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  1. What a brilliant idea. As a Grassman but bought up on Speedway this is exactly what I want to see. Who is behind this event?
  2. Pieman72

    Well done the S.C.B.

    Get a grip no wonder tracks are closing !!
  3. Pieman72

    TV new deal?

    Best hurry up while there are some track still open lol
  4. Pieman72

    Speedway Grand Prix

    I completely agree with you perhaps a new format to underpin what is left of the Speedway Leagues could be the answer. The problem is a lot of Stadiums are under threat from our slanted planning guidelines on brownfield sites and there is the old favorite finance aka sponsorship.
  5. Pieman72

    Speedway Grand Prix

    The Berger Grand Prix format was more like the present day Grand Prix. Am I right in thinking the Daily Mirror Grand Prix had a Grand Final and none of the previous qualifying scores counted? Lets face it other than Cardiff (if that floats your boat) the Grand Prix has destroyed British Speedway. If I had the choice between Krsko and Odsal I know where I would be. It's become the Scandinavian World Championships and unless you have a 2.1 in Geography your not going to have clue where they are staged. I'll stick to the Grass full on racing with a variety of machinery and all out of their own pocket.
  6. Many years ago we had the Berger Grand Prix. It was driven by Ole Olsen's passion for a Grand Prix style World Championship. Attendances were poor and it was a bit of a failure Ok I'll concede that the World Championship was a bit stale but attendances were good Speedway Riders were recognised and it was the UK's most popular Summer Sport. Speedway is now a pan European sport but the consequences are British and European Speedway have little in common like the EU !! Unfortunately tracks don't operate of a weekend, many riders don't need British Speedway and creedy promoters cannot see past a star rider that brings in 500 elderly die hards week in week out who are prepared to pay obscene amounts to watch very little mediocre racing. Sadly the sport will die unless a new approach is investigated.
  7. Pieman72

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I'd suggest you go to Coventry but it has closed.
  8. Pieman72

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I think is is listed as a Heritage site?
  9. Pieman72

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    If you do nothing else it''s probably affordable but we also do Grasstrack, Drag Racing and I Mountain Bike and Run. £4-50 for a pint is extortionate and £50 for us to have a seat is a bit unreal. Am I right in saying that no food or drink is allowed in the stadium other than what the caters sell? We tend to avoid eating fast or processed food particularly chips.
  10. Pieman72

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I went to Birmingham Speedway last year the facilities were awful and for two of us potentially a very expensive night out consuming rubbish. Never to be repeated. Can I add the Greyhound company are responsible for the facilities.
  11. Pieman72

    only way

    The one thing that no one mentioned is the culture in which speedway flourished. Motorbikes were very much part of our culture in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and bikes hurtling around at 70mph without brakes was seen as daring and risky but while it still spectacular the culture is not there to support it. Unfortunately Speedway is now very much a minority sport enjoyed by just a few die hards. It will survive but probably not in it's present state.
  12. Pieman72

    How much to get in?

    Has anyone been to Birmingham Speedway recently? What are the facilities (i.e. food, drink, cover, seating, spectating) like now?
  13. Pieman72


    I'm married lol That gives me an insight into why Speedway terraces are so empty. Families are an important component of motorsports and it's probably how most fans were introduced to Speedway.
  14. Pieman72


    Really excellent some very interesting replies. It's no point ignoring what's happening and we as supporters can affect change. It's good to see that alternatives can be explored and there is a future for British Speedway. Nobody can be blamed for the situation that exists but the books have to balanced and the current structure is not working.
  15. Pieman72


    Some excellent points but the main problem is how the leagues are managed. Rolling out a star rider and looking into looking into a Crystal Ball isn't going to stop the rot. We have to think 'outside the box unfortunately both the supporters and the promoters are not for change. A good analogy was Woolworth's it had been trading very profitably for years but their model of shopping was out of date and broken. So what's the answer give it a make over, charge top dollar and put up the prices...the rest is history.

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