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  1. AntiqueSteve

    Witches v Glasgow 16/08/2018

    Bit harsh Jenga....if you had been there you would have known it was Mostly Glasgow that refused...their riders didn't even get dressed...the Witches (and Rory) did.
  2. AntiqueSteve

    Witches v Glasgow 16/08/2018

    ....Just got my management head on here, if my business relied on the weather, surely you would be looking very closely at the forecasts and they were all "cast iron" it would be raining all morning and clearing mid afternoon, with a clear evening. SO, one of two things should have happened in my mind, either call it off early OR arrange a whole load of extra staff and vehicles to transform the track in the 4-5 hour window they knew they would have. The only other option would have been covers, because they knew it would be clear in the evening...why not get some ? Speedway is only going to suffer if the travelling public and customers get let down. It did seem to me though watching closely that certain riders were influencing the rest. Another thing I would have done, was clear all the riders and mechanics from the outer track until the work was done, they kept hanging over the boards and making comments and the vehicles were having trouble getting through, it was really un-professional.
  3. AntiqueSteve

    Peterborough v Ipswich Sunday 5th August

    ...a little give away is the red tops with "Panthers" written accross the top....I also recognise quite a few, guess I've been a supporter for too long
  4. AntiqueSteve

    Peterborough v Ipswich Sunday 5th August

    Good match and really enjoyed the close racing, but the reserve tally says it all. Ippo did it with a six man team, just imagine if Drew had been available....he would have just needed one point ! Looking at the gate I recognised loads of Mildenhall supporters (they weren't at home today), and when I'm at Mildenhall I usually see loads of Peterborough supporters... come on Peterborough promoters wake up, ride at a different time than your neighbours and you'll both get more through the gate.
  5. AntiqueSteve

    Colts v Mildenhall

    Its guys like him that are keeping speedway alive with a will to win and not afraid to show it....sour grapes me thinks
  6. AntiqueSteve

    Eagles v Brummies 30th JUNE NL

    having watched eagles for nearly twenty years and now fen tigers for over ten I can honestly say there are plenty of passing lines at mildy whereas eastbourne is a gate and go with not so many opportunities and very tricky to ride being so tight...so I don't think you'll win that argument rich ! very tricky to beat Eastbourne on an aggregate basis, as the record shows
  7. AntiqueSteve

    Eagles v Brummies 30th JUNE NL

    Should be a real close one but you never know with Eastbournes trick track
  8. AntiqueSteve

    Ipswich v Edinburgh 21 6 18

    Everyone I spoke to on the start line did, we thought the ref might have got it wrong but she was spot on on that one
  9. AntiqueSteve

    Ipswich v Edinburgh 21 6 18

    Yes Connor def. did it...we are right on the tapes and we knew he did it by about quarter of a wheel on the line By the way....after Campton got a flyer on his first ride we watched him closely and he let his clutch out twice more before the tapes rose, he was lucky to miss the tapes and the referee didn't seem to care, suppose its these latest rules of lettin em go ?
  10. Hope they don't get in each others way riding the outside line
  11. LOL.........£10 for live motorsport ! As for Drew...only had one slip off which cost him the podium place, other than that wins and seconds mainly, can't ask alot more ?
  12. AntiqueSteve

    Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    Did I say I didn't appreciate them ?.....No, I said they were a poor second if I couldn't make the match, its a bit like watching speedway on the TV, even though i love speedway its not for me...
  13. AntiqueSteve

    Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    I'd rather smell the methanol and see the dirt flying thanks, rather than being an armchair critic, Updates are a very poor second if I really can't make the match
  14. Great day Armo....well done !
  15. AntiqueSteve

    Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    Not sure Connor & Danyon will cope with Ashley & Carl !

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