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  1. Bt Sport Coverage

    I'm talking more like 2024 but that's if anything is done to get loads of young Brits into speedway
  2. Bt Sport Coverage

    BSPA should have a rethink not now but in the future once the sport is rebuilt and full of exciting young British talent with no doubling up and break the TV deals down like they do in football Package A - Exclusive 16 Home fixtures Monday & Wednesdays including play offs Package B - Premiership KO Cup Quarter, Semi Finals and Final Package C - British Grand Prix Series Package D - BSPA events, 4TT, Best Pairs and Riders Championship Package E - Championship Play Offs Package F - National League Play Offs They should offer it to broadcasters and get what they can, if I was at BT I'd be interested in A,B and C ITV sport may be interested in just C for example Freesport could be interested in E and F etc and BSPA can stream in their channel anything that is not bid for and people just pay the entrance fee £10/12/15 to watch from home
  3. Nichols/kennett Rule

    I would accept that those riders from the commonwealth should be able to double up, we will rely on our commonwealth brothers once brexit is complete Should still allow a good pool but we desperately need more young riders coming through which is why I was so disappointed that the championship team building averages were not set at 38
  4. A Very Short Season

    Which would require some R&D
  5. A Very Short Season

    If a cancellation costs promoters £4k then track covers are surely a must and something must be put in place for riders to be able to race in wet conditions
  6. Bt Sport Coverage

    BT are struggling due to their price increases so can't see them offering anymore Bspa should be talking to them, sky, ITV4, discovery, and developing their own stream channel
  7. Bt Sport Coverage

    Thought they bought themselves out of the contract so that figure could be correct
  8. A Very Short Season

    Personally I like less matches, also believe the domestic calendar should run from April until early September Also believe more individual meetings should be in there such as British championship extended to a mini GP series at 5 venues rather than a one off Riders championship and best pairs to be run over a 3 round format 4TT should have qualifying rounds then the four finalists should host a home leg These meetings would compliment the league and cup matches well
  9. Bt Sport Coverage

    PPV streaming should be done in house for the BSPA events so British final, fours, riders championship
  10. Bt Sport Coverage

    With those numbers on PPV you would not even break even
  11. Bt Sport Coverage

    So if teams come to the tapes below strength the championship becomes the no.1 league in the country.... Only in speedway
  12. Bt Sport Coverage

    A poor deal? So pay a GP riders £3k a meeting over 20 meetings that's £60k and get in £3k/£6k and struggle to pay the remaining amount Or Agree the £3k match fee with BT based on no official amount of GP riders If the bspa wanted GP riders the one rider over 8 wouldn't be there, simple as that
  13. Bt Sport Coverage

    Not sure if anyone has said but I keep seeing people say £3k is offered to the HOSTING club and everyone is saying they'll lose out with the £10 ticket As said before clubs will be lucky to get 1 or 2 home televised meetings during the regular season so from BT it's a maximum of £6000 revenue But BT want GP riders so the biggest problem and for once I agree with the BSPA Is that if you're paying a GP rider even £1000 per meeting over 20 meetings that's £20,000 and BT are looking to pay you £3/6k so where do clubs make up the deficit to ensure GP riders and £1k is generous wasn't one top rider on a guaranteed £3k per meeting which makes the numbers even worse
  14. Bt Sport Coverage

    Agree and disagree here Shouldn't pay more just because they can, bspa are responsible for adding value to get more But £3k offer from BT demanding GP riders is ok for a one off meeting won't cover a full season and clubs will only get 2-3 live meetings max Not sure if speedway will get more on PPV, I done a free stream once with ex UFC athletes worldwide stream reached six figures including royalty in Saudi Arabia I know other shows who charged £6.99 and they got less than 100/150 buys Speedway demographic is older so unlikely they'll get to grips with streaming either plus will fans go out of their way to pay money every week to watch clubs they don't support for £10?
  15. Bt Sport Coverage

    Ok so i would say bspa would be mad to not sign this deal However if BT Sport want 7 GP riders they need to understand that clubs need to pay these guys over the duration of the season and clubs will be lucky to get 2 or more televised meetings so £6k won't cover a GP riders salary for a full season So what BT Sport are offering is damaging to the sport imo A compromise must be met and a £3k match fee based on current team building should be agreeable with a view of BT Sport increasing involvement in the future to attract GP riders But the BSPA need to submit a 5 years orbit plan to show how the sport can be progressed with BT involvement