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  1. Obviously some fans think they have to stand in their own spot. They even tried pushing their way in but to no avail so I understand things got a bit tetchy. Hope all goes well this time.
  2. Hope they don't upset the same Berwick fans by standing in their usual spot like they shamefully did last time. I understand from those involved that Stewards were asked to move them
  3. Barrow Boy 2

    Redcar v Scorpions 12.7.19 League

    Riders who are missing due to having to ride in a league which is not covered by the normal guest rider rule should be reconsiderd. It is the paying public that suffers and what about clubs needing to field teams that are considered to be of competitive strengths. Does this requirement no longer apply? Perhaps the rule that only allows a BNL 6 pointer should be changed to allow at least a BCL 6 pointer should be considered. Thoughts anyone?
  4. Barrow Boy 2

    Leicester 2019

    Doesn't he ride for Stoke in the BNL who also ride on Saturdays
  5. Barrow Boy 2

    Leicester NL 2019

    Does anyone know who the Cubs take on in the next round of the K/O Comp?
  6. Barrow Boy 2

    My Top 20 Riders

    My top 20 riders on current form as at 30.06.19 are as follows:- 01-Ellis Perks-Leicester-1165 02-Danny Ayres-Mildenhall-1145 03-Max Clegg-Cradley-1140 04-Ben Morley-Ilse Of Wight-1050 05-Leon Flint-Belle Vue-1040 06-Jordon Palin-Belle Vue-1035 07-Georgie Wood-Ilse Of Wight-990 08-Tom Perry-Stoke-970 09-Drew Kemp-Kent-960 10-Anders Rowe-Kent-955 11-Ben Wilson-Plymouth-950 12-Danyon Hume-Leicester-940 13-Richard Andrews-Plymouth-920 14-Kyle Bickley-Belle Vue-885 15-Rob Ledwith-Kent-880 16-Jason Edwards-Mildenhall-870 17-Joe Lawlor-Stoke-860 18-Nathan Stoneman-Plymouth-855 19-Connor Coles-Stoke-850 20-Daniel Halsey-Cradley-840
  7. Barrow Boy 2

    MY Top 20 Riders

    My top 20 riders as at 30.06.19 on current form are now as follows:- 01 (01) Craig Cook-Glasgow-1190 02 (03) Chris Harris-Somerset-1090 03 (07) Charles Wright-Redcar-1040 04 (06) Danny King-Sheffield-1025 05 (10) Steve Worrall-Newcastle-1020 06 (----) Ryan Douglas-Leicester-990 07 (02) Scott Nicholls-Leicester-980 08 (04) Richie Worrall-Leicester-975 09 (09) Edward Kennett-Eastbourne-970 10 (14) Richard Lawson-Eastbourne-960 11 (12) Ricky Wells-Edinburgh-940 12 (05) Rory Schlein-Somerset-935 13 (08) Aaron Summers-Berwick-930 14 (11) Lewis Kerr-Eastbourne-925 15 (----) Matthew Wethers-Newcastle-920 16 (13) Kyle Howarth-Sheffield-915 17 (----) Cameron Heeps-Edinburgh-900 18 (17) Nico Covatti-Somerset-880 19 (----) Ashley Morris-Birmingham-875 20 (19) Rasmus Jensen-Glasgow-860
  8. Barrow Boy 2

    My Top 20 Riders

    My top 20 riders as at 30.06.19 based on current form are now as follows:- 01 (01) Jason Doyle-Swindon-1100 02 (05) Max Fricke-Belle Vue-1090 03 (----) Rasmus Jensen-Swindon-1060 04 (----) Craig Cook-King's Lynn-1020 05 (02) Troy Batchelor-Swindon-1000 06 (12) Josh Grajczonek-Poole-990 07 (03) Brady Kurtz-Poole-970 08 (06) Robert Lambert-King's Lynn-930 09 (08) Jack Holder-Poole-925 10 (04) Rory Schlein-Wolverhampton-900 11 (07) Kenneth Bjerre-Belle Vue-890 12 (15) Sam Masters-Wolverhampton-885 13 (14) Richard Lawson-Ipswich-870 14 (13) Nicolai Klindt-Poole-840 15 (09) Rohan Tungate-Peterborough-830 16 (10) Charles Wright-Peterborough-810 17 (20) Chris Harris-Ipswich-770 18 (18) Steve Worrall-Belle Vue-765 19 (17) Jake Allen-Ipswich-760 20 (----) Hans Andersen-Peterborough-755
  9. Barrow Boy 2

    Sheffield 2019

    Been saying this for quite a while now as have I'm sure many others have. What I keep getting told by those in charge is that there are not enough riders to do this but something has to be done. If it comes to pass someone like Matt Ford will no doubt be credited with coming up with the answer.
  10. Barrow Boy 2

    Leicester 2019

    Got a feeling that Josh may be sidelined again for some time. If so should a replacement rider be brought in.
  11. You do not need to have much passing to have good racing. 4 riders close together who are trying to pass is fine but there were so many races so string out after the first bend. It is the same at many tracks not just Sheffield and Leicester.Yes heat 14 looked good with both Sheffield riders passing Connor Mountain but I understand that something broke on Connor's bike coming out of the start and he couldn't race as fast as he would have liked.
  12. Barrow Boy 2

    MY Top 20 Riders

    As at 31.05.19 my top 20 riders on current form were as follows:- 01 Craig Cook-Glasgow-1190 02 Scott Nicholls-Leicester-1070 03 Chris Harris-Somerset-1055 04 Ritchie Worrall-Leicester-1050 05 Rory Schlein-Somerset-1045 06 Danny King-Sheffield-1010 07 Charles Wright-Redcar-1000 08 Aaron Summers-Berwick-985 09 Edward Kennett-Eastbourne-980 10 Steve Worrall-Newcastle-975 11 Lewis Kerr-Eastbourne-970 12 Ricky Wells-Edinburgh-960 13 Kyle Howarth-Sheffield-940 14 Richard Lawson-Eastbourne-920 15 Josh Pickering-Edinburgh-890 16 Nicolai Busk Jakobsen-Berwick-875 17 Nico Covatti-Somerset-870 18 Kevin Doolan-Berwick-860 19 Rasmus Jensen-Glasgow-855 20 Ben Barker-Redcar-850
  13. Barrow Boy 2

    My Top 20 Riders

    As at 31.05.19 my top 20 riders on current form were as follows:- 01 Jason Doyle-Swindon-1110 02 Troy Batchelor-Swindon-1050 03 Brady Kurtz-Poole-1010 04 Rory Schlein-Wolverhampton-950 05 Max Fricke-Belle Vue-940 06 Robert Lambert-Kings Lynn-9.35 07 Kenneth Bjerre-Belle Vue-930 08 Jack Holder-Poole-890 09 Rohan Tungate-Peterborough-860 10 Charles Wright-Peterborough-845 11 Scott Nicholls-Peterborough-840 12 Josh Grajczonek-Poole-8.35 13 Nicolai Klindt-Poole-830 14 Richard Lawson-Ipswich-815 15 Sam Masters-Wolverhampton-810 16 Eric Riss-Kings Lynn-805 17 Jake Allen-Ipswich-790 18 Steve Worrall-Belle Vue-780 19 Adam Ellis-Swindon-775 20 Chris Harris-Ipswich-770
  14. Barrow Boy 2

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Will Cook have to remove all of his sponsors from his equipment and riding suit?
  15. Barrow Boy 2

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    I am reliably informed that such a thing is allowed in the BNL only.

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