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  1. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Thanks Neil, I was mearly just stating how in my opinion, Bacon deserves a chance ahead of Grondal! And I didnt rate Bacon at the start of last year but his improvement is going to be hard to ignore.
  2. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Talking of Bacon, he guested for Wolves back end of last year and did quite well, scores of 4+1(4), 6+2 (4), 3+2 (4), does that not give him an average of 5.5 GSA & 6 CMA? Grondal last rode in the Premiership for Swindon, did he not average 3.5 and get dropped? Why would you chose Grondal over Bacon?
  3. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    With Buster buying Ipswich, any other rumours of our new owners?
  4. Panther1997

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I am quite sad to be leaving the championship as it would often be better races than the championship, but with the championship product being watered down I can only see going to the top division as a positive for the potential speedway we will see. I am not sure about Monday and Thursday night meeting bringing in the crowds but who knows, anyway Roll on 2019
  5. Panther1997

    Panthers up for sale.

    Did he not help with the asset signings which never went through? Surely that carnage would of been enough to put him off.
  6. Panther1997

    Panthers up for sale.

    If Buster does take over, I can wait for both Peterborough and Kings Lynn to fight over the signature of Simon Lambert. Lets hope Kings Lynn win!
  7. Whilst I can see what we are trying to achieve by getting a final place and the principles that we could fix the problems when it was the same at the showground, but just give up. We were beaten at home and we were getting smashed away. We have 2 riders left, why would we be wanting to put our self in a position to get a spanking in the final. I hope Ged sees sense and saves his money on guests cause the way the sport is being run no one will want to buy it off him (I know we have had 3 potential buyers but realistically no one in their right mind would invest in a speedway team in the UK) , so he will need all the money hes got for next year.
  8. http://www.peterborough-speedway.com/news.php?extend.3521 1 Jorgensen (G) 2 Grondal 3 R/R 4 Aarnio (G) 5 Ostergaard 6 Wilkinson (G) 7 Lambert
  9. Panther1997

    Panthers up for sale.

    What a season that was, will go down in my memory forever
  10. Panther1997

    Panthers up for sale.

    Is any Peterborough fan shocked by this news? I for one am not shocked by it, just the timing surprises me. Surely before a big away localish meeting which can define this season, you would want to encourage fans to make the trip not discourage people from going?
  11. No Nicholls, No BWD, No MPT, (Broken Hand) No Bacon, No Lambert cause he cant ride Rye house. Grondal's decent around Rye normally and Ulle is inconsistant to say the least. I didn't expect us to win but should we even bother?
  12. Panther1997

    Panthers up for sale.

    Bring back Horton and Bratley all is forgiven
  13. Worrying times ahead again for us! http://www.peterboroughpanthers.co/news.php?extend.3509.2
  14. Can any Poole fans confirm if the rumours about no tv in the Refs box is true? As I can’t believe for one second that in the grand final there isnt one?

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