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  1. The Cheese

    Sky and Bt sports

    Some live sport has returned but BT are giving 50% credit for June. Will be done automatically if you applied for previous months, if you haven't then it should be available on their website from June 1st.
  2. The Cheese

    Could the season be extended.

    There's every chance we'll be back/still in lockdown in the winter anyway. Thousands die from flu/pneumonia, all it needs is a few hundred of them being listed as Covid and people will start demanding it again.
  3. The Cheese

    Sky and Bt sports

    They're all listed on the TV guide on the BT website so I assume they're correct, haven't actually watched any myself to confirm!
  4. The Cheese

    Sky and Bt sports

    GP highlights continue this week, again BT Sport 2 at 9.30am Monday - Wroclaw Tuesday - Malilla Wednesday - Teterow Thursday - Cardiff Friday - Vojens (8.30am) Friday - Torun
  5. The Cheese

    Sky and Bt sports

    A few things being repeated this week, all on BT Sport 2; Tomorrow - True Grit - 10pm Thursday - Highlights of 2019 Warsaw GP - 9.30am Thursday - Highlights of 2019 Krsko GP - 10.30am Friday - Highlights of 2019 Prague GP - 9.30am Friday - Highlights of 2019 Hallstavik GP - 10.30am
  6. The Cheese

    Sky and Bt sports

    Anyone who applied for the month's credit from BT Sport, this has now been extended to 2 months. Should be done automatically so no need to apply again. Looks as though they will add another too if there's no live sport in June.
  7. The Cheese

    2019 Most 5-1s

    Schlein - Harris Nicholls - R Worrall Lawson - Kennett
  8. The Cheese

    Sky and Bt sports

    https://www.bt.com/sport-support-options That page gives you the option of choosing the donation or one-month credit
  9. The Cheese

    dannys day auction

    As a new poster your first few messages have to be approved by a moderator, sometimes this can take time and so it drops down past topics people have already read. I've only just noticed this myself for that reason. This post should bump it back up to the top, hopefully it will get noticed and you receive plenty of bids
  10. The Cheese

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    And every time he's supposedly on a bargain average.. which then drops further. Would have been a miracle if he'd completed the season anyway so probably not a bad thing to have to make the change now. Grobauer showed some promise last year and will do a decent job
  11. The Cheese

    Premiership Junior League

  12. The Cheese

    Somerset 2020

    Happy to be proved wrong on yesterday's post, excellent signing
  13. The Cheese

    Somerset 2020

    Don't think there is anyone who'd be available close to BWD's average, so I guess the choice will end up being between starting the season well under the limit or making another change. Not fair at all on Stoneman but he'd probably be the one to make way, if so looking at those who rode CL last season it's probably down to Lasse Bjerre or Todd Kurtz + Nathan Greaves
  14. The Cheese

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I thought I remembered Grachan posting something similar before so I've done a quick check and found these 2 posts which confirm he did..

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