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  1. If driving, in the past I have come off the A49/M4 Junction 24 the Newport turn off and then proceeded to park up in Newport railway station car park, and catch a train to Cardiff from there, the fee is quite small compared to parking in Cardiff itself, plus there are plenty of trains back to Newport at that time of night, expect the meeting to finish around 8 to 8-30pm.
  2. I thought it was just me setting the sky box wrong, so that happened to everyone else as well. Who the monkeys is interested in tennis finals anyway.
  3. STEPHEN 333


    What about having a fan zone, at all the tracks, just like Cardiff do, having riders, bikes, supporters clubs mementos, even have sponsors mementos there all open at least one hour before the start, and having all the riders themselves present for kids to collect autographs during the summer hols which start on Friday I believe. There is so much that can be done in the next six weeks to help our sport.
  4. STEPHEN 333

    Bradford To Return ?

    The track is covered in tarmac today, what happened to the track when Bradford closed under the Ham brothers promotion, whether the shale was taken up I do not know, but as far as I am aware the track is still there underneath it, that's why Glynn Taylor was there. Stuart Bamforth was the promoter of the stock car promotion in late 1975, not the speedway when the last speedway promotion closed in 1975 under Jim Streets/Alan Knapkin, Jim Streets I believe went on to promote at Castleford, there has been several times when the track has appeared when the stadium has had a revamp, for example the third/fourth bend now have a massive function facility there, I believe the Ham brothers together with Eric Boothroyd moved Halifax there in the mid eighties, the first meeting back there was the World Pairs Final in 1985, by then the stock cars had another promoter. I may be wrong but I do not think I am, but rest assured the "Bradford return" is scheduled for Odsal, not another venue elsewhere.
  5. STEPHEN 333

    Bradford To Return ?

    From what I have been hearing about the return of Bradford Speedway, I live in Bradford by the way, several weeks ago an application was put to the rugby club to reintroduce the sport back to Odsal, I do not know who the prospective promoter is by the way, but when the person was approached by the club to hear his plans he received a good reception, and started to put plans in place. He contacted several people in the sport to start that plan, one person was Neil Vatcher, the other people contacted was Alan Bridgett, Glyn Taylor, and Colin Meredith, who rode for the old Bradford club in the 1970's. Neil Vatcher met the prospective promoter, together with Rugby club's officials and things started to happen, Glyn Taylor came to Bradford to inspect the track, its currently covered in tarmac around the rugby pitch but it is still there underneath, the tarmac could be ripped up to accommodate a new FIM track, Alan Bridgett has been up to inspect the stadium and rugby corners, and it passed his inspection, and finally Colin Meredith has been up to inspect the old stadiums fence which was torn down a few years ago and the damage the rugby club did to it, but he has said there would be no problem installing a new fence, which would be covered by the air fences which we all know are in use today. The current stadium is owned by Bradford Council, but the lease on the stadium is owned by the rugby club, how long that lease has to go I do not know, but bearing in mind the rugby club has an awful lot of debt, and I mean a lot of debt, its almost bankrupt again, and this would be the third time it has almost gone under, the Rugby Football League has bailed them out twice, and they must surely be ready to give up on the once almighty Bradford Bulls, they have no money whatsoever does the rugby club. These talks have been going on for a while now, and me been a keen speedway supporter wish them well, Bradford Council are up for it, but my fears would be when it comes to the stick in the mud Rugby directors, who are asking for a ridiculous rent of around 10k a meeting, Neil has said to the prospective promoter no more than 3k max would be possible, so hang on to your hats folks, its just possible speedway could be back at the massive Odsal bowl next year, I hope so, I'll buy the first season ticket if it does happen.
  6. STEPHEN 333

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Thoroughly enjoyable weekend was had, great to see such a massive crowd, Warsaw in Poland is a great venue to have this GP, am already looking forward to the event in 2019, does anyone know of the dates yet.
  7. Booked for Wroclaw v Torun meeting on August 19th, have got some questions if anyone can help me out, like has anyone have any idea of how the fans are at this meeting, are they a friendly bunch, because looking forward to seeing the Olympic Stadium for the first time, is it easy to get tickets for this meeting, certainly looks big enough stadium so should not be a sell out. Any help would be welcome, booked in at a City Centre hotel, so should be easy to get to the Stadium, and finally what time do the Meetings start. Flying out from East Midlands airport on Friday the 17th then home again on the Monday 20th, before flying out again for the Gorzow GP the following weekend.
  8. STEPHEN 333

    Belle Vue 2018

    Am certain that after the Craig Cook meeting last night, you can count him in the Belle Vue team for 2018, although Mark and Adrian, did not confirm any other signings on the night, they did hint that they have everything covered in the signings department, and are both working on other things regarding the finances of the club into 2018, and I got the impression we will all hear some news on the team sooner rather than later.
  9. STEPHEN 333

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Spoke to Natalie at the Craig Cook evening last night and asked about BT's involvement in 2018 as regards the GP's and she confirmed that although it is the last year of the three year current contract, they are keen to continue into 2019, and the same is to be said for the league in 2018, she did say that BT is still talking to the people in charge about covering meetings in 2018, and hope to continue into 2019.
  10. STEPHEN 333

    Belle Vue 2018

    Will learn more about Belle Vue's plans for 2018 season after next Wednesday evening when they host the "evening with Craig Cook event", no doubt the Q and A session with the promoters including Mark Lemon will reveal some if not all of the squad for 2018.
  11. Anyone got any information as to when the tickets for this GP will be on sale, really looking forward to my first visit to Gorzow.
  12. STEPHEN 333

    Dave Rattenberry Rip

    Lovely man, sorry to hear the news, maybe we should be think about a award that either Wolves/Redcar or even Scunthorpe can hold in memory of him, don't know maybe a senior/junior trophy or something like that. One of the sports nice guys.
  13. STEPHEN 333

    2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Warsaw, by far, loved it from the start, both the racing, stadium, and the city of Warsaw itself. Need some information from speedway fans going to Gorzow on the 25th of August, what is the best way to get to Gorzow itself, myself I am looking at flying into Berlin, then catch train to Gorzow, has anyone got any better info on this.
  14. STEPHEN 333

    Swc 2018

    Totally agree with you there Bavarian, but hopefully if Alan Rossiter has his way as England team manager he has indicated that he is hoping to undertake several international matches next season, both at full and Under 21 level, both here and in Poland, so the young English lads can gain a lot of experience of both the International scene, which I believe can only be good for the UK scene.
  15. STEPHEN 333

    2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Guess that means Stockholm has gone or has been moved to another date!!

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