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  1. leander

    Championship and Poland

    According to the Star it's possible to watch ALL six matches live over the week-end. So 1st division matches are likely to be saturdays as I can't see there being eight hours of speedway on the sunday. Also, this year, lower division riders are allowed to guest in the Extraleague.
  2. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Not sure I'd have Ludde back. His performances have dropped right off (even at home on occasions) since he moved back to Sweden. Also his late withdrawal from the last away match at Workington let the supporters, management, and team mates down disgracefully, when he knew, several hours before he informed George, that he wouldn't be there. Final straw for me.
  3. leander

    Championship and Poland

    Yes but it is the first thing they sort out at the conference, and team captains can report non payment to the referee at every match.
  4. leander

    Championship and Poland

    Not next year it ain't. All four extraleague fixtures are televised live every weekend. Two on Fridays, and two on Sundays. So that's 50/50 fridays and sundays. Also two first division matches are televised every weekend. Probably on a saturday, as I can't see there being four matches live on TV on a sunday. Possible consequences for every championship club.
  5. leander

    Championship and Poland

    They usually do get paid as clubs do not get a license to operate for the upcoming season if they still have debts (including rider payments). It's usually about January or February though (after the clubs tend to receive their sponsorship payments for the coming season).
  6. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Wouldn't touch Barker with a barge pole. To start with his baggage doesn't include any bikes!!!
  7. leander

    Ipswich 2019

    Yes that's a statement that certainly needs clarification. Don't know how you can achieve an actual 3.00 average without riding in the league. Or does it mean a 3.00 average in the Championship before you can move up. Or a 3.00 Premiership average AFTER the 1.5 (or whatever it is) conversion. Clear as mud as usual.
  8. leander

    AGM November 2018

    Yes!! Not too impressed with the rest of it though. Does nothing to address the lack of fixtures!! Fans and some promoters saying beforehand they wanted more meaningful fixtures. Well in the Championship they have ONE! Wow. Much better to split the league into two "conferences" (based on geography). You play everyone in your own "conference" twice (10 fixtures) home and away, and everyone in the other conference once ( six fixtures) = 16 league fixtures + three fixtures in the Shield results in a minimum of 19 plus KOC. Top two from each conference into the playoffs. 38 point limit. Why? All that does is artificially increase a riders average, as a team averaging 38 at the start of the season will average 42 at the end! without, possibly being any better.
  9. leander

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Yes but the difference is Local Councils in Poland invest hugely (some over 30%) in a teams annual income, not to mention local businesses. Most of the stadium upgrades over the last few years in Poland have been funded by Local Councils and, I would suggest, clubs pay next to no rent. Some of this money is almost certainly come from the EU!!!! Oh for our various councils to input even a fraction of what they do in Poland.
  10. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Not according to Tero. Speaking to him before the end of last season he said he had a polish contract in the pipeline but only as a SQUAD rider and not a regular. He would be available to ride in Poland on days (including a few sundays) when Newcastle didn't have a fixture, assuming he's back with us of course.
  11. leander

    berwick bandits 2019

    Not that silly. Edinburgh have to vacate Armadale by the middle of next year, I've heard.
  12. Regulation 18.10.6 No Rider, whose Team is in the Play-Offs may appear as a Guest in the Play-Offs And Supplementary Regulation 1810 Amendments to 2018 Regulations 18.2.4 to include all SGB Premiership and Championship Competitions. A Rider may only guest for one team in any leg of a 2-legged competition (home and away).
  13. Some promoters have and failed (Coventry, Bristol, Exeter, Reading, Oxford to name a few). Generally, nowadays, unless you've can find a barren site or field that is at least 5 mile away from the nearest habitation you've got next to no chance of getting planning permission.
  14. Not allowed to this year. Can't choose a guest from another play-off team. If a rider guests for team A in the first leg of a play-off he isn't allowed to guest for team B in the second leg.
  15. Guests for a missing number one only. R/R for missing 2 to 5 in averages. Teams to name an unattached NL no.8. If both teams are using R/R then top reserve moves into the team proper and number 8 comes in at reserve.

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