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  1. MalDon45

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    Congratulations to both clubs, promotions, management and all twelve Riders; you put on a superb show.
  2. MalDon45

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    Enjoy your night down here at the coliseum. Hopefully you find us a hospitable bunch.
  3. MalDon45

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    I’m sure others are getting as bored of this as I am, so last one from me. Here’s what I said. If to you its a defence so be it. Not intended to be. Don’t know any facts so have no opinion. Once concluded, we’ll see. Anyway. Great line up for the Gladiators. Well done Gary and Mark. Hopefully the Brummies do well in the guest market too. Here’s to a good competitive meeting.
  4. MalDon45

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    Only people who don’t know what defence means, and bizarrely confuse it with a statement of fact…
  5. MalDon45

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    I think you may have quoted the wrong post? Nowhere in mine do I defend anyone. Neither do I add opinion on adequacy of testing. Merely pointed out that interpretation and application of the rules as they currently stand aren’t complex. And are they only thing that matter on a thread discussing tomorrow’s meeting.
  6. MalDon45

    Plymouth Vs Birmingham (2/8/22)

    It’s not overly complex, surely? Non-negative result = Precautionary suspension of licence, pending findings of the B sample. As such, presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Of course Gladiators entitled to use a guest facility. Of course he retains the clubs support. Would the forum prefer a firing squad at this stage?
  7. MalDon45

    Ipswich 2022

    Terminology used until confirmed (or not) in laboratory.
  8. MalDon45

    Oxford v Plymouth. 6/7/22

    Then later announced Hans now available as Danish meeting cancelled.
  9. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    4 forecasts and a specialist forecaster consulted.. Currently near Plymouth getting wet.. I’d say an excellent proactive shout.
  10. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    The press release says two to six weeks and it’s BB we’re talking about. Couple weeks I’m guessing.
  11. Guess Henry realised his actions had as much impact on the result as those that donned their Kevlar’s and rode! Classless act going on the parade lap. Stayed behind to applaud the Chargers as I thought they rode well. Would hate to think Henry thought my applause included him.
  12. Gary May said RR on the centre green on Tuesday.
  13. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Our track doesn’t guarantee good racing anymore than any other track does. Occasionally we watch processional racing as do fans at all tracks. Weather, prep, rider preference etc. all factors. But it can and does produce superb racing as do most other tracks. Bias? Maybe. But I’ll continue to passionately dispute posts that claim the track can’t produce great racing. Good racing at Plymouth needs guile and cahoonas, those without both or either can often blame the track… Riders blaming the track when they should be looking closer to home, isn’t something unique to the coliseum. Last night at Poole, I can’t recall a pass after bend 3 lap 1. Not the tracks fault, more to to with the Gladiators not looking capable of passing wind let alone an opponent. I’ve watched truly tedious meetings at Somerset, but on the right night with the right riders the racing could be thrilling. On the payroll? Certainly not. But I do feel a loyalty to the club and the promotion to defend their corner when I see them unfairly criticised. In the current British Speedway environment I think a phenomenal job has been done by Mark and the team down here. We’ve seen some fantastic meetings on a lovely little track in a well equipped atmospheric stadium. There’s a true buzz about speedway and crowd numbers are on the up…. That’s almost as unique as the track. I continue to be dumbfounded every time I log on and see negative posts aimed at the club and it’s facilities. Get behind Speedway and one of it’s good news stories.
  14. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Just for the larger speedway public who mistake this for anything other than an opinion and mistakingly confuse it with something founded on fact or knowledge: Here’s the quote from Danny King ‘I’ve ridden here a few times now this season and it’s a track I enjoy riding and it always produces great racing’.
  15. MalDon45

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    I can only assume you didn’t attend last night? Great racing. Compliments on the track from Danny King and others…. Thoroughly enjoyable meeting for all involved and spectating.

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