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  1. rocketman77

    Relegation And Promotion Play Offs

    I don't think they have thought through the pricing for this match to get fans to turn up at BP, this is a Bad PR from Leicester speedway.
  2. rocketman77

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I am not a lions fan but the promotion charging full price for a tv match will make many fans stay at home to watch it.
  3. rocketman77

    Relegation And Promotion Play Offs

    Monday Live Sports on TV Leicester Lions v Sheffield Tigers BT Sport Leicester City v West Brom Sky Sports Will the people of Leicester really come out to support a nothing speedway match at Full price when its on TV along side the local premier league football team. The promotion should of lowered the entrance price for this match.
  4. The last ever home match for the Swindon so it should be a good crowd.
  5. rocketman77

    Relegation And Promotion Play Offs

    up that way on the 11th October, enjoyed my last visit, Any news on what they expect fans to pay to watch this meeting ?
  6. rocketman77

    No Aussies In British Speedway 2018

    Will they supply the brits with vans, bikes, flights and somewhere to live ?
  7. rocketman77

    No Aussies In British Speedway 2018

    How many young brits are riding in Poland, Denmark and Sweden ?
  8. rocketman77

    No Aussies In British Speedway 2018

    Not a clear picture when you say that they are generally better when you compare the financial support and the chances an aussie rider gets compared to a british rider in this country. Didn't a british promotor also sponsor the aussie national team recently ?
  9. rocketman77

    No Aussies In British Speedway 2018

    Have Done is a long time in the past but what are the current ones doing to damage the sport if they don't get there way.
  10. If the BSPA Banned ALL Aussies that would be a great move forward for british speedway in 2018 . I had no problem with the older generation of aussie riders as they came here to race and got on with it but the modern day aussies should stay in their own country and race in their leagues on there wonderful tracks if Britain is that bad. Holder slags off british speedway, Doyle slags off british speedway, Ward slags off british speedway and so does the lesser aussies but they were ALL happy to come here, So its time they were All shown the door.
  11. rocketman77

    Leicester V Rye House 12.08.17

    I enjoyed my visit to Leicester even though the result was not as I would of expected, think the track changes are working and it now looks a great speedway track with awesome viewing.
  12. rocketman77

    Rebels V Lions Mon 14th Aug

    Someone said on Saturday it will be the first ever time that Leicester have been on tv in an away match since they joined the top flight.
  13. rocketman77

    Buster Chapman

    I think the way he got rid of two whinging aussies was superb management and now I hope other aussies will go.
  14. rocketman77

    Holder Sacked

    There is more too his ban than just his refusal to ride that night on a track that Was fit to race on. Any british fans still happy to support DW43 ? Lets hope Not

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