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  1. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    It has been rescheduled twice now.
  2. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    In my opinion, before he received his ban it was clear that he was riding with an injury, on the Eagles' northern tour and at the home meeting the following week, he didn't look comfortable on the bike. During and after that is when he missed meetings for the IOW (because he wasn't fully fit) and therefore got the ban. It was said that he had a reoccurring injury from a crash earlier in the season and this is why he got the ban because it wasn't a 'new' injury, so I don't think it was a crap attitude, he just needed time to recover. Georgie is still very popular at Eastbourne, over the whole season he has been the most entertaining rider at home. I, along with a lot of other Eagles fans, would be disappointed not to see him included next year. If he could convert some of his home form to away meetings next year he could be a very useful rider (especially if he starts at reserve).
  3. eaglesno1

    2019 championship riders of the year.

    Eastbourne Rider of the year - Lewis Kerr Most impressive against - Scott Nicholls Most surprising against - Broc Nicol
  4. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    Newman and Kerr announce (as long as there are no drastic changes made at the AGM) that they have both agreed a deal with Eastbourne for next season.
  5. It doesn't say that they can't see why Edward got a ban does it? It says they think the ban is unfairly disproportionate to one of the other bans given out.
  6. https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/eastbourne-eagles-club-statement/
  7. I think Wood deserves a longer shot than Morley as he has had much less Championship experience out of the two of them and he has scored a lot more points at home compared to Morley. Also if Wood was replaced I don't think it would be a very popular decision with the fans as he is by far the most popular rider, so probably wouldn't be the best move for the management to make.
  8. eaglesno1

    Panthers v Witches 1/7/19 Premiership

    He was clearly struggling in a couple of his rides at Arlington yesterday for Eastie so I'm not supprised that he isn't riding today.
  9. He is in the line-ups in the preview on the Brummies website so I assume that he has declared himself fit to ride.
  10. eaglesno1

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

  11. Yes he did, but only very briefly and wasn't that impressive.
  12. Coles replaces Stoneman
  13. Eastbourne: Kennett, Morley, Bowtell, Kerr, Lawson, Wood, Brennan Glasgow: Cook, Sarjeant, Jensen, Starke, Vissing, Stoneman, Bickley I predict a similar scoreline as tonight's meeting but in the Eagles favour. Lots of the Glasgow team either won't have seen Arlington or been there for quite sometime, with the exception of Stoneman and Bickley. Morley, Bowtell and Wood especially should score a lot more than they did this evening.
  14. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    Bowtell will move to reserve after tomorrow's meeting so should be easier for him after that. Tom will move into the main body where it will be tough for him but should find it easier to score points than Alfie has.
  15. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne v Leicester

    Tom will have completed the 4 home and 4 away meetings to gain an average after the home and away meetings v Glasgow on the 17th & 18th so he will move into the main body with Bowtell dropping to reserve.

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