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  1. The Cheese

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    So the Eoin Morgan era comes to an end, what a journey it's been. From complete embarrassment with a side playing cricket that everyone else had left behind decades earlier, to World Cup winners who continue to transform the white-ball game and break countless records. I think what made it even more remarkable was how quickly it happened as well. That very first ODI against NZ where they made over 400, I remember watching the highlights 3 times the next day because it was something so different. A few days later, bowled out for 300 with 5 overs left thinking maybe just play it a little more sensibly. But Morgan came out after and said no, that's the way we're going to play. And he was right. Andrew Strauss deserves credit for realising what was needed, Bayliss and Farbrace played their part but it was clearly Morgan who built and led this side from the front. Always selfless and retiring now is further proof of that. He could easily drop the ODIs and concentrate on the T20 WC, in that format even with no form he could bat at 7/8 in that side and his captaincy would still be a massive asset. Instead it ensures there's no distractions and gives Buttler time to adjust to the full-time role. It's sad in a way because this feels like the end of the road for that 2015 group but it's also exciting to see what we have coming through with so much depth we could fill 3 sides and still compete at the top. For me he is England's greatest ever captain and I hope that in the future he can stay involved.
  2. The Cheese

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Delighted to see how well Leach has done in this test. After years of bad luck and poor handling from Root and Silverwood it's nice to see a captain who clearly believes in him.
  3. The Cheese


    FreeSports will no longer be available on Freeview from 29th June. If you have Sky/Virgin/BT etc I assume it will still be available.
  4. The Cheese

    Football 2021/22

    Lukaku by a mile. Kepa a clear 2nd
  5. The Cheese

    Premiership Youth League

    Peterborough's website has the teams listed for their match; PETERBOROUGH THUNDERCATS: Sam Bebee, Max Perry, Ben Trigger, Arran Butcher. IPSWICH RESERVES: Alex Spooner, Sam Woods, Jacob Clouting, Josh Warren.
  6. The Cheese

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    This ODI team is such an enjoyable side to watch. Seems harsh on Malan but he's ended up costing them a score of well over 500! Unfortunate for the Dutch that they're missing 4-5 county players but I think they deserve some credit for producing such a good wicket despite the possibility of scores like this.
  7. The Cheese

    Football 2021/22

    Let's hope they get as far as playing in December
  8. The Cheese

    Football 2021/22

    The last 2 tournaments are kind of irrelevant now though, he also cost England that final because of his negativity and poor subs. In terms of the quality of the players I'd say a few of them are better than previous eras but that's a similar case around the world. Look at Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany etc.. none of them have a squad now that compares to 10-15 years ago. That's surely the same for every international side? It's another problem for him if he can't motivate them enough to put in the effort when other managers seem capable. A qualifier a year ago where their keeper pretty much threw 3 goals in should have no relevance on now. France are another side who are being held back by a negative manager, Deschamps was lucky enough to win a World Cup because they have that little extra individual quality but they have underachieved since then.
  9. The Cheese

    Football 2021/22

    I think the reaction from the crowd throughout the game might have been a bit of a wake-up call. Wembley would have seen the usual mexican wave and paper aeroplanes. It's too late to do anything now but Southgate's time should be up after the World Cup. He's done a fairly good job overall but results and performances since the Euro's have been dismal. These 4 games have been absolutely terrible to watch with maybe the last 20 minutes against Germany the only time they've played well. Hungary are no mugs but barely a chance created against them in 2 games. Italy turning up with a 2nd/3rd choice side with players who spent last season in Serie B and a kid from the Swiss league yet they looked the better side. I don't expect them to win every game or even a tournament but it's not unreasonable to want to see entertaining football rather than rely on penalties and set-pieces for any chance of a goal.
  10. The Cheese

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Extraordinary innings from Bairstow, has to be up there as one of England's greatest. Nicely backed up by Stokes and Lees' runs were crucial as well. Some criticism of Stokes' choice to bowl first but he said at the time they expected the wicket to get better and so it proved. And well done to Notts for allowing free entry yesterday. Can't have been an easy decision given all 4 results were possible and they don't have a test next year but it made a great atmosphere and hopefully there were a few watching for the first time.
  11. The Cheese

    Football 2021/22

    5 defenders, 2 DM's, Kane and Sterling play the full 90 minutes in almost every meaningful game. That leaves 1 place for those attacking players, they might score a few more if they were on the pitch!
  12. It's quite possible that those comments on Hunt are true (he certainly shares blame for the lack planning for a pandemic) but Nadine Dorries is hardly a reliable source. Only this afternoon she was on Sky News saying that we're at war with Ukraine
  13. The Cheese

    Football 2021/22

    Only saw the 1st half before watching the GP but it was pretty dull. Not impressed with Channel 4's coverage either, you've got however many former England players to choose from and pick Michael Owen as pundit? And let's start the programme by talking to Southgate about what he's wearing
  14. The Cheese

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    If only we had someone averaging 140 this season.. oh wait Pope at 3 is the sort of insane idea that Bayliss would have come up with. If they're determined to stick with Crawley then put him there and get another proper opener in the side. Haven't seen much of Ben Compton but he's averaging over 100, got runs against NZ in their warm-up match so why not give someone in form a chance.

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