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  1. Perton Wolf

    Wolves 2019

    Didn't get a season ticket last season after having one for the previous 2 years but I will consider going to a large number of meetings next season if we field a decent team including a rider like Pawlicki. Forget the season ticket though. With a reduced number of meetings, it's pretty poor value for money. Rather pick and choose.
  2. Perton Wolf

    Wolves 2018

    Looks like I was right not to bother with a season ticket this season, what a ridiculous signing. Is that really the best they can come up with? The writing was on the wall when they let Freddie go I suppose. No temptation to fork out 20 quid to watch that 7 in action.......
  3. Perton Wolf

    Wolves 2018

    Adams said a few weeks ago that they certainly aren't sitting around and twiddling their thumbs at the idea of making changes. Yet, nothing has changed. The team was never good enough from the start, it was clearly built to just win home meetings. The fact they are surprised that it's failed to win away all season really is a bit odd.
  4. Perton Wolf

    Rye House 2018

    The sport is ran like an absolute farce in this country. Absolutely amateurish. The Premiership should be outsourced like they have with Team GB. Let somebody else run it, it can't get much worse.
  5. First time I've watched Wolves this season and wasn't very impressed. Morris isn't good enough at no2 and I don't think Heeps is good enough at all. Along with that, Thorssell isn't a no1. Probably a bit fortunate to win in all honesty when you consider Leicester's mechanical issues and self inflicted wounds (Bjerre comes to mind the most when on a 5-1). Excellent meetings for Masters and Greaves from a Wolves point of view. Track didn't seem to offer much but at least the racing was generally competitive.
  6. Lambert was a class above all night. Great to see Bewley finish 2nd too. An excellent event all round with some great racing.
  7. Perton Wolf

    Wolves 2018

    Haha, it's basic business really, if the product gets worse then less people will buy it! And yes it is a shame, the decline seems steep too with no uplift in sight. I've not even been to a meeting this season.......been following the results on updates and on here of course and I do miss seeing some sort of racing live but the Premiership just seems to be a slightly better version of the Championship this season. I've enjoyed watching the Swedish Speedway on a Tuesday evening because almost every team has 4-5 really good riders as a minimum while in the UK it's like 1 or 2 maximum for each team and barely any of them are GP standard. I'll go to a few meetings in the coming months or so but nowhere near as many if the product on offer was the same level as say 2 seasons ago. Those last few home meeting of the season (including the playoffs) when we had a top 5 of Lindgren, PK, Woffinden, Thorssell and Masters was excellent viewing.
  8. Great effort but can't argue with Russia winning it, they had the strongest pairing. Woffinden was excellent and Lambert did well considering his young age/experience but just came up a bit short in the end. Great achievement on the whole for Great Britain though.
  9. Perton Wolf

    Wolves 2018

    I'm not sure what he expects when they let our only GP rider walk in the off season. I had a season ticket for the past 2 seasons but not this year, I know a few who have done the same. How can they expect crowds to stay the same/be higher when prices are the same but the team is worse?
  10. There isn't anywhere really, that's the point. Agree that neither of those venues are suitable for an event like this.
  11. Manchester isn't an easy place to get to on a Tuesday night, surely a national stadium would've been better off being built in the middle of the country? To make it more accessible for all. Anyway, the bigger issue is probably that ticket prices apparently started at around £20 despite the meeting being on BT which I guess most speedway fans have anyway.
  12. What a ride from Aarnio!
  13. A 3-3 vs Australia would basically have seen GB through, may have bottled it now.
  14. Also encourages clubs to farm a large number of assets and then hold other clubs to ransom for them, even if they have no intent of picking them to ride for the club again. The whole system is really bizarre.

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