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  1. Didn’t see that when I was typing, apologies
  2. If it’s on it won’t be 60 points!! I’d go for a 50-40 with wright Kurtz and Howarth usually along the lines of being a hand full
  3. SuperBear

    Ipswich v Redcar 19/7/18

    Redcar operate r/r for busch
  4. As much as I would want to say there’s a possible chance of the bears getting something, there is no chance , even with Ipswich missing riders , there still leaps and bounds ahead of us at the moment I’ll say 53-37 with hopefully Jorgensen going good
  5. SuperBear

    Redcar 2018

    Without sounding daft shouldn’t we sign Worrall
  6. Wouldn’t be sure
  7. Well I think Scunthorpe have a very good chance as the guests in Lawson and summers are good choices especially summers , Lawson was poor Sunday but he’ll score well tonight
  8. Lawson was poor in the fours , could be close with summers at 2
  9. Lakeside - Morris , Lawson , Ellis , Newman Newcastle - Robson , Morris , Aarnio , Kus Ipswich - Schlein , King , Heeps , Covatti Scunthorpe - Garrity , Auty , Allen , Manzares Sheffield - Howarth , Kurtz , Wright , Bjerre Edinburgh - Andersson , M Riss , E Riss , Ruml Berwick - Summers , Jakobsen , Howe , Doolan Glasgow - Harris , Worrall , Vissing , Kerr Workington - Proctor , Bewley , Jensen , Campton Peterborough - Nicholls , Ostergaard , Palm Toft , Wilson Dean Redcar - Barker , Jorgensen , J B Andersen , M B Andersen i think Workington have a good chance , along with Glasgow and lakeside , however when this event has been at Peterborough, I’d always say Peterborough should win but , even tho this is at redcar , I believe redcar haven’t got a chance , as this is the track where away sides come and take points because it’s so even , anyway Add your thoughts below
  10. SuperBear

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Theo Pijper , came back 5x the rider he was for us , so your right but I’d never bank on Matej Kus , I knew when his name was announced as a signing , that we’d have a few problems
  11. SuperBear

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Rid for us last year as a guest and he was always last out of the gate and raced half throttle , wouldn’t even chance it , what about Busk Jakobsen, seems to be going good atm
  12. SuperBear

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Proctor crashed last Saturday at Berwick , a shout could be Vissing or Kerr ?
  13. Summers (g) m b Andersen berge j b Andersen auty (g) greaves stewart nicholls perks Wilson dean Palm Toft guest or r/r?? TBC lambert bacon with the way the panthers are going atm can only see a win for them but...
  14. SuperBear

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Anyway , enough said

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