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  1. Apparently Bellego, Kulakov, Musielak and Przedpelski are the main transfer targets
  2. such a poor line up this year Michelsen, Lambert and Fricke please, would hate to see any of the other riders in next year's GP
  3. you're wrong you can't cross the white line with both wheels, but it's fine if front wheel is on the grass and back wheel on the line or both wheels on the line, this is the rule in Poland, don't know about UK or GP but I assume it's exactly the same Laguta didn't cross the white line with both wheels therefore wasn't excluded
  4. excluded for what? riders are allowed both wheels on white line
  5. any youtube links? supersportowo doesnt work for me :/
  6. like I said, unless you're happy to drink Polish equivalents of Fosters/Carling and by mentioning Tyskie and Lech, clearly you are yeah we like our 5PLN/pint, 5PLN/shot of vodka, 5PLN/glass of wine bars, plenty of them in every major city
  7. Correct, no automatic relegation, bottom of Nice will ride against Div 2 runner-up.
  8. 7-8 zlotys? almost impossible if you want a pint in a bigger city (Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, etc.), unless you're happy to drink a Polish equivalent of Carling/Fosters
  9. 1,750 so not terrible, but not good either the thing with Chris Holder is it's not just his form you have to worry about, but all the other things he's been struggling with for years now, don't think many clubs will take that risk, i reckon he'll be riding for Torun in Nice 1 Liga next season which would be hilarious considering how Apator fans are talking about some changes, getting rid of dead wood, etc.
  10. don't think anyone will be stupid enough to give Holders a job in Ekstraliga

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