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  1. STEPHEN 333

    Warsaw 2019

    Done, thanks, I was on Google before, switched to IE and bought them. Thanks again.
  2. STEPHEN 333

    Warsaw 2019

    Don't worry Col, its not just you who struggled to find the payment link, I'm still looking for it, am trying to pay via Dotpay myself, but when I click on Dotpay everything stalls.
  3. Is this list definite, all I have seen is the word provisional, do not want to book flights and Hotel if not.
  4. Hotel and flights all booked, and hopefully many more visits to the Prague GP's to come if the multi deal is confirmed by the FIM, great city, great venue, the date can not come around quick enough now.
  5. STEPHEN 333

    Torun 2018

    Brilliant Mark, Thank you, some great information there.
  6. STEPHEN 333

    Championship League Riders Championship

    Was there myself, it was a good meeting, only thing I have a grudge against is the line up, to be honest Doolan and Covatti should not have been in the meeting, they are simple not good enough now, would have preferred Morris and Harris to make it a top field worthy of being called a Riders Championship, poor crowd I thought for the type of meeting it was, the crowd has been bigger in the last few years, but overall it was a good meeting, As regards Cook's stature of being a Grand Prix Rider, he qualified on merit so should be there, however he has not done himself any favours in the preparation for the next one on Saturday, rides on Thursday for Belle Vue, then flies out of Heathrow on Friday morning to Vienna, then faces a three hour car journey to the Grand Prix venue, probably misses practice whilst all the other riders are there ready for the meeting on Saturday, preparation I thought was all part of the business.
  7. I was in Wroclaw just a few weeks ago for the Wroclaw v Torun meeting, fantastic venue, fantastic city, and yes fantastic track, just as good as the NSS in Manchester, can not wait for a date to be announced, that's another weekend in Poland to sort out , already booked the Warsaw GP.
  8. STEPHEN 333

    Warsaw 2019

    With this Warsaw Polish Grand Prix been held a week later than in 2018, I can only presume that with the following weekend being a Bank holiday, the Prague GP, ( if there is one), will be held later on in the season with a new date. Can not see GP's being held on consecutive weekends, its not the normal way the FIM do things, I really do hope the Prague GP does take place, it's a great place to go.
  9. STEPHEN 333

    Warsaw 2019

    My apologies, just seen it , on with booking now for the event.
  10. STEPHEN 333

    Warsaw 2019

    I do not see any confirmation from SGP organizers that any date has been set in concrete yet for Warsaw 2019, would wait until that comes through first, if the date is as said on another thread is true, then the official notification should come through this week, am going myself so am waiting for the confirmed date so I can book my flights and Hotel, should imagine the tickets will not be available for a few weeks yet, if anyone is looking for a hotel try the Novotel hotel in the city centre, I did in 2018, great hotel, twenty minutes walk from the stadium.
  11. STEPHEN 333

    Wroclaw v Torun, Sunday August 19th.

    I did, the meeting ending in a draw like that, fantastic, am booking next year just as soon as the fixtures come out for next season, planning to go to Poland five-six times next year the whole experience of Wroclaw was just top draw, no problems getting a ticket, just 40 Polish Zloty's admission, about £11, 8plz for a programme (£2), even bought a day ticket for the tram network in Wroclaw for 11 polish zloty's (2. 75p), it really was that cheap. Fifteen quid for the speedway meeting all in, won't mention the beer prices, go on then I will, 10 zloty's a pint (£2-50p), weather just brilliant, the Polish people themselves go out of their way to help, again brilliant weekend.
  12. STEPHEN 333

    Wroclaw v Torun, Sunday August 19th.

    Wow, some great advice, thank you too all, certainly am looking forward to it now, will find that sports bar now, forgot about the SEC meeting on TV Saturday night, cannot wait, again thanks guys.
  13. STEPHEN 333

    Wroclaw v Torun, Sunday August 19th.

    Done, thanks Tim.
  14. This coming Friday the 17th, I jet off to Wroclaw for the meeting on Sunday the 19th against Torun, have tried to book tickets for the meeting on the Wroclaw website, not had much luck logging on, so will try to buy tickets the day before at the stadium or will leave it until the day itself, the weather is looking very good, 26 degrees forecast, bright and sunny, but does anyone know the start time of the meeting, is it on live Polish TV, and also has anyone been to the Olympic stadium and can tell me the best way to get there by public transport. Many thanks for any help you can give me.

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