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  1. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Edited* Thanks for your kind words.
  2. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    If we do come to tapes in 2020, Ty, Hans and Scotty need to be nowhere near the team, I’d take Charles (as a 3/5), Rohan (as a 3/5) and BWD (as a 2) from the riders we have had as permanent riders this year. Summers at a push possibly.
  3. To be even leading at any point in this meeting, Ipswich should be embarrassed
  4. Ben Morley for Garrity
  5. Hahahahhahahahahahahaha. Absolute joke
  6. Just out of pure interest, how do you know this?
  7. Johnson has picked the team off facebook, all the people on the supporters group have been asking for ostergaard and he’s delivered. He was an average Championship rider 5 years ago, so god help us
  8. From Panthers Twitter THURSDAY TEAM UPDATE THREE OUT: Andersen, Proctor, Wright. IN: Ostergaard, Barker and R/R Ipswich v Panthers - 7.30 TEAM: Tungate, Ostergaard, Barker, R/R, Nicholls, Summers, Garrity. Laughable. Appalling. Apologies to Ipswich fans.
  9. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Peterborough Panthers owner Keith Chapman insists he has no regrets about stepping in to save the club. The British Speedway Promoters’ Association (BSPA) supremo bought the club in the winter and immediately signalled a return to the SGB Premiership after five seasons in the sport’s second tier. But Chapman, who also invested heavily in improvement works on the East of England Arena track, admits Panthers have lost money during a tough campaign in which attendance figures have not been as high as hoped and results on the track have been poor. The city racers have won only six of their 18 league meetings to date and sit five points adrift at the bottom of the standings. “There’s no regrets at all,” Chapman told the Peterborough Telegraph. “Yes, we are losing money, but that’s always the risk in year one of taking over a new business. “I’m a proud man and I have worked hard here, putting in a lot of work on the track which has generally been well received. “The fixture list has been difficult because of long gaps between home meetings like the one we’re currently in. “We have made mistakes along the way but they are honest mistakes and we will try to learn from them. “It’s been a very challenging season for various reasons, but I am pleased to have ensured the survival of this great club and also to bring top-flight racing back to such a great venue.” But Chapman admits the club’s future in the SGB Premiership is not certain. Along with promoters Colin Pratt and Carl Johnson, he admits there is a need to assess if racing on the fixed Monday and Thursday nights is suitable and sustainable for Panthers. Panthers have raced on Fridays for much of their history stretching back to 1970, while Sunday slots proved popular in recent seasons. Chapman added: “There are good things happening behind the scenes for British Speedway right now. “I know the cynics will say they’ve heard it all before but I’m encouraged for the future. “As for Peterborough staying in the Premiership, we obviously need to look at the structure of the sport and whether fixed race-nights work at the venue. “Only time will tell, but we’ll know by November for sure.” Chapman also owns fellow East Anglian sides King’s Lynn and Ipswich. He bought the latter club last winter along with Panthers and also brought them up to the top tier from the SGB Championship.
  10. Busters cheap guests are doing well 0 from 5 rides between, Thanks for coming!
  11. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I see on the supporters group on facebook, Carl Johnson was asking people for suggestions for riders for guests and permanent. He’s words ‘Come on then everyone, name the 3 riders you would bring in ? Let’s see how much everyone knows’
  12. Give Lynn the 3 points now and save the time and cost of everyone who is going to be there.
  13. Rohan Tungate has put on his instagram story, "Just got on the plane and rained off, not my week" http://www.peterborough-speedway.com/news.php?extend.3644 - confirmed now
  14. The way I understood it to be we have 5 slots, 2 at Glasgow, the 1 at all of the others in, France, Germany and Slovakia. And its down to the organisation to decide, I may be wrong. .
  15. That wouldn't of suited our "top riders" Cook (who rides for Glasgow) Lambert (knows Glasgow's track after riding in the Championship) Harris (who rides in France). But lets send Charles to a track he has never ridden and see how he gets on. Lambert should of been sent to Germany tonight due to his previous upbringing on German tracks and sent Charles to Glasgow and we could of had 4 riders in the challenge rather than the 3 which I suspect we will. But I hope Charles proves me wrong and qualifies tonight.

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