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  1. I got the first letter right, sorry KK but that was sheer stupidity by Kildermand
  2. A point they would not have lost by if Kazprzak hadn't got himself excluded when red had already been excluded
  3. Simon Varnam

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    :t: Congratulations SWC Champions, well deserved win Simon
  4. Simon Varnam

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    And of course Poland are in the SWC Final on Sat night in Manchester. they must have a very good chance of lifting this one, think the track will suit them as it's heavily based on Polish style tracks. No Maciej J but KK who comes in to replace him has been there in the league. Great to see DW#43 at the race off tonight.
  5. Simon Varnam

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    Ohhh the memories this brings back I know a lot of riders say that speedway gets into your blood and thats why they are willing to jump on a 500cc bike with no brakes and risk everything I guess it effects supporters as well. Speedway was always my first love from when I was a child and I am now in my mid 50s UK coverage on TV was alway pretty sparse until the likes of Sky came along so when my team (Cradley Heath) lost their home my love was curtailed somewhat. I recall when I got my first company car and a fuel account myself and a couple of freinds did every Cradley home and away match one season. The girls in the office used to cover my absence at odd times mid week when I had to drive long distance to make a match. My mates girlfriend was a massive Greg Hancock fan and I remember we took a photo of him at Berwick leaning over the back wheel of his bike and he was looking straight at the camera because my mate shouted his attention while I took the shot. We had it blown up to poster size and framed and Greg was good enough to sign it for us one evening at Cradley. We may be a few 1000Km apart but I guess kids will be kids no matter what! We were always racing on our bikes. We had a track that had been built by kids previous to us but it was always thought to be too small and it used to flood so one summer we relocated to better bit of waste ground and built a new track. The scars of both tracks are still clearly visible on google earth! Even now if I get on a mountain bike on the beach I can't resist tanking it then throwing it sideways in a big arc. I had a friend (used to deliver their newspapers) who rode as a novice and he would let me clean his Jawa speedway bike anytime I wanted, I was even aloud to warm it up on the stand. I dont think the mixture of methanol and oil has done me any harm. Polish extra league is my favorite viewing and I think those of you that answered my post have got it right. I know the money is big in Poland which is maybe why even though teams might need several 5 - 1s in heat 15 they are still giving it everything. Too often I watch british league and think riders are not giving it everything once there is no chance of a win (which I am sure is not true) but that is how it comes across. Thanks everyone who answered my question. Regards Simon
  6. Simon Varnam

    Polish Xtra/nice Leagues/etc Live On Tv

    The Sabmar TV Coverage has been brilliant really hope they carry on I have a question - What is it about Polish Speedway that makes it so great to watch? I have been watching the polish league for a couple of seasons now and really can't do without my weekly dose polish speedway. OK SGP & SWC are always good I also watch UK elite & premier league and the swedish league I think almost all of the UK clubs would kill for stadiums and crowds like those in the Polish league but Polish speedway has something else about it that I can't quite put my finger on. Is it faster? Do the poles just do everything 100% at full throttle My Polish is getting quite good as a result, I can speak to one of our Polish parcel delivery drivers in Polish and he answers me in Polish even though is English is perfect! Simon

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