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  1. The Cheese

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Exactly. Sky's coverage gave the sport the ideal opportunity to invest that money wisely and grow the sport. They can't be blamed for the failure to do so.
  2. The Cheese


    Just to be clear - I agree with you and certainly wouldn't want to see a league like that myself. It was just basically an example of what they could look like if the BSPA went down the route of having 1 big league.
  3. The Cheese


    On the idea of having 1 combined league, I think there are probably just enough riders to have a 6 man 16 team league but the problems then come when injuries occur or riders are missing for another reason. Of course, if you include Rye House this would also involve 3 teams from the current top 2 leagues not being involved. Haven't bothered with averages and who knows whether these sides would still be too expensive but possibly something like; Team 1: Dan Bewley, Jason Garrity, Dimitri Berge, Jye Etheridge, Josh Pickering, Kyle Bickley 2: Steve Worrall, Thomas Jorgensen, Lewis Rose, Kasper Andersen, Mason Campton, Connor Mountain 3: Ricky Wells, Lasse Bjerre, Todd Kurtz, Simon Lambert, Max Ruml, Ben Morley 4: Nicolai Klindt, Rene Bach, Kyle Newman, Paul Starke, Ellis Perks, Leon Flint 5: Rohan Tungate, Aaron Summers, Bradley Wilson-Dean, Rasmus Jensen, James Shanes, Danyon Hume 6: Rory Schlein, Ty Proctor, Cameron Heeps, Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen, Max Clegg, Danny Ayres 7: Nick Morris, Adam Ellis, Stefan Nielsen, Dany Gappmaier, Zach Wajtknecht, Anders Rowe 8: Erik Riss, David Bellego, David Howe, Victor Palovaara, Mark Riss, Alfie Bowtell 9: Chris Harris, Claus Vissing, Jaimon Lindsey, Jonas Jeppesen, James Sarjeant, Jack Thomas 10: Danny King, Michael Palm-Toft, Nico Covatti, Michael Hartel, Nathan Greaves, Drew Kemp 11: Eddie Kennett, Lewis Kerr, Kevin Doolan, Luke Becker, Jordan Stewart, Tom Brennan 12: Richie Worrall, Stuart Robson, Ludvig Lindgren, Ashley Morris, Carl Wilkinson, Danny Phillips 13: Scott Nicholls, Ulrich Ostergaard, Matej Kus, Emil Grondal, Nike Lunna, Tom Bacon 14: Richard Lawson, Ben Barker, Jonas B Andersen, Mikkel B Andersen, Tobias Busch, Josh Bailey 15: Craig Cook, Josh Auty, Jake Allen, Gino Manzares, Tero Aarnio, Jack Smith 16: Kyle Howarth, Charles Wright, Josh Bates, Broc Nicol, Jan Graversen, Georgie Wood You don't want to completely exclude the likes of Doyle, Iversen, Lambert, Fricke, Holder, Andersen etc so those clubs who can afford them can also take part in a Super League where you can bring in 2 or 3 of them in place of your lowest averaged riders from the main league. This would have a maximum of 8 teams, and ride each other once home and away, ideally in the June-August period, play-offs included. BT could hopefully show this whilst a number of meetings in the 16 team league would be streamed live.
  4. The Cheese


    Fixed pay rates will never work, we're talking about a group of people who it seems are happy to do anything to get an advantage over everybody else, there will always be one who's prepared to pay more to get the best. On making the AGM public, I do like the idea of a group of old ladies furiously waving their programme boards at Matt Ford when he somehow manages to get a vote passed which allows Janowski and Dudek to come in on 3 point averages.
  5. The Cheese

    Rye House 2018

    Can't see why there should be a problem with allowing Rye House to finish the season with meetings on Saturday's if that is what's required to keep them going. Only Berwick race regularly then in the Championship and there are very few GP riders here so it shouldn't be hard to schedule the remaining fixtures so that full teams are riding.
  6. The Cheese

    Somerset 2018

    I know Somerset aren't the first to do so but don't understand why anybody would think that sacking someone by text is acceptable. Reading Wright's version of events that he attempted to make amends it's a shame any problems couldn't have been sorted out then,. Jeppesen seemed to have made a promising start, hopefully he can get himself a Championship place.
  7. http://speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.34725 Good idea from the BSPA to sell the race jackets with all profit going to the Ben Fund
  8. The Cheese


    Exeter announced last month that they were going to continue producing programmes.
  9. I meant the Grand Final, thought it was guarenteed once Garrity had qualified
  10. Another superb meeting, well done to Lambert on a deserved victory. Hopefully he and Bewley can keep progressing and maybe in a few years we could have both of them in the GP's. Must have been the first final in years not to have needed a re-run!
  11. Good to have 2 days of superb racing, maybe in future the top 6 sides should be seeded to the final with one qualifier for the 7th place. Great effort by GB, surprised by Woffinden's decision to not try and help Lambert in the final but apart from that he was sensational. Well done to Russia.
  12. Nielsen didn't qualify but was next in line from the Sheffield semi-final. Morris replaced Barker from the Leicester semi so I assume Nielsen would have replaced Kennett if fit
  13. The Cheese

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Lambert's performance yesterday will hopefully be enough to secure one of the wildcards
  14. Superb stuff from Woffinden and Lambert yesterday but only a start and no doubt conditions will be more favourable to the Poles tonight. But finish in the top 3 and anything is possible, especially with the advantage of having 2 riders who are actually capable of team-riding.
  15. The Cheese

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    The BBC have rights to 10 men's and 8 women's matches but wanted them finished quicker to fit into their schedule.

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