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  1. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    Yes, surely that implies that it is Eastbourne going up? However WalterPlinge is saying that it is definitely Birmingham and Kent so I was wondering how he knew this?
  2. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    You still haven't answered the question of how you know when nothing has been announced yet???
  3. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    How do you know that they aren't going up?
  4. eaglesno1

    How have the young guns done in 2018.?

    Kinsley is better than a second string and I have been very impressed with the amount he has improved. However when comparing away averages, Kinsley has ridden 6 out of his 8 away meetings at number 2, the easier second string position. Whereas Brennan has ridden all of his away meeting in a heat leader position, with 4/6 of those meetings a either number 1 or 5. Hume did only ride 4 away meetings with 3/4 of those at number 5. Kinsley has also ridden away at both Stoke and Buxton but Brennan and Hume have ridden at neither.
  5. Wasn't at the meeting but was obviously a complete shambles. Quite embarassing in the end as an Eagles fan. However one thing I don't agree with is people claiming that Brennan knocked Stoneman off on purpose, obviously I haven't seen it and it sounded very bad, but not sure any rider would go out into the track and try and put another rider in hospital.
  6. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    Ethan Spiller signed at reserve, replacing Kelsey as he is relocating up north to set up a business and be with is girlfriend.
  7. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    Georgie Wood signs for Sheffield, which is very deserved on his current form. However I thought I had read somewhere that there has been an agreement between the Eagles riders and the managment that no riders would double up this season?
  8. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    Links to match reports have been added to the 'Fixtures' page of the website so you should now be able to find the information that you are looking for.
  9. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    If Hunter is wanting to ride he has to be the better option because after the averages change if we use r/r, Edwards can only have one of those rides with the other three rides shared between Dugard and Brooks which could be very risky especially away from home.
  10. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    The riders for the other team on Saturday announced as Bailey, Verge, Bowtell, Terry-Daley, Hopwood, Laurence, Bursill. Although not sure how Bowtell is riding as Lakeside also have meeting on Saturday???
  11. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2018

    The Malcolm Cole Memorial meeting might be re-run this Saturday.
  12. eaglesno1

    NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    1. Jack Smith 8.20 2. Jamie Halder 3.49 3. Tom Brennan 7.21 4. Kyle Bickley 6.67 5. Jack Thomas 7.43 6. Drew Kemp 3.00 7. Jason Edwards 3.00 39.00
  13. eaglesno1

    Glasgow 2018

    Yes, but unlikely to take a Championship place without a National League one, unless he takes JPB's position at Coventry aswell...
  14. eaglesno1

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Jake Knight?

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