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  1. eaglesno1

    Panthers v Witches 1/7/19 Premiership

    He was clearly struggling in a couple of his rides at Arlington yesterday for Eastie so I'm not supprised that he isn't riding today.
  2. He is in the line-ups in the preview on the Brummies website so I assume that he has declared himself fit to ride.
  3. eaglesno1

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

  4. Yes he did, but only very briefly and wasn't that impressive.
  5. Coles replaces Stoneman
  6. Eastbourne: Kennett, Morley, Bowtell, Kerr, Lawson, Wood, Brennan Glasgow: Cook, Sarjeant, Jensen, Starke, Vissing, Stoneman, Bickley I predict a similar scoreline as tonight's meeting but in the Eagles favour. Lots of the Glasgow team either won't have seen Arlington or been there for quite sometime, with the exception of Stoneman and Bickley. Morley, Bowtell and Wood especially should score a lot more than they did this evening.
  7. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    Bowtell will move to reserve after tomorrow's meeting so should be easier for him after that. Tom will move into the main body where it will be tough for him but should find it easier to score points than Alfie has.
  8. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne v Leicester

    Tom will have completed the 4 home and 4 away meetings to gain an average after the home and away meetings v Glasgow on the 17th & 18th so he will move into the main body with Bowtell dropping to reserve.
  9. Good meeting to start the season, although there wasn't a lot of passing as unusually there was very little dirt on the outside of the track. Our heatleaders were very impressive and will be tough to beat around Arlington. Morley and Brennan looked decent. Just need Bowtell to get dialled in at home and Jon Cook said Wood was trying new setups so may explain his poor score.
  10. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    They announced at the very beginning that we would have race jackets rather than team suits.
  11. https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/new-era-eagles-ready-to-go/ Teams: Eastbourne: Edward Kennett, Ben Morley, Alfie Bowtell, Lewi Kerr, Richard Lawson, Georgie Wood, Tom Brennan. Birmingham: Ulrich Ostergaard, Tobias Thomsen, Zach Wajtknecht, Ashley Morris, Kyle Newman, Paco Castagna, James Shanes. Really looking forward to this meeting and the first sight of the Eagles in the Championship. Should be a comfortable win for the Eagles especially after Birmingham's performance against 'Wolves select' tonight, but you never know because only Lawson and Kerr from the Eagles have ridden in meetings so far.
  12. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    The online shop is now live. https://customer.corporate-connection.co.uk/affiliate/Eastbourne-Eagles
  13. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    Talking of positive news, this morning Eastbourne have announced that we are teaming up with Corperate Connection, a top merchandising company. The company will also be creating an online club shop. https://www.eastbourneeagles.co/news-1/2019/1/19/qn34qpv7uy9xfohtxog3h73h7jr2lm
  14. eaglesno1

    British Leagues Race Nights

    Eastbourne Saturday
  15. eaglesno1

    Eastbourne 2019

    Then the 9.58 is multiplied for the Brit reduction by 0.975 so gives 9.34.

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