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  1. auntie doris

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Well done Sir Bazza, friendly little club nice stadium over on the island
  2. But I recall seeing you there, orange trilby, black cravat, pink winklepickers, and New Cross rosette
  3. Only seen one, 1963, Fundin win at Wembley.
  4. auntie doris

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I think it's well known that Swindon and IOW crowds have increased.
  5. auntie doris

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Yes my sister is in Poland at present, everything closed.
  6. auntie doris

    Prediction thread

    Disappointing that the Wessex derby has gone from the fixtures, and the bigger crowds. Swindon have certainly been Poole's bogey team in past few years.
  7. auntie doris

    Jason Crump

    Sorry should have spelt Batch..bleary predictive text
  8. auntie doris

    Jason Crump

    Born in Bristol, schooled in Swindon, blaady Pom
  9. auntie doris

    Jason Crump

    Doyle Bitch Pedersen Iversen Cook
  10. auntie doris

    Ipswich 2020

    Welcome back Crumple. Wish he had signed for his local team Swindon.
  11. auntie doris

    workington ..

    I had not attended a speedway meeting for about 30 years and went along to a Worky meeting in 2004. I was hooked again, especially watching Steady ride, almost unbeatable there. Great that he got to ride for Swindon years later, and Wrighty. Still have the programmes.
  12. auntie doris

    Swindon Robins 2020

    They reckon 9000. But hundreds climbed in
  13. auntie doris

    workington ..

    Sad there's no speedway in Cumbria now...but they went out on a massive high!!!
  14. auntie doris

    England v USA @ Swindon 24 May 1980

    I was there. Excellent article in Speedway Star this week saying Americans were given home pits, Gresh and Autrey rode for Swindon, and it seemed a big portion of the English crowd were supporting the Yanks. Some real needle between the teams as the English dominance of the 70s was ending.
  15. My first fav when I started watching speedway at New Cross was Jimmy Squibb. Then Olle Nygren when I supported Wimbledon, Barry Briggs at Swindon, Simon Stead at Workington, and Leigh Adams when I moved back to Swindon. Jason Doyle fav now. Was also a big fan of Peter Craven and Bjorn Knutsson in the 60s.

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