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  1. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    Seem to remember people saying the same thing when we signed Matty Wethers two years ago. Vissing was no. 5 at Glasgow until late July last season so I've no worries there. Only 9 last places in 23 matches. home average 9.14 away 8.26. As consistent, if not better than, most no 1's.
  2. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    He doesn't. Rode at 4 for the vast majority of last season despite being no. 2 in the averages for the latter half of the season.
  3. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    Rest assured our number 1 will have an established average above 8.00
  4. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    George said he would put money on that nobody on the room last night would have the remotest idea who at least one of the signings was, and it'll be a big surprise. I, for one, await this news with interest.
  5. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    Six agreed, just awaiting the appropriate signatures on contracts etc., rather than just drip feeding riders. 90% there with the 7th. That's what I heard anyway. Rob also said he reckoned we'll have the strongest reserve pairing in the league, so no Danny Phillips!!!
  6. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    Biggest problem would be the fact that the rent would still be the same and put an even bigger hole (percentage wise) into the budget.
  7. leander

    Fours qualifiers

    They certainly were, but for some reason southern fans just never took to it, and qualifiers cost southern clubs money. Remember you need to pay for 20 riders instead of 14 (4 x teams of 4 + 4 reserves), and teams are usually composed of the top riders (i.e. the most expensive).
  8. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    It works in American Football. Numerous conferences (leagues). They play everyone home and away in their own conference and a selection of teams from the others to make up the season. Top teams in each conference + a number of "best" runners up" go into end of season play-offs.
  9. leander

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    I am not too bothered what the limit is. I just hope they don't make the stupid decision to increase the points limit halfway through the season as they did this year. For example it turned a very average Redcar side into a very good side, by ditching a second string and replacing him with another out and out number 1 ( Erik Riss). There was no way they could have done that without the limit changing from 38 to 40. Fair play to them for that, but it probably cost Berwick (who were over the 40 point limit) a place in the play-offs.
  10. leander

    Newcastle 2020

    Lasse needs to dump his dad as engine tuner. At least six, that I know of, engine blowups on the stand before the match even starts says a lot. Kenneth Bjerre took a different route this year and had one of his best seasons in years.
  11. Actually it did have an impact on the result. Ulrich picked up "dead" arm injury in that collision. Which was how he went from 2nd to 4th on bend 2 lap 4 in heat 13, thus the 1-5 would have been a 2-4. Newcastle would only have been 2 points behind on aggregate going into heat 15. Ulrich would have been in heat 15 had he been fit. I'm not saying Redcar wouldn't still have won but it would have been a lot closer.
  12. Also the referees scoresheet shows the reason for the exclusion as XO i.e. disqualified for a reason other than dangerous or foul riding. If he had been disqualified for bringing Ulrich down it would be shown as XD, as was Barker's disqualification shown on the refs sheet. (Not that I 'm saying that decision was correct). Being the guilty (in the refs view) of causing another rider to fall is always shown as XD. I rest my case.

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