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  1. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    It was Mr Drury and Birmingham I think who denied Kent a last heat and ensured they took home point! Popular he was not....
  2. hawks 1975

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    I really think your promotion has got a winner in Dillon Ruml. I saw him back in 2017 as an 18 year old riding for the American dream team at Kent, and a couple of his races were worth the price of admission alone. He looked a really exciting racer, on a track he had obviously never seen before. Four year on, he's done well Stateside and clearly has ambitions to follow in the footsteps of Becker and Nicol. I would have loved to have seen him at Central Park in 2021 and watched his development, rather than see the comeback of a 45 year old.........
  3. hawks 1975


    I seem to remember in the early days of the Mail there being two separate sellers at Hackney, and both would be extolling you to buy either the Star or the Mail as you queued to get out at the end of the meeting. "Get your this week's Star" would be followed by "Get your Mail here". Then a wag in the crowd would shout out "Get (or was it Got?!) your Female Here!" Happy days.
  4. In amidst all that is going on, I wondered what the chances were of the new issue having been sent to the printers prior to everything snarling up? Might we be lucky enough to have it pop through our letterboxes whilst the postmen are still delivering? Any chance you can give us some good news Tony?!
  5. hawks 1975


    Just received this week's edition Philip and full marks to the editorial staff already for producing such a great read. I can only say to anyone not already subscribing, the mag is superbly put together and great value. As to content, perhaps ask the readers for ideas? I actually emailed Andrew earlier this year a suggestion around getting a rider like Scott Nicholls to give us his views on each of the tracks in the top two divisions. My thought was that many fans never get to see a track at the other end of the country and would be interested in hearing a rider comparing tracks. How about transcribing a conference call between 3 or 4 riders getting their opinions on a different subject every few weeks? One thing I think the Star did miss out on was a suitable tribute to Andreas Jonsson when he announced his retirement. Bjarne Pedersen even got a front cover - I am sure a lot of Coventry and Lakeside fans in particular would love to see AJ treated similarly. A true racer and great guy for both tracks. Finally, a shout out to Jeff Davies again for his covers - they are works of art! Crumpie in all his glory this week.
  6. hawks 1975

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Not long to go to the opening meeting. I was really looking forward to the 50th Anniversary meeting, but am I the only one slightly under-whelmed by the line up so far? Does the promotion really see Emil Grondal and Simon Lambert - great triers as they are - as part of a "mouth watering line-up"?! Now there are only two places to fill. I was hoping to see possibly Nicki P., Jack Holder, Robert Lambert, even Craig Cook. I will still go, but this looks more like a chance for the 2020 Panthers to get in some practice rather than a big special 50th Anniversary meeting I was hoping for. I thought this was going to be special?
  7. hawks 1975

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Is it confirmed that the team are practicing at Rye House on Friday? If so, can fans get in to watch? What time?
  8. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Given recent posts, was going to alter it to KENT £££££ ROYALS 2020
  9. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

  10. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    I'd rather see Jake Knight back on a bike - he would entertain at Central Park. I'm sure somebody said he had been seen having a spin a while back - does anyone know if he is interested in returning?
  11. hawks 1975

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    Now we know Kent will have a minimum of six home meetings in the National League, we can turn our thoughts toward what sort of team they might build. My initial thoughts were that Dan Gilkes and Rob Ledwith would spearhead the team, giving them confidence gaining rides in this league to assist them when things got tough in the championship . However, if Len’s plan is to ride three of the home fixtures when the Championship side is away at Poole, Birmingham and Somerset - and to continue his admirable record of presenting weekly speedway at Central Park - does this scupper such team building? Would we be allowed a guest, or two?! Does anybody out there know? I would love to see Jake Mulford back, and assume Alex Spooner would be. Somebody who I believe actually deserves a team spot at a higher level, and who would attract a few Lakeside fans to Central Park, would be Alfie Bowtell, whilst Jacob Clouting surely deserves another chance at reserve. Does anyone know if the very promising Nathan Ablitt can be tempted back? The only problem I can see is that the stand alone sides, with potentially ten or more meetings, might be more attractive to riders not doubling up, and that might limit Kent’s options?
  12. I noticed in the Star a recent piece about how much each track had raised toward the Ben Fund in 2019. What I thought was noticeable by its omission was any reference at all to the running of a 2020 Ben Fund Bonanza. I know the staging track makes little or no money from hosting the event, but having supported it several times when it has been held within reasonable travelling distance, I've always thought it an attractive season opener when fans have been starved of action for 5 or 6 months. I know recent years has seen few of the top riders support the event - shame on them - but surely the organisers cannot let such a fund raising event disappear from the calendar? Has anybody heard anything?
  13. hawks 1975

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Another real racer to join Scotty and a fine gater - two excellent additions. Surely Ben Morley has to be a shoe-in at reserve, so by my maths that leaves over 14 posts for another heat leader and a second string. Alternatively I think Barker and Starke would fit, and give us strength in depth.......
  14. hawks 1975

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Great start to team building. Would like the team to look something like the following : Scott Nicholls 8.35 NBJ 7.46 Ricky Wells 7.05 Todd Kurtz 5.43 Justin Sedgman 5.20 Ben Morley 3.81 Drew Kemp 3.58 Would have liked to see Dan Gilkes in on a 2.00, but we need Ben at reserve. If Drew does not return, then Dan comes in, allowing an additional 1.70 for elsewhere. Len had NBJ at Rye House, and Wells is a gater who had a poor 2019 and should improve. I've taken the green sheet averages from this weeks Star - do Brits get a reduction still? Should be exciting times ahead at Central Park.
  15. hawks 1975

    Play-off final

    From what I've seen at Kent, Drew doesn't gate consistently, which on a track that in my opinion doesn't lend itself to much passing, has severely limited him. Having said that, seeing Max Clegg and Leon Flint both take him from the back by riding a wider line on his home track suggest that either he's not 'dialled in' at Central Park, or that he's not as good as we expected. He also went through a spell when he seemed unable to get through four races without an error/crash in one. He is only young, and it may just be that Central Park doesn't suit his style. Last night his first two rides were very ordinary, following home JJ and Jake after poor gates, but then he rode an excellent heat 13 to beat the Leicester top two off of gate 3! It did seem last night that if you didn't gate, you struggled to make any headway. Dan G tried all he knew at the back but made no impression on the fast gating Ryan TD in heat 5, and then Hume, so impressive first time out, likewise could not trouble JJ, who rode a good line in heat 6. Did JJ change bikes for heat 13? Why, he barely got out the gate on that one! Also, did Rob not deserve to go out in 15 rather than Dan? Pity we could not win the match, even if the Lions deserved the trophy. Right from the off all the young Kings - plus a very entertaining skipper - were worth watching in 2019, and one or two hopefully will go far.

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