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  1. auntie doris

    Predictions thread

    Would like to see the two west country teams at top, but Zummerzet have mid-table look. Will go Poole, Glasgow, Leicester top 3, with Newcastle and Berwick battling for wooden spoon.
  2. auntie doris

    Prediction thread

    Belle Vue could upset the Robins Swindon Vue Wolves Ipswich Sheffield Lynn Peteboro
  3. Lidsey and Holder excellent, Pickering entertaining.
  4. My bruv sent some photos from Gillman
  5. Disappointing to see some of the top Aussies such as Doyley and Batch, Josh G, Schleiny, Morra, Heeps, Allen, not in. Adams always showed and won many titles.
  6. My bruv said some rain in Adelaide today, don't know if Gillman will be on.
  7. auntie doris

    Peter Moore

    Only the famous Swindon Robins in 57 managed to stop the London stranglehold from 46 to 61
  8. auntie doris

    The Greatest Seven riders ever

    Fundin, Mauger, Briggs, Nielsen, Rickardsson, Olsen, Craven.
  9. auntie doris

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Why, has someone nicked it?
  10. auntie doris

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Used to watch the Wright Bros. up at Worky 2004/5, James was flying number 6, Charles a second-halfer. Always had time for a chat at Worky and Belle Vue, the local team they followed.
  11. auntie doris

    New Cross 1963

    Christ, do you have a special store?
  12. auntie doris

    New Cross 1963

    My brother in Australia has hundreds, my other brother in Swindon has started collecting 1965 British League. Some good bargains on e-bay. Originally they were 9d.
  13. auntie doris

    Who remembers Ernie Hancock?

    His address posted in programme..114 Alberta Street, Walworth, London SE17. Telephone RELiance 4476
  14. auntie doris

    New Cross 1963

    Just purchased set of 15 home programmes from their last season and my first season as a 7 year old from nearby Peckham. 7 quid off of eBay, bargain. Remember the first match v Hackney, PL v Southampton, and last match v Poole.
  15. auntie doris

    workington ..

    I used to go when I lived up there 2004/5, good crowds, and characters such as Stoney, Steady, Wrighty. Shame it's no more, with support dropping off, especially after winning the treble. Some good memories, 2500 there at Stoneys testimonial , and the Fours evenings, and the 3 streakersI delivered a car to Lillyhall then caught trains back to Swindon.

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