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  1. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Well he would fit (3.79) for Simon, but one has to wonder why no one else has considered him.
  2. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    I never said I wasn't worried.
  3. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    It's still two possibly three blank sunday's regardless of where we are the night before or at Peterborough or not. It wouldn't be that bad if we hadn't had three blank Sundays late April/May.
  4. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Maybe so. He's actually had almost as much track time as the rest of the team. lol. There have been too many blank Sundays ( three in the last six weeks) for our newbies to get properly dialled in. I would have hoped to see some of them out after the main meeting practising, and trying to sort out some of the issues they are having, but that hasn't happened. Another week off next week, then next month there is at least two possibly three blank Sundays. It's crazy having so many blank dates this early in the season. Then in July and August there are no spare dates meaning if we have any rain-offs we'll be struggling to get the matches in before the cut-off.
  5. leander

    Newcastle V Leicester 19/5/19

    I very much doubt Martin being his dad has anything to do with it, otherwise Danny would have been in the team last year. It's more likely a case of the main sponsors wanting him in the team. If you remember they wanted him in the team when they came on board last season, but were persuaded otherwise (by George and Martin) due the 'enforced' way the team was built. to their credit though they went out and helped make him a club asset. So it is more likely their influence that has seen Danny in our team this year. And, if I'm honest, better that than no speedway at all.
  6. leander

    Newcastle V Leicester 19/5/19

    With who???. We can only change like for like. so that means another 2.00 for Danny. They are thin on the ground. Ask Glasgow who are struggling to replace Chessell. Scunthorpe are trialling bad boy Lawlor to fill their vacancy. There aren't that many 4.00 s around either. People mention Jedd List who rode last night but was at least a second PER LAP slower than the average time during the main meeting. Part of the problem, in my opinion, is the lack of home meetings especially with the track seemingly changing every time we ride. No home meeting next week means we've had three blank dates in the last six weeks. The "new" boys aren't getting enough regular home time. and there is possibly another two blank dates at the end of next month.
  7. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Nope. My understanding of the rules is that if we are over the limit (which we are) then it is like for like. For example if you drop Simon ( 4.2 )and Danny ( 2.00 ) you can only bring in another 4.2 or under and another 2.00. You can't bring in 2 x 3.00 pointers. You could bring in Newman as a straight swap for Bjerre but would you really want to? Kyle seems to be really struggling these last two seasons Birmingham managed to bring in Ellis and Stoneman because their overall revised team total was still under 38.00. Not sure who you would get to fill Danny's shoes should you make that change. Glasgow haven't replaced Chessell yet, and Scunthorpe have turned to Joe Lawlor to possibly fill their vacant two point slot. Jed List was out on track last night again and looked okay, but his times were nearer the 68.0 to 69.0 mark (about a second a lap slower than the average time during the meeting). Lasse just needs to get his bike issues sorted out, and quick. (People forget that when Kenneth first signed for us he was rubbish for the first three months, then outstanding from about June onwards).
  8. Not true. Polish league can say to riders " You ride for us or the GP. One or the other". Then probably most of the current GP riders will pick Poland for regular high earnings which will totally devalue the GP. Mind you it would probably give Craig Cook a better chance, lol. Also Polish Federation could order their riders to ride in Poland or be suspended then you wouldn't have any Polish guys in the GP. Quite simply money talks. Every Polish Extra-league match is televised live this year. Two on Fridays, two on Sundays, so the Polish Federation are obviously getting mega zlots for this. They are hardly likely to choose to lose that money by saying no we are not riding on GP Fridays.
  9. Nobody was "excluded" from qualifying. Tai, along with two others CHOSE to ride for their polish clubs in a league meeting as poland has decided to run 50% of their meetings on a friday now. Thanks, no doubt, to TV money. Tai was left with what he was given. No choice. Not his fault nobody picked No. 15. he is penalised to an extent that no. 15 has two rides in a row. Not ideal if you struggle, for whatever reason, in the first. Zmarzlik, who also missed qualifying, was drawn with No. 16 which also has two rides in a row. Make practise/qualifying compulsory? Now that would certainly put the sh*t in the pan. Polish league saying if you don't ride you are out, GP saying the same thing. Do you want to be world champion, or do you want to earn mega bucks (assuming you actually get paid) by riding in Poland.
  10. But it can because the fastest rider gets to choose which number he wants in the main meeting meaning he can avoid getting a number which, for example, gives him two rides on the trot or a number which gives him his fifth ride from a more unfavourable gate. In the days of one-off world finals and multiple qualifying rounds it was pre determined which number you had in the next round depending on where you finished in the the qualifier. Ivan Mauger would often forgo winning a qualifying round, deliberately finishing second or third in order to get a more preferable number in the next. That's not to say I'm in favour of it.
  11. Practise has been optional for quite a few years now.
  12. And this is a rider who wonders why he can't get a place in the premiership!
  13. Especially if your captain can't be bothered to turn up. Feel sorry for any fans that made the trip.
  14. Depending on the circumstances, he could be hit with a 28-day ban. Lindgren was when he didn't turn up for Newcastle's last meeting at Workington last season. Fortunately for Newcastle it was the last meeting.
  15. Not to the extent where they have to pump water out of the puddles on a hot August evening. The first 5 heats are like racing in a paddy field. That's why it's not as good as it can be. I've yet to see a tractor during a meeting. Nothing wrong with one or two tractor breaks to drag the dirt back. if timed correctly it needn't impact on the meeting at all (i.e. during the interval, or when a rider has two races in a row).

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