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  1. auntie doris

    Coventry Bees - My Memories

    Yes Chezanowravoski scored 17 from reserve. Adams and Mads K0303rneliussen lying on ground after heat 1 crash. Probably best meeting I've attended. Didn't go to Final but mates left after heat 8 in minibus, said about 500 Robins fans there. The good ole days. The Robins had a lot of wins at Cov.
  2. auntie doris

    Swindon 1957

    Nice helpful guy is Rob. Can be seen shoppinng in Waitrose Malmesbury, saw him there about 6 months ago, lives in the town. Always helps with stats if requested.
  3. auntie doris

    Corona virus

    Ali must have a franchise at Swindon
  4. Have followed New Cross, Wimbledon, Worky, but never known atmosphere like that night at The Shabbey Stadium.
  5. I can only speak of my local track at Swindon. Great promotional work by Lee Kilby, British Premier Double winners last season, crowd of over 3000 as they thrashed Ipswich in Grand Final, hundreds chanting and singing, fantastic. Crowds were up on previous year.
  6. auntie doris

    Taking the knee

    Went to Millwall last season, very few black faces in crowd, in area of large black population. I suppose The Wall have always been associated with right-wing, same as Chelsea. They dont do the knee down the Den. The Arsenal have a large black following, their one time hoolie leader called Denton, now deceased, was a huge black geezer. Dulwich Hamlet have black manager and mainly black players, very few black fans?
  7. auntie doris

    Coventry Bees - My Memories

    Only went once, 2007, Swindon needed 5-1 In last heat to win, and they did. Adams and Chrzanowski beating Nicholls and Schwein.Great track, great stadium, good fans, a sad loss to the sport.
  8. auntie doris

    Swindon 1957

    The only team outside of London to win it between the Wembley and Wimbledon dominance, not forgetting the New Cross win. A year ending in 7 is good for a Wiltshire title win 57, 67, 17.
  9. auntie doris

    geoff penniket

    Fried eggs, streaky bacon, cornflakes, shredded wheat?
  10. auntie doris

    geoff penniket

    Was my fave Ranger in 1963.
  11. auntie doris

    Swindon Stadium

    How long has this been bloody going on now
  12. auntie doris

    Whatever happened to the Old Frying Pan?

    Now Premier Inn. Coldharbour still there. Mike Keen still lives in Minety. Lots of housing around there now, Robins Farm pub and housing estates, and roads named after former riders. The Shabbey is looking it's age!
  13. auntie doris

    Wimbledon Memories

    Only sat behind the glass once, around 66 British semi-final?, won easily by Barry Briggs, 15 max.
  14. auntie doris

    Are YOU missing British Speedway?

    Yes missing the Abbey action
  15. auntie doris

    England's best what order.??

    Nigel, Crash, Eric, Malc, Ray, Tel, John

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