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  1. Can't disagree with that. Always been a fan of his but he's not going to be competitive if he makes it back into the series. Can't fault him for having the belief that he can still improve but also needs to be realistic.
  2. Harris' record at Gorican in the GPs was very good, certainly can't rule him out here
  3. The Cheese

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    You can watch heat 19 from Monday here
  4. Congrats to Charles, deserved winner. Those few meetings with Somerset at the end of 2013 had the feeling of a last opportunity at that level and if it was he's certainly taken it. Improved every year since then and whilst he probably won't reach GP level there's still more to come from him. Hope he can have a good meeting at Cardiff. Special mention to Danny Ayres too, keep up the entertainment!
  5. The Cheese

    Somerset 2019

    Not sure what the options are but being forced into making changes I'd be tempted to move Kurtz on as well, still only leaves about 13 though.
  6. The Cheese

    Too much pressure

    Don't think it helped Atkins that he started off with no NL place so just had Championship meetings, he seemed to be scoring okay until his injury as well. Hopefully he'll regain his confidence with Mildenhall and come back stronger next season.
  7. Is there actually any need for a manager, they seem to have analysts who are surely capable of picking a squad, deciding when best to take a rider out of race etc. Or get rid of the analyst and have a manager who's capable of working things out for himself? Don't mind Rosco myself but it seems as though he has people doing everything for him which is completely pointless, it's hardly a complicated job which requires a tactical genius. On another note we keep hearing about how professional things will be but a quick look at the 'GB Speedway Team' website and it doesn't even have a mention of the weekend. No preview, no result given, you wouldn't even know the meeting had happened!
  8. Missed this last night so watched it earlier today, wish I'd read this first! Sad to see what was a wonderful track producing such dull racing
  9. The Cheese

    Howarth cleared to race

    Good to see this has been cleared up, even though he obviously would have known he'd done nothing wrong it must have been a terrible few days for him. Hopefully he can move on from this and have a good end to the season.
  10. On the Sunday BT Sport 1 is showing St Johnstone vs Ross County live from 14.30 (15.00 kick-off). BT Sport 3 doesn't seem to be showing anything so assume the SON will switch to that.
  11. The Cheese


    Just seen that Boris Johnson is on the IOW today.. is he guesting for Kent?
  12. Interesting that the meeting report quotes Garry May as saying they just need to get Grobauer 'going a bit more consistently'. I'd say he's doing okay/as expected so far and that it's Kurtz who needs to show some improvement more than anyone else. Also see from the website that £1,174.50 was collected for Sam Norris, best wishes to him and his family for a full recovery
  13. The Cheese

    Idiosyncratic signings

    I'm sure he started off there for St Austell in the Conference League, possibly 1998? Signed for Eastbourne as an asset early on in his career as well I think.
  14. The Cheese

    Championship fours

    No idea about riders but prices are - Adults £20, Concessions £15, 5-15 £4 and under 5s free. Programme is £4.
  15. The Cheese


    I've always felt that 'guests' is the wrong word to use and they should be classed as something like an 'injury loan' or 'meeting loan'. As long as there's not 3 or 4 riders missing I don't see it as a huge problem, would think that a simple explanation to a new viewer is enough for them to understand why it happens and accept that at times it's necessary

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