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  1. Pieman72

    Guardian article today

    We've been doing it like this for 50 years and we ain't going to change. Put a nail in it and that will fix it !!
  2. Pieman72

    Guardian article today

    An excellent article which critically analyses the state of speedway today. 1) Speedway is stuck in the 1920/50's the engines are unique, expensive and have no longevity. 2) The promoters and riders are overpaid and aloof of the supporters. Who solely pays the wages, bills and running costs? 3) Looking for a Barry Hearns or any other benefactor while the tracks close and attendances dwindle, is definitely not going to happen. Unfortunately it's a slow but predictable decline.
  3. Pieman72

    Rye House & Lydde

    I agree completely I've only seen a few races at Stoke at the back end of last year it was really friendly. I'm just being diplomatic with my words and in now way do I imply your organisation I just used it as a general term for oval racing. Please accept my aplogies. Do you not agree that there is a need for another organisation to oversee amateur/semi professional speedway? We are stuck in a rut and the SCB seem to making it deeper.
  4. Pieman72

    Rye House & Lydde

    Best option could be to affiliate as a Grasstrack under the guidance of the ACU. While I don't condemn 'practice tracks' out of hand, speedway can be a dangerous sport for all involved and basic medical cover, safety and insurance must be mandatory.Perhaps guidance, advice and diplomacy might be helpful. After seeing the mess that dirt track racing is in perhaps there is a need for an Amateur Dirt Track Authority? Understandably a lot of riders want to race but there a few places to do it somehow a less formal and looser set up could work?
  5. I couldn't agree more Jason. Looking at the decisions made over a number of years it's quite understandable why speedway is in a dire situation. I would say a radical overhaul of the sport is the only answer. Long term I would say the riders will have to become amateur or semi professional as the financial rewards for the sport are just not there.
  6. Pieman72

    Pathfinder Report and Recommendations 2018

    Congratulations to Pathfinder for an excellent report. While I totally agree with the findings and summary it is something only understood by the Speedway fraternity. The sport needs to reach out to a wider audience and quite honestly the present set up is not viable for both British riders and supporters alike. The sport needs to 'look outside the box' and decide where it wants to be, what it can afford and what will bring in the revenue?
  7. 500cc were planned but definitely too narrow. I'd not been to Stoke before, rough and ready but hey ho it's an operational track. 110% effort by the Helsby Junior GT Club for staging the event. Great to see such a variety of bikes and riders GT140's were competitive so too the 250's all went without any accidents too. For amateur/semi professional riders an excellent opportunity to have a run on a speedway track. Hopefully more tracks will stage similar events in the future. Solo's & Sidecars....bring it on as Grasstrack venue's are in short supply.
  8. It was an official ACU sanctioned meeting and run by their rules the similar to Sidecar Speedway. An excellent mixed event a good pointer to the future of Grasstrack and Speedway.
  9. It's nothing to do with Stoke Potters it's run by Helsby Grass Track Club as their normal Grass Venue is not ridable. If you've never seen Grasstrack give it a go 1000cc sidecars are awesome on a normal Grasstrack circuit.
  10. Just a quick notification of a meeting at Stoke Speedway 21/10/18 a mixed event of Grasstrack Bikes, Solo's, Sidecars, Juniors, Adults 140cc up to 500cc all for a fiver yes £5 !! Take a look on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HDJGTC/
  11. Pieman72

    Having a laugh

    Fundamentally I don't care what we have as long as long as it's racing. Speedway in the UK is now dominated by foreign riders and the GP and unfortunately we have to develop something that is affordable and interesting for the fans that is also viable.... a big ask.
  12. Pieman72

    Having a laugh

    I accept the point but sitting on our hands doing nothing will not get the turnstiles going?
  13. Pieman72

    Having a laugh

    Very good points and fully understood but speedway is about entertainment. Is it me but what's not to like about 4 or more bikes racing under floodlights with a pint and a burger with your mates? To get the spectators in, try a different formats encourage young riders + different classes e.g. GT140, 250, 350, 500 Sidecars?? The current format doesn't work so why not change it? £17 + for 13 heats of the exactly the same bikes going in circles is looking a bit tired and very poor value for entertainment ?
  14. Pieman72

    Having a laugh

    Ha ha I like the 3 months. Is speedway finished or am I missing something. It's ok rapping on about wall to wall TV coverage and Cardiff’s fantastic stadium and temporary track but if there's no meetings or tracks it's game over. Well at least the midweek Premiership will give the riders some pocket money for the GP. Why not have British riders training schools and perhaps some racing? Mind you Brexit will see to that as all European riders will need work permits issued by the DWP good luck there !!
  15. In 2 weeks time I shall be on holiday in Yorkshire (lovely place and the folks). So why not help the cause and go to Sheffield Speedway an excellent track Owlerton. Speedway is perfect under floodlights on a crisp October evening oh and the smell of the castor based oil. Well £32 + wife is rather pricey + the petrol etc for Div2 but lets give it a go.....erm nope the season ended in August !! Am I on another planet or is someone 'having a laugh'. There is something fatally wrong with speedway when a track closes in early September....very concerning !!

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