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  1. leander

    Brummies v Bears

    Guest at No.5 = Jake Allen
  2. To be fair in the case of Coles he did try (or at least appear to), and his bike seemed to be wedged under the air-fence.
  3. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Before heat 7 both Matty and Garcia were paid for 2 from 2. Heat 7 was Coty's best ride with Lawson just getting 3rd on the line. We could have used Max in heat 10 but that would of mean't Max having 4 on the trot ( and subsequently 5 out of 6). Plus Max had already been on the receiving end of a 5-1 by Monarchs heat 10 pairing. A big ask, especially since there was no real interval due to the threatening weather. The error, if there was one, was to use Coty in heat 1. Danny was hard done to in heat 4 by being excluded for not bringing Coles down. (Danny didn't get an F/X as shown on Newcastle Facebook page. Just an EX presumably for dangerous riding.).
  4. leander

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Home straight amongst a bunch of Edinburgh supporters more than one of which put Fx against Coles in there program before the ref made his decision.
  5. leander

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Utter garbage. Danny was past him going into bend 3. clear daylight between Danny and Connor. It was identical to the move Pickering did on Matty in heat 3. Only difference was Matty wasn't out of shape on every corner, Unlike Coles. As for being a well prepared track, it's rubbish compared to what it used to be like when "Doc" Bridgett did it. Needs a big blade to take out all the 'hills' that are putting so many riders out of shape on the corners.
  6. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Well Plymouth have signed Chessell on a 28 day contract so they obviously think he's out for at least a month.
  7. Not quite. three days before changes come into effect, not necessarily the announcements. Indeed the announcement says "subject to BSPA approval" so the checks are still in progress. Scunthorpe last season announced they had dropped Danny, then found out (after the necessary checks!!!) that they couldn't do that. (after the transfer deadline).
  8. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Nathan Stoneman has been replaced by both Birmingham and Plymouth (temporarily) because he's injured and for no other reason. So it looks like he's out for a while at least.
  9. leander

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    US! Issue's 15 through to 19 show him as 7.76 from 01/07.
  10. leander

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    You would have thought so. However, the racecard shows Steve as being 7.79, but the SGB website latest list shows Steve as 7.76. Not that it matters that much in this case, unless we were really close to the 40 point limit.
  11. I don't often get entertained on tapes up, full throttle, clutch out 1st out of the start, flat out racers tracks. Much prefer tracks with plenty of dirt, like the 70's ( Rory Schlein please note). The racing was better, more passing, more entertaining. If modern bikes can't cope then change the Bl**dy bikes not the track. You don't see any other sport where they change the track to suit the modern equipment.
  12. leander

    Wolves v Swindon 8/7/19

    It was said on sunday (at the Newcastle v Scunthorpe match) that Stefan is looking to return this Friday for Scunthorpe. Don't know off hand if Swindon have a fixture on Thursday or if he'll be back for that if so.
  13. leander

    Newcastle 2019

  14. leander

    Newcastle 2019

    Page 15 Newcastle v Scunthorpe program. Which are THIS season's proper averages , Including bonus points. GSA's are always "bent" these days as they don't include bonus points and currently include half of last years fixtures! It just shows how good a partnership he has with Matty as they've scored as many bonus points between them as the rest of the team put together. Matty is averaging 8.26 this season as against his GSA of 6.52. Heaven help us if he gets injured. ( As Sheffield have found out with Broc Nicol).
  15. There's always been talk on the terraces this season regarding team changes. If it happens (and I'm not holding my breath) I somehow doubt it'll be where it really needs to be.

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