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  1. tarkens

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    I looked into it. Articles from May/June 2011 mention a blood clot in his leg. However in August 2011 it's been confirmed that the cause of his death was acute respiratory failure due to an overdose of intoxicants.
  2. tarkens

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    I mentioned Karlinowski and Lis earlier in the thread. One more name, Arkadiusz Owsiega who killed himself in 2002
  3. tarkens

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Former Wybrzeze Gdansk rider Jaroslaw Kalinowski hanged himself in prison too in 1997, three years after retiring Former Kolejarz Opole rider Karol Lis killed himself in 2001 after his wife threatened to leave him, also three years after retiring
  4. tarkens

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    you're right, i remember he was found dead in his car and for some reason associated it straight away with suicide using car fumes, my bad
  5. tarkens

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Bartosz Bietracki (2017) although he wasn't an active speedway rider when he took his own life, I believe he retired one or two years earlier. Add Matej Ferjan to the list above and you have a solid team, unfortunately. RIP Ogór
  6. I promise you he says Gdansk but you can barely hear G in Polish when it's followed by some consonants e.g. Gdansk or Gniezno. @Mark - I'm watching here http://www.maniak.tv/kanal-1
  7. of course we do pronounce G in Gdansk, who told you we don't? Łódź doesn't really reads in English in the first place because of three special characters you don't have, so I guess you'd pronounce it as Lodz while pronouncing D and Z separately but in Polish both DZ and DŹ and pronounced as one letter/sound anyway, looking forward to Orzeł vs ROW, hopefully 3 points for ROW and no playoffs for Orzeł
  8. Kuromonow fun fact: there's no V in the Polish alphabet, of course we know the letter etc. but it doesn't exist in our language, however our W is pronounced exactly the same as the English V
  9. Michal Sikora, president of PZM, who confirmed it yesterday during IMME in Gdansk
  10. this is ridiculous Zmarzlik yesterday, Janowski today... Pawlicki even called the ref and explained what happened what's the point of having the 1st bend rule if the refs try their best to exclude someone
  11. GP in Warsaw on 18th May 2019.
  12. British final AFTER gp in Cardiff? slightly weird considering the winner gets a wildcard for Cardiff It will make sense next year though
  13. that's why it took priority over the meeting in Lodz, but it wasn't a FIM organised meeting, so no R/R possible for Grajczonek or Andersen
  14. it wasn't a FIM meeting though, so my point stands
  15. Only 999 allowed due to some construction regulations (stadium is not 100% ready) those regulations applied yesterday too but were ignored by the club because they sold thousands of tickets online and didn't want to cause murder outside the stadium

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