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  1. Wolves 2018

    I don't see many riders in that 7 who will improve on their average, which should surely be the primary aim when building any team. Safe to say that the team won't pull up any trees but it shouldn't be awful either in a further watered down league. Should be strong enough at home to beat most teams. However, it will certainly struggle away and I can't see it picking up any consolation points at most tracks. The good thing is that the promotion at Wolves have made changes in the past 2 seasons so hopefully if things aren't going to plan, they will do so again. No Freddie is a huge loss. I assume the decision was financial because there really shouldn't have been a question to ask between him and Thorssell. I won't be purchasing a season ticket at the same price as the last 2 seasons (when we actually had a GP rider in our team after all) but will instead pick and choose meetings. The team isn't nearly enticing enough to go and watch every week, it's basically Championship standard racing plus Masters (who rode in the Champ last year anyway) & Thorssell. Last season was bad enough at times. Many of us want to see high level racing, not Championship standard. Hopefully the Swedish coverage will be back on Premier Sports next season because that's the only competitive high level team racing that most of us will get to see next year. Keeping prices the same across the board as the product gets weaker is just bad business sense but we've all come to expect nothing less from the useless BSPA. Is it no surprise that TV rights with BT can't be agreed when we have so few GP Riders over here nowadays? Unless a CEO type figure is appointed full time to promote, market and run the sport, then it will continue to get worse until the two leagues are combined.
  2. Wolves 2018

    Looks like a fairly weak team to me and will struggle to make the playoffs. Can't say I'm motivated to purchase a season ticket at the same price as last year when the team is weaker and there will be no GP talent on show.
  3. Agm

    The product gets worse but the price remains the same or even increases. I want to get a season ticket for next year (as I have the previous 2) but all of these new ridiculous dumbing down rules are really putting me off. The standard last year was just about acceptable but it's bound to get even worse.
  4. Agm

    Probably the same ones who voted to dilute the product further? Still, I imagine the rate that BT is offering isn't as high as it could be if we actually aimed to attract GP riders with our rules, not the opposite.
  5. Bt Sport Coverage

    Why would BT want to take on the rights for a league which is looking to force GP riders away rather than attracting them? The sport is run like an absolute farce. The 9pt average rule for all GP riders (as revealed at the Wolves talk in last night) sums it up really, along with the stupid one rider over 8pt rule......I think we know which clubs we have to thank for that b
  6. Agm

    How can anybody be surprised that there's no TV deal when the smaller clubs have once again voted to weaken the product? Now more news on fixed averages for GP riders has emerged......it just gets more ridiculous.
  7. Wolves 2018

    The 9pt average for GP riders is absurd. Was this something that the smaller clubs also forced through in an attempt to force the rest of us down to their level? Interesting talk in by the sounds of it but a shame about Pawlicki's average being so ridiculous.
  8. Wolves 2018

    Good to hear - will be beneficial for his development.
  9. Bt Sport Coverage

    Absolute amateurs running British Speedway, PPV live streaming would be easy to implement and wouldn't incur the subsiding of production costs like a TV meeting. A 5er a meeting could attract plenty of British viewers and those from abroad too.
  10. Agm

    Indeed - madness how the Premiership is consistently forced to pander to the Championship. If we spent more time promoting the top division of Speedway then maybe it would be in a better place.
  11. Wolves 2018

    Greaves on Twitter has just said that he could have something great to announce later. Hopefully he will be confirmed as our no7.
  12. Perhaps these clubs shouldn't be in the top division of Speedway. Ironically, they are the 4 teams that tracked rubbish teams for most of last season, mainly consisting of Championship standard riders. Are they trying to bring the other clubs down to their level? I doubt that will entice more fans to turn up, or for BT Sport to take on the TV rights for a full season.
  13. Wolves 2018

    Even if Freddie doesn't want to ride in the UK next year, I still wouldn't take Jacob on that average as a no1 (which he would have to be with the new rules in place)
  14. Agm

    Which would be bad business sense when the product is getting worse. Another question is, will BT want to show a league that consistently and purposefully, dumbs down its product each year?
  15. Agm

    Exactly, the points limit isn't exactly high with a lot of flexibility to maneuver, teams should be able to use it how they wish.