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  1. 1,750 so not terrible, but not good either the thing with Chris Holder is it's not just his form you have to worry about, but all the other things he's been struggling with for years now, don't think many clubs will take that risk, i reckon he'll be riding for Torun in Nice 1 Liga next season which would be hilarious considering how Apator fans are talking about some changes, getting rid of dead wood, etc.
  2. don't think anyone will be stupid enough to give Holders a job in Ekstraliga
  3. yeah it was 2010 or 2011 i think, nothing to do with drugs, he tried to use an illegal silencer in a meeting in Denmark (I think) but got caught before the racing even began and had to pay a fine, wasn't banned.
  4. yeah twice, in 2008 when Gdansk beat Rzeszow and in 2003 when Tarnow beat Gdansk
  5. how about the 1st semi? Doyle and Madsen ended up going through, Doyle clearly jumped the start while Madsen fouled Fricke Craig Ackroyd simply isn't good enough, we all saw it in Krsko and now in Prague, just bin him off so we can all enjoy speedway and don't have to talk about a blind Brit who doesn't understand how warnings work etc.
  6. sorry to hear that mate they did say actually, on their social media channels, all meetings in Lublin this season sold out days in advance... and unfortunately I read your PM only now, i could have helped you if I knew earlier, some mates of mine had some spares at face value
  7. tarkens

    Warsaw 2019

    yup, what he said
  8. tarkens

    Warsaw 2019

    yup, bit the bullet and purchased two tickets on viagogo for £41 each
  9. tarkens

    Warsaw 2019

    i'm after two tickets for GP in Warsaw, lower tiers, anyone? would rather pay face value and avoid buying through viagogo etc.
  10. tarkens

    2019 SoN Draw

    last year Showcase Cinemas car park served as official parking for SoN, hopefully it'll be the same this year as it's only 2 minute walk from the stadium
  11. it's about who touches the tape first, not who moves first...
  12. they can replace U21 riders 6 and 7 if they're Polish and U21 too
  13. we were relegated in 1995 so 24 years ago, not 26
  14. tarkens

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Motor v GKM

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