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  1. Looking forward to this....looks like there is lots of entertainment for all the family, gates open at Midday and it starts at 2pm I believe The weather should be behaving as well !
  2. Ipswich v Peterborough CS 5-4-18@7-30pm

    As previously said, the fastest lines on the bends was on the inside and we kept continually riding the outside line with no luck ...why didn't we learn There was no sling shots riding the outside on bends 2 and 4 and we kept leaving enough room on the inside to drive a bus through
  3. Mildenhall 2018

    If you "couldn't give a monkeys" who wins the competition then it makes it a bit pointless really, I am watching the competition in the hope that my team does well
  4. Mildenhall 2018

    You have missed my point completely, I'm hardly likely to watch drew and Jordan ride for Cradley am I ?? I love watching them ride - Its just daft having them in the same compeition for different clubs
  5. Mildenhall 2018

    Take your point Bruv, but its entertainment at the end of the day, whether it be Ipswich or Mildy, they need people to pay money at the gates and if the public think its pointless to see the same rider in two different teams in the same League they will vote with their feet...I'm not knocking Drew he's a super little lad but I think the powers that be ought to be looking at this and maybe making some choices...do they want people in numbers on the terraces or rider development, without fans there won't be any riders. Again i'm not knocking Cradley, but I just think they should be looking at unattached riders if they want to put a team in.
  6. Ipswich 2018

    Quite right, its about time, that was ridiculous last Season
  7. Ipswich 2018

    Thought the new commentator was pretty good last night in my opinion...upbeat, informative and good with the lads
  8. Ipswich 2018

    I think give him a chance, lets see how he gets on, he sounds really enthusiastic and thats the main thing !
  9. Mildenhall 2018

    So are you saying that you don't think that they can put a set of seven riders together that don't already ride for another team ??
  10. Mildenhall 2018

    Gonna be a bit weird seeing Drew ride for Cradley as well as Mildy in the National Trophy competition, only this could happen in speedway ! just can't get my head round it....
  11. Mildenhall 2018

    Looks like the fans have got everything that they wanted: Rob Henry still helping the youngsters and Mildy will be defending the National Trophy....oh and concessions fixed at the same price, all looks promising this Season at West Row !
  12. Rather have seen him get a team place then we would know for sure, At the end of the day seeing him ride in a normal fixture is a very different prospect from seeing him ride in finals when his other fixtures have finished early
  13. Point is though Fuel Taps everyone has the same chance to get a team place....whose fault is that ? All I am simply saying is that "untested" rider's coming in at the last moment of the Season may not be a fair reflection of their genuine ability and no wonder people feel agrieved when they are changed for someone that does not go well at that particular track....i.e Josh G swap I love watching Scotty ride, he is a legend but it didn't seem right him coming in last Season and thats why alot of fans were upset, I'm not blaming him personally
  14. Surely the whole point of speedway is to ride against each other, reach a point based system for each rider to provide a balanced set of rider's. If one rider suddenly drops down from a league he hasn't been riding in, especially when its a final, how can anyone judge whether its a fair replacement ? For example he was swapped last season for Josh G, who most people would suggest Foxhole is not his favourite track for an Ipswich specialist
  15. Having a fair team is more important to most fans than whether a rider can earn some extra cash at the end of the Season in the Final's