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  1. leander

    Workington 2019

    That's fine in principle, unfortunately it doesn't work like that. say teams 1 , 3, 5, etc are at home week one and teams 2 , 4, 6 etc. are away then vice versa week two= fine. but when team 1 plays team 3 or any odd numbered team then one of them has two weeks at home in a row and the other 2 weeks away in a row. then if the team that has two weeks away loses the next home fixture to the weather then suddenly you are looking at four or five weeks without a home fixture and fans lose interest. Footy gets away with it as there are usually at least one midweek fixture a month to keep the interest up.
  2. Berwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh supporters would have bought season tickets on the basis of 11 league fixtures + 3 league cup =14. now it's 10 + 2. they lose out on two fixtures. At the most it's only 1 extra fixture. 10 league + 5 league cup = 15. If you are in the league cup group of five then it's no different ( 10 + 4). It solves the problem of the best placed runner-up qualifying, particularly as now the groups are uneven meaning percentages could come into play giving an advantage to the group of three.
  3. A sad day for all associated with Workington speedway. Hopefully, the BSPA will now have a fresh look at the fixtures for 2019, as one of the major complaints from fans last year was the lack of fixtures and the breaks in continuity this resulted in. There are now potentially less fixtures than last year for some clubs with the league being reduced to 11 clubs again. At the very least the League Cup needs to be revamped into two groups (North and South) with the top two from each group going into the semi's. Or are we going to put the season start date back to May!!!
  4. leander

    Workington 2019

    Not necessarily. It would depend on whether they had any outstanding debts (i.e. riders wages, etc.) I would have thought. If they were up to date with the required payments at the end of last season then there is no reason why the promoters shouldn't be allowed to run next year, or even transfer the license to another track. They wouldn't be the first to move because they couldn't afford to run at their current stadium. Whether they were right to declare that they were running at the AGM is another matter. Newcastle were in a similar situation last year and, it would appear, made a 'conditional' declaration to run, and didn't sign anyone until the finances were in position to run, which is why they had a team of ,supposedly, no hopers. On reflection this would appear to have been the best way to do it, as there are now seven riders out of a job at the start of the season as all the championship teams are complete. Feel so sad for the supporters ( the few who are left as there obviously weren't enough of you), and the riders.
  5. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    He was averaging more than that for Newcastle before he got injured. you can hardly blame him for his last 15 matches last season when he was in a team where he obviously wasn't wanted. Scunthorpe should have checked the rules BEFORE they tried to sack him (especially since your promoter is actually on the management committee). There was no way he was not going to ride as he would have received a 28 day ban which would have affected his NL appearances. As for him not getting to grips with Scunthorpe, well he won't be the last. The Worrall twins didn't particularly like it either when they first started. That was why they came to Newcastle at reserve! Personally I don't have any problem with the last two. Lasse Bjerre isn't the first "troublesome" Dane George's had to deal with. We once had Nicki Pedersen. Different people react and perform (or not) to different managers.
  6. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Lawson is 9.03 before the british deduction, so that puts him a tad under 9. I had Kennett on about 8.4 before the brit deduction (based on his rye house average last year converted) not realising that those rides don't count. Zach was 5.19 before the deduction. So that made them about 22.5 , hence they would be about 2.00 below. Reckoning was fine, it was just Rye House records being expunged it that threw me. If Kennett is over 9.0 I doubt he'll reach that figure. He gets a headache north of Peterborough!
  7. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Basically I would think he'd do ok around brough, particularly when you look at the bottom end of some other teams. Not so sure about away though. Still I'd rather be in the position we are in than Eastbourne. They have 24+ for their last three, Rumoured to be Lawson, Kennett, and Wajknecht which by my reckoning will only take them to about 36-36.5 ish Three sub 3.00 at the bottom meaning Alfie Bowtell is in the main body of the team. I'd be happy if we could get a 7.0, a 5.0, and a 3.75 ish to complete the side.
  8. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    The official BSPA website archive for 2017 shows Phillips 2M 8R 11+3 = 5.5 without BP 7.00 with. The other two matches were pre-season challenges and his 8 rides in that included 3 falls (1 when 2nd on a 5-1 and 1 when 3rd.) So it could have quite easily been 19+4 = 4.75/5.75
  9. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Danny Phillips has signed for Belle Vue!!!!!!!!!.....................Colts.
  10. leander

    Eastbourne 2019

    Probably not, but you'd need him to be available to ride away on sundays when you visit the likes of Sheffield and Newcastle. That ain't gonna happen, even if you could afford him ( which along with every other championship team) I doubt.
  11. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Just going by what Dan said in the Speedway star a few weeks ago. He said he was back on a pushbike but told not to put too much weight on his leg. Pleased he's making good progress though.
  12. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Dan won't be fit for the start of the season, otherwise he'd be in Worky's 1 to 7. I don't think he can put weight on his injured leg yet.
  13. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Last time Danny rode for Newcastle he was averaging nearly 6.00 at home before he got injured. Yes He didn't score many for Scunthorpe when they visited last year, but then again if he had he might have found the locks had been changed when he got home.
  14. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    I fear you may be disappointed. Last year the diamonds primary team sponsors would have liked Danny in the team, but the lack of an available out and out number 1 mean't we would have been woefully weak, so they relented. They just helped to make him a Newcastle asset instead! Assuming they are still on board this year then it is likely that that position hasn't changed. i don't have a problem with that. Last year Danny was recovering from a bad leg injury. granted he struggled at Scunthorpe, but so do a lot of others. He did reasonably ok riding for Coventry. Plus it would appear the the majority of teams this year have 2.00 pointers at the bottom end, and I would fancy Danny to get the better of most, particularly around Brough. With Danny we would have 13.77 for the last two. If we can get near that with the last two riders we'd be looking as good as most others. Thought Matej had signed for Krakow in Poland next year. (The same team as Tero).
  15. According to 2018 final green sheet issue he is on 7.66.

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