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  1. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    I'd be very surprised (pleasantly, I might add) if we see Lewis back on a speedway bike anytime (never mind soon). I'd like to see Tero, Ash, and Matty back next year as the engine room of the team. Build it around those three. Not too sure about any of the rest as they seem to be at best standing still average wise. That said Robbo would have been in there with the three I've mentioned if he hadn't retired. Thanks for the good times.
  2. Newcastle promotion, I believe, requested a facility to cover Matty Wethers once it was realised he couldn't get time off, and the BSPA refused. This despite the fact that a) the BSPA themselves cancelled the original fixture, b) it was then rained off, and c) Newcastle bent over backwards to facilitate Workington to run this fixture this weekend, when they could have said no we are not coming. It seems you can get a facility when a rider chooses to ride somewhere else but not when it's a genuine reason. Poor Matty was left with no choice by his employers. He can't, and I personally wouldn't, expect him to, give up his job. As for Lindgren, if it was, as I believe, late on Friday afternoon when he cried off then the Newcastle management did well to get ANYBODY. Cumbria isn't exactly awash with sub 7 point championship riders who are available at such short notice.
  3. leander

    Derwent Park

    I just hope Workington Comets are still around to fight their corner when the time comes. I'd be more concerned about the more immediate future. I'm not a Comets supporter so I don't know if things have improved compared to last year. it didn't look any better the two times I've been this season.
  4. Oh you mean one of them full throttle, little skill, pure speed, fastest bike wins (yawn) tracks, where the racing is so tremendously exciting that hardly anyone from Workington bothers to turn up and watch anymore.
  5. Except he's top of Newcastle averages so he goes out on a high. Personally I'd thought he'd do one more but hey ho. All the best Robbo and thanks for the memories (and there are lots).
  6. Yes that's true Liga 2 does have priority but no facility is granted for liga 2 fixtures. Teams just have to suck it.
  7. Polish fixture is a play-off one. So that's been in the diary since day 1. Technically Comets shouldn't be allowed a facility as it's a division 2 match, irrespective of the comets fixture being re-arranged, but it would appear the BSPA management committee keep changing the rules as they go along.
  8. I'm not sure that would be the case. P'boro were at Lakeside (Rye house) last night. They've got them again home and away next sunday, and a third time home and away the following week-end. I know "local" ish derbys are usually good money makers for the clubs but 4 times in 4/5 weeks is asking a bit much. Fan apathy could be an issue.
  9. Which is what I am quite happy to do. How is it logistically difficult to accept a rain-off ticket worth £ 17 + £8 cash.
  10. Newcastle fans note. Your re-admission tickets from the original fixture ARE NOT valid for this fixture.
  11. But that's not the point though is it. By paying my £17:00 on the original date I entered into a contract with Lakeside part of which is I accept that no money will be refunded should the meeting be abandoned before heat 10. On their part they agree that I can receive an appropriate reduction on ANY Lakeside fixture this season or next (Like i'm gonna risk that). So technically they are in breach of contract. All because deducting £17 from £25 is too difficult for them to manage!!!!! Why should I have to go to the added time and expense to photocopy, post, etc. my ticket off in the hope that they'll refund it, having arranged time and travel to go to the rematch expecting them to honour the agreement.
  12. second leg Championship Shield v Scunthorpe 1st followed by Newcastle. It's in the speedway Star although I can't see it anywhere else so the newcastle fixture might be provisional.
  13. I know. I would have no objection to paying the difference between £17:00 and the £ 25:00 for the double-header, even though I'm unlikely to stop for the second match with a five hour+ drive home. Having said that just re-reading the Hammers program and nowhere does it have the (I thought) obligatory Health and Safety notice or rain-off details. However, the official BSPA which all clubs should have signed up to is " If it is necessary to abandon the meeting before the completion of heat 10, you will entitled to reduced admission at ANY one future meeting this season in the Premier League/Cup."
  14. I see on the Lakeside website that rain-off tickets issued when the original league match v Newcastle was abandoned without a wheel being turned are NOT valid for the return fixture on Saturday because it's a double header!!!! So Newcastle fans who forked out £17:00 + £3:00 for a naff program are expected to pay another £25:00 this Saturday to watch their team on top of another lot of travel expenses. Oh but we can use our re-admission tickets for any other match. Yea right. Like I'm going to travel another 500 miles to watch them race somebody else. Jon Cook you should hang your head in shame. DAMN DISGRACE.
  15. Second leg is a week Saturday (22nd Sep) as part of yet another double header.

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