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  1. Gary May said RR on the centre green on Tuesday.
  2. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Our track doesn’t guarantee good racing anymore than any other track does. Occasionally we watch processional racing as do fans at all tracks. Weather, prep, rider preference etc. all factors. But it can and does produce superb racing as do most other tracks. Bias? Maybe. But I’ll continue to passionately dispute posts that claim the track can’t produce great racing. Good racing at Plymouth needs guile and cahoonas, those without both or either can often blame the track… Riders blaming the track when they should be looking closer to home, isn’t something unique to the coliseum. Last night at Poole, I can’t recall a pass after bend 3 lap 1. Not the tracks fault, more to to with the Gladiators not looking capable of passing wind let alone an opponent. I’ve watched truly tedious meetings at Somerset, but on the right night with the right riders the racing could be thrilling. On the payroll? Certainly not. But I do feel a loyalty to the club and the promotion to defend their corner when I see them unfairly criticised. In the current British Speedway environment I think a phenomenal job has been done by Mark and the team down here. We’ve seen some fantastic meetings on a lovely little track in a well equipped atmospheric stadium. There’s a true buzz about speedway and crowd numbers are on the up…. That’s almost as unique as the track. I continue to be dumbfounded every time I log on and see negative posts aimed at the club and it’s facilities. Get behind Speedway and one of it’s good news stories.
  3. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Just for the larger speedway public who mistake this for anything other than an opinion and mistakingly confuse it with something founded on fact or knowledge: Here’s the quote from Danny King ‘I’ve ridden here a few times now this season and it’s a track I enjoy riding and it always produces great racing’.
  4. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    I can only assume you didn’t attend last night? Great racing. Compliments on the track from Danny King and others…. Thoroughly enjoyable meeting for all involved and spectating.
  5. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Henry is one of our own.. Looking forward to seeing him back on a bike as much as I am any of the big names, regardless of how rusty he is.
  6. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Superb lineup. I’m sure for some it could be seen as an audition for 22. Stunning way to end the home season and further wet the appetite for next.
  7. Whatever format the league(s) take next year, Plymouth will be competing and Richard will be riding. Surely some positivity is exactly what speedway needs at the moment. 21 league season not yet over and already we can’t wait for the next one down here.. Carry on breaking with speedway convention Mark. We love it.
  8. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Hopefully you’re right and this is the first piece of the 2022 jigsaw in place. Mark consistently provides the best possible “product” he can. This is another example.
  9. MalDon45

    Leicester vs Plymouth 28 August 2021

    Plenty for Mark to play with should he choose to do so.. Provided of course obstacles put in his way aren’t too insurmountable.
  10. MalDon45

    Leicester vs Plymouth 28 August 2021

    Average is 31.02
  11. MalDon45

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    Heat 13 is now up on Facebook, have a look at Pedersen “pushing” up the inside and causing the hand injury and judge for yourself. Think my first impression of a classy Bjarne move with a spirited but unsuccessful attempt to respond, was accurate. Hope the Scunthorpe correspondent has a more pleasurable evening tonight.
  12. MalDon45

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    I think whoever wrote that was having a bad day, certainly not how I saw things. We had some decent racing. Although with 14 heats spread over 2 ¾ hours it was hard to get absorbed in the meeting. Injuries, unsatisfactory starts and numerous tumbles slowed things considerably, as did delays for Reserve switches and IIR’s meaning extra time allowed for consecutive rides. Heat one as I saw it (right in front of me) Crump was riding his normal line, marginally in the lead and Ellis continued going for a closing gap. Front wheel to back was only ending one way. Really glad Ellis and Lambert were able to walk away, it was a messy one. A real shame that we didn’t get to see the Champ for the rest of the night. Ellis correctly excluded IMO, although guilty of nothing more than giving it a go. As for the remainder of the falls, I can’t remember any where a Gladiator contributed. Good spirited riding from both sides that didn’t always go to plan. I thought Palin went down by himself in the second staging of heat 13, simplest decision of the night for the Ref. Mark did battle to keep the dust down, but his attempts were neither futile nor excessive. Crump looked less Rusty than he has done. Bjarne was sublime, Bowtell fast and reliable. Ruml, Cook, Keleher showed some signs of improvement. Edwards struggled….. Best Team won. Roll on next week!!
  13. MalDon45

    Plymouth 2017

    Of course the NL is valid, entertaining and vital to the future of the sport. But surely everyone at that level has aspirations of climbing the ladder… The rider who starts out wobbling around the track and develops, does so aiming to progress to the PL and onwards. A rider who has progressed through the NL and reached PL standard wouldn’t welcome dropping back down the ladder any more than the fans or Manager of a club would welcome their team dropping back down…. Unless, the rider, team or Manager obviously wasn’t up to that standard then reluctantly I’m sure they would accept NL as their level and be content. I can’t speak for Lewy or Lee, but I’m not ready to accept that the Devils aren’t capable of competing and surviving at PL level….. I think all we know is that the previous promotion wasn’t capable at that level, not the club. As a fan I will have to be grateful for whatever comes next because, yes, anything will be better than nothing. But if the right people come in, with promotion that’s capable, I’m sure a sustainable future in the PL is possible.
  14. C'mon the Witches! .... Cheering your boys on from Plymouth.

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