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    Have never raced Speedway, but have several District Flat Track Championships.
  1. Speedway Music

    "Kick Start My Heart" by Motley Crue, "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory "Killer Instinct" by Black Star Riders many songs from the Scorpions "World Wide Live" album/CD "Coming Home", "Bad Boys Running Wild", "Big City Nights", "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Can't Live Without You", "Dynamite" "Bad Boys" by Whitesnake "Are You Ready" by Thin Lizzy "Whiskey and Pills" by Billy Idol HB
  2. Honours List

    Year USA National Champion AMA Speedway Champion 2017 Broc Nicol Billy Janniro (8) 2016 Aaron Fox (2) Billy Janniro (7) 2015 Aaron Fox Billy Janniro (6) 2014 Bryan Yarrow Billy Janniro (5) 2013 Billy Hamill (4) Billy Janniro (4) 2012 Billy Hamill (3) Billy Hamill (5) 2011 Billy Janniro (4) Billy Janniro (3) 2010 Billy Janniro (3) Billy Janniro (2) 2009 Ricky Wells (1) Greg Hancock (8) 2008 Billy Janniro (2) Billy Janniro 2007 Billy Hamill (2) Billy Hamill (4) 2006 Charlie Venegas (2) Greg Hancock (6) 2005 Chris Manchester (3) Greg Hancock (5) 2004 Billy Janniro Greg Hancock (4) 2003 Scott Brant (1) Greg Hancock (3) 2002 Billy Hamill Billy Hamill (3) 2001 Chris Manchester Billy Hamill (2) 2000 Charlie Venegas Greg Hancock (2) 1999 Brad Oxley (2) Billy Hamill 1998 Bart Bast (1) Greg Hancock
  3. Us Speedway Revolution

    I realize that I'm reviving an long-dead thread (jumping in over a year and a half later - LOL); but, I think 'AlanF' hit the nail on the head with his first and second points. The sheer size of the US means that a vast majority of people are never exposed to the sport. And with zero (I mean - literally ZERO) media coverage, they never will be exposed. Here's a slightly related thought. Up until recently, the sport of 'Flattrack motorcycle racing' was loosing it's footing and it's fan base. Several years ago the professional series started offering free live streaming coverage of their events. Even though the stream suffered MANY technical hiccups and drawbacks - the word quickly began spreading. This year (2017) the professional series booked a weekly program of event coverage with NBCS (the sports cable offering of NBC). Even though the event coverage was a few MONTHS behind the actual event, and severely edited for content - the following has exploded! In my own regional amateur events, turnout is up (both riders and spectators) with many commenting on the NBCS coverage! Attendance at the major professional events is also WAY UP. That's the sort of thing needed for Speedway to make a comeback in America - coverage. Of course, that's just my opinion. HB
  4. More Free Speedway On Tv?

    Hmmm, you'll have to forgive me this elementary question from "The New Guy Across The Big Pond" (T.N.G.A.T.B.P.) . . . but, is this "Freeview" something that's available only to you (umm, what do I say here?) Brits/Englanders? I've skimmed through this topic . . . but, am still a bit lost ('course, my Mrs. says that about me almost daily. LOL). Is this, like, something available directly through your cable programming . . . or is this something available outside your area? HB
  5. A lot of people have been making fun of the 'xylophone trophies' (I've also seen them called "Lego Awards" - LOL). And, to a certain extent, I too took a double-glance when they were first unveiled. However, for myself (and, I understand, I'm just a 'small potatoes local amateur racer'), I must say, that after a lifetime in motorsports (cars and cycles) there comes a point when I look at the trophies in my garage and literally can't differentiate between the trophies and the achievement. They figuratively all look the same (a few cylindrical pylons, maybe different colors, a little metal plate, etc.) . . . I've gotten to the point where I literally have to put a piece of tape on the back and write Date, Track Location, Division, Memory there. Now, you MUST agree with me that the winners of those 'Xylophone trophies' won't get them mixed up with any other awards they've received. LOL HB
  6. Please Teach This "yankee"

    Ooohhh, interesting. Please pass along any information you can. HB
  7. Please Teach This "yankee"

    Aha! So, a "Paid Point" is the same as saying "Bonus Point"? So, "nine paid 10" means the rider earned nine finishing position points and was also awarded an additional 'bonus point' for a scenario such as you described. Clear enough. Thanks! HB
  8. Extremely embarrassing elementary question . . . but, um, can someone explain to me the meaning of phrases like this: "13 paid 14 points" "Milik was Wroclaw’s hero on 15 points, with Woffinden adding nine paid 11" "Dudek collecting 10 paid 11 and Jaroslaw Hampel registering nine paid 10" I'm not quite understanding the "paid" nomenclature. Being over here in The States, I don't get to watch anything but the G.P.'s (and these days not much of those either - as they've started blocking the youtube stream ) - so, I'm used to simply counting up points through the event. Thank you in advance, HB
  9. Usa Speedway Tour!

    Yup 'AlanF', that's how I took it, as well. Via the web site - not much actual information there, as of yet, and couldn't find them on social media (Facebook) . . . so, being as how I'm from The States (but NOT in 'Speedway Territories') I'll sit tight, watch & listen to see what comes of this. HB
  10. Usa Speedway Tour!

    Would be nice to see if something comes of it . . . HB
  11. Speedway World Cup 2017

    I watched Saturday's and Tuesday's events (via delayed stream). As an American, I enjoyed Saturday's match - even though I've been more entertained as a fan via other events (please don't hate us just 'cause we're Americans). As a speedway fan, I absolutely ate up Tuesday's match!! That was so fun to watch! More than a handful of times I was literally shouting out loud and leaning so far sideways on my couch (trying to help the riders - LOL) that my S.O. reached out and grabbed me thinking I was going to topple right over! Man, that was fun! Two big "Thumbs Up" from this guy! HB
  12. Speedway World Cup 2017

    I think because they know/understand that speedway here in "The Good Ol' U.S.ofA." is almost non-existent. 3 or 4 tracks in southern California - one in the Midwest - that's about it. It's like Ice Hockey in Africa or something And coming from this non-existent culture, we're trying (TRYING) to re-grow the sport here in America. For us to even be there is a huge success - and then to get points, another step - and then to actually beat some of the competition . . . well, ya gotta start somewhere. HB
  13. Quick question about online viewing. At the SpeedwayGP web site, they have their GPTV (or whatever they call it) - basically a live youtube stream. I watched that all in years past; now this year it always says it hasn't been made available for viewing in my country (USA). So, in which countries is that stream available? HB