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  1. Hello BFMDan,

    Where are you from? I'm from a small village Named Dansville 50 miles due south of Rochester, NY on interstate 390. Also about 90 min. from Champion Speedway where they have the video of East Coast Speedway in Owego, NY. Thanks for the tip-off on the Videos on the Speedway GP website!



    1. BFMDan


      I live in Minnesota. :)


  2. BFMDan

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Um, how bizarre . . . just moments (and I mean literally seconds) after submitting my above post, I received a personal e-mail from speedwayGP.com directing me to the SGPTV portion of the speedwaygp.com website. I've been going to the website for years and I'm embarrassed to admit that I never once noticed that they have old broadcasts available there. LOL Guess I need to work on my attention. So, anyway, rounds 1, 2 & 3 of the 2019 GPs are available. Qualifying for the first three rounds are also available to rewatch. Dan
  3. BFMDan

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Sorry, I should have been clearer . . . I'm a GP fan in the USA. My personal schedule just doesn't line up with the live GP streams (which are about noon-ish in my US time zone) - I'm usually out doing my own racing, or other Saturday mid-day family/household activities. So, in years past, I'd pull up the GP vids on YouTube and watch later in the week . . . this year (2019) though, I can't seem to find any of the first three rounds. In prior pages of this thread I can find the GP vids with (what I'm assuming is) Polish commentary . . . unfortunately, I don't speak polish. I'm not trying to ask anything inappropriate or illegal . . . just want to watch some GP action. Dan
  4. BFMDan

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Hmmm, anyone know where/how to find the GP broadcasts with English coverage? Dan
  5. Here's an open-ended question for any of you regular speedway travelers . . . For a somewhat naive American couple . . . what's the best Speedway GP venue to visit on a 'first time trip'? We're thinking European mainland (as opposed to the U.K.). You're all going to laugh and roll your eyes at me; because, unfortunately, we don't speak any European languages. LOL. We just love Speedway GPs and want to experience one in person. Dan
  6. BFMDan

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    Not trying to ask anything inappropriate . . . but, has anyone found this year's first two Grand Prixs on the internet yet? Let me know if I"m not supposed to ask this question . . . Dan
  7. http://www.americanflattrack.com/events All events are broadcast (in an extremely edited version) on NBCSN For any of you who are interested, they do offer a FREE 'live stream' coverage via https://www.fanschoice.tv/, which is comprised of the track announcers, usually a pit reporter & several quality cameras; this live coverage has improved over the years. It's not polished "Prime Time" quality (like "Speedway GP" or US "SuperCross") . . . but, it is good streaming coverage and it's a good way to watch the events live. Dan Logo image credit: AmericanFlatTrack.com via officialbikeweek.com
  8. Wow, I surely don't mean to be rude, but a do disagree with a couple points: it is less expensive - Go take a look at the asking price for a good Flattrack bike. $50,000 for an out of the box Indian is not cheap. (and that's before they start throwing time at it) (it's) much less regulated - Extremely regulated. Pre-race, post-race inspections. engine regulations, gear regulations, tire regulations . . . Tracks don't have to be so well prepared - Go to the Springfield Mile and you'll see an immaculate track - with a crew that is amazing. I sometimes wonder if dirt track racing could be organized a bit more like speedway, not only as individual race meetings, but perhaps with Teams racign as well, maybe even formign a league competition - The lure of Dirttrack is to the individual. It's not a team sport. Again, not a personal attack on you - just wanted to respond to a couple of your points. Dan
  9. I think there are a couple reasons why Flattrack is riding a bit of a 'come back wave' Regardless of reality, the ideology exists that Flattrack is closer to 'regular folks' cycling. Similar to the antiquated difference between 'stock car racing' and, say, Formula1. From the '50s to the mid-90s a casual observer could "think" that a 'stock car' is visually similar to the "old Buick" sitting in their driveway. Not so for Formula1 or Indy racing. Despite the FACT that, aside from appearances, there was nothing stock about a 'stock car' - it was easier for a person to make the mental connection. Therefore, it was easier for them to create the fantasy that, "Hey, I have a car just like them! I COULD GO DO THAT". Very similar to soccer, I would think. Any one can flip on the TV and say to themselves, "Hey, I have a soccer ball in my basement . . . I'm just like these super stars." To that extent, a Flattrack bike (either DTX or a 'Framer' or a 'Hooligan') still 'visually' resembles most motorcycles that non-racers understand, visualize and maybe even have sitting in their own garage. This makes it more relatable to a casual viewer than, say, a speedway bike. The thought process can again lead a casual viewer to the idea of, "Hey, I can relate . . . I gotta go check this out." At the true "grass-roots" level, it is easier for a non-racer to become a racer in the world of Flattrack. Many amateur events even have 'non-flattrack' divisions. Motocrsoss cycles, knobby tires, high suspension and all can give it a try. Hooligan divisions allow actual street cycles to compete. This makes the sport much easier to get into, as opposed to having to invest in a purpose built cycle for speedway racing. Please understand, I'm not saying Flattrack is better than Speedway . . . I'm just trying to postulate a couple reasons as to why the recent 'come back' for Flattrack racing. Dan
  10. You'll have to forgive me, folks; but, as a speedway fan from the US, I have absolutely no idea about the economics of being a speedway racer in UK, Poland, Europe . . . I watch Speedway GP and it looks like these guys are SUPERSTARS, I watch a few YouTube videos of league racing, and the tracks look like our country-side weekend dirt tracks. I'm confused. Can anyone put it into comparison with something 'American'? Are speedway racers (in Europe) living like: American movie stars, American professional football/baseball/basketball/NASCAR athletes, American Factory SuperCross racers, American 'Privateer' SuperCross racers, American 'weekend' stockcar racers (basically making NO money off the sport - 98% have regular mon-fri full-time jobs) Just curious, Thanks. Dan
  11. American Flat Track 2018 Twins Hightlights: Dan
  12. American Flat Track 2018 Singles Hightlights: Dan
  13. BFMDan

    Celebrity fans

    As a boy from 'The States', I'm a HUGE Scott Gorham fan. I'll reach out and see if I can find any further information. Dan
  14. BFMDan

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Wow, that was really well done! Dan
  15. Just thought I'd ask - any of you who compete. From where do you get your Speedway Leathers? Dan

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