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  1. I think the Flying Frenchie will go well. Heeps and Allen should go well. Will be another big bank holiday crowd on the Hill in the sunshine.
  2. Before 2017 Swindon didn't win there for 8 years. Obviously since thenThe Poirates haven't been as strong without The Turbo Twins, and the title winners. of 2013/4/5
  3. Fearsome three pronged attack of heat leaders, Doyley, Muesli, Batch, best in the league. Ipswich can only hope one of those or Ellis Lampost and the reserves have off night to be in with chance of a point. Will do well to stop Robins hitting 50.
  4. 1100 spaces still, if you're there before 7 you will be ok. With the trio of Doyley, Muesli and Batch running riot at Poole today can only see easy Swindon win...53-37.
  5. Up until a few years ago Swindon couldnt buy a win in Dorset. Now its their favourite track!
  6. Christ didn't see that coming after last night. Swindon's heat leaders ran riot. Will be a fearsome trio this season. GO ROBINS!!!
  7. Speedtastic...will definitely go on Monday now.
  8. Great news about the new track
  9. Not attending tonight..will wait and see what happens with track before going on Monday. GO ROBINS!!!
  10. auntie doris

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    Remember him riding for Oxford at Swindon with Pander, Genz, Geran, etc.,
  11. auntie doris

    The Sheriffs Are Coming

    Perhaps the sheriff's will turn up at Blunsdon tonight.!
  12. Will go 50-to the Moonrakers 40 to the Knobs.
  13. Good weather forecast will be big crowd. Swindon should win this.Hope track is ok.

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