Badge I am a Poole fan and go every week and some away meetings and sometimes lately this forum has gone over the top re insults to Poole and some of its fans but your reply to Lisa is a funny one that would cause no insult to anyone which surely is the way to go when we have banter between fans
  8. gimli27

    Poole 2018

    I see that like me the Kevlar issue is a point according to the Swindon prog I see that they have theirs sponsored wonder if Matt went down that route but saying that he probably did its no consolation but it seems a lot of good riders seem inconsistent at the moment not just in uk
  9. gimli27

    Swindon vs Poole BH Mon 7th May

    I know this is a meeting thread but should have given james more time not an underperforming pole the guy gives everything which is more than some of the so called better riders in our team would love to see Rosco take over from Middlo we need someone to get the best from our rders reckon he could
  10. With all due respect to all it wasn't the best meeting and its a shame Bell vue were weakened would have been nice to see how we fared against the aces early on but it was what it was the new guys looked like they were starting to get the racing line as the meeting went on as has been said we could only beat who was in front of us and I hope Lemmo can keep Starke in he will not let anyone down
  11. gimli27

    Poole 2018

    Agree ref the holders not being at poole next year hope shanes is back he gave everything last year and as others have said his technique is improving and with signing with steady can only be a good thing for the future
  12. gimli27

    Poole Thread Blocked Due To Trolls

    Steve I sometimes think that you may have worded a comment or two that will have been taken in the wrong way by some fans but at least you debate a point there are plenty of us who like me support and follow the Pirates week in week out as well as the fans of other clubs who just want to talk about our sport we do not need playground antics to get a point across , I fully agree that banning those who just like upsetting others is the only fair way to go.
  13. gimli27

    Poole 2018

    Bleeds pirate blue i agree i was looking forward to KK coming back i agree about Noddy whatever it is that has got to him perhaps only he knows but he has earn't respect for his performances for the pirates over the years we will just have to see what Matt thinks his best team is for the start of the season , i wouln not be surprised if Noddy was back.
  14. gimli27

    Wolves 2018

    I am a poole fan but totally agree with steve brum ref averages for gp rated riders stick to one average for all no argument in my book
  15. gimli27

    Who Has Ended On A Bargain Average..?

    Panthers 89 i would like shanes back at Poole sure there is more to come lots of commitment in his riding

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