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  1. I assume Starke is guesting in the 2nd leg because Wright won't fit without the extra 5% but surely a precedent has now been set?
  2. The Cheese

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I can understand why people don't like play-offs but there's no guarentee King's Lynn would have been champions if it just came down to who finished top of the table. Maybe they wouldn't have coped with the added pressure etc, maybe they would have done even better, it's impossible to know what might have happened differently. Then you have things like Somerset losing at Leicester by 2 points when they didn't bother using Doyle in heat 15, they would likely have won that instead, would Belle Vue have won at Somerset with nothing to play for instead of needing it to keep their play-off hopes alive? Obviously King's Lynn were unlucky in the final and have had a great season with a team that many, including myself, thought looked poor but starting a season knowing you have to finish top is completely different to just making sure you finish top 4 and being top is a bonus. The relevance of every meeting changes.
  3. Iversen and Palm-Toft both seemed to get a runners-up one so I'm sure Kurtz would have got his
  4. Mentioned in the Speedway Star this week that the referee from this meeting, Willie Dishington, has been banned for the rest of the season for his mistake in not allowing Steve Worrall in heat 15. Is there really any need to punish him like that? Mistakes happen, not the first time and it won't be the last. Also very poor that he was only told of the decision by email. It's always being said that there is a shortage of referees, seeing one get treated like this is hardly going to encourage people to want to do the job..
  5. Now confirmed that Harris guests for Holder
  6. Congrats to Poole, had quite a few lucky moments during the play-offs but to be honest there were a couple of things that went against them as well.
  7. 16 points is obviously a good lead in a final but I think Poole needed something like that with King's Lynn being so strong at home, this is certainly far from over and I expect it to be pretty close tomorrow.
  8. The Cheese

    Wild Cards 2019

    I think that only counts if the one of the top 3 from the Challenge finishes in the top 8. The people who decide the wild cards also pick the 5 reserves
  9. The Cheese

    Torun 2018

    Well done to Tai, and congrats to Zmarzlik and Lindgren. Still felt comfortable for Woffinden even when Zmarzlik was getting closer, he wasn't making great starts and Laguta looked quicker so was always likely he'd drop some points, and Tai has proved he can handle the pressure. Good to see that article which was on the homepage of the BBC Sport website until recently but apparently Tai won his semi-final and Freddie Williams is English
  10. The Cheese

    Wild Cards 2019

    Dudek, Zagar, Pedersen, Lambert would be my choice with Vaculik and Fricke as the first 2 reserves. But I think they'll go with Vaculik for Lambert
  11. The Cheese

    Torun 2018

    Would be good but I think the likes of Zagar and Vaculik could be ahead of him on the reserve list if they also miss out. If Lambert doesn't get picked I'm sure he will be also.
  12. The Cheese

    Torun 2018

    Disappointing for Cook, don't think he's had much luck in the series this year. Clearly not going to get a pick for next year but hopefully gets the chance to do the qualifiers again. Good advert for this at half-time in the Manchester United game last night, unfortunately most watching would have been asleep and missed it
  13. Think King's Lynn will keep it reasonably close at Poole, I know they've been comfortably beaten both times this season but Palm-Toft wasn't at reserve then and Woryna won't be now. Poole will need a double figure lead to have a chance in the 2nd leg.
  14. Another classic Chris Harris moment, he's always had his critics but he is a legend of British speedway and hopefully has many years ahead of him still. Think Somerset would have won with Holder but unfortunately these things happen. Should always have a number 8 available when using R/R, they could have given him the ride in heat 10 against Harris and Grajczonek and had either Allen or Covatti in heat 13 or saved Covatti for 15. Congrats to Poole, hope they win in the final
  15. With the other semi-final pretty much done hopefully this one can go right to heat 15 and keep things interesting but I see Poole winning this comfortably. Somerset will need Doyle to go unbeaten, Holder to have a very good meeting which he hasn't on the last 2 visits and everyone else to chip in with 5 or 6 each. They can't afford for one of those 4 to have a bad night.

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